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Found 5 results

  1. So, I'm doing a Sanderson's marathon for the first time, and the next saga I'm going to read is The Reckoners. But before I do, I would like to be ready for the "bad", "disappointing", or even "terrible" ending of this saga according to some people. So if the ending is bad to you, could you tell me exactly why the ending is bad without giving any details about the plot at all? Just tell me if it's consider bad because it's an open ending, because it's rushed, because it's a bad and sad ending... Why exactly? Thanks.
  2. Vasher was a fool to bring Nightblood to Roshar... So Nightblood feeds on investiture, and its power is directly proportional to the amount of investiture it consumes. So far, we have seen Nightblood wielded by mere mortals, whose investiture is minor. But what if more investiture is used, much more... This is the End of the Cosmere. If a Shard were to wield Nightblood, unimaginable amounts of investiture would be available to it, enhancing it, strengthening it, making it the most powerful weapon the Cosmere possibly has ever seen! Fully unsheathed, perhaps Nightblood could destroy entire worlds, Shatter Shards... perhaps with enough investiture, even destroy the entire Cosmere. The possibilities are frightening. So this is why Vasher was a fool to bring it right into Odium's hands. Szeth will do well with it for now, but Szeth will die, Nightblood taken from him, and fall into Odium's greedy hands. With the power of Nightblood, at the expense of his own investiture, Odium can and will destroy Roshar, shatter Cultivation and any other Shard that stands in his way, and make way for his reign of terror. Then he will use the splinters of those Shards to fuel Nightblood, increasing its power. Perhaps this is how SA 5 will end, and the Red Mist is actually the enhanced form of Nighblood's black smoke. But not is all lost. Odium will be consumed by Nightblood, his hatred amplified, blinding him, forcing him to shove more and more investiture into Nightblood, until Nightblood has consumed all of Odium. But now Nightblood (possibly) the most powerful entity in the Cosmere. Depending on how Nightblood uses the investiture it consumes, it might Ascend to become a conglomerate Shard of the splinters and Odium. But its Intent is to destroy evil, tainted by Odium and fueled by the rest, Nightblood will destroy the Cosmere, if were not for Hoid. Hoid will save us, somehow. So stepping back from my doomsaying, this theory relies on how Nightblood functions. Feel free to pry it apart and add to it.
  3. I have a doubt, we know the Metal's structure is really important in the Metallic Arts and their Efficiencies is linked to how much a metal is near the "perfect structure". We know what happen when you try to burn a bad metal (less power output and some bad effects on allomancer body). But what happen if you try to use a Metalmind made by a bad alloy ? There is a Wob about ?
  4. So while everyone talk about powers and swords, I want to talk about something more personal. A while back, I made this topic about Kaladin's parents. In Words of Radiance, our boy has went from rags to riches when he finally accepted his role and became a part of Dalinar's new Knight Radiant order. Now, it's almost certain that he'll return to Hearthstone in the next book. But. What exactly will he go home to? As I've said in the last thread, the situation in Hearthstone really stinks. Kaladin's parents have always been portrayed very positively in his flashbacks. It's really out-of-character for either of them to just cut off their sons as coldly as they did Kaladin and Tien when the boys were recruited into the military. Seriously, not one letter from them in Kaladin's entire military career. It's a bit heartless of them, ain't it? There are a lot of ways for his parents to contact Kaladin if they wanted to. His mother can read and write, and there should be fresh recruits for Amaram's army every year. They also have the spheres for it too, if they wanted to be fancy. It's not like they still held out much hope for Kaladin to be a doctor after his recruitment. So unless Kaladin's flashback is really unreliable and his parents truly are heartless, there are only two explantions: 1) Someone with power and money intercepted/stole all of the letters between two parties. 2) Roshone continued to prove to us what a bastard he is and has done something terrible to Kaladin's parents after Amaram snatched up their sons for his army. After the latest book, I lean more towards latter option than ever. To be honest, I've always thought that Roshone was a really petty and evil person. Now, Dalinar has confirmed this for us. He's the ambitious kind who'll even kill people for profit. Even for a lighteyed, he's a horrible person. He is dangerous. Like it or not, he have the most authority over Hearthstone, and he is a cousin to Amaram, a powerful lord and a shardbearer for almost two years. Roshone can easily use his cousin's name to increase his power in that time. Even if this weren't the case, I have doubts that this would stop at Kaladin and Tien. Roshone and Lirin already had a fierce rivalry between them prior to his Rillir's death. After Roshone robbed Lirin of his own sons, you can say they're even, but Kaladin's father still has the spheres that Roshone so desperately wants. It's hardly over. Roshone was exiled to Hearthstone because it was an unknown town. It's not so that he won't be able to hurt anyone anymore, it's so that the damage he caused to others won't make as much noise and can be ignored. Roshone won't be able to do much to lighteyes, but he can still dish out a lot of hurt on the people he is charged to watch over. People only need a little power to abuse it. The fact that he's in exile won't change the fact that he's a greedy S.O.B. Have Kaladin's parents finally been subdued? Are they currently sharing a cell in Hearthstone? Or worse, are they dead? Either way, I hope Roshone gets what's coming to him, and I hope Kaladin's the one to do it too. Thoughts? Also, I hope Kaladin won't fall for Laral all over again. He just barely slipped away from a complicated relationship with Shallan the last book. Him and Laral will be a trainwreck, me thinks.
  5. This is a blatant ripoff of 's Really Bad Shard Ideas. Basically, this is where you put ideas that you thought were ridiculous at first, but didn't seem so bad when you thought through them. Or just good ideas I sorta found myself overthinking my submissions and ruining the lighthearted intent, so yeah. Why aren't you posting already? Go! EDIT: Fixing posty linky thingamaboberroos EDIT 2: Maybe now it'll work?