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Found 12 results

  1. Vivenna has started something awful. She has brought shard blades and war to Shadesmar. Spren have weapons. Yet they are hard to kill. They do have conflict in Shadesmar, but as far as we know they lack the savagery of the PR. Compared to Roshar, Shadesmar lacks the best weapons. You cannot take a shard blade to Shadesmar and expect it to remain a blade. That was the settled state of affairs. Until Azure proved that it can be done. And now the Spren of Shadesmar are facing a new opponent. The Honorspren have a major leg up. I guess that they will survive the encounter with the Fused. Azure is too nice a protagonist to just waste in a battle off screen. I think they will start a project to get more blades. What can they sell on Nalthis?
  2. If Azure had gone with our heroes back to Urithiru, she would have found “Vasher”, the previous owner of the weapon she’s looking for; and in Thalen City she would have found Szeth
  3. So I just finished listening to the Nightblood 2 Shardcast (I know, it’s an older one) and several things sort of coalesced in my head that sort of make sense. Interestingly, they started down a similar thought path regarding Endowment at the very end of the episode. I had never heard that Nightblood was modeled after shardblades, btw. Interesting. Anyway, realizing that Endowment was most likely afraid of Odium coming to Nalthis to destroy her, it totally makes sense that she might intervene in Nightblood’s creation. Also, knowing now that the five scholars had been to Roshar, it seems vary possible that they knew of Odium as well. I find myself wondering if Nightblood was an attempt to create something that would destroy Odium that went very wrong in the process. First, Endowment intervened and gave it a supercharge of investiture. This gave Nightblood way more power than anticipated. The second happened in the Command. If part of the purpose of creating Nightblood was to kill Odium, then a command was needed that would work across realms to destroy, but would only destroy the intended target(and other bad dudes). That’s why it took so long to come up with the perfect command. Understanding the importance of Intent in the command, any mental imagery had to be avoided that would corrupt the Command, such as thinking about Odium. Trying not to think about something after you’ve told not is nearly impossible, however. I wonder if somehow, subconscious thoughts and conclusions about Odium entered in to Shashara’s visualizations and that magically allowed a bunch of his random investiture (Some of Adonalsium’s investiture that was sitting around on Nalthis at the time of the shattering and was was assigned to Odium), to also get sucked into Nightblood, corrupting Endowment’s investiture and supercharging it even more. This is sounding way too complicated now (not sure I like it) Oh well. Whatever happened, Shashara thought it was great. Vasher not so much. They fought, Vasher killed Shashara. Vasher took Nightblood into protective custody. Years pass, Vasher meets Vivenna, they go on an off world Yesteel chase where something really bad happens on the planet. Vivenna decides to return home and stay out of other world business. Vasher, saying he is tired of living off of other people’s breath, says goodbye to Vivenna and heads for Roshar taking Nightblood with him. He assures Vivenna that he is just going to live a simple anonymous life and keep the world safe from Nightblood. I’m sure he is also thinking that it can’t hurt to have the weapon designed to destroy Odium in the same system that he (Odium) resides. Sometime after returning to Nalthis, Vivenna happens across a member of the 17th Shard, finds herself in agreement with their policy of nonintervention, joins up and accepts an assignment to go fetch Vasher and Nightblood back to Nalthis. This is just an example of the crazy places my mind goes when listening to Shardcast episodes. Now you know what kind of nonsense goes on in the frightening recesses of my mind. You may now all commence tearing apart and completely disproving my meanderings. PS. Apologies for any misspellings etc. Autocorrect and my iPad both hate me.
  4. We've seen in OB the results of killing strokes from type IV Biocrhomatic entities Nightblood and whatever Vivienda's sword is named. Instead of shriveled up limbs the limbs cut by these entities lose all color. We know regular Shardblades sever spiritual connection. What exactly are these Shardblades severing to cause the effect. We know that they are not excising Breath; that's an Endowment thing. Could they be severing the connection to whatever Shard their victims are associated with, thus the loss of all color? Are they severing whatever latent Endowment resides in that victim from their spiritweb? And a tangential question. Could a Shardblade be fashioned from other Cosmere magic systems other than the two we've seen and if so what in the world would a wound taken from such a weapon look like? Would a Scadrian Shardblade turn one into mist or snatch attributes? Would a blade from Taldain draw all moisture from it's target? Would a blade from Threnody turn its weilder or it's victim into a shade?
  5. So, I've been re-reading the Annotations for Warbreaker on Brandon's site for the last couple of days, and something just jumped out at me... Brandon mentions in the annotation for chapter fifty five that Yesteel is "much better at sneaking than Vasher or Vivenna." This, combined with the fact that Vasher has worldhopped before coming to Roshar as Zahel, makes me wonder if the reason he came to Roshar, aside from simply having easy access to Stormlight, was to hunt Yesteel. If I remember correctly, he and Vivenna were headed after Yesteel at the end of Warbreaker, in the sequel Brandon will eventually get to writing, which clearly takes place before the events of Stormlight. I'm wondering if during that sequel, Yesteel flees Nalthis entirely, possibly to Roshar. He could be around somewhere, completely missed by us, since we (to the best of my recollection) have never had a description of his appearance/personality.... Though the appearance part is rather moot, since as a likely Returned as well, he'd be able to alter his appearance the way Vasher can. If I had to speculate, I might guess that during the events of Nightblood (I don't think Brandon has ever given another planned name for the sequel), it might be where we learn the precise method on how Nightblood was created, probably from Yesteel himself, telling it to Vivenna. This would explain how she came to create her own Shardblade, since I don't think Vasher, no matter how much he likes/trusts her, would give her the precise method for Awakening a sword like that, and probably wouldn't let her experiment/figure it out herself given the possible outcomes. Any thoughts to support/oppose any of this?
  6. Ever since I read Warbreaker, I have been wanting to re-read the chapters of the storm light archives, where "Ziehl (is that spelled right?)" And "azure" are in it... Because, ya know... But, I listened to the 3 storm light books on audible, so it's much harder for me to find what those chapters are, much less which books they even begin lol If anyone knows what chapters I'm looking for/where to find them, then plz let me know, thx!!
  7. So I know that Wit is a World Hopper and his name is Hoid but I would also like to propose that Wit is actually from Warbreaker and is one of the returned. I mean at the end up the book he uses colours and he seems to be immortal. And on top of this I'm going to say that Azure is also from Warbreaker due to the fact that she doesn't act like a regular person from Roshar and asks for human like dolls to be made, although we never get to see the affects. We also see that the sword that Sezth has is really nightblood and it drains the colours from his arm and the sword also likes to scream "DESTROY EVIL"... so anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  8. I've seen a lot of references discussing Azure referencing the time she used the "white on black" idiom. I must've missed it reading the book. Can anyone point me to what chapter this was in?
  9. Is Azure’s blade actually a shardblade? It doesn’t seem to act normal, due to the nature that it is unable to be dismissed and it’s strange size. I’ve come to think that it’s an awakened sword, due to Azure being Vivenna. If it is awakened, what command do you think it has? Is it sentient?
  10. As far as I'm concerned, there's absolutely no support for this in the books, but I just get a feeling that Azure's and Kaladin's relationship might evolve in the future to something romantic. They're both passionate about what they care for (the men in their care, Kaladin for obvious reasons, and Azure with proper treatment and loyalty even in pressing situations), have seen the rough sides of the world, and seem the share traits such as: persistence, pragmatism, and obvious leadership skills. I am one of the people that does not want Shallan and Kaladin to end up together. 1. I think Kaladin's shift from "lighteyes are awful!" to "I like Shallan!" was a bit too quick. At least in the beginning. Once I got used to it, it made sense, but even rereading those chapters, I'm grimacing a bit. 2. I don't think Kaladin should be in a relationship with a lighteyes. Yeah, he's come a long way from the distrusting wretch he was, but even with changed people, there's always the ingrained bias. (It's very tough to change a racist person into a picture-perfect egalitarian, no matter what therapy and experience may tell them otherwise.) 3. Brandon Sanderson is too smart to make a love triangle. So, with Shallan out of the way (at least, in my opinion), I do think that Kaladin is going to end up in a relationship with someone. Unless, of course, he goes through more character growth and accepts himself as himself. That, however, is not the current case, as Kal seems to be the kind of person who needs — craves — reassurance from other people. Syl, Dalinar, or Bridge Four. Kaladin is always talked through his depression, with much oppositional thought and relapse. I think he'd really benefit from a relationship, where he's given love and affection with no strings attached, and he'd really soften up. (Dear Lord, someone give that boy a hug.) Syl, I believe, knows that, too, and that's why she's always pressing him to make a move. With all that in mind, I think Azure would be a good fit for him, at least for a short time. My guess is that they'd never have a long-term relationship, just because their goals are so different and would drive them to part ways. But I think for the little while that it did last it would do him good, and the end of the relationship would be with mutual respect in both directions.
  11. WARNING: Contains spoilers for Warbreaker, Mistborn and Elantris. Okay, so there are two different ideas I've been thinking about, and I want to try and combine them in one thread, just because they're vaguely related and I don't want to make different threads. First of all, I've been thinking about which ability we've seen so far (Allomancy, Surgebinding, etc.) would be the most valuable to a Wordhopper in the lager cosmere. Although I don't often think of Awakening as a very powerful ability, I've started to think that it might be the most useful to a Worldhopper, because unlike most of the other abilities we've seen, it doesn't require a constant source of energy. If you're an Allomancer, you need to carry with you a little sack full of metal vials everywhere you go (which could run out), and if you're a Surgebinder you need to constantly have access to Stormlight. Awakening, however, does not require a constant source of energy - you always have the same amount of Breath with you, no matter how often you use it. This also allows characters like Azure/Vivenna to easily conceal their identity as a Worldhopper - she doesn't have to constantly be sneaking around, asking for "more metal" or "more spheres," because she always has a consistent supply of Breath with her. The only other power I can think of that does not require a constant source of energy is Feruchemy, and even then I think Awakening would be more useful to a Worldhopper, because Feruchemy requires you to inconveniently "store" senses constantly before you can amplify them, while Awakening does not. And AonDor (I think that's what it's called) on Sel would also not be very helpful to a Worldhopper, because you have to be on Sel for it to work (since it's based on geography). On a different (but slightly related) note, how would Surgebinding work in the larger cosmere? I feel like it may be the most powerful cosmere ability, but the problem is that it requires a constant supply of Stormlight, which is a serious downside. I ask this because while I was debating what was the most powerful Worldhopping ability, I decided that it might be Elsecalling, because the Surge of Transportation allows you to travel into the Cognitive Realm and back. Assuming that this Surge works on other planets, this could be a huge asset to Worldhoppers - they wouldn't have to sneak around Perpendicularities to enter the Physical Realm. If Jasnah became a Worldhopper (which I really want to happen), she could travel to the CR and back whenever she pleased. However, the problem is that Elsecalling requires a constant supply of Stormlight, which Jasnah would surely run out of within a week or so if she left Roshar. So to summarize my two thoughts: What do you think would be the most powerful ability to a Worldhopper? Do you agree that it would be Awakening? Would Elsecalling possibly be the most powerful ability to a Worldhopper, because it allows access to the CR? And how would Elsecallers and other Surgebinders get around the problem of having to carry large amounts of slowly-fading Stormlight wherever they go?
  12. The blade that Azure uses seems to be a shardblade that isn’t summoned, it instead is always out. as well as it doesn’t scream in Kaladin’s head. This leads me to believe that it is a awakened blade. (just realized that most of you have already confirmed this)