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Found 1 result

  1. Now this is totally just wild speculation, however I wanted to explore it. Its just for fun. We know that Brandon has mentioned that "Something happend to Gaz, that there is evidence to find out what it is" in TWOK. It is my current thinking that What happened to Gaz is that he was Murdered. On my current re-read of TWOK I was struck by something. The first time Gaz is mentioned being missing is by Kaladin, on a bridge run. It is right after Maps dies. Kaladin is talking to Lopen about the Rope, making sure that Lopen threw the whole coil down and didn't tie the rope to the bridge, for fear that Gaz would find out or suspect what Kaladin was trying to do. Kaladin then wonders "Where is Gaz? Why didn't he come on the bridge run?" When he said that, I though back, when was the last time someone, anyone mentioned Gaz. and I realized the last time we heard about Gaz was when Skar was asking "what if someone goes to Gaz about what we are doing down here?" (I.E. stealing the spheres.) That part ends with Kaladin explaing that we don't want to be mistrusting eachother and its a risk we will have to take, and we can't be second guessing eachother. and with Skar being "Placated" So with the limited knowledge we have, I say Skar wasn't "placated" enough and Killed Gaz to prevent anyone from turning in the rest of Bridge 4 Edit: clarification of Brandon Quote.