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Found 16 results

  1. From the album Funny Cosmere Stuff

    I love rock! XD
  2. Just hear that bass and think of all those digestive juices consuming those bones! I dare you to listen to the whole thing. It's quite brutal.
  3. This is for all Sanderfans of Magic, the Gathering. So, recently, I discovered the amazing website MTG Cardsmith, which lets you create your own fake cards for the game. The first thing I did of course, was go and make some cards based on the Cosmere. Here are some results. Edit: After bumping in to another Sanderfan on a magic forum, I decided to take a more directed approach to this. We will be making one set for each book. We are currently working on Way of Kings, and are designing it on the website Magic Multiverse. You can view the set-in-progress here: It obviously contains spoilers. If you haven't read the books, you are viewing at your own risk. The original post:
  4. I can't believe nobody's posted anything about this yet! So I will. The new Star Wars trailer came out last night, and it's as awesome as I could have hoped for! Who else liked the trailer? EDIT: This is now the official star wars episode VII discussion thread. There can only be 1. No more, no less. Unless there are two. In which case, this thread is the master, not the apprentice.
  5. Hello, people of the interwebs! It recently occurred to me that I'm not really sure which genre most of the Sharders prefer. I would assume that they all at least enjoy fantasy novels, since good ol' Bandersnatch writes mostly fantasy. My personal favorite happens to be (surprise, surprise) fantasy! Sword and Sorcery, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, I love all shapes, forms and versions. I love the swords, the close-up-in-your-face-take-your-head-off action scenes. I love the world building behind it and getting to know all of these different creatures and races and landscapes. I love the magic, whether that is the classic fireballs and summoning spells or the innovative drinking metal kinds. I love the medieval setting, with armor and horses and castles and keeps. I just really enjoy fantasy. What genre do you love, and why? Vote now and let your voice be heard!
  6. So the unthinkable has happened: you've been tasked with babysitting. Maybe young Adolin's gotten a bit boisterous, or some Forger's gone and turned himself into a child. Whatever the circumstances, you've got small children to watch for a few hours. But here's your edge over the little brats angels: you're from the Cosmere. You can make puppet shows with Lightweaving or Soothe them to sleep. How does your Investiture help you with kids?
  7. If you could pair up any two shards together, what would be the outcome? For example, Ruin and Odium would be the single most destructive force all of the universes have ever seen. It would probably be called Destruction, too. Shard List: Ruin Preservation Endowment Devotion Dominion Honor Odium Cultivation
  8. So, has anyone else read this yet? I bought it on my e-reader, and finished it in a couple hours. Even though it was far too short, and felt even shorter than it was, it was great; probably one of the strongest of Sanderson's shorter works. The humorous moments were well executed (infinite Batmans! ) the concept was interesting, and the story was engaging. The only problem I could find? At least a dozen new questions were raised about how Stephen's aspects work, and almost none of the previous ones were answered. What does everybody else think?
  9. What did you guys think about the book?
  10. Right, so I guess nearly everyone on 17th Shard knows my distinctive panda account picture. For those who don't know it, you can look to the left and see the adorable and slightly funny picture. I personally photoshop them by slapping a panda face onto a Lightsworn card from Yu-Gi-Oh (Yeah, yeah, I play trading card games. ). However, there's more than ONE Lightsworn Panda. Indeed, the one I am currently using is actually Lightsworn Panda Mark 2. So far, there are actually seven different Lightsworn Panda models (I know, it's scary. One Panda is already annoying awesome fantastic apocalyptic enough). Below, you will find attached all 7 Pandas. From left to right (with the original card in brackets on the right), are Lightsworn Panda MK 1 - the original - (Wulf, Lightsworn Beast), MK 2 (Jain, Lightsworn Paladin), MK 3 (Celestia, Lightsworn Angel), MK 4 (Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon), MK 5 (Judgement Dragon), MK 6 (Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid), and finally, MK 7 (Ehren, Lightsworn Monk). Right now, I'm having problem picking which one to use. MK 2 (Jain - that's right, it's called Jain. Ever wondered where you've seen it?) is my most preferred one. However, it's getting a bit old. Any suggestions for a successor? Of course, I could always make another. They don't take long to make (2-3 minutes, actually).
  11. I was reading the alloy of law annotations and I read this. Then, I was, as a Chemistry degree holder, thinking of a way that this could play out and be considered relatively consistent and scientific. These are the challenges. 1. You have to be able to break things with your weight. 2. He has to be able to move about normally. 3. It has to focus on mass. 4. He can't be bullet resistant. I think I know a way he could do that and have the science remain consistent to all of the agreed upon conditions. This is a non spoilery quote from WoR Rather than storing mass, what if feruchemy stored the signal of mass? The agreement of mass between the tiny preservation and ruin building blocks of the world? Because it wasn't storing real mass when a human or a bullet under the influence of a human hit it, their innate investiture and spirit would resist the feruchemy, as it would resist an iron push, and they would feel the weight increase or decrease to a lesser degree. An object or the floor would feel the full influence of the iron feruchemy as it lacked much spirit and had no reason to think the person was lying about their weight. A bullet, shot from a human, would be filled with the human's intent to kill, perhaps a small part of their soul, and would resist the feruchemy increase in mass and kill. This could be scientifically tested in a future book.
  12. Just for the Rule of Cool: who would you (most) like to see with our favourite sociopathic Awakened sword in their hands and why? Including the original owner. My personal choice is Lift, because a ) they have kinda similar style of dialogue/humor, b ) she's awesome and c ) it could lead to some Realmatic mess, because of her peculiar abilities. Also, she'll feed him. With food.
  13. Before anything else is said, yes I KNOW its been WoB'd to be possible, and that multiple blades have to be summoned separately. Sheesh... Source(s): (It seems every time I even mention multiple shardblades, everyone feels the need to quote these at me...) Anyway, I want to put forward the idea that it is theoretically possible to have "paired shardblades", such that they can be summoned at once. My reasons for this theory is simply for the potential awesomeness. Assuming that shardblades are bound to the bearer by "attaching" itself to a point in the person's Spiritweb, this would work by both blades attaching to the same point. Essentially, they would be Cognitively and Spiritually the same shardblade, but have two separate Physical aspects. This would also fit with the theory that a persons shardblade is unique/shaped to the original wielder (like Kaladin's hoped-for shardspear), where the shardbearer is awesome and likes fighting with two swords, so their shardblade forms as two blades made for dual-wielding. I don't think the WoB excludes this idea (I assume that its referencing someone just picking up two different shardblades), although it does make it unlikely for such a thing to exist in-world. Any thoughts on the idea, my Realmatics, or the practicality of fighting with two shardblades??? Thread-hijackers are welcome! (I assume dual-wielding swords never really occurred on Earth simply because if you had a free hand, it was more practical to use a shield instead. However, shardblades are an entirely different matter...) Also, here's hoping for that character who dual-wielded shardblades in proto-Wok makes it into the Stormlight Archive!
  14. All right everybody, So I have been working on some drawings for fun of a few things from the stormlight archive (mainly WoR). I've just done two drawings so far, but I wanted to share them with you and see what you think! The first drawing was my own interpretation of Nightwatcher. There haven't been any real descriptions of what she looks like so I could go in any direction I wanted with it. I drew her mysterious and mystic abilities. We aren't exactly sure who/what she is. This is probably what you would see when seeking out a boon from her. I think she turned out pretty good, though I kind of got the feeling that this is what a Parshendi could look like too, what do you think? "It was as if the Nightwatcher toyed with them, playing some forbidden game of chance, occasionally setting the men on his game board as allies, then setting them to kill one another the next day." There next photo is Kaladin getting his ShardSpear, it's a little more simple of a drawing and I thought it turned out all right. This one could use a lot more work, but I thought it was good enough to just through it up on here. He's in the storm ready to fight Szeth, so tell me what you think?? “Death isn’t better. Oh, it’s easy to say that now. But when you stand on the ledge and look down into that dark, endless pit, you change your mind. Just like Hobber did. Just like I’ve done. I think you’ve seen it too.” (These should look better quality too... Don't know why they aren't )