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Found 79 results

  1. so I have found out that a-Nicrosil can nicroburst an awakener. That would make the person pump all of their breath into an object they are awakening. What would that do? I’d assume it would not act like nightblood, because that’s just the power of nightblood.
  2. awakening

    Can an Awakener use colour from a person's eyes to fuel an Awakening? How powerful or skilled would an Awakener need to be in order to achieve this? Would people with grey eyes be immune? We know that an Awakener can use colour from gemstones What about smokestone (smoky quartz)? Awakening bleaches colours to grey, can it draw colour from a grey gemstone?
  3. If you had the Breaths to make a Sentient Inanimate BioChromatic being, what object and command would you choose? Mine: I may eventually add some if I think of some, but what would you do?
  4. So, a lot of Investiture systems allow one to use bones. How would these magics overlap? I assume a Kandra can probably still use a lifeless body but what about Kalad's Phantoms? Of course they wouldn't be able to recreate the features from a skeleton but can the statues be used in a similar manner as a True Body despite the fact that they don't have actual joints and were probably only capable of movement via Awakening? How would a Kandra interact with Dakhor bones? or the bones of a Skeletal of a Bloodsealer if they tried to swallow it while it was still under a Dzhamarian's control? What would a Dzhamarian be able to accomplish with a Dakhor monk's bones? The Investiture overlap and the region lock of Selish magics would make it very difficult to work
  5. An often forgotten use of Awakening is to forget. The Shardcast discussed this on the Five Scholars episode but the confusion inspired me to post my theory on this. The commonly assumed answer is a type of self awakening that creates a copied portion of the soul with Breath, that overlays on the real soul (like Forgery) and effectively excludes that memory. Well at least that was my previous theory and I think others. Go with it if you will. But as always I like the out-of-the-box ideas. We know that Awakening is unusual in that it can be powered by any investiture. (Relevant part in italics) We also know this from Vasher keeping his Divine Breath secured with Stormlight. You may already see where I'm going. It will use any investiture, including your own soul. So I propose that the Command to forget is simply a Command that makes the awakening draw on the investiture that makes up that part of the spiritweb that contains that memory, as fuel. What the Awakening achieves is irrelevant. What's relevant is that you no longer have that memory because the investiture that comprised it is eaten. Kind of guessed it...hemalurgy. Well And in case you wonder how memories could be investiture, a Keeper does just that, converts memories into investiture to put into a metalmind. TLDR Awakening can feed on any investiture so the command to awaken, like excising part of the spiritweb like hemalurgy does, is a command that fuels itself with the investiture that the part of the spiritweb that stores that memory is made from. Footnote If memories are cognitive not spritual, my backup argument is that even if they're cognitive the cognitive aspect is for now made of investiture so it would be that instead of using the investiture in the spirit web as fuel you use the investiture that comprises that part of the cognitive aspect that forms the memory. Either way you're removing the memory by removing the investiture
  6. Can you use Breath to awaken a light-weaving? The more something is in the human shape the easier it is to awaken, so if you have a light-weaving of a person could you awaken it? Maybe you could even get a character like "The Doctor" from Star Trek: Voyager, a hologram with sentience.
  7. Is nightblood's voice female or male and can it read anyone's thoughts or just whoever is holding it?
  8. A thought crossed my mind pondering the mechanics of color and Awakening. Since Awakening uses color as fuel, could gemstones (like the ones on Roshar) be used? If so, how would that affect the gemstone's function? I know that a some of the gemstones of Roshar are effectively only different in color and almost identical in chemical structure. Because of this, would a gemstone's ability to hold stormlight and trap spren be affected if its color was drained? If the gemstone that is drained were in a fabrial, how would it affect the fabrial's functionality? Are a gemstone's and a fabrial's magical properties about perception or more about physical properties? Also, I think the fact that it is practically impossible to draw from the color of living things suggests that investiture affects the accessibility of color. If this is true, I suppose that infused gemstones would be hard to use as color fuel. I suppose if someone used the color from spheres (although likely expensive in breath for the Awakening because of the relatively low amount of color) it would prove a headache to anyone who tried to use or trade them. What are your thoughts?
  9. So, this got me thinking. We know that Lightsong died healing Susebron. We know for a fact that all the Returned specifically Hellandren Gods can heal one person but in doing so they give up their life. Heightenings also provide self-healing. But, i have been thinking that normal Awakening using breaths should be able to heal other people as well. What would be the requirements for healing using awakening? - Breaths: LS had the fifth heightening because of his divine breath - Colour: His entire body is drained of colour. Anyone with enough breaths to grant the fifth heightening should be able to heal other people. LS is doing awakening only in some way taking colour from his body, it is different from normal awakening, but, i dont see why the same can not be accomplished using breaths. If a returned has more breath than his divine breath, they might not even die healing people.
  10. awakening

    You can awaken stuff that was once alive, so what about hair. Hair is just dead skin cells, so can you awaken someones hair well its on their head? like a simple command "strangle" or something similar?
  11. awakening

    Shardblades are dead spren, so can you awaken them? You awaken things that were once alive, so I think it would be possible. Vivenna says that she isn't a radiant, but her "shardblade" might be an awakened spren, though it's more likely an awakened piece of metal like Nightblood.
  12. oathbringer

    Quote from epilogue He took the rags and cord he’d worked with earlier, forming them into the shape of a doll He raised the doll to his lips, then whispered a choice set of words. When he set it down, it started to walk on its own. is he awakening here?
  13. We all know that you can practically awaken anything as long as you have enough breaths and have some color around you so, my question is this can an awakener, awaken liquids. If they were to say drain a lot of people of their blood and then command that blood to kill (named) target would they be able to do it. If they can then it would be a practically unstoppable enemy. You wouldn't be able to cut it, crush it hide from it or anything else. It would just find you and suffocate you to death and you wouldn't be able to get it off you. The only thing I can see working is if you vaporize it with enough heat, freeze it or absorb it into something like rice (the last point i would think is only a temporary measure). Edit: Looks like I am not the first to think about this what a surprise
  14. Brandon has previously stated awakening to be an end-neutral magic system, and this seems to hold for awakening's passive effects from the heightening, but does not seem to explain the kinetic effects. He has said that this classification system is not totally accurate. I think that awakening could be better described in parallel to allomancy and feruchemy, the two magic systems we (or at least I) understand the best so far.** Awakening components: Breath - Investiture and Connection. Breath is known to be a form of Investiture, and it provides Connection to the Shard. Relation to allomancy - Being an Allomancer. Allomancers have there powers as a result of a strong, specific Connection to Preservation. Relation to feruchemy - Tapping a metalmind. This is most similar to tapping Identity. Although Breath has a different effect than Identity, when you receive it, it stays stuck to you until you use it. Color - An extra cost. Something that gets used up, while not providing a significant amount of possible fuel for magic. A - The metal is "burned away," but doesn't provide the Investiture behind the allomancy. Command - Intent and key. You have to be trying to say a command, it has to be said a specific way, and you need to visualize its effect. A - You decide to burn a metal, and the metal has to be a specific alloy/element. F - Same as A but with tapping/storing in place of burning. A host - The Breath needs something to hold it, and things close to life are ideal. F - Attributes are stored as Investiture in metalminds. Fuel - Heightenings don't need this and are the "neutral" part of awakening--a natural, passive effect of the Investiture. On the other hand, something needs to be fueling BioChromatic entities. Types I and IV both consume Breath. Types II and III cannot be powered by Breath because they output energy without consuming any Breath. This leads me to believe that they are likely powered directly by Endowment's Investiture. A - Powered directly by Preservation's Investiture - similar to BioChromatic entities II and III. F - Fueled by the attributes of your body that have been converted to Investiture - similar to Heightenings. Surgebinding - Consumes Stormlight to fuel their magic - similar to BioChromatic entities I and IV. (hmm... not like we've seen this similarity before... *cough*Vasher and Nightblood*cough*) **Okay... I compared it to Surgebinding too.
  15. In Warbreaker Vasher is shown to be able to remove memories through self awakening ? What ?
  16. I was thinking about Awakening in the shower today and I wondered if a Nalthian compounding their own breath (using either Hemaspikes or Medallions) would have a difference at high heightenings compared to a normal person who has gathered many breaths from many people. The primary realmatic differences I can see right off the bat are: 1. The Breath will have only the Compounder's Identity, and Intent (unless using Preservation's Investiture to Compound it causes some weird overwriting/blending). 2. The breaths may resonate (not Resonance-resonate, but like, harmonize, but not Harmony-harmonize) with their matching Intent and Identity and constructively interfere. The effects of this are obviously unknown for now, but let's speculate. I feel like it would be easier to Awaken using compounded Breath because all of them share the Awakener's natural Intent (even if slightly muddied with Preservation's Investiture due to the nature of Compounding) so focusing their Intent into a Command would take less effort. The harmonization of the Breaths may also mean it takes fewer to reach certain Heightenings, or that those milestones have new or different properties. What do you all think?
  17. I've seen a bunch of discussions on things like this, and people pretty much always have decided that the fullborn would win against people from other magic systems. I do agree that the power of a fullborn are ridiculously overpowered with compounding, but against a herald, the balance could change, as the heralds can be reborn. The reason that this wasn't used in their battles was that they had to stay on Braize to prevent the desolation, while in a fight like this, we could say that they would immediately decide to come back. With this distinction, the fullborn would not be able to kill the herald, while someone at the 10th heightening could create a nightblood2.0 that would be able to kill the herald (although it will feed on their breaths during the usage). Since Nale is the only herald who currently has access to surgebinding, I'd say that he's the herald to put in this fight--of course assuming that he has legal permission. I'd also assume, that for the sake of the fight, the three contestants should be aware of each others abilities. So, who would win: Fullborn(with access to all 16 metals and a coin pouch), Nale(who can be reborn and is a 5th Ideal Skybreaker, with access to a pouch or two of stormlight-infused spheres), or Awakener(who is at the 10th heightening and has assorting things with him to awaken)
  18. Ok before you call me insane, let me explain my thought process here. Firstly, the inspiration: I recently read a theory that Nightblood, by being Awakened with "destroy" in its command, is attempting to mimic Ruin's investiture (or is otherwise Connecting to Ruin in some form). The black mist Nightblood emits actually lends itself to this theory. it resembles the black Mist of Ruin/the Deepness, after all. The gaseous form of Ruin's investiture (if i'm not mist-aken ). Secondly, the Extrapolation: using other Shardic Intent-related keywords in an Awakening of metal with thousands of breaths would cause a similar effect if nightblood is in fact Connected to/mimicking Ruin's investiture. So with that established, let me get into the meat of this mad idea of mine. A ring, necklace, or other metal accessory, awakened at the Ninth Heightening, commanded along the lines of "devote yourself to connecting me to the Dor" (or some other Command that implies this) with the appropriate mental image of a Connection from Elantris/Arelon/the Dor to the ring/the wearer. (though Nightblood is already very effective at connecting to his wielder, as we've seen with Szeth in SA, so it might just need to be connecting the Dor and the Ring) Another thing that makes me think this COULD work is that the Dor WANTS to have an outlet. using Breaths to basically amp up the connection such that it works far from Elantris/Arelon would (imo) not be resisted by the Dor once it was established (especially considering you could Awaken the ring in Elantris to make it easier to Connect). This theory basically hinges on a lot of small, theoretical quirks of Awakening and AonDor to work, but if it did, an Elantrian could use AonDor anywhere in the Cosmere! I'm totally ok with someone debunking this with facts or theories of their own, I just need to know what y'all think.
  19. We have a few hints about the creation of Nightblood, and the comment that it was a fairly unique convergence of conditions not known or intended by its creator that would be difficult to replicate. One thing that's unusual about Nightblood is that it "contain's Ruin's investiture". So how can Nightblood contain Ruin's investiture without being composed of atium? Simple: he's a hemalurgic spike. But how is that possible? To be a hemalurgic spike, he'd have to be created with Intent, and furthermore, a hemalurgic spike steals from A and staples onto B - who's the A, and where's the B? Here's my thinking: Hemalurgy works anywhere in the Cosmere, as Ruin's power is "everywhere" at the Spiritual level. It requires intent, the right metal for the spike, and the right placement of the spikes in the donor A and the target B. Before being Awakened, Nightblood was simply made of steel (per Warbreaker itself, ch. 53, cited in the Coppermind wiki). Now imagine Shashara, a leading figure in the Manywar, going about creating the first Awakened sword, a Shardblade equivalent. She amasses thousands upon thousands of Breaths from her followers, as Vahr did, but drawing upon a whole country. Breath retains a bit of the identity of the donor: Vahr's large stash collected from his rebel followers gave him a sense of resolve stemming from their common cause. She then either takes a dark turn, or acquiesces to a dark suggestion from someone else, to do a standard symbolic gesture when making a sword of war: quenching it in the blood of an enemy. Hemalurgically, steel steals human physical ability (it's what goes toward making a koloss). She takes that newly forged steel blade, and stabs it through the heart of a living person. Ta-da, inadvertent hemalurgy! She draws it forth and Invests it with thousands of Breath to Awaken it with the Command, DESTROY EVIL. The effect of hemalurgy seeks for a Spiritweb to attach onto, but it finds only Breath. But, lots and lots of Breath. Lots and lots of Breath with a common cause: GATHER INVESTITURE. Perhaps enough to form a kind of "Spirtweb canvas" for the hemalurgy to staple onto the sword itself? ...With a bit of extra Endowment? What do you think?
  20. Definition of synesthesia: here I've been trying to create a character for a roleplay, and I was wondering; do you guys think it would be possible for someone with this condition to use a color from one of these experiences to fuel Awakening? Brandon has said that they would have interesting interactions with the magic system (if I find the WOB I'll link it), but he didn't specify what they were - so far as I know, at least.
  21. Shardblades are sprens that "died" after their... wielders?... companions broke their oath. Now, biochromatic breath can awaken anything which had been alive bot no longer is (ignore for now the steel awakening). I get that "sprens never really die", as Syl said, but would that state allow an awakener to invest them with breath? I think that they may not come "back" to life (I love this universe complexity, but technicalities are getting annoying), but maybe they would answer to some specific commands? Like the radiant's spren shapeshifting? (Kinda like "adopt the form of a pole axe" and then it changes). Thoughts?
  22. Ok, so, we know that Nightblood has the ability to cut through anything, like a shardblade. We also know that Nightblood has been Awoken. Could it be possible to awaken a Shardblade? Like, not a an actively bonded blade, a dead one or an Honorblade.
  23. I have a theory. Colour is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. (Wikipedia link here.) So could other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum be used as fuel?
  24. Is it possible to awaken aluminium? We know it's really difficult to awaken metal, so would aluminium be even harder to awake as it is essentially 'dead' and devoid of investiture. Is it perhaps even impossible to awaken aluminium for that same fact? Or is aluminium instead more willing to awaken as if it craves investiture? Thanks in advance for your input.
  25. I honestly don't know where to put this question: in Oathbringer or Warbreaker. Apologies. I had a question about Vivenna. I know she can change her hair color, but can she change her eye color? Again, thank you guys and much apologies if this is in the wrong thread.