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Found 172 results

  1. Just something that struck me while I was designing a magic system for my Mercy world on the Combined Shard names thread. let's say there is an Aluminum Ferring on Nalthis that has a lot of Breaths, called Joe Breath-Haver. If Joe so chooses, he can store away his Identity and then Awaken something, so that anyone who knows can take the Breaths from the Awakened Construct. There exists also on Nalthis a Friend of Joe's, called Bob Stealsalot. Bob is very Realmatically knowledgeable and knows what Joe is doing. So Bob, who would like some Breaths, asks Joe to prove that he can create Awakened Constructs in a way so anyone can retrieve the Breaths. Joe obliges, but before he can Awaken anything, Bob slaps him in the face and says "Your Breath to mine". Since Joe's Breaths are currently Identitiless, they obey Bob's Command and all go to him. Bob then runs away cackling, having just committed literal Identity theft. Is there anything stopping this from actually happening?
  2. For the first big chunk of Yumi, I'd been imagining the Shroud as something more like Midnight Essence; not exactly the same, but there's some noteworthy similarities. But when I got to Hoid's explanation about what exactly the Father Machine was and did, I actually froze in my seat for a second and said, "Oh rust, they made a Nightblood," because an inky black haze of corrupted investiture suddenly comes off as eerily familiar when put in the context of a soul-devouring Awakened machine. Obviously there's some major differences in the Commands used, and Nightblood is still significantly more sapient and more invested, but I can't help but feel we're looking at the same class of object here. Did anyone else come to a similar conclusion, and if so, how can we use this to speculate about Nightblood's nature and capabilities, as well as the probability of other Awakenings of Mass Destruction cropping up in the future?
  3. Something I thought of recently. If I use a Shardblade and Spiritually kill someone's arm with it, could I Awaken the arm as a Lifeless that works as a separate entity from the person it's attached to? It seems implausible at first glance, but bear with me. The portion of your soul that correlates to your arm get excised, so your arm would not be soulless, disconnected from your mind, and you cannot use it. It is unInvested now, so you should be able to Awaken it. Being soulless is not the same as actually dying, so no necrosis or anything is happening to the arm. It's still getting blood flow and through that, an oxygen supply, and it has all the genetic data it needs to continue to sustain itself, so no maintenance or ichor-alcohol will be needed since the subject never died. So could you do it? If you used a Shardblade to kill all four limbs and Awakened them all, could you essentially control a person that way by coding their limbs to work together (I assume they'll count as individual Lifeless) in accordance with what you order them to?
  4. So the God kings had their tongues chopped off, and since they never learned to speak a language, if they learned a sign language (perhaps one corresponding to Hallandren?), it would count as their first language. Would this mean that they could do commands this way?
  5. discuss

    Had to related what-ifs that may be possible and I'm not sure yet on the scope of the ramifications. What if Returned had a security phrase known to Endowment and anyone that she decided to divulge that information to? What if Nightblood or Azure's sword had security phrases? What would or would not be possible? Did Shashara have more control over Nightblood as the Awakener, or did Nightblood operate about as we've always seen? Thoughts? If these are possible there could be some pretty terrifying reveals.
  6. If you were to put Breaths inside a piece of food, then eat and digest it, would you regain your lost Breaths?
  7. What would be the memories of a healed Lifeless? Is implied that they can be healed: It occurred to me that there's a very good chance that Lifeless can learn and grow and change after being Awakened. For example, considering the Hallendren Army is 40,000 Lifeless, I assume that most were not originally soldiers or trained to follow military instruction or march in ranks. We also know that the skill of the deceased affects the skill of the Lifeless. So... if you gave a F-Gold Medallion to a Lifeless and they stopped being a Lifeless, what do they remember? Memories of the deceased, memories after being Awakened, memories from the who was first born with the Breath used to Awaken the Lifeless? If memories are retained, where are they kept? The brain? The Breath(s)? If a Lifeless stops functioning, gets repaired and another Breath added in, what is retained? As a side note is there a color change to a Lifeless that has to be Awakened a second time?
  8. All other forms of know Investiture are either end-postive, end-neutral or end-negative. So would BioChromatic Breath be end-postive, end-neutral, or end-negative?
  9. I'm taking heavily from Vasher's lecture to Vivenna on BioChromatic entities and Awakening. BioChromatic Parallelism states that the closer something resembles life, the easier it is to Awaken (and the few Breaths it takes). The example given is that a cloth in the shape of a square and a cloth cut into a person will take very different amounts of Breaths to Awaken. The Law of Comparability notes that once an object has been Awakened, it performs more or less the same task even if there is a disparity in the number of Breaths used. Third observation is that once Awakened, some objects will still move in a mimicry of life - for example an Awakened banner that gains musculature similar to an arm when lifting an Awakener. Scenario 1: either by laying it out or doing something similar to knitting or crochet, you have a rope that has been shaped into a person. Presumably it will take less Breaths to Awaken. Once Awakened (but before it has moved to act) you unravel it into a straight line. Does this cause any issues? One option I see is the visualization component of Awakening will mean that it will still attempt to move in a semblance of the original form it was Awakened in, and may lose effectiveness. Alternately, perhaps it will not work at all in the same way that Vasher's Awakened sets of clothing were less functional once cut. However, it seems like some Awakened objects can move far differently than the life it approximates - namely Vasher and Vivenna's cloaks that grab people and arrows in a squid-like fashion. Scenario 2: You have a large square banner. You Awaken it and Command it to lay down, or some similar Command, with the goal of it taking on the shape of something living at least as it moves. You reclaim the Breaths, and then Awaken it again, now that it has fallen more or less in the form of a person. Does it take less Breaths to Awaken this time? Is this a somewhat slower method of Awakening that nonetheless allows for optimization of Breath utilization? Scenario 3 (and the reason this is in the General Cosmere thread): A Soulcaster transforms a person (dead or alive, not sure if it matters yet) into something shapable - moss maybe. We know that items that were previously alive Soulcast into something not alive are easier to Awaken. Now, we take our pile of moss, weave it into a rope, and then Awaken it. The question is (or perhaps a similar experiment with slightly altered parameters), is it possible to have something formerly alive, Awakened as a Type III BioChromatic entity (regular Awakening with cloth or ribbons, etc.), and then have it move close enough to a similitude of life that it previously was in and have it "lock in" the Breaths and make them inaccessible to the Awakener, more like a Type II BioChromatic entity known as a Lifeless? Presumably it would still be operating under the Command it was given, something presumably not the Command to Awaken a Lifeless. There's a WoB that notes that there part of what makes a Breath inaccessible once in a Lifeless is that the Identity that it is keyed to changes - is this because of how close to life Lifeless are, or is this because of the Command, "Awaken to my Breath, serve my needs, live at my Command and word"? Scenario 4: similar to the end of Scenario 3, can you use a basic Awakening on a dead body and turn it into a Lifeless that basically only does that one task? Dead body in front of you, Command: "Grab Things", and then dump it in your spook alley. Would it have the same transformation where it loses its color? Could it be broken and made into a conventional Lifeless that can then take orders? Alternately, is this an expensive but quick way to make sure your dead bodies can't be used against you as Lifeless (assuming you don't have time to cremate them)? Scenario 5: you get a skeleton. You Awaken it as a Lifeless, though it is not in a position to move yet. Then a Kandra eats it and incorporates its bones into a new body. What shenanigans happen? Can you still Command the bones to act contrary to the Kandra's will? Can you get setup a Command to the Lifeless that lets it moved with a Breath-powered skeletal system? Alternately, if a Kandra ate a Lifeless for disguise purposes, could the bones still be Commanded?
  10. Ok so I was thinking about how awakening draws color from things, turning them gray, and shardblade wounds also turn things gray. I was also pondering how Nightblood leeches the color from people when they wield it. So I have a few questions on this topic and I am curious to hear what other people think. I have no idea if this is supposed to be a discussion or under questions (as I have multiple questions). A lot of this is probably theories only, and some of it may have already been discussed. First, how is the lack of colour related between the two (Awakening color-loss and Shardblade wounds)? Is it related at all? If a Lifeless is cut by a shardblade is it cut in one swing? Second, if Nightblood bled someone's hand gray could said hand be cut off in one swing from a shardblade? Third, how is colour related to the soul? Color is lost when the soul is disconnected by a shardblade, and why is this color-loss happening? Fourth, can people killed by shardblades be turned into Lifeless? Do shardblades need multiple swings to cut through awakened objects? If something was invested with enough breath (say Vasher's cloak but it is given more breath than necessary to protect him), would it block shardblades?
  11. If an Awakener made an Allomancer into a Lifeless would the Allomancer still retain his Allowmantic abilities? Because a normal Lifeless retains the skills they had in their life so shouldn't an Allomancer or even a Feruchemist retain their abilities?
  12. In a previous question, a person asked whether or not a person could Awaken a piece of steak and then stab it with Hemalurgy to produce a proto-Human. In response Brandon replied that was plausable but soulcasting would be better. Using this concept I thought that perhaps, using soulcasting to carve or create a body then stabbing it with a Hemalurgic spike you could perhaps create some form of clone. But then I considered the possibilities and then realized how insane you could get with concepts such as this and how you could possibly make entire new species if done well enough. So reply and say your crazy ideas with all of this
  13. So awakening can be used to make computers, any clue how this is done?
  14. One of the interesting things about Investiture is that the Intent of what Investiture you are using matters. For example, you can only alter yourself so much with Awakening's standard system because Endowment's Intent permeates the Investiture you are using. I think that if you could find a way to craft an Invested power from Endowment's Investiture then, you may be able to transfer it as you would BioChromatic-Breaths. Here's a method that I thought of. Step one: get an Unsealed Metalmind that provides the ability to use Feruchemical gold and aluminum (health and Identity) or a pair of Hemalurgic spikes that provide the same powers. Step two: give the powers to a willing Nalthian who then stores a ton of health while blanking their Identity. NO COMPOUNDING. The health must come from the Nalthian's own Spiritweb. Step three: excise the Invested power of another willing individual via Hemalurgy without killing them (probably an Allomancer or Ferring, though it may be that other Invested powers that are innately part of someone's Spiritweb could work). Step four: have the donor tap the healing from the Unsealed metalmind (or Hemalurgic spikes) to replace the power. And at this point, it is important to know that when you heal a part of someone's Spiritweb, you actually graft an entirely new piece of Investiture on. And in this case, that Investiture came entirely from Endowment, as Nalthian's Spiritwebs are made up entirely of her essence. So now we have an Invested power made up entirely of Endowment's Investiture. This may mean that you could transfer it as you could normal Breaths, though you may have to Connect the donor to Nalthis in order to gain the ability to do so. If this is the case, you could create very powerful individuals, but without the vulnerabilities and limitations of Hemalurgy- though the powers may be able to be drained by things like larken and chromium Mistings, but I'm not sure; this is entirely theoretical. Let me guys know what you think!
  15. Most people on Nalthis don't have a lot of breath. The baseline is that everyone has one breath. I imagine even among those who can't afford to buy breath, there's some variation in this. There's drabs of course, who sold their breath to the returned. But I also have to imagine it's pretty common practice for people to pass on their breath to family or friends when they die and that cultural customs kind of built up around this with it being common practice for people to stick close to their loved ones who are sick. So it probably isn't too unlikely that even every day people have access to two, three, even a dozen breaths if they're lucky that have built up overtime. (Though of course, selling breath to get through hard times probably limits build up and contributes to the rich and returned being able to get them more easily, like we see). All this is to say, it wouldn't be uncommon for people to have access to a couple breaths that they can do stuff with. And everyone, who hasn't sold or otherwise given up their breath, has access to at least one. So what are some commands you think everyday people might be able to use with their one or two or so breaths that would be useful to them? One example of a known one-breath command is of course the creation of lifeless, though this is a bit of an odd one since you can't retrieve the breath afterwards. So while it's possible someone might see it worth their while to create a lifeless to have an extra set of hands helping out, it probably isn't the norm. But what about more average, very simple to commands? One possibility is you might be able to use a breath as a timer. Perhaps you could invest your breath in some object with the command "return after an hour" to let you know when an hour has passed by your breath returning to you. What are some commands you can think of that you might be able to do with only one or two breaths that would be useful for the average working person?
  16. I recently re-read era 1 Mistborn when I noticed something interesting when Tensoon comments on the Blessing of Potency. He mentions it as "more than doubling" his strength, but not tripling. This actually sounds a lot like Allomantic Pewter's affects, with it roughly doubling one's strength when burned normally, and roughly tripling it when flared. Since we know that Hemalurgic spikes typically provide the Investiture from only one person, and that a Blessing requires two spikes, a Blessing provides nearly (Hemalurgic decay) the raw level of Investiture found in two regular humans. Using this principle, a Thug burning pewter would only count as being a few times as Invested as a normal human being, even when flaring his metal. And that's for one of the faster burning, and therefore more Investing, metals. Originally, I had just kind of head cannoned that Mistings were about as Invested as first Heightening Awakeners when burning metals (albeit with kinetic Investiture rather than static), with a slight variation based on what specific metal they burned. It now seems like I was totally out of the ball park: the Metallic arts do not have very much Investiture within the system compared to some others. Which we do have a WoB on, but I hadn't realized just how big the difference was until recently. This also means that quite a bit of stuff can be done with a comparatively small amount of Investiture to what I had once imagined (which I suppose makes sense. After all, you can more or less permanently Awaken a Lifeless with only a single Breath). This also means that a first Heightening Awakener is likely dozens of times as powerful (in terms of raw Investiture) than your run-of-the-mill Allomancer.
  17. I was wondering for a bit about methods to purify a Shard of intent, most likely by dividing it into small peices with a magic system and putting them back again. Extremely difficult, but theoretically possible. Just in case, spoiler here The important part is that Endowment can take herself apart via Breaths. Not to the point that it would ever naturally happen via people being born, but it can happen, especially if Endowment is signing on. So my idea is this Gather up Endowment’s entire power into Breath and put them in tons of people, who would get 10+ Heightenings. Have them dunk those Breaths into an object with some Command. You might need to rely on the Eighth Heighening to keep the train going, but if that doesn’t work, you just give the Breaths to the new object like you might a person (presumably you can) Now, i have three questions about this setup. 1. Can you turn an Awakened object into a Shard? I assume yes, though it probably has to be sentient like Nightblood is. 2. If yes to 1, can Endowment do this without the middlemen for something like Nightblood? (regular Awakened objects likely won’t do) 3. Would the Command given have any effect on the new Shard’s Intent? I would guess yes and no. I would suggest that the Commands might form a sub-intent or other psychological quirk, but the Intent would still include Endowment. Best case scenario is you get some Endowment-hybrid like Harmony is. However, you might still be able to use other Cosmere magic systems like Forgery to pull the trick instead. If all of this is possible, I nominate a toilet to become Endowment. It’s Command is “Clean things”.
  18. With Radiants and Fused being able to breath in Invested Light, Bloodmakers tapping Goldminds, Elantrians accessing the Dor, and Awakeners strait up being immune to toxins, poisons don't seem to be as effective on the really powerful Invested magic users. However, I was thinking, if someone wanted to assassinate a being of similar stature to the Lord Ruler, or perhaps a very pesky Radiant or Fused, could someone instill some Bio-Chromatic Breaths in a poison to be used on them? We know that Investiture resists Investiture, and since you can put Breaths in basically any non-Invested object, even if you can't necessarily Awaken it, maybe you could create an Invested toxin capable of killing even the mightiest of magic-users. In all honesty, this probably wouldn't be that world changing though, assuming that it's possible. Not every magic user is immune to poison, and there are probably easier ways to disable or kill powerful magic users with healing properties, such as Hemalurgy, aluminum weapons, and Shardblades. But even so, Invested poison would be interesting to see.
  19. Hello y’all. I was thinking about sapient Lifeless and wondered what you could do with them. Some questions… 1. How many Breaths do you need to guarentee a sapient Lifeless? 2. Can you make a Lifeless from the body of a Sliver whose Cognitive Shadow was sticking around? Especially since it’s the Breath that gets a personality and not the person? 3. If a Lifeless had multiple Breaths, could you harvest better Hemalurgic spikes from them? 4. Could a Lifeless kandra or mistwraith self repair more effectively and last longer than a human? Edit: When I said Hemalurgic spikes, I was more thinking of traits like senses. Not the actual animating Breath. (though just about any trait should work) 2nd edit: To clarify, I mean sapience specifically. Not just sentience like Clod has
  20. Can you awaken/lifeless your own body parts if they are a shard wound? Are there any benifits to this that would lead to a scrivener's bone style group?
  21. So, in short my question is whether there's any confirmation or indications one way or another on whether the lifesense of someone who holds Breath can detect the Investiture a feruchemist stores in their metalminds. For instance, if a firesoul left out a brassmind filled with a lot of heat, would that register to someone with lifesense?
  22. There is more you can do with breaths than just using them to awaken non-sentient objects. In Warbreaker, we see Vasher help a girl forget a traumatizing experience somehow, using breath. Probably by teaching her how to store memories in breath since, furthermore, in Rhythm of War we see that Wit does just this uses his breath as a storage system for memories. But one of the most fundamental aspects of breath is that they can be given to someone else. So what happens if you give a breath that holds some of your memories to someone else? To me, it would make sense that they now have access to those memories. Probably, it would require the right Intent to let them- maybe you need to modify the Command a little bit. " My life to yours, my Breath become yours. See what I have seen" or something. But I simply refuse to believe that if you can store your memories in Breath, and share Breath, that you can't allow other people to access those memories. (And possibly you could even make some kind of projector that can be Awakened to display memories in the Breaths it has, given the right Command, but that's extra speculative and probably we won't see anything like that for a while). We don't know exactly how how storing memories in Breath works, so maybe I'm completely off-base here, but I'd like to speculate further- why does it have to stop with memories? If you can store memories, could you store other things in breath? Strength? Speed? This sounds a lot like feruchemy and in many ways it is, so it's possible Brandon might not have made it work this way simply to keep the systems separate. But what we know of the memory thing does sound a lot like use of copperminds, so I also wouldn't be surprised if there were other similarities. Now, even if you can use breath to store strength, I doubt you can use it to give yourself super strength like you can with feruchemy. There's not multiplacativeness. You can store 10% of your strength in a breath, which means you'll be at 90% strength until you retrieve it and you're back up at 100%. You wouldn't be able to ever be at 110% strength like you can with feruchemy. But what you could do with Breath is to share that extra 10% of your strength with someone else. If you allow someone who's already at 100% strength to access your 10%, they could be at 110%. But that means you'll be stuck at 90% strength unless and until that person gives it back to you. I just think it would make sense if Endowment's magic system allows you to endow others with your own attributes, and this theory seems to be consistent with what we know so far.
  23. I was leafing through Warbreaker and I thought - what are the limits of Awakening? Can an Awakener fly? Awakener can't control gravity like Windrunner can, or push himself away from metals like Mistborn can. The best Breaths can do is to pull you up with a rope. That’s not really flying. But I could Awaken material to expand when I fall which would act like a parachute. Still no flying. I can’t strap jet engines under my arms so is there any solution to it? Well, birds fly… And this makes it so much easier. That’s it. I just need a material in the shape of wings that will just flap up and down like birds do. Awakener can fly! But that will just make you go up, and you don’t want to get stuck in the air with the only way down being falling after you recover Breaths from wings. You need control. And those are two basic components necessary for flying: wings and control. Wings Let’s talk about wings first, that’s easier. An average adult male human would need a wingspan of at least 6.7 meters to fly. That’s a lot. But here is a trick, the faster wings flap, the more lift they generate, so 6.7 meters is a maximum length your material needs to have. The Awakened material can become stronger than muscles so wings can flap much faster than normal birds can without getting tired and without damaging material. Moreover you don’t need any rigid metal/wood structure to give shape to the wings, as Awakening will grant wing shape and stiffness to it. And that will allow wings to fold on my back without restricting my movement. With this you need less than 6.7 meter long material in the shape of wings, and a coat with hood, and with seperation for each leg. Wings would be sewn strongly on the back of the coat (close to the center of mass), and the coat itself could be tied with straps and belts to your whole body. A single hair on top of the hood for Awakening focus, and this, with a human shaped coat, will reduce the cost of Awakening. And then the only thing left to add is a little handle, rope coming out of the left sleeve with a handle at the end which is straight piece of wood, and can be held by your hand - why? For control. Whole construction, wings, coat, straps and a handle, needs to be perceived as a single object for Awakening to work as needed. And that is easy, as it all can be made out of the same material and color sewn together, so there are no different or separate parts. Afterall a jacket doesn't differentiate itself into buttons, pockets or sleeves. Control And here is the answer to control. Vasher could Awaken rope to respond to specific stimuli in the form of taps. He could make rope pull him up, lower him down, even let go and hold something as well. 4 different responses. With a similar trick, my wings can react to my fingers, and I only need 4 responses as well! start/stop flapping flap faster flap slower extend/fold on my back That’s it. I can make those commands by tapping on the handle - 3 taps and wings flap slower. Or tie it to the specific finger - thumb tap -start/stop, index finger tap - flap faster. Easy. But I want more. I need to change direction of my flight, I want to turn left and right. And to achieve this, we need to look at how planes turn. The plane turns by lifting one of its wing, while lowering the other, which creates so called “bank angle” Bank angle - The angle between the wings and the horizon, as viewed from the rear of the airplane. An airplane with its wings level has zero degrees of bank. So how do I do the same? Well, with my handle! If I could make wings respond to tapping with my fingers, I can make wings to align themself horizontally with the handle I hold in my hand. When I hold the handle leveled, the wings are also leveled, when I twist the handle left, wings are also banking left, maintaining the same bank angle with horizon, as the hantle has. I can call it complete at this point, as now I could perform a normal flight, but there is one thing that can be added, but it’s not necessary - vertical control. Flapping faster or slower is just one way of gaining altitude, the other is controlling the angle of attack of my wings, to pitch up and control my lift. The angle of attack is the angle between the wing and the direction of the oncoming wind. Increasing this angle increases the lift, but this is at the expense of drag which quickly increases. How do I do this? With the Handle of course. Just by lifting or lowering the handle with wrist movement only, I can slightly increase or decrease the angle of attack thus controlling my lift. Birds have an angle of attack of around 6-15 degrees so I don't need more than that. The one additional thing is to make whole coat strap and tie itself onto you - it’s easy, just by tying the first strap, all straps hold onto you and tie themself up, later, when you untie one of the strap, all straps untie itself. With this I can quickly put wings on and fly, or take them off and fight on ground without worrying that wings get damaged. This however is not necessary component of the wings. And thus the Awakened wings are complete. But wait a minute - isn't that too many things needed for a Command? And the simple answer is no. The Awakening command could be something like “Upon call, fly like a bird” or "Fly upon my commands" - Vasher used similar commands. Hoid in OB used even more difficult one. The hardest part is visualization. Mental image that accompanies Awakening is at this point extremely complicated. We have three different components - tapping the handle, twisting the handle and lifting the handle, and even forth one, self-tie straps. Vasher could probably already make wings which just respond to tapping, but the rest provide more complexity. However I would not call it impossible. I was thinking about it the whole day, and right now I can quickly imagine how all necessary components work within a few short seconds. A skilled Awakener can do it even faster. Of course, to come up with this idea and to perfect this mental image, it would take him weeks, months, or even years, but it is possible. Vasher already uses very complicated Commands with even more complicated visualizations, and Vivenna was able to copy his Commands after seeing him use it once or twice. Making wings that basically imitate birds, a living creature, can be done. And that’s how a skilled Awakener can take up into the sky. It may take him years to achieve this, but I think it can be done. For simplicity, to make wings easier, he can strap them to his arms, and reduce the visualisation significantly, however that can make his arms tired (wings are moved by Breaths, taping on the handle to control them or bank arms to turn), and with that Awakaner is unable to throw Awakened ropes at people dawn below. Sitll for a prototype it would be much easier to make and could be a stepping stone towards fully controlable wings. I also came up with the conclusion that zinc ferring would be great Awakener as he can speed up his mental speed and create better mental images faster as well as come up with better commands or create completely new ones. Being a zinc ferring would make Awakening so much easier, and developing working Awakened wings would be much faster. Copper ferring can recall necessary mental image in a short moment, so he could also be better at using very complicated Commands. Do you think any other invested arts can also help in making Awakening easier? Can Awakening replicate other invested arts or surges with their effects? What do you think about my wings idea? Is there an easier way for Awakener to fly? tldr - wings with a joystick.
  24. I found it odd that the Sorceress's laptop which I assume is based on Nalthian (or at least Awakened) tech was just able to connect to Fort's tablet with seemingly no extra steps. And that Tress was even able to use the laptop. Fort mentions that if someone else picked up his tablet it wouldn't work for them, we see the Awakened lock in TLM seemingly be passsword protected, and password protected Lifeless is even a major plot point in WB. Once the Nalthians started making the Awakened analogue to digital tech did they just forget about firewalls? I can't go two feet without hearing about VPNs and whatnot; you telling me Nalthis doesn't have youtube?
  25. We heard theories about the champion being gavilar , Kaliden, Adolin, and gavinor but what about evi? I know impossible but hear me out. 1. There are 2 awakeners on Roshar 2. One of them is currently trapt in the cognitive realm by odium's force's 3. Awakeners can make intelligent, and sapient awakened objects. 4.lifless can become self aware given enough investure. 5. Royal light eyes are soul cast into stone . Consider this possibility odium approaches Ashur, with a deal. Passage to the physical in exchange for a little favor. There soulcast evi corpse back into flesh, Odium gives Ashur a storm ton of Investiure and she awakens her. Then the bond her to one of the unmade and the process is complete. This new evi would probably not the orginal evi, since her soul is long gone from here to the beyond, but I don't think that will matter to dalinar. She will be a live think in the body of his wife I don't think he could bring himself to kill her. Also consider the death rattle about holding a knife to the throat of a new born baby. All the other candidates are technically to old , but self aware lifeless created from Evi would only be a few days old so technically a new born. Ok so how crazy I'm I?