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Found 148 results

  1. I just had a question in my mind, how do Awakened objects see? Because the prologue of Warbreaker, with the little straw-doll moving around outside of Vasher's line of sight, proves that they have some ability to examine their surroundings. How do they do that? Then it came to me, Heightenings, Awakened Objects almost always possess enough Breath for at least the first Heightening which would give them access to Lifesense, so that's how Awakened Objects see the people around them. There's probably more to this though, considering that they can react to their non-living environment though that might be explained by the visualization of their Command. Though I'm guessing that Awakened Objects wouldn't get much use from Perfect Pitch or Perfect Colour Recognition, but I still think it's remarkable if this were true.
  2. Can you place more Breaths in an Awakened Object then you need to? Like if you have 1,000 Breaths and try to Awaken a cloak that would only need 200 Breaths, could you instead choose to Awaken it with 500 Breaths? And would this have any benefits, like the object might be able to handle slightly more complex Commands or something?
  3. So I'm currently going through my re-read of The Bands of Mourning. I was reading the clip of the New Seran broadsheet that's right before chapter 6, and I noticed this: Now all these rumors and legends in Mistborn Era 2 need to be taken with a grain of salt, but the first thing this reminded me of was the awakened army of Lifeless in Warbreaker. I can't see hemalurgy causing metal beings to come to life, but I could see awakening doing that. So here's my crazy theory: Yesteel is hiding out on Scadrial, and is still experimenting with awakening... Thoughts?
  4. Apologies if this has been posted already and I didn't find it, or if this is so obvious it doesn't warrant its own post. I was talking to a friend who recently read Warbreaker, and I had this thought when we talked about the potential that Awakening had that is still underused. And while the obvious one is Type Four (Five) Invested Entities, I think RoW showed us a glimpse of another potential application of Breath: Storing Attributes What we saw at the end of RoW in the Meeting between Hoid and TOdium was Hoid losing memories that he had stored in Breaths. In Breaths, or As Breaths. So, who's to say that that's only possible with Memories? You probably see where I'm going with this. (And why I think it might have been posted already) Feruchemy and Awakening are both End-Neutral systems. And while their applications are different, they both are End-neutral because of the closed loops they utilize. In Awakening, you give your breath to something or someone, which endows them with the powers associated with it. They can utilize your breath, no more than what you've given. In Feruchemy, you store attributes in your metalminds. Specific Metals allow for the storage of specific attributes. You can later get these attributes back, no more than what you've given. Now, Feruchemy uses the kinds of metals as keys. Depending on what metal you (can) use, you store different attributes. From how I understand it, Feruchemists use their innate investiture, which is somehow imprinted with the attributes. Attributes in form of Investiture, to be used later. Now, we've seen Hoid do this with Breath. Storing Memories in a different form of Investiture. Of course, Hoid had a lot of time to practice and figure things out, but I think this is an angle of BioChromatic Breath that we might see more of in the future. Storing Attributes and giving these to others. We've seen something similar with Unkeyed Metalminds, where I could store wakefulness, strength, speed etc. and give it to you to tap. For Breath, the difficulty is just figuring out how to store attributes in Breath. I don't know if you need to be a Feruchemist too for that, if you need a specific command or whatever. But once you figure that out, it could be as simple as My life to yours, my Strength become yours. My life to yours, my Memories to yours. My life to yours, my Health to yours. etc. etc. What do you think? Is this possible? How difficult would it be? Does it make sense to expect more of this in the future or will just Worldhoppers like Hoid be able to figure it out?
  5. There is more you can do with breaths than just using them to awaken non-sentient objects. In Warbreaker, we see Vasher help a girl forget a traumatizing experience somehow, using breath. Probably by teaching her how to store memories in breath since, furthermore, in Rhythm of War we see that Wit does just this uses his breath as a storage system for memories. But one of the most fundamental aspects of breath is that they can be given to someone else. So what happens if you give a breath that holds some of your memories to someone else? To me, it would make sense that they now have access to those memories. Probably, it would require the right Intent to let them- maybe you need to modify the Command a little bit. " My life to yours, my Breath become yours. See what I have seen" or something. But I simply refuse to believe that if you can store your memories in Breath, and share Breath, that you can't allow other people to access those memories. (And possibly you could even make some kind of projector that can be Awakened to display memories in the Breaths it has, given the right Command, but that's extra speculative and probably we won't see anything like that for a while). We don't know exactly how how storing memories in Breath works, so maybe I'm completely off-base here, but I'd like to speculate further- why does it have to stop with memories? If you can store memories, could you store other things in breath? Strength? Speed? This sounds a lot like feruchemy and in many ways it is, so it's possible Brandon might not have made it work this way simply to keep the systems separate. But what we know of the memory thing does sound a lot like use of copperminds, so I also wouldn't be surprised if there were other similarities. Now, even if you can use breath to store strength, I doubt you can use it to give yourself super strength like you can with feruchemy. There's not multiplacativeness. You can store 10% of your strength in a breath, which means you'll be at 90% strength until you retrieve it and you're back up at 100%. You wouldn't be able to ever be at 110% strength like you can with feruchemy. But what you could do with Breath is to share that extra 10% of your strength with someone else. If you allow someone who's already at 100% strength to access your 10%, they could be at 110%. But that means you'll be stuck at 90% strength unless and until that person gives it back to you. I just think it would make sense if Endowment's magic system allows you to endow others with your own attributes, and this theory seems to be consistent with what we know so far.
  6. Alright, so I've seen a bunch of "Mistborn vs Knight Radiant" and Jedi vs Knight Radiant, and because I haven't the time nor patience to read through all of those, I'm going to pose a question that's likely already been answered. Let's say that a bunch of the "strongest" investiture users across the Cosmere had a a fight. I'm not counting any Yolen natives cause all the ones we know of we don't know a lot about their magic and a lot of them are OP. So: Here we go. Representing Scadrial, it's the Fullborn, from Roshar the 5th Ideal Knight Radiant (Pick the Order you think is the best in a fight), The God King from Nalthis, let's say an Elantrian as good as Raoden, a Sand Master who can control, let's say, 30 threads. I'm not gonna count shades cause most of these guys can outrun or kill a shade with relative ease, and First of the Sun doesn't have a lot of physically manifested Investiture besides the mind-reading guys, who aren't human and I feel they can also be killed with relative ease, so we'll just go with the above. God-King, Fullborn, 5th Ideal Radiant of any Order, Sand Master with 30 Threads and Salitrification, Elantrian. And they're fighting in a place where Elantrian magic is strong and the Sand Master has enough Taldain Sand for years. Edit: Nightmaws and Deepstalkers as well as Shades are included
  7. So, in short my question is whether there's any confirmation or indications one way or another on whether the lifesense of someone who holds Breath can detect the Investiture a feruchemist stores in their metalminds. For instance, if a firesoul left out a brassmind filled with a lot of heat, would that register to someone with lifesense?
  8. Awakening seems to be an extremely versatile manifestation of Investiture. I was wondering, if a skilled Awakener understood the mechanics of another magic system, could they command some Breaths to enhance another manifestation of Investiture? For example, if an Awakener were to Awaken a Hemalurgic spike with the intent of having the Breaths mimicking and enhancing the spike's normal performance, could you get a Hemalurgic spike primarily powered by Bio-chromatic Breaths? Could you take this one step further and Awaken an Allomancer who had blanked their Identity and use your Breaths to enhance the Connection that person had to Preservation, thus enhancing their Allomantic power?
  9. So, a question about Awakening: Anyone know what happens if you Awaken a non-flexible object with a Command which would involve movement? For instance, taking a log of wood and Commanding it to "Jump". Would the Command just not work, as if you didn't put enough Breath in? Would the wood 'try' to obey, but just not be able to? Would it tear its own fibers apart? For that matter, could you Awaken something with a self-destructive Command, like telling a log to "Split" or a cloth to "Tear yourself"?
  10. If you were to Soulcast a statue of a human into flesh and then Awaken that flesh, would it work just as well as Awakening a corpse, or since it was never alive, would it be harder? Is it only the material and shape of the Awakened object that matter, or does it actually have to have been alive at some point?
  11. Hi! What are some of the most complicated (but plausible to manage considering what we know from hoid and vasher) awakening commands you can think of! Can be for awakening just about anything, from combat to awakening a spoon so it stirs soup for you
  12. Let's say an Allomancer were to go to Nalthis and buy him or herself a healthy number of Bio-Chromatic Breaths, then get attacked by someone trying to Hemalurgically spike them. The Allomancer/Awakener Awakens their cloak to try and protect themselves, but their attacker manages to spike them and give themselves the Allomancer's power. The Hemalurgist then retrieves the Breaths from the Cloak because they have enough of the Allomancer's Identity to grab the Breaths. If the Hemalurgist were to lose their spike, would the Breaths taken from the Allomancer/Awakener stay but be un-commandable, dissipate, or remain pretty much the same as if they had gotten them through normal means?
  13. If an Awakener were to meet a Koloss, Kandra, or other Hemalurgic construct of similarly controllable vulnerability, would the Awakener be able to "break" them as they do to Lifeless? Similarly, if a Rioter, Soother, or Mistborn were to encounter a Lifeless, could they control them as they do Hemalurgic constructs?
  14. I had a thought, what if your limb (or theoretically someone else's, but let's stick to a single hypothetical test subject for now) were deadened by a shardblade, and you used Breath to awaken it? You'd need the right command and Intent, obviously, but I imagine that since human bodies are some of the most efficient things to awaken, and a deadened limb is basically part of a corpse that's still Physically alive, it would be very receptive to awakening.
  15. So as I understand it, the way awakening works is that you use breath to fill an object with investiture and give it extremely limited sentience (as investiture does), and then that object will act out whatever command you made it to do. But the investiture is the key here of course. The object is just the physical medium that gives Breath the ability to act on the world. So is that medium actually necessary? I don't think it is. We've seen that investiture can manifest in the physical realm as metals- shardblades and shardplates and ancient fabrials, atium, lerasium. So why not breath as well? I propose that you can command the breath directly to "manifest as metal", and it would do so in the form of Edglium, endowment's godmetal. Furthermore, I propose that this is how Azure's sword was made. "Manifest as metal and be as my blade". We know that originally, nightblood was an attempt to recreate a rosharan shardblade using Breath. This was done by taking a normal steel sword and loading it chock full of breath, and giving it a command. "Destroy Evil". But this isn't how shardblades are made. They're made by getting a spren to manifest in the physical realm as metal. And so, if you're trying to recreate one using Breath, then I would probably try getting breath to manifest as metal. If Azure's sword is a second attempt at this same experiment (which certainly isn't confirmed, but we at least know that the sword is "somewhat related" to nightblood). So what do you all think? Can you command breath directly, and manifest it as metal? What else interesting could you do with that? And what do you think of my theory on Azure's sword
  16. I listened to Warbreaker again recently, and there's a fair chance that other people have already realized this and I'm just slow. We've known for a while that Nightblood is a hacked version of Shardblades, but it occurred to me that those aren't the only things Vasher and some of the other Five Scholars saw on Roshar. He also saw Plate and presumably the dueling stances, and this ends up making his own fighting style of Nightblood with Awakened clothing make a lot more sense. Considering his centuries of fighting with basically magical power armor and Nightblood, it also makes a lot more sense why he's a master at teaching new people how to use Shards. We see wisdom from the lessons he gives to Kaladin and Renarin in the few battles we see Vasher fighting. His first lesson to Kaladin and Bridge Four is to not get distracted by the Blade, and we've seen what he accomplishes when people just stare at Nightblood. Yes, Nightblood is doing more than just looking flashy or dangerous, but there's a lot to the intimidation factor that Vasher probably uses to his advantage. He has Renarin diving headfirst into the ground using Plate, and we've seen him trusting his life to an Awakened rope strengthening his leg when falling out of a building. Vasher's Awakened clothing combat style probably wasn't solely inspired by Roshar and Plate, but it obviously was influenced by it. The one that probably should have been obvious to me is that Kalad's Phantoms are a hacked version of Shardplate. Of course Vasher wouldn't have stopped at copying just a Shardblade if he saw Plate. He just made an army of his versions rather than just a handful. It may also put Vasher killing Shashara into a different perspective, since Nightblood or other Shardblades are probably one of the handful of things that would consistently be able to deal with the phantoms. It also makes sense how those two inventions, Nightblood and Awakened statues, came out relatively close together. Really though, I've known for a while that Warbreaker was meant as a prequel to SA, and that SA was written before Warbreaker, but it still astounds me how good Brandon is at what he does. Are there any other Rosharan elements that people can spot in Vasher's actions?
  17. Could you somehow unkey breaths? So if you put 50 breaths into an object could they somehow become unkeyed so that any person could pick them up? Edit: I just realized we've seen something like this in Rhythm of War. Taravodium steals or at least destroys some of Hoid's Breath. Thinking of this reminded me of when we saw Vasher tell a girl the Command to give away part of a Breath (Warbreaker). So since we know it is possible, the only question would be how? What could this Command be?
  18. I am not sure if this has been asked before... It just popped into my mind and made me curious. Would the awakening command have a effect on the dead-eyes? Or would nothing happen?
  19. There are limitations on how much one can edit about themselves via Awakening due to Endowment's Intent. However, you can fuel a magic system with another Shard's power. So, if you were to use Odium's Investiture to fuel Self-Awakening, you likely could change a lot more about yourself since Odium's Intent seems to be the opposite of Endowment's Intent; Odium is about caring about one's own self while Endowment is about giving to others. We even see this with the Fused as they cannot seem to do as much as Radiants when it comes to something that doesn't involve themselves.
  20. So, as far as I understand it's the case that organic substances can be Awakened, and then Breath can be retrieved from them later (except in the case of Lifeless, possibly because they gain an Identity). Inorganic substances are far harder to Awaken (seventh Heightening, very high cost etc), and Breath can't be retrieved from them in the example we've seen (also possibly because Nightblood has its own Identity). Where does amber fall on this scale? I don't imagine it would be very useful for everyday Awakening (not exactly very flexible), but for academic/hypothetical purposes, where do your thoughts fall when it comes to the organic versus inorganic nature of amber for the purposes of Awakening? Because on the one hand it's closer in appearance to, say, a precious stone than cloth or straw, but it's actually composed of solidified resin.
  21. Okay I've been thinking about this today but Brandon said that a different metal used to make night blood would have effectively changed how night blood is... So what if you made a sword from bone and invested it with the same number of breaths? Technically the breaths would stick better because bone was once a living thing would that mean they impart more power into the weapon?
  22. When you awaken a type two invested entity (clothes, rope, or the like), it doesn’t have enough of a mind or Identity of their own to count as a “living” thing. However, Lifeless seem to have some awareness of what’s going on, as per WoB, and they also can understand more complex commands than a type two entity can. Because of this, I believe that they develop an Identity of their own, which prevents the breaths used to awaken them from being retrieved.
  23. An Awakener can override a Command given to an Awakened object or a Lifeless. Could something like that be done for spren?
  24. I don’t immediately think of combat applications when I think of Awakening. The system doesn’t seem to have been made with that in mind. However, certain creative individuals could come up with some powerful ways to use it, I would think. Here are some of my ideas, along with some that we’ve already seen be used. 1. Awakened clothing – gives added strength and protections. 2. Awakened ropes and pieces of cloth – can grab, restrain, and/or suffocate your opponents. 3. Awakened corpses – these can fight for you as extra allies, and they can receive more complicated commands than your standard Awakened object. 4. Awakened human-like objects, such as sets of clothing or manikins (specifically not corpses; these aren’t Lifeless) – they can fight for you as if you had allies, then you can retrieve the Breaths after the fight. 5. Large Awakened ropes, cloths, or other items – can be used as catapults, or to grab and constrict/hurl enemies. 6. Bootleg Shardplate (gotta love that name ) – by awakening your clothes (like in idea 1) while wearing regular plate armor, you get all the advantages of plate armor plus a great deal of strength for crushing blows and added mobility because you can now carry the added weight much more easily. 7. Awakened ropes/cloths (now with blades!) – by attaching blades to the end of these, you can make automatic stabbing and slashing constructs. 8. Awakened poisoned needle – similar to idea 7, but much smaller and easier to conceal; can be hidden up your sleeve (literally) to be used in a pinch if someone gets in close and grapples you. 9. Awakened mistcloak – really cool looking, plus, because of its many appendages, it could grab multiple enemies or deflect several attacks directed at you simultaneously. Would be extra effective in bootleg Shardplate, as your added weight would make you a better anchor than your enemies (reminds me a little of steel or iron Allomancy, ironically). 10. Self-Awakening – honestly not sure how this could be useful for combat, but I felt I should mention it Anyway, just in case it reminds someone who is more creative than me of its existence, so that they can apply it somehow. I’m not sure I can come up with anything else. Ideas, anyone?
  25. When you use Greater Awakening, you are able to Awaken an inanimate object of non-biological origin. Its personality is greatly influenced by the command given to it. Would the personality of the inanimate object before it was Awakened also contribute to its personality? For instance, if you Awakened a sword that you had carried with you for years, that had saved your life many times, that you had gained a great affection towards, would that sword, if Awakened, have a different personality than some random sword you pulled off of the armory rack and Awakened? Is why Adolin’s shardblade, Maya, is starting to heal a little bit, because he views her as a sentient being, rather than a dead object?