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Found 5 results

  1. During my WoR reread, I just found this. On page 727, where Kaladin is in prison, and Wit comes to tell the story of Fleet, he's sitting on a bench, tuning his lute (or some other stringed instrument) he says this, " 'Perfect pitch,' Wit said, 'makes this all so much easier than it once was.' " This seems to me to be a very subtle hint that Hoid has recently been to Nalthis and become an awakener. What do you think?
  2. So I was reading Warbreaker over again and I noted how good awakeners are at holding and storing investiture. I wondered if this was because of the type of investiture, or if it was because of the specific sDNA makeup found on Nalthis. I don't think it is the first one because I faintly remember reading somewhere on the forums that all investiture is essentially drawing from the same power-source, and each world just has different ways of using this power source. So stormlight is drawing energy from the same source as breath would which would allow Zahel to substitute one for the other. This got me thinking thinking about how people access and use investiture (which may be wrong). Scadrial: - Allomancy - people access investiture by burning metals, which acts as a catalyst, allowing preservation to gift power (investiture) - Energy comes from an outside source, the person acts like a conduit and does not store investiture - Feruchemy and Hemalurgy - I don't really understand how these two work Sel: - Aon Dor, Dar Kor, Forgery - Investiture is transfered via glyphs which allow energy to flow through and be manipulated by a person. Roshar: - Stormlight - a person inhales and consumes investiture. This is not a perfect process as it dissipates eventually. Nalthis: - Biochromatic Breath - investiture is also inhaled, but the person can hold it indefinitely. People are actually born with this investiture. Out of all of these ways to invest people, the last two seem strikingly similar. This led me to wonder what other things can hold investiture perfectly?!? Voidbringers!!!! Dun Dun DUNNNNN!!!! Maybe Odium went to splinter Endowment because he/she is alone on their world making them an easy target. Perhaps Endowment bought clemency by showing Odium how to create beings capable of retaining investiture perfectly, allowing him to minimally invest in a world? Maybe Endowment returned Zahel to combat Odium and be the anti-voidbringer? Please let me know if there are any errors, or reasons this would be impossible. Thanks!!!
  3. There are two questions that have been nagging me lately... First and foremost, I am a very dedicated fan of sanderson's work but I don't lurk too much in these forums, so something like this might be common knowledge, but my Search Surge isn't strong enough to find an answer, so I decided to ask. Please excuse me if there are already answers to this. When an Awakener (the guys with powers on Nalthis, Warbreaker novel) uses his Breaths to animate something, he/she gives them to the object, and in turn this object gains pseudo-life and is suddenly capable of moving by itself. That implies that it should be USING the breaths to power this movements, it needs energy to move. But it's not the case. When the awakener ends the effect, recovers all the breaths used, intact. So... there is a surplus of energy in the world. This definitively doesn't follow the laws of thermodynamics and it makes me wonder: Is there something I don't get? Yeah, color is used as a catalyst... Like Allomancers use metals, I guess. But still... And the second question: If I had a stage light with some color filters pointing at the floor just at the feet of an Awakener... could he/she use the color that the light is granting to the floor to Awaken things, and thus Awaken continuously, as long as he/she still has Breaths?
  4. My sister is reading in the room over from me. Literally every single time I look over, within 5-10 seconds she looks back. It's not like she is just reading while looking up every 10 seconds. Heightening confirmed.
  5. So I found this interesting gem: Note that this is before Szeth has either met Nin or picked up Nightblood. So a)from Adolin's perspective, Szeth is Commanding objects. b)It sounds awfully like Breath - in particular could command inanimate objects, and we all know how careful Brandon is with his wording. (Or at least, how careful we THINK he is. *ahem* Gibletish ) However a)It could have just been the wind, and generally Adolin freaking out about the Assassin in White. b ) Szeth wouldn't have had time to give a verbal command, even if he could use Stormlight to power and Awakening. c) It seems a bit much to me that on top of Vasher and Nightblood, Brandon would then cross over an entire magic system from Nalthis - especially since we're not supposed to need to have read any particular Cosmere book to understand the others. IF however, Szeth can Awaken, the only way I think he could learn it is from Vasher. 99% chance he's not a worldhopper, since we KNOW he's from Shinovar, plus it would make flashbacks very messy. I'm not sure I can see Vasher teaching him anyway, unless he learned Awakening in his past, before or in his early days of being Truthless. Which is doubtful because flashbacks. So I open the question to the rest of you theorisers and obssessors. What doth 17th Shard think?