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Found 6 results

  1. Why do people spend a lot of money on aviars? That may seem like a trivial question at first. They are magic and give you powers. But let's look at the details. First, exclusivity: As far as mainlanders know the rule is one aviar per person at a time. Hence if you get one aviar you cannot just add to your powers, but you choose that power closing off the other possibilities. Second, the masking birds sell. Mating feathers from Kokerlii would attract a trapper. Why would you buy an aviar hiding your mind on the mainland? The predators of the Pantheon are limited to it and the waters near it. There are only a few hundred trappers. Every one of them already has a masking aviar. The Ones Above can detect aviar with a machine. Hence the masking ability is useless to them. So they want another aviar which conveys a power not found on other worlds. There must be something on the mainland that you need to hide your mind from. What could that be? It seems to me that the likeliest answer to that is other aviar. Now what is an ability we have seen on First of the Sun, not seen elsewhere? The most striking is outright telepathy. I conclude that there is an aviar that enables you to read minds.
  2. So in the stormlight archive there is a character in the ghostbloods, named mraize and in one scene he is said to have a "chicken" (Rosharan for bird) which brandon has confirmed to be a Aviar. Any Ideas on what it's power might be?
  3. Something I threw together for a February drawing challenge, couldn't find a section for the Sixth of the Dusk- so I hope this is the right place to share!
  4. So just a general question about the aviar. Are they unique species that Brandon created specifically for the world, or are they species that exist on earth? If so what would the analogous species be?
  5. A thought recently came to me. It has been mentioned that of all of the current cosmere stuff, Sixth of the Dusk is the latest, chronologically, in-world. The Ones Above are theorized to be spacefaring Scadrians from MB Era 4. They appear connected. Of the Aviar powers we've seen, they seem remarkably similar to Allomantic abilities. Aviar that show your death are similar to both atium and electrum, whilst Aviar that shield your mind are reminiscent of copper. There are predators like nightmaws that have an ability similar to that of bronze. Basically, that parasite over at Patji's eye is animalian Allomancy. You eat it, you gain Allomantic powers that are similar to human ones. This seems plausible, but do you fine folks see any holes in this?
  6. Prior to the release of Khriss' essay on the Drominad System by Tor, I included a question for Brandon to answer in my pre-order. I wanted to know if Patji's Eye was a perpendicularity on First of the Sun, and if so would a creature like a Nightmaw worldhop. The first part is a RAFO...and probably a legitimate "read and find out" because Khriss more or less confirms this without saying it's Patji's Eye. However, Brandon did answer the second part of my question: non-sapeint creatures can worldhop, but it's hard. My motive for this question was that a long time ago I wondered if Thunderclast were from other worlds (probably not) and if Aviar could be on other planets on their own accord (I originally thought maybe Denth's parrot could be an Aviar). So for fun, I wanted to see if Nightmaw could worldhop, because come on, how crazy scary would it be to run across a Nightmaw on Roshar or Scadrial or Nalthis?! Now I also imagine every horse in the Cosmere is a Ryshadium that wants to kick every stranger in the head. All in all, this isn't a big WOB, but it's at least somewhat interesting.