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Found 11 results

  1. Telsin was on her way to becoming a full Avatar of Autonomy, with the Shard’s power sustaining her life force and giving her insight to the future, expanding her cognitive ability. My question is thus: could Telsin be a cognitive shadow now? The way Kelsier became ? The way Rashek could have been had he so desired? Would she want that? Would she give up after her failure? Or would she be ornery enough to stick around?
  2. Disclaimer: I have no idea where to put this, so please benevolent mods, move this if necessary. SPOILER WARNING: Alright so, this theory contains the heaviest spoilers in the world for Stormlight Archive Rhythm of War, Warbreaker, Elantris, Tress of the Emerald Sea, and I might have to borrow from Mistborn Era 2 It also spoilers ALL of Avatar the last airbender and Legend of Korra. The world of Avatar almost perfectly fits into the cosmere, here me out. I'll be using cosmere words like Bond, Connection, Investiture, Spren, Shards, cognitive realm, Intent, and the like, so if you don't know any of those, read the cosmere books before reading on in this theory. I'll to capitalize those words in order to make them stand out. I will call the Avatar-World the Avatar-World in order to avoid confusion. --- Let's get started, first of all, of course there are not really fitting shards left over for this planet, but to put it simply, something similar to Roshar is going on. Spren-like splinters called Spirits inhabit the Cognitive Realm known as the Spirit-world of the planet Avatar-World, and two perpendicularities known as Spirit Portals in the North and South pole of the planet exist. This is a fact that points towards two Shards of Adonalsium having been shattered on that world. The Spirit World, Spirits, and the Perpendicularities Judging from the original humans having been in the Cognitive Realm first, they might've migrated over from another planet, before having been changed by Cosmereological Intent (see Pure Lakers on Roshar) to let the ever present but Mist-like (see Scadrial) invisible form of Investiture known as Chi, flow through their bodies. The Spren/spirits/splinters of those Shards known as the lion turtles could thus grant the humans a special form of Bond to allow them to use the power of an element. In the Avatar-World there must be two new types of Bonds: one that lion turtles use to grant the ability to use investiture to control and element, and one bond that Spirits use to possess a human. Bending and Investiture - an End-Positive System Forming a Connection to the power of the Splintered shards (see what happened on Sel), this Bond is not very similar to the Nahel Bond (Roshar & Spren) and a Luhel Bond (Lumar), but instead only requires an initial bond that unlcoks the power in a human and can then be passed on genetically. Investiture in the Avater-World in the physical realm is an invisible gas, or at least humans have evolved to not see it, and is ever-present, seeping into the humans where it is called Chi. The unlocking of bending and chi-gates might form cracks in the soul that are passed on genetically, seemingly even the more powerful Splinters or rather Cognitive Shadows can hold such powers, as evident by Raava and Vaatu. Bending itself is a way of Accessing Investiture, requiring intent and specific physical movements that look almost like a martial art. This is similar to Aons drawn by Elantrians using AonDor or the martial arts on Sel. The Avatar Both bonds were used by Raava and Wan to create the first avatar: A cognitive shadow that holds memories of all prior avatars, held together within a human body by the Spirit Raava. Whenever an Avatar dies, the memories are added to the cognitive shadow known as the Avatar, and the spirit Raava carries it on to a newborn human from another nation to use the possession Bond with. Similar to a Bondsmith, the Avatar can create and sever connection, such as completely taking someone's ability to bend, or temporarily elsecalling into the Spirit World (Cognitive Realm). Chi-Blocking Chi-blocking blocks spiritual pathways for the Soul which investiture would need to take. Healing Healing works well in the Avatar-World since due to the physical movements through which investiture is accessed, the humans of the Avatar-World have developed a stronger image of self and their cultures, even associating them directly with how they can use investiture. Savantism Savantism in bending might require something more than just a lot of investiture and using their power, but these are known as specialized bending types. --- Tell me what you think. Did I make any mistakes? Any way you can fix my mistakes and still make it fit?
  3. I have always wanted to do one of these. Just comment the character you would like to play and I'll add you to the list! Avatar Aang: @Queen Elsa Steelheart Toph Beifong: @ryshadium90 Lin Beifing: @Merrickz Prince Zuko: @Draginon NOTE: You can join anytime!
  4. Throughout the Cosmere we have seen Avatar of other shards , the island Patji in six of dusk is supposedly one of autonomy Avatars which got me to thinking . What other Avatars have we seen and are any of them on Roshar Of the top of my head I would assume said Avatar would be filled to bursting with power . But that is just me thinking , I’m a mortal sue me . But perhaps it doesn’t have to be so . All the Shard has to do to make an Avatar is find a area infested with investiture and change it according to the shards design and boom Avatar . When Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar that’s pretty much what they did to the Mega spren . Stormfather , Sibling , and Nightwatcher. But there has to be others : based upon what we have seen can u think of any others ? Here is my list of what could be 1. Urithiru , I think Urithiru is an avatar of Honor thus in hibernation since the Sibling is as well 2. The purelake . Something is going on with that place , thier are faint traces of magic . Little things like eating certain fish will give you access to fortune , etc . I think this is an Avatar of Cultivation 3. Everytime I mention Lift people get upset but I think she is more than a Radiant . She does too much , like entering Dalinar visions and leaving when she felt like it and took gaux with her 4. That giant spren that look like a great shell , that the Aimian guy was searching for 5. All the Heralds 6 the unmade can anybody think of any more that you might think qualifies to possibly be an Avatar? merry Christmas members !
  5. Hi. So, this is an RP that takes place in the Avatar world. By that, I mean the animated TV shows, not the James Gunn movie (though I admit that was amazing). This will take place in a PM. You can put character profiles here or in the PM. If enough people who want to join, I’ll make the PM, and try my best to come up with a plot for us to follow. If you don’t want to RP but are happy to help out with making plots, we can have a separate PM for that. This is basically to gauge whether people are interested in an RP of this type. Time can be either LoK or ATLA, not sure which right now, so you guys can say which one you’d prefer. Though LoK gives more options on benders and gives the option of airbenders. Ok! So if you’re interested, sign up below! Original idea started here:
  6. So, avatar is coming to Netflix. Not exactly sure how I feel about this. The disappointment of the 2010 movie was strong. What does everyone here think? This about sums it up for me:
  7. I had posted this idea in another topic, but it had apparently necro’d so no one saw it, link below. It had gone into the nature of shades as cognitive entities. Could what makes the shades different from other cognitive entities be that they are partial avatars? I know we don’t know a lot about avatars yet, but it is assumed they have access to the shard’s shardpool, correct? When a shade kills someone therefore, it suffuses them not just with investiture, but the shardpool of Ambition, connecting with the dormant parts of Ambition already in the spiritweb of natives from Threnody. Death separates the physical body, but the cognitive entity is forced back into the physical realm with the same pressure of the dor from Sel, because the investiture is trying to find purchase in the physical realm. Cognitive entity loses its mind during the transition from cognitive to physical like spren from Roshar. If this is true, could shades be avatars missing their bodies?
  8. @Calderis and I recently discussed the nature of Avatars on Discord. We ended up agreeing on some points and disagreeing on others. I thought the discussion interesting enough to share and memorialize here. Autonomy creates Avatars like Patji on First of the Sun. She finds deposits of the assigned Investiture she inherits from Adonalsium and infuses them with consciousness. The Avatars become autonomous actors. We don't know the degree of each Avatar’s autonomy. I think Cal and I agree: 1. Avatars share Autonomy’s pool of Spiritual Realm Investiture with her. 2. Avatar creation doesn’t change the aggregate amount of Autonomy’s Spiritual Realm Investiture available for magic. 3. As a logical corollary to the first two points, each new Avatar proportionally reduces how much Spiritual Realm Investiture is theoretically available to each previous Avatar and to Autonomy herself. 4. Avatars seem more powerful than most splinters. We disagree on these points: 5. Cal and @Spoolofwhool think Autonomy grants consciousness by implanting a seed of her mind into her found Investiture. They believe this “mind-split” is what allocates Autonomy’s power (her capacity to make magic), since cosmere power tends to be proportionate to the mind that wields it. They say Autonomy deliberately weakens her own mind (in small increments) to install this power balance. I instead think Autonomy programs a consciousness for each Avatar from raw Spiritual Realm Investiture and leaves her mind intact. IMO, Bavadin has no reason to diminish her finite mental capacity when she can use her infinite raw Investiture for the same purpose. Knowing Odium is on the prowl, why would Bavadin weaken herself in favor of her Avatars, who are localized on their Shardworlds? 6. Cal says Autonomy has more Spiritual Realm Investiture “available for use” than any other Shard. He attributes this to the Avatars. I agree Autonomy and her Avatars can collectively drain their Spiritual Realm Investiture pool at a faster rate than other Shards can. That’s the benefit of multiple minds directing the Investiture – it’s like inserting more straws into a drink. But since the aggregate volume of the Investiture pool remains constant, I disagree more Investiture is “available for use.” (Cal tells me he does not think “available for use” and “faster draw rate” are the same thing.) 7. Cal believes Avatars share a single Spiritual aspect with Autonomy, though each Avatar has its own Cognitive aspect. He says Radiant spren have a different Cognitive aspect from their Knight, and the Nahel bond nonetheless merges their souls. Cal analogizes this “one soul – two minds” to Avatars. I think each Avatar has its own Spiritual aspect. I believe every mind that imprints Investiture has its own soul. Each Avatar’s separate soul is made from Autonomy. They're probably Connected to one another and Autonomy in other ways. But IMO these Connections don’t cause the Avatars to share a Spiritual aspect any more than an honorspren made from Honor’s Investiture is part of Honor’s soul. I also think the Avatar-Radiant spren analogy breaks down because KR-spren minds and souls don’t fully merge until the KR swears the Fifth Oath (IMO). 8. I think splinters and Avatars have different origins. (I’m not sure what Cal believes about this.) Splinters are bits of raw Spiritual Realm Investiture that develop sentience (sometimes on their own, sometimes granted by Shards). Avatars are deposits of Autonomy’s Investiture Adonalsium left on Shardworlds to which Autonomy grants consciousness. IOW, splinters descend from the Spiritual Realm while Avatars incorporate Investiture that already exists in all three Realms. * * * * * Please add your opinions. Cal, did I express your views accurately?
  9. Brandon says the Shattering assigned all existing Investiture to one of the Shards. I believe Roshar, the planet’s land mass, is assigned to Autonomy. “Somebody” raised that land mass from the sea just like Autonomy’s avatar raised Patji. Because I believe the “Spren of Stone” is the third Sibling, I think that Sibling now belongs to Autonomy. Analysis I quote the relevant WoBs below. Bracketed numerals refer to that numbered WoB. Roshar is “a pretty weird planet…a created planet.” [1.] To me, this implies Adonalsium may have created Roshar after the cosmere’s creation. Roshar specifically incorporates Adonalsium’s “touch and design.” The Eila Stele names the Singer gods “spren, stone, and wind.” Most believe the wind and spren are the Stormfather’s and Nightwatcher’s pre-Shattering predecessors. I agree with posters who think the third Sibling is the Spren of Stone. I think the Spren of Stone is the Rosharan continent’s consciousness. I believe the figure hovering above the blue disk with outstretched arms in Urithiru’s basement is that consciousness, as it raises the continent from Roshar’s oceans (the disk). The Spren of Stone IMO is the “somebody” who specifically designs and creates Roshar’s land mass according to fractal mathematics principles. [2, 3.] The continent surfaces from Roshar’s oceans after the planet’s creation. (The Horneater Peaks above the crem-line hold slate, a sedimentary rock. [6.]) I suspect Szeth’s “great spren of the mountains,” his people’s aboshi, is another name for (or a subspren of) the Spren of Stone. Kaladin notices Kholinar’s windblades resemble Urithiru’s striations, maybe another manifestation found near every Oathgate city. Highstorms bury the continent in crem. [4.] Even pre-Shattering crem carries Invested nutrients, supporting native flora and farmers. [9, 10.] Rosharans don’t know, or even ask, where crem comes from. [8.]. “On Roshar…environmental factors ARE magical components.” [7.] I think crem now comes from Autonomy. It’s the same pattern as Taldain (IMO). Invested water circulates through the atmosphere. On Taldain, solar radiation Invests the oceans, which the natural water cycle distributes. On Roshar, the highstorm distributes crem gathered from Roshar’s oceans. We don’t know the source of crem’s oceanic Investiture – could it come from Roshar’s sun? And could Dysian Aimians now be of Autonomy? They too are a magic-wielding autonomous consciousness. Their magic broadly resembles Sand Mastery. Both cause remote objects to take a commanded shape. A Dysian does that with his body parts, not microflora. Something to chew on, maybe… I do think Autonomy will yet be moved to look at Rosharan events. If Bavadin hasn’t already, she/he may soon realize the scope of her Investiture there. I believe we’ve been “foreshadowed.” Relevant WoBs 1. Roshar is “a pretty weird planet…a created planet.” Source. 2. Roshar “is modeled after the Julia Set. Which is meant to indicate that Roshar was designed specifically…[and not] through crem buildup.” Source. 3. “The whole idea that this is a fractal-- The whole point of that is, somebody built this. Somebody built this using mathematics that you know. They said ‘Oh. Boom. Bing!’ and grew themselves a continent.” Source. 4. “The geography on Roshar was developed as a natural outgrowth of the highstorm…. I had to find a mechanism by which stone was deposited by rain, because I felt that the constant weathering over that long of a time would leave no continents…. They don't have plate tectonics. The continent actually moves as it gets weathered on the east and gets pushed that direction over millennia of time.” Source. 5. Roshar’s continent is not composed solely of crem. Source. 6. “Horneater peaks you're probably going to get into some more slate, some more dark grays and things like this, weathered stone that doesn't have the crem buildup because the peaks are gonna pop up above where the crem is building up, so.” Source. 7. “On Roshar, the environment and magic are so intertwined, environmental factors ARE magical components.” Source. 8. Where crem comes from is “one of the greater mysteries. Far in the future, scientists on Roshar will start asking that same question.” Source. Brandon RAFOs whether the Everstorm creates crem. Source. 9. “Even pre-Shattering [stormwater] would get a metallic taste, that's the crem. So. That is an indication of Investiture and things. But it was there – It was in place first, before.” Source. 10. “[Both natural flora and farmers] have to get all of [their] minerals and things basically have to come from the crem.” Source. 11. Brandon says crem is “more like Shard poop” than spren poop, though it’s “not really poop.” Sources One and Two. He also laughs off the question whether Lift’s “metabolic waste” holds crem but doesn’t specifically RAFO it. Source.
  10. Twitter's recent profile page redesign reminded me of something I wanted to do a while back but kind of forgot about. Most, if not all, social media websites allow you to customize your profile with a theme, and I think it's about time we created some avatars, backgrounds, and banners to show some fandom pride. I am thinking we can use abstract images, drawings and paintings from books and covers, as well as quotes. Before we do that, however, it would be useful to figure out the ideal dimensions of the different sites' customization options. I'll start with Twitter because it's fresh in my mind and I don't have much time for research now, but I'd like to add the rest as well. Twitter Avatar: 400x400 px Header photo: 1500x500 px Facebook Avatar: (any square?) Timeline cover: ??? Tumblr Can we do anything less than a full theme?Google+ Avatar: (any square?) Cover photo: ??? 17S Forums Avatars Signature banners?
  11. Newest set of profile icons featuring each of the Knights Radiant's glyph inscribed on their respective gemstones. You can download any of these files for your personal profile in addition to a number of other glyphs by clicking HERE. There are a few alternate versions of the gemstones as well.