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Found 36 results

  1. I had a theory. In Mistborn era 1 Sazed talks about a religious group, the Nelazan, who worshipped the stars, a god with a thousand eyes named Trell. Could it be that this religion actually originates from people who moved from Taldain to Scadrial, and the religion of The Sand Lord/Autonomy morphed into this.... And perhaps this exodus was led by Trell the construction foreman and somehow over time his name became associated with their god.
  2. Roshar is “a created planet” in a system “manufactured for a specific purpose.” I hypothesize Roshar’s purpose requires its three Great spren to grow the planet faster than is normally possible. The Stormfather (nee Rider of Storms) energizes growth with Stormlight. The Nightwatcher manifests growth by using Stormlight to transform spren from their Cognitive to their Physical Realm aspect. The Sibling IMO supports and enhances animal growth through gemhearts. Singers need three things for their transformational life cycle: Stormlight, spren, and a gemheart. I hypothesize each Great spren personifies Singer pre-Shattering perception of these three necessities. The Stormfather and Nightwatcher are the source of Stormlight and spren (IMO). Stormlight enables a spren to enter a gemheart and manifest in the Physical Realm as a Singer form. The spren Connects to the Singer’s Spiritual aspect through the Singer’s gemheart. This Singer mechanic predates the Shattering. Almost all Roshar’s creatures have “some sort of gemheart.” Gemhearts are composed of Investiture leaked into the Physical Realm. Gemhearts allow spren to enhance Greatshells, skyeels, and Rhyshadium. Most Rosharan gemstones are made from gemhearts, but some gemstones occur naturally. I propose the Sibling is the source of gemhearts. IMO, the gemstone-encrusted pillar in Urithiru’s basement IS the Sibling, or at least its Physical Realm manifestation. Renarin tells Navani’s scribes, “They’re not fabrials. They’re a fabrial.” (OB, Chapter 44, Kindle p. 455.) I think Renarin makes two points: (1) the Sibling is non-binary (“they” is singular), and (2) the pillar is the Great spren inside the Urithiru fabrial. Kalami’s team fails “to infuse the gemstone pillar.” (OB, Chapter 44, Kindle p. 454.) The pillar remains inert – “slumbering.” I agree with those who believe the Sibling is the Spren of Stone. I think the Spren of Stone personifies the Rosharan continent after Adonalsium built it through fractal mathematics principles. Sixth of the Dusk Spoiler: I think fractals are Autonomy’s “primal force.” Gemstones are fractals. Brandon says Autonomy’s assigned Investiture sits on Roshar. I believe the Spren of Stone is a potential Autonomy Avatar. Many disagree. If I’m right, it would explain why the Stormfather calls the Sibling “they” and Brandon hints the Sibling is non-binary: Autonomy too is non-binary. It makes sense to me each Great spren personifies a different aspect of the Singer life cycle. Singers first personified the Great spren. It also makes sense that Great spren Investiture comes from three different Shards – and Odium is not one of them. @RShara and others feel Brandon wouldn’t introduce a fourth Shard into SLA, mostly for narrative reasons. Two answers: First, Autonomy may not have an active or on-screen role. That Shard may only become Roshar-relevant later in the cosmere story and maybe never. Second, I feel Brandon does foreshadow Autonomy on Roshar. He specifically mentions Autonomy’s Rosharan Investiture in a WoB about the Patji Avatar. Brandon inserts this tidbit without any context, as if he were glad to drop an obscure breadcrumb. Regardless of the Sibling’s composition, they do seem associated with gemhearts. The fabrial magic system needs both spren and gemstones, plus human design. Fabrials to me are an Autonomy-Cultivation combo system, fronted by the Sibling and Nightwatcher.
  3. I'm going to just say right off the bat that I am by no means convinced that this is even likely to be true much less that it actually is, and it only just finished coming together in my head a few minutes ago in another one of my posts in which Autonomy was brought up. So for all I know, this is demonstrably false, but I thought I'd just put it out there. So for a while now, I've been trying (and failing) to wrap my brain around just what the heck is going on with Autonomy and why she seems to be acting so contrary to at least reasonable conceptions of what her intent would seem to indicate. What we seem to know about her is that 1) she's 'spreading' from planet to planet and installing avatars of her Investiture on them, whatever exactly that means, 2) she tends to discourage if not outright forbid in the case of Taldain any access to or from the planets under her dominion (pun definitely intended), and 3) that she tends to inspire or deliberately set herself or her avatars up as objects of worship among those on her planets. This has always struck me as extremely bizarre behaviour for the Shard of Autonomy, for which really only (2) could be argued as unsurprising. But then I remembered that there was a WOB in which someone had asked Brandon whether Autonomy was involved in the splintering of Devotion and Dominion, and Brandon answered in the affirmative, albeit only after they rephrased the question to be extremely broad to prevent him from RAFOing it on the spot ("was Autonomy involved in any way), which is so vague as to be compatible with practically anything, but oh well, just consider that one of the unproven assumptions of this theory. What occurred to me is that it almost seems like Autonomy is displaying behaviour consistent with and expected by Dominion and Devotion (albeit interpreted in the sense of 'subservience' and 'sycophantism' rather than 'love and compassion' as Aona seems to). That is to say, I don't think any of us would have been at all surprised to have learned that Dominion liked to spread from planet to planet and claim them for itself, or that a less benevolently-interpreted Devotion would like to set themself up as an object of worship and reverence, but that Autonomy would do those things is, at the very least, somewhat more surprising simply by virtue of it not being as expected given that Shardic intent. So my question is this: IF we assume for the sake of argument that Autonomy was in some way involved with the deaths of Devotion and Dominion, or of disposing of their 'remains' afterward so to speak, is there any chance that the uncontained Investiture of Dominion and Devotion could have in some sense 'contaminated' Autonomy's own Investiture (and maybe even Odium too for all we know, since he's really no different, just even worse) to some extent and instilled into her these tendencies that would be more expected for those two Shards? I mean she clearly doesn't hold their full Shards, that's not what I'm suggesting, but it doesn't seem entirely outside the realm of possibility that when the Investiture of two Shards comes into contact, for lack of a better term, some limited degree of melding occurs (it certainly did in Harmony's case, admittedly through completely different means). Looked at in this way, Autonomy's behaviour would no longer seem quite so counter-intuitive. She'd effectively be a single Shard in terms of power, but possess in addition to her primary attribute, a limited extent of two other Shards as well. Though admittedly, an obvious inconsistency with this theory is that Ruin and Preservation's Investiture had clearly been 'in contact' before and yet neither of them displayed any sort of 'intent blending', so clearly if this has any merit at all it would require the additional assumption that something different and possibly unique occurred on Sel that simply hasn't occurred since. Exactly what this is, I don't know. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  4. I admit right off the bat that at this point this is almost entirely a matter of conjecture, since there isn't really a shred of hard evidence for it one way or another, but I thought I'd put it out there and see what everyone thinks. As per Oathbringer, we know that the Unmade Sja-anat wants to defect from Odium (or at least that's what she has claimed, and for the sake of argument I'm just going to assume that this isn't merely a ploy and that she is being genuine), and that she seemingly aided Kaladin, Adolin and Shallan by preventing the Oathgate she had corrupted from killing them. And that got me thinking: Sja-anat, along with the other Unmade, are supposedly Splinters of Odium's power that gained sentience (at least in the case of some of the Unmade) or else were deliberately created by Odium, which should mean that they would share Odium's general nature, but from what we've seen this doesn't appear to necessarily be the case with Sja-anat; she seems to be fighting to free herself from Odium's influence. Ironically, it would almost seem like the corrupter is itself corrupted, or at least in the process of it. So if this is true, and admittedly this does depend on a number of unproven assumptions, it begs the question of what exactly could be behind this. Honor? Possibly, though I personally don't think so, because corrupting Sja-anat so as to make her betray Odium doesn't really seem like it would be consistent with what we know of Honor's nature. Cultivation? Again, possible, and in my opinion far more likely than Honor. But what if it's another Shard altogether? A Shard who most people assume is an ally (albeit probably in a very loose way) of Odium and whose Shardic Intent would certainly seem to be compatible with 'corrupting' something with the desire for freedom and individuality. Might it be that Autonomy isn't quite as sympathetic to Odium's cause as she would have him believe? Like I said earlier, at this point this is purely conjecture. However, we do know that in spite of what she would have others believe, Autonomy has no qualms about meddling in the affairs of other worlds, including other worlds that have Shards, if we assume that she is the one behind the opposition of Harmony on Scadrial. So, is it really that big of a stretch to assume that maybe she's meddled on Roshar as well? Could it be that Autonomy is subtly opposing Odium by 'infecting' one of his greatest servants with a spark of her own power? At this point, I honestly don't know, and I'm by no means convinced of this (in fact, I honestly think it's probably more likely false than true). But it would have a certain poetic form of irony if it did turn out to be true.
  5. I think the religion of the Purelake referenced in WoK Ishikk interlude is related to Autonomy because it has certain similarities to Trelagism on Scadrial. Both religions have jealous siblings that have to be avoided by followers when trying to worship their chosen god. The Trelagists have to worship Trell at night because the jealous brother is blocking the stars during the day. In the Purelake they can only worship in grottos, perhaps because they are underground and suffiiciently out of view of the stars/sun? I am thinking Autonomy's avatars don't always get along and compete for worshipers and attention.
  6. @Calderis and I recently discussed the nature of Avatars on Discord. We ended up agreeing on some points and disagreeing on others. I thought the discussion interesting enough to share and memorialize here. Autonomy creates Avatars like Patji on First of the Sun. She finds deposits of the assigned Investiture she inherits from Adonalsium and infuses them with consciousness. The Avatars become autonomous actors. We don't know the degree of each Avatar’s autonomy. I think Cal and I agree: 1. Avatars share Autonomy’s pool of Spiritual Realm Investiture with her. 2. Avatar creation doesn’t change the aggregate amount of Autonomy’s Spiritual Realm Investiture available for magic. 3. As a logical corollary to the first two points, each new Avatar proportionally reduces how much Spiritual Realm Investiture is theoretically available to each previous Avatar and to Autonomy herself. 4. Avatars seem more powerful than most splinters. We disagree on these points: 5. Cal and @Spoolofwhool think Autonomy grants consciousness by implanting a seed of her mind into her found Investiture. They believe this “mind-split” is what allocates Autonomy’s power (her capacity to make magic), since cosmere power tends to be proportionate to the mind that wields it. They say Autonomy deliberately weakens her own mind (in small increments) to install this power balance. I instead think Autonomy programs a consciousness for each Avatar from raw Spiritual Realm Investiture and leaves her mind intact. IMO, Bavadin has no reason to diminish her finite mental capacity when she can use her infinite raw Investiture for the same purpose. Knowing Odium is on the prowl, why would Bavadin weaken herself in favor of her Avatars, who are localized on their Shardworlds? 6. Cal says Autonomy has more Spiritual Realm Investiture “available for use” than any other Shard. He attributes this to the Avatars. I agree Autonomy and her Avatars can collectively drain their Spiritual Realm Investiture pool at a faster rate than other Shards can. That’s the benefit of multiple minds directing the Investiture – it’s like inserting more straws into a drink. But since the aggregate volume of the Investiture pool remains constant, I disagree more Investiture is “available for use.” (Cal tells me he does not think “available for use” and “faster draw rate” are the same thing.) 7. Cal believes Avatars share a single Spiritual aspect with Autonomy, though each Avatar has its own Cognitive aspect. He says Radiant spren have a different Cognitive aspect from their Knight, and the Nahel bond nonetheless merges their souls. Cal analogizes this “one soul – two minds” to Avatars. I think each Avatar has its own Spiritual aspect. I believe every mind that imprints Investiture has its own soul. Each Avatar’s separate soul is made from Autonomy. They're probably Connected to one another and Autonomy in other ways. But IMO these Connections don’t cause the Avatars to share a Spiritual aspect any more than an honorspren made from Honor’s Investiture is part of Honor’s soul. I also think the Avatar-Radiant spren analogy breaks down because KR-spren minds and souls don’t fully merge until the KR swears the Fifth Oath (IMO). 8. I think splinters and Avatars have different origins. (I’m not sure what Cal believes about this.) Splinters are bits of raw Spiritual Realm Investiture that develop sentience (sometimes on their own, sometimes granted by Shards). Avatars are deposits of Autonomy’s Investiture Adonalsium left on Shardworlds to which Autonomy grants consciousness. IOW, splinters descend from the Spiritual Realm while Avatars incorporate Investiture that already exists in all three Realms. * * * * * Please add your opinions. Cal, did I express your views accurately?
  7. With such a Powerful shard (Odium), his eternal agents (The Fused), it easy for us not to see a sleeping Giant : the ghostbloods. They seem all knowing , way too informed , a pragmatic to the point it’s scary! Now they want Shallan to convince Ska-Amat to come to their side? This is the. Unmade that was reputed the most feared by the Radiants . What the heck do the Ghostbloods want with SJ ? Whats even scarier how do they even know that Shallan made contact with her? Nobody was on that platform But Azure, Shallan, Adolin, Kaladin , and maybe some members of bridge 4 and maybe few freed house guards . Who could of got word back to them ? Yo shallan is talking to an unmade named Sja-anat. We should look into that . At first I thought this smells just like the set on Scadrial ! I started wondering if the Ghostbloods are being ran by Autonomy . Unless the ghostbloods have a shard behind them what do they have to offer Sja-Anat. If Odium takes back his power she is destroyed. Unless she find another shard to fuel her life essence. Anyways I looked up WoB and only found one that. Says they have communicated with the Ghostbloods. So perhaps that’s not it. Then I thought about Kelsier ! He might know a way to keep Ska-Anat. Tethered . So I searched him on WoB and ran into a wall Of Rafo . So without doing a bunch of speculating . Let’s just ask Two questions . What do the Ghostbloods want with Sj ? And are the Ghostbloods setting themselves up to Rule. Roshar once the battle of shards is over? Thoughts?
  8. I did a search on the forums and haven't found anyone asking, who is "the series" that Suit mentions near the end of BoM? Is this maybe the off world red eyes organization, and the set is the on world branch? Or is it simply another rank? I also can't help but notice the math/numerology language: series, set, sequence, array...(suit is the only small outlier, but I just might not know the reference). Does this smell like autonomy? ....maybe?
  9. We see on multiple worlds that the intent of a Shard is directly related to how the magic system on that world functions: Awakening on Nalthis is the giving of Breath to something else; bonding a spren on Roshar requires honoring oaths; end-positive Allomancy and end-negative Hemalurgy on Scadrial; etc. So, how is Sand Mastery related to the intent of Autonomy?
  10. Brandon says the Shattering assigned all existing Investiture to one of the Shards. I believe Roshar, the planet’s land mass, is assigned to Autonomy. “Somebody” raised that land mass from the sea just like Autonomy’s avatar raised Patji. Because I believe the “Spren of Stone” is the third Sibling, I think that Sibling now belongs to Autonomy. Analysis I quote the relevant WoBs below. Bracketed numerals refer to that numbered WoB. Roshar is “a pretty weird planet…a created planet.” [1.] To me, this implies Adonalsium may have created Roshar after the cosmere’s creation. Roshar specifically incorporates Adonalsium’s “touch and design.” The Eila Stele names the Singer gods “spren, stone, and wind.” Most believe the wind and spren are the Stormfather’s and Nightwatcher’s pre-Shattering predecessors. I agree with posters who think the third Sibling is the Spren of Stone. I think the Spren of Stone is the Rosharan continent’s consciousness. I believe the figure hovering above the blue disk with outstretched arms in Urithiru’s basement is that consciousness, as it raises the continent from Roshar’s oceans (the disk). The Spren of Stone IMO is the “somebody” who specifically designs and creates Roshar’s land mass according to fractal mathematics principles. [2, 3.] The continent surfaces from Roshar’s oceans after the planet’s creation. (The Horneater Peaks above the crem-line hold slate, a sedimentary rock. [6.]) I suspect Szeth’s “great spren of the mountains,” his people’s aboshi, is another name for (or a subspren of) the Spren of Stone. Kaladin notices Kholinar’s windblades resemble Urithiru’s striations, maybe another manifestation found near every Oathgate city. Highstorms bury the continent in crem. [4.] Even pre-Shattering crem carries Invested nutrients, supporting native flora and farmers. [9, 10.] Rosharans don’t know, or even ask, where crem comes from. [8.]. “On Roshar…environmental factors ARE magical components.” [7.] I think crem now comes from Autonomy. It’s the same pattern as Taldain (IMO). Invested water circulates through the atmosphere. On Taldain, solar radiation Invests the oceans, which the natural water cycle distributes. On Roshar, the highstorm distributes crem gathered from Roshar’s oceans. We don’t know the source of crem’s oceanic Investiture – could it come from Roshar’s sun? And could Dysian Aimians now be of Autonomy? They too are a magic-wielding autonomous consciousness. Their magic broadly resembles Sand Mastery. Both cause remote objects to take a commanded shape. A Dysian does that with his body parts, not microflora. Something to chew on, maybe… I do think Autonomy will yet be moved to look at Rosharan events. If Bavadin hasn’t already, she/he may soon realize the scope of her Investiture there. I believe we’ve been “foreshadowed.” Relevant WoBs 1. Roshar is “a pretty weird planet…a created planet.” Source. 2. Roshar “is modeled after the Julia Set. Which is meant to indicate that Roshar was designed specifically…[and not] through crem buildup.” Source. 3. “The whole idea that this is a fractal-- The whole point of that is, somebody built this. Somebody built this using mathematics that you know. They said ‘Oh. Boom. Bing!’ and grew themselves a continent.” Source. 4. “The geography on Roshar was developed as a natural outgrowth of the highstorm…. I had to find a mechanism by which stone was deposited by rain, because I felt that the constant weathering over that long of a time would leave no continents…. They don't have plate tectonics. The continent actually moves as it gets weathered on the east and gets pushed that direction over millennia of time.” Source. 5. Roshar’s continent is not composed solely of crem. Source. 6. “Horneater peaks you're probably going to get into some more slate, some more dark grays and things like this, weathered stone that doesn't have the crem buildup because the peaks are gonna pop up above where the crem is building up, so.” Source. 7. “On Roshar, the environment and magic are so intertwined, environmental factors ARE magical components.” Source. 8. Where crem comes from is “one of the greater mysteries. Far in the future, scientists on Roshar will start asking that same question.” Source. Brandon RAFOs whether the Everstorm creates crem. Source. 9. “Even pre-Shattering [stormwater] would get a metallic taste, that's the crem. So. That is an indication of Investiture and things. But it was there – It was in place first, before.” Source. 10. “[Both natural flora and farmers] have to get all of [their] minerals and things basically have to come from the crem.” Source. 11. Brandon says crem is “more like Shard poop” than spren poop, though it’s “not really poop.” Sources One and Two. He also laughs off the question whether Lift’s “metabolic waste” holds crem but doesn’t specifically RAFO it. Source.
  11. I want to try to answer and identify any and all possible avatars of Autonomy throughout the Cosmere as possible. Be warned: possible spoilers. To preface, if you are unsure of what I’m talking about, it has been hinted at in books and mentioned by Brandon that Bavadin splits up their identity in a way similar to shallan (almost!) and spreading out, “colonizing” the Cosmere. current list — Patji: located on First of the Sun, has enough investiture in one place to have a functioning perpendicularity and be considered “a shard” with an asterisk of course. Considered to have writes the first OB letter. — Obrodai: nameless for now; was stated by Patji that a “manifestation of our being” is forming there (Obrodai). — Trell: a mysterious being worshipped by Miles Hundredlives. Location: Scadrial. — Taldain: the planet where most of Autonomy’s power is centralized. Where Bavadin the true vessel is said to be. — other: it has been stated by Brandon that there are pantheons where every person worshiped is Bavadin.
  12. Recently on Reddit, somebody mentioned that Autonomy's investure doesn't empower sapient beings directly. 1. On Taldain, the sunlight contains investure that energizes microscopic lichen in the sand. Sandmastery is the manipulation of these organisms, but as far as I can tell, involves little to no flow of investure through ones self. 2. On Patji, Avien are formed when normal birds eat the grubs in the Eye of Patji. Notably, there is no effect if a human were to consume said grubs. I believe that this is intentional on the part of Autonomy, and I believe that I know the reason why. We know from Oathbringer that Autonomy is leaving sentient splinters of herself around the cosmere. From Secret History, we know that a share cannot be taken up without significant connection to it. As there is more Autonomy to go around, the likelihood that someone could eventually take up a splinter is higher. Autonomy tries to limit others connection to it, either as a precaution or simply due to her intent, by providing this buffer between her magic and the people of the cosmere.
  13. So this is theory is just completely out there and a wild guess without much evidence to go on. Basically I theorize that "What If Obrodai is the planet where Dark One takes place?". We don't know much about Dark One other than that it's cosmere and the main character is destined to destroy the world. Based on the evidence from the second letter Obrodai is a shardworld or at least has a splinter of a shard/shardic presence. Due to its correlation with a shard that makes it a candidate for future books and stories and I really don't have anymore evidence than that. It's mostly just intuition honestly, not really a true theory. Well let me know what you think, and if you have any counter arguments or other ideas to add.
  14. Potential Oathbringer Spoilers So this is very much a crackpot theory, and I highly doubt this is actually the case. But let me explain. Brandon has stated that gender does not need to be associated much with Bavadin, stating that entire Pantheons are in fact Autonomy's Shardholder. And in the second letter in Oathbringer, it is assumed that Bavadin wrote it. The way she/he referred to itself was as "We", due to the various personalities it seems to have split itself into with its potential empire of planets. This is very much a guess, but could Bavadin have had a split personality disorder? And when Bavadin ascended, these different personalities multiplied into the different avatars that now rule and are worshipped across the cosmere. Could this have been a side effect of Ascending, or is it just something that is potentially unique to the Autonomy Shard? Thoughts?
  15. Are the Seventeenth Shard and Autonomy somehow related or speculated to be related somehow? I suppose I'm getting that vibe from them both "meddling" in other worlds, as well as being on the chase after Hoid/having some kind of beef with Hoid and his quest. It's a very loose idea so far and I wonder if there has been any evidence/theories around it, because I can't seem to find any upon searching.
  16. Autonomy is a popular theory for the identity of Trell, and I really like it. There is just one thing: how could Autonomy go to Scadrial? She is invested in the Taldain system as far as I know. So she shouldnt really be able to go anywhere.
  17. I was wondering whether Brandon has decided that all the information and stories about Taldain, Khriss and the Shard Autonomy and her isolationism will only be dealt with in graphic novel form because that would not be very effective would it? All this cosmere stuff I think would be much better explained in written form even if it is in a short novella as graphic novels tend to be on the action heavy side which would not be compatible with the sort of scholarly tone set by Khriss herself.
  18. Crazy theory but... So according to Arcanum Unbounded there was some fight on Threnody between Odium and Autonomy and we know that shades are cognitive shadows. And in Mistborn: Secret History Nazh mentioned that to became a shadow there are some requirements and traditions and what if Nazh is from pre-Evil Threnody and they are creating shades on purpose, to become sort of ascended or immortal but fight between Shards twisted them into shades. On Roshar influence of Odium is connected to red eyes and on Thenody if shades are enraged their eyes turn red so what if it means they are influenced by Odium in that moment and they attack. And in Bands of mourning Epilogue there is Faceless Immortal with red eyes that could also mean it is not kandra but cognitive shadow from Threnody under influence of Odium that Ire in Mistborn: Secret History were afraid of?
  19. So, this just popped into my head, but my theory is that, at least in relation to the other shards, Autonomy's holder is not as restricted by the effects of his/her intent. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that they could go directly against their mandate, but more that, by following their mandate, they are given far more freedom to act within the cosmere than the other shards we know. Its 1:30am here and I'm on a break at work, so I don't have time to go into much more depth than this, I will post more about it tomorrow, but please, in the meantime, discuss!
  20. This is a continuation of a discussion from this thread, as it got too far off the original topic. Source But then there is also this, which implies that he somehow could take them both on himself, at least for a little while. I am having difficulty finding it, but I swear that I read it somewhere. Give me a little while longer, and I may find it. This was back when the idea was that the haze was a representation of Harmony keeping something out, not that it was what he was keeping out. The piece of Ruin was the extra power bringing Harmony out of Balance since Preservation put more of his energy into humanity. Sazed needed a use for that destructive power to keep himself in harmony, so it was a logical idea to use it as defense against incursion. I didn't mean to imply that the piece of Ruin was the bad guy, so I apologize for any misunderstanding. Honor was splintered moderately late into that 4500 year timeframe, if we include the time before the desolations stopped and the 2-2.5 millennia until the Recreance. Also, per Brandon, he "went after Ambition first, but didn’t find Ambition until after going after Devotion and Dominion." Let's continue. Anyone else, feel free to join in.
  21. Hi folks, First post here, but I've been lurking for a while before creating my account. Background data: Trell is on Scadrial mucking things up. Odium has issues with Harmony. Autonomy has issues with religion and people having free will. Many believe Autonomy and Odium to be working together. Odium currently trapper in Greater Roshar. Autonomy is free to move abut and believed to have left Taldain, by Mistborn Era 2. Trell minions on Scadrial have glowing red eyes. At least 1 Kandra and another being type were controlled with hemalurgic spikes of a black and red marled metal. Voidbringers have red eyes and are of Odium. Parshmen/Parshendi have black and red marbled skin and are believed to be of Odium. Overall Theory: Trell is Autonomy (described by others and I agree), Odium is helping Autonomy as a way to muck around with Harmony while Odium is still stuck. Proposal: Odium helping Autonomy by providing the Void Metal or Odium metal spikes to enable her hemalurgic constructs/minions. That's why they have similar color to Parshmen, and the beings using them have red eyes like void bringers. Autonomy gets to use the spikes to muck around on Scadrial while having some "CYA" / "wasn't me" ability, and posibly use something she can't do herself. While Odium gets ways to attack/weaken/destroy Harmony without leaving Roshar. That's my idea. So what do you think and what are my theory holes?
  22. Do other types of investiture suffer/benefit (depending on how you want to view it) from overuse of their powers similar to misting savants?
  23. I noticed something interesting in a SoS reread last night. At the end of chapter 7, Wax goes in to interrogate Rian, the spiked man who tried to shoot Winsting. Here's a rough quote: Two chapters later it is revealed that Rian was spiked by some unknown metal (likely trellium). In that same chapter, Wax hears a voice in his head while wearing his earring. In both cases, Wax assumes that the voice he hears is Paalm. But... does that really make sense? There's really no precedent for a person (including kandra) to talk to somebody via Hemalurgy. Isn't it much more likely that some other Shard is at work? "Someone else moves us lawman." Given the context revealed in BoM, doesn't it seem likely that Trell is at work here? In fact, I'd like to go even a step further. I'm reading this in the context of the new info released with AU, where we learned that (1) Bavadin is female (technically, at least) and (2) Autonomy is away from Taldain, meddling somewhere else. This context made the "she" stand out to me. What if "she"=Trell=Autonomy? I'm not super familiar with Era 2 Mistborn, so help me out if I'm missing something in all of this. Isn't Paalm's message and mission about "freeing" Scadrial from Harmony's control? How certain are we that Paalm is acting completely on her own here? She IS spiked by some unknown metal. Presumably trellium. Are we really sure that she wasn't (at least partially) under the influence of another Shard? A Shard who wants to divorce a planet from the control of Harmony? Remember: "Someone else moves us lawman."
  24. I know we have a confirmed WoB already about this, but I love the subtle name dropping I just noticed in my read through of Volume 1! About 6 pages into Chapter 3 (frustrating since there are no page #'s!), at the bottom right page, Kenton is talking to the darksider party: Just one of those things that is nice world building to someone unaware of the Cosmere, but a great easter egg for those of us looking for tidbits!
  25. I have been listening to the audiobook version of Arcanum Unbounded recently and something stood out to me. The specific way that Lift uses the food she has eaten to facilitate her surgebinding is very similar to how sandmasters use the water in their own bodies to facilitate investiture on Taldain. This leads me to one of three conclusions,: 1) One of her parents were a worldhopper from Taldain and her unique surgebinding is a result of having parents from two different magic systems. 2) She herself is somehow a worldhopper from Taldain resulting in something similar (though I think this unlikely.) 3) Knowing that she went to the Nightcrawler to ask for a favour, is it possible that the Nightcrawler is a sliver (similar to the Stormfather for Honor) nor of cultivation as has been previously guessed but of Autonomy? Thoughts? Comments?