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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to experiment with my writing. Widening my voice so to speak. I mostly read Sanderson due to limited time but I worry that might limit what I think is good writing. Among people with wide tastes I generally hear that Brandon has good ideas, plotting, world building and characters but his prose is very utilitarian. What authors would be an example of good prose, like the kind of thing that is a pleasure to read just because of the wording and flow. How would tolkien or jim butcher compare on your personal scale or prose? Feel free to info dump, I'm mostly looking for a large chunk of knowledge to look at and digest.
  2. Sorry for brutalizing this, I was wondering if Arsteel was the author of the Alasteely(Couldn't find a spelling for it) since he was one of the five scholars... I couldn't find and reference to this in Warbreaker, or Stormlight forums...
  3. If your on this site, then you probably already know that Brandon Sanderson is a pretty good author. But I want people's opinions, is he the BEST? If not, then who is? What makes him a good writer?
  4. Hello Everyone, For a School project that i am doing i have to make a presentation to my Librarian on seven books that i have read, and in the presentation i must recommend whether the book should be added to the library's collection, or i can recommend that it be removed. The decision to add or remove must be based on the gender stereotyping found in each book and what people will learn about the role of gender from reading it I am basically done with the presentation but i feel like i am repeating myself throughout the presentation and i have run out of good ideas/examples. So i thought that i would turn to the community that i know best and that i have found to be extremely intelligent and fair in regards to discussion/argument of a topic. Which is why i humbly come to you now. The seven books (Note that i can use an entire series as a single book) that i have chosen to analyse in terms of Gender stereotyping are as follows: 1) Stormlight Archive 2) Mistborn 3) warbreaker 4) Elantris 5) The Painted Man (Peter V. Brett) 6) The Name Of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss) 7) The Black Prism (Brent Weeks) I look forward to the discussions we will have around this sensitive topic. if i do use any ideas or comments from our discussion i will reference it completely.
  5. So all of my favorite fantasy authors are male (Sanderson, Martin, Erikson, Jordan, Brett, Abercrombie, Rothfuss), but I have yet to find a female author that I love. These are people that I will read just about anything they write, but haven't found a female author that I can get into like their male counterparts. Two, that I've read recently are Elizabeth Hayden and Robin Hobb. Their books were fine but hardly left me craving more. I don't really like young adult dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, and Harry Potter was... meh. 1. Can anyone recommend a female author that can reach the heights of the great male fantasy authors listed above? 2. Will fantasy always be dominated by male authors? 3. Is it just me or do others notice the same phenomenon?
  6. Okay. So naturally being part of the 17thshard I am a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson. However I am always on the lookout for new things from other authors The Criteria I'm looking for 1. Light to Medium-light on grim and grit. Not really a huge fan of depressing fantasy 2. Little in the way of gratuitous sex and violence. Anyone got any suggestions? Already Read: WOT Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind + Wise Man's Fear) Ian Irvine's various series Discworld