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Found 5 results

  1. giveaway

    So it looks like the site had a giveaway but unfortunately it was only for American 17thsharders. If there are enough Australian users I wouldn't mind doing a giveaway and I already have in mind what I want allocate as the prize. I don't want to set a limit but if we could hit something like 30 entries that would be great. Thanks
  2. Day 0 Outskirts of the city of Adelaide A dark tower, surrounded by crows, being struck by lightning, the near constant cawing of crows temporarily subsided, replaced by the rumble of thunder until it grew dark again, the birds screeching all the louder until the lightning drowned them out once more. “What’dya call a group of crows again?” Jed asked his companion as they walked down the nearby street. “Flock isn’t it? Thought birds were all flocks?” Came the reply. thunk. “Nah, crows is something else, a murder of crows innit?” “Don’t think it matters much what you call em, those ones’ll eat you up if you get close whatever you call them.” “Bloody Epics. Tellin ya Jef, the day they all go back to whatever pit what spawned em’ll be the best day of my life.” Jed said, spitting to one side. “It’s not so bad, hear some places got completely wiped, old Crowbar up there don’t cause much trouble, just watches you all creepy like for the most part.” “You’re right there, not as bad as old Necro up in the city, you hear he emptied half of Glenelg the other day recruiting again?” crunch “He’s working his way out from the center, be a couple months before he sends them soldiers out this far.” Jef said back. Jed shuddered slightly before replying. “Hate them soldiers, almost worse than Epics that lot, what kind of man betrays his own race just for some fancy powers that only ever hurt people? They all look wrong, you ever look at one of their faces?” thud “I try not to.” Jef said, shuddering in turn. “Heard they could suck out your soul if you look em in the eyes and the first time I saw them I believed it, look like dead men walking they do.” “Ah whatever, hurry up and get more wood or it’ll be morning by the time we get back.” The two set to their daily routine, chopping and gathering firewood and loading it onto a truck. Ever since the power had gone out people in the inner suburbs had found themselves in a sudden need of wood and no means to get it, surrounded by concrete structures as they were. It had been Jeds idea to get into the business of firewood, everyone needed to eat and while most people had focussed on supplying the food aspect of that not many had thought about peoples need for fuel. He tried not to overprice it, everyone was in this together after all, but no one could blame a man for looking after his family first in times like this could they? thwack. A short distance away from the working pair a lone black crow stood watching, cocking its head to one side curiously before flying back to the dark tower to join its fellow. Inside the tower stood an old man wearing a long flowing cloak, the weather was still hot and it caused him some discomfort but he was an actor after all, if he was going to live in a dark tower surrounded by crows he’d better look the part. “Anything interesting?” A voice called from across the room, a gorgeous young woman reclining in a luxurious chair with one arm draped on the windowsill. “Just a couple of layabouts getting some wood for the village and worrying that the dwellers of a certain evil tower might come and steal their souls.” Crowbar said, taking some liberties with what had actually happened and adding his own little embellishments. The room was suddenly lit by an incredibly bright flash, Crowbar recognized the warning signs and closed his eyes just in time to avoid getting blinded before opening them to watch the woman, small bolts of electricity now dancing between her fingertips. “Do you still need to do that?” Crowbar asked with a sigh as soon as he could hear again. “What?” His companion, an Epic known as Powervault replied, idly watching as the bolt continued to play between her splayed fingers. “I’m a lightning Epic, I need lightning to charge myself up again.” “You were charged three months ago, can you even hold anymore than you already have? Or do you just like the noise?” Three more bolts struck Powervaults hand in rapid succession, leaving the indignant Crowbar squinting as he failed to close his eyes in time. “You can never have too much.” She said, continuing to lounge languidly. “Besides it takes days to get a proper storm going to charge with, might as well make use of it while its here.” Grumbling to himself, Crowbar turned, attempting to swirl his cape dramatically before striding to a staircase. “I’ll be up top replenishing the flock since you just fried half of them.” He grumbled. “Have fun dear.” Powervault said before shooting another crow from the sky with a bolt from her hand. Crowbar wisely decided not to comment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ An elaborate manor on an island to the south Sergeant Kimberly sighed deeply before sucking in a deep breath and rapping three times on the large door. “Enter.” A voice inside called, strangely high pitched for one so commanding in tone. Kimberly had drawn the short straw again, which meant that now she had to deal with him. “I’ve brought the evening meal sir.” She said, trying to keep a calm voice as she approached the back of the large leather seat. “Set it over there please Stuart.” The voice said again, without the door obstructing it it was now even more obvious, this was the voice of a child. A small hand accompanied the phrase, gesturing to a desk on one side of the room. She walked over to the desk and placed a silver tray gently down onto it, the smell of freshly made soup, toast and perfectly roasted beef wafting up towards her. “It’s er… Kimberly sir. Stuart’s still in the kitchen cooking for the rest.” “Ah, sorry Kimberly, I sometimes forget which of me is me and which is another me.” As usual she had absolutely no idea what he was saying, one of the reasons the soldiers stationed in the manor all hated having to be the one who served Psionic. “Would you like me to take it away?” He asked gently, his small face turning in his chair to look up at her. Upon seeing Kimberly’s confused expression the boy clarified. “The anger, fear, hurt. They’re useful sometimes, but distracting, unpleasant. To dwell on them is not to live life but rather to be consumed by it. Or so I think anyway.” Kimberly’s face paled still further. “Um…” She stuttered out, trying to think of how best to refuse an Epic. “Ah, you worry that I’ll steal your mind entirely? Leave you a broken shell? Worry not, you’ve no memories I want. Not yet.” He stood up, approaching the shaking sergeant, her toned body trembling as the small boy walked up to her, stood on tiptoes and brushed her cheek softly. “I’ll need to cultivate you more before I reap the harvest.” He walked to one side, approaching one of the bookshelves that lined the room before pulling out a volume and then approached a desk, sitting down in his desk chair and pulling a blank notebook towards him and beginning to write. Behind him, Kimberly just managed to retain her footing as she hastily retreated from the room, sparing only a glance for the young Epic-genius. She’d need to come back later to pick up the notebook, trying to make sense of his usually indecipherable scribbles and copy them before putting the original into storage. But before then, she needed a drink.
  3. Here is the website link on Supanova: Here is the relevant updated info as of right now: "Appearance Notes Brandon looks forward to meeting all his fans in Sydney and Perth in June 2017. Brandon will conduct a general admission Q&A, and participate in signing and photo sessions* throughout each Saturday (10.30am to 5.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 5pm) in both cities." So that would be June 17 and 18 in Sydney (Sydney Showground, Olympic Park), and June 24 and 25 in Perth (Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre). I'll be in attendance on June 17th, probably all day if I can get the wife's permission haha. And I'll bring a recording device with me (my phone and charger)... anyone know if events like this allow recordings and/or have charging stations?
  4. Hello everyone, I have been an avid Brandon Sanderson fan since discovering Mistborn about 7 years ago. Obviously I'm patiently awaiting the release of Oathbringer which cannot come soon enough. I live in Australia and am very jealous of all Brandon's tweets explaining how many books he has signed in various US airports. So I was particularly happy when I discovered he was coming here recently. I couldn't be in Sydney when he was actually there (I live in Melbourne) but was able to take a trip last weekend and managed to pickup signed HARDBACK copies of TWOK and WOR! I didn't think the Australia market got hardback copies so I am a very happy man indeed. Will now need to get hold of Oathbringer in the same signed, hardback format.. Andy
  5. I think there's a lot of misinformation (and unknown cool stuff) about Australia, so if you have any burning questions about the land down under, fire away (Other Aussies feel free to jump in.) If you feel like asking me stuff unrelated to Australia that's fine too.