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Found 9 results

  1. I audible all day everyday at work, Theres nothing better then listening to a Sanderson classic while cutting up a few thousand sheep. But I need a break from time to time to give my spheres time to restore its stormlight. Does anyone have any great non sanderson audiobook recommendations? Preferably something longer or a box set. Outside of Sanderson and the fantasy genre I like post apocalyptic, drama, mystery and straight up savageness. Here are a few books I have enjoyed recently to give you an idea of my taste. The Undead World 1-7 - Peter Meredith (Hands down best zombie apocalypse story ever) Mountain Man Trilogy - Keith C Blackmore (Booze, guns, zombies and more Booze) Dodge & Twist - Tony Lee (A sequel to Oliver Twist. Great book gives Oliver Twist the dramatic and shocking ending it has always deserved) The Potato Factory Trilogy - Bryce Courtenay (The only book I have ever read that made me genuinely boil my eyes in both grief and joy at the same time. By far my favourite book of all time *Apart from The Stormlight Archive* If you haven't read these books go and get them ASAP)
  2. Has there been any news about the Skyward audiobook? It's definitely not available for preorder on and I couldn't find any other news on it. Have I missed something?
  3. Hello, long-time reader, first-time post. I am curious about an art credit I am having a hard time finding. Does anyone know who did the art that is featured as the "cover" illustration of the Warbreaker audiobook? I know that Dan Dos Santos is credited with the print cover and is mentioned in the acknowledgements, but I can't find any mention of which artist did the audiobook illustration. The image is listed in the Warbreaker art gallery on Brandon's website here: Thanks for any help! Jason
  4. I'm new to the site and tried to see if this is discussed elsewhere. If I missed it, I'm sorry. I've listened to quite a few of Sanderson's works via Audible. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are dear to me as I listened to them through the entire Wheel of Time series. Sometimes I hear Kramer read a Sanderson character and think, but that's Matrim Cauthon's voice!!! I was trying to decide which book to listen to next and I played some samples. Lots of people recommended Warbreaker to me. I noticed the reviews really complain about the narration for Warbreaker. I will probably just read it in pdf form instead. (I do buy hard copies of the books as well because it's easier to go back and reference things in that format) How does the narration affect your level of enjoyment? I like hearing the names pronounced. Of course, if I don't see the hard copy I have no idea how to spell them. Can you think of times when you dislike a character more because of how it's read rather than how it's written? I have several experiences of that happening! (Stormlight Archive series) The choice used for Pattern---Yikes! It's kind of a running joke around my house. We start speaking in the annoying voice. <- nerd alert We still don't trust Pattern. Maybe we're paranoid or maybe it's the vocal performance. I instantly liked Lift due to the vocal performance. The accent was changed for the sailors from 1 book to the next. That threw me for a loop. I wasn't sure I knew this "new" version of Yalb. Anyway, I'd just like to "hear" some thoughts on narration. Feel free to comment on any of the audiobooks by Sanderson.
  5. This is just a quick question and probably overdue in the coming. I apologize if someone else has already asked it, but I couldn't find an obvious topic that answered it in my search. Real quick: Is the rewritten scene at the end of the book now part of the audiobook version of Words of Radiance? Thanks all!!
  6. Graphic Audio seems... if not unpopular, then at least not very popular in these forums, but I've loved their adaptations for years, and now they've officially announced that they will be doing The Way of Kings (something that was only hinted at in the past, I think). The fun - and not very surprising - part is that while most of their novel audiobook adaptations have to be split into two or three parts, The Way of Kings is being split into five! One of the great things about the GA products are the covers, which have only gotten better since they first picked up Brandon's books. So I want to keep this thread (or maybe create a master thread somewhere) up to date with links to all the different parts and (if I can find them) higher resolution versions of the covers. So here is the list of links. There is no artwork currently available, but it should start showing up soon. The Way of Kings (1 of 5): Available on March 21, 2016. I suspect the cover for this one might be this, since the same artist did the GA covers for all 3 parts The Hero of Ages and The Alloy of Law. The Way of Kings (2 of 5): Available on May 1, 2016 The Way of Kings (3 of 5): ??? The Way of Kings (4 of 5): ??? The Way of Kings (5 of 5): ???
  7. I was wondering if anyone has a Table of Contents for the Audio-book version of "Words of Radiance". I have been listening to the book while reading along on my nook, but the version of audio-book I have is in 6 files around 8 hours each. I was writing down each of the ending times when I stopped reading for the moment. Usually on the chapter end. If anyone has the duration of each chapter that could be useful. Update: 01, Nov Using the link anyone can comment on and read what I have put together. Link to Google docs:
  8. It's finally up ya'll. I'd actually caution preordering right now because the art displayed is still the V2 version with buff Non-Rambodin. And in my experience the cover art available when you buy is what you're stuck with on Audible. My Addadon's Gate and Daylight war audiobook covers in the app are just text because that's how it was when I bought them, despite audible later adding the cover art. No matter if I re-download or even re-install the app it never changes. Ohh my God, it's listed as 46 hours! I have a business trip planned on release day so I'm spending the majority of my time listening up front. I'm relieved this is completed.
  9. I was curious how people were injesting their brandon? Personally, I'm an audiobook fanatic. I have 120 books in my audible library.