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Found 4 results

  1. Brandon Sanderson and Mary Robinette Kowal's collaborative audio exclusive short story The Original is out today (September 14th) and available for download! If you want to get it to your earholes as soon as possible, check out these links to your favorite audiobook retailer: Audible | Google Play | | | Kobo Clocking in at just under 4 hours of listening time, this short but tense sci-fi thriller is read for you by Audie Award winner Julia Whelan. It follows Holly Winseed, a woman who wakes up to find that she is a replica tasked with hunting down and killing her Original in order to avoid being eliminated herself. Along the way she needs to grapple with terrorists, the underside of a seemingly utopian society, and ultimately the truth about herself. In the end, one of her will remain and one will walk away. For further information, including a sample, see this post on Brandon's site. To discuss The Original, head over to Other Stories or #the-original-spoilers on Discord! Watch out for spoilers and have fun!
  2. We knew the audio original story The Original, written by Brandon with Mary Robinette Kowal, would come out September 14th, but we barely heard anything about it, considering it was coming so soon. This changed yesterday and now we have the cover, synopsis, and a sample of The Original. The story is a collaboration between a company called Mainframe and Recorded Books. Apparently Mainframe is a creation of Brandon and Max Epstein, a friend and creative partner in Hollywood. We'll hear more about Mainframe "soon" but The Original is the "first project." Julia Whelan, an the Audie Award winning narrator, narrates the story. The synopsis is: You can listen to the first chapter of it below!
  3. I'm new to the site and tried to see if this is discussed elsewhere. If I missed it, I'm sorry. I've listened to quite a few of Sanderson's works via Audible. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are dear to me as I listened to them through the entire Wheel of Time series. Sometimes I hear Kramer read a Sanderson character and think, but that's Matrim Cauthon's voice!!! I was trying to decide which book to listen to next and I played some samples. Lots of people recommended Warbreaker to me. I noticed the reviews really complain about the narration for Warbreaker. I will probably just read it in pdf form instead. (I do buy hard copies of the books as well because it's easier to go back and reference things in that format) How does the narration affect your level of enjoyment? I like hearing the names pronounced. Of course, if I don't see the hard copy I have no idea how to spell them. Can you think of times when you dislike a character more because of how it's read rather than how it's written? I have several experiences of that happening! (Stormlight Archive series) The choice used for Pattern---Yikes! It's kind of a running joke around my house. We start speaking in the annoying voice. <- nerd alert We still don't trust Pattern. Maybe we're paranoid or maybe it's the vocal performance. I instantly liked Lift due to the vocal performance. The accent was changed for the sailors from 1 book to the next. That threw me for a loop. I wasn't sure I knew this "new" version of Yalb. Anyway, I'd just like to "hear" some thoughts on narration. Feel free to comment on any of the audiobooks by Sanderson.
  4. Hey guys and gals, I recorded last night's signing with Brandon Sanderson in "Los Angeles" aka Huntington Beach =P Along with getting a Shardhunt code, an R.A.F.O card, and the audio of the whole event. I also may have received a new Ideal of the Knights Radiant? A reply from an Oathgate? Who knows! My book is signed: All in all it was a long, but fun night. I had a great time talking with the other fans and even Brandon himself. The audio I've attached is about 45 minutes long. Enjoy! ~sbi WoR_Tour-03052014_Part01.mp3 WoR_Tour-03052014_Part02.mp3 WoR_Tour-03052014_Part03.mp3