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Found 9 results

  1. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Cosmere Modern AU: Kelsier, Hoid, Sazed, Khriss, Frost This is a new year piece for the fandom so I could use some wild imagination to draw some impossible scene! (Can't wait for Mistborn Era 3~4!) Alternative version I Alternative version II This comes from some dumb anime joke. Someone took it to make their play mat ("I really want others to see those nerds!") and I'm curious about the final product XD
  2. Quick! The SAVE file has been corrupted and everyone in Undertale has been replaced with a character from a Sanderson book. Who do you think is depressing enough to replace Napstablook? Motherly enough to replace Toriel? Has legs hot enough to replace Mettaton? Can sell ice cream as well as the Nice Cream Man? Tough enough to replace Undyne? This is just meant to be a fun thread so go crazy with the replacements if you want!
  3. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Happy Lunar New Year 2022! The celebratory art is a continuation of the former DS con AU, featuring Shallan/Hoid/Nazh/Kelsier/Shai/Khriss!
  4. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Hoid in Scadrian modern/near future AU (sort of) This is actually for recent art style bend challenge, though I always want to try this look with Hoid still being a bard in modern times XD
  5. So miles can survive almost anything and hoid could have a great healing ability. We know for sure he does have one , although probably not as robust as gold compounding is . So thoughts ?
  6. I was bored and looking at fanart the other day. I found someone's art of the stormlight gang (Kaladin, Shallan, Adolin, Renarin) as high school students. I looked around but nobody has written anything. Horrible, I know. Let's remedy this. Post plot ideas, conversions of things/weapons/creatures to modern times, anything interesting here. Also, if you do write something, post it here or at least give us a link.
  7. This thing that said that the two couldn't harm him. That he was immortal and the apprentices wanted a challenge. Lift was talking with it. What is it?
  8. The mailman showed up a half hour early today! Post your unboxing pics!
  9. One of my friends is running a Mistborn Adventure Game campaign soon, and wanted to have it set after the world was saved, but wanted it remade differently that Sazed had. We couldn't see Sazed Chiang the way he made the world, so instead we came up with a new idea, and wanted some feedback. The idea was a person. Marsh. Picture this: It is the final battle. With all his friends dead or dying around him, Sazed realises what the prophecies mean. He realises that the knowledge in his copperminds can save them. But he fears it. His faith is still shaken, and unlike the Sazed we know and love, he cannot trust himself to take up the power. Anguished, he turns to a spiked figure behind him. Marsh. He tells him that he thinks his copperminds can save the world, but he can't take up the power. He can't bring himself to. And Marsh, having lived in this world of ash, his mind controlled by Ruin and only just free, knows that he cannot let the world just die as he has been released to see it. Believing Sazed that the copperminds have vital information, he sees only one option. Taking from his belt a brass spike he had been forced to craft by Ruin, his practiced hands already finding the bind point, he drives it through Sazed's body. Sazed gasps, unable to process this final betrayal, and collapses. Marsh, holding back sobs at the sight of his friend's body mutilated by his own hand, plunges the spike into himself. Almost immediately, he feels power flowing into him, and he turns to Sazed's body. Steelpushing away attackers with barely a thought as they run towards the area, he carefully removes the copperminds from Sazed's arms. He holds them, and draws all their information into himself in a flash of knowledge, and plunges his arms into the black and white mists leaking from the bodies of Vin and Ati. With the knowledge contained in Sazed's copperminds, he fixes the world. He has become a god. But not Harmony, as Sazed would have. He is Change. When something ends but still remains, what is it but changing form? Marsh fixes the world, but it is not left fertile and seemingly blessed as Sazed had made it. It was very much like the land of the final empire, with only a few differences from the Larsta religion. The plants and sky are turned back to their correct colour, and he remakes the flowers in honour of Mare, the woman he loved and lost to Kelsier. He fixes the bodies of the people and make the Terrismen whole again, as Sazed would have wanted. But he leaves much as it was, for he knows far, far too well what having a God interfering with mankind can do. In this new world, Noblemen and Skaa cling to their previous identities, but in very different ways. The Nobles are mistrusted, and allomancy is hated, as it was a noble tool of oppression. The Skaa rise to power, controlling the new settlements and governments, having a strict rule following the example of Urteau. Life is difficult, but people seem free. Like the love that shaped their God, the world that shapes these people is above all one thing. Harsh. Thanks for reading if you got this far, we hope you liked the idea and as we come up with more to flesh out the world, we will put it up here. Any suggestions would be appreciated!