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Found 3 results

  1. If you had the same condition as Stephen Leeds what Aspects would you want to have? I'd want one similar to Kalyani since having a translator/linguist would be helpful since I want to travel the world one day and I'm a fan of Japanese media so it would help to have someone who knows the language rather than have the locals speak English to me or have incorrect subtitles. Maybe this could also double for customs of the regions. Another would be one who's a financial type of person since we all need financial help A third could be one versed in law since I've encountered stuff in my job that always makes me go 'is that legal?'
  2. When I first joined the 17th Shard, I didn't know how everything worked and so I hadn't known that we were supposed to create an introductory topic. I'll just post what I have on my "about me" page. I'm hesitant to put this in a place where people are even more likely to read through it, but once you do, you'll see how I think through things, kind of. I've learned that the more you learn about yourself, the more there is to know, and I'm at that age where kids have a hard time with that. Think what you will about this, and I'll try my best not to care if you don't like this. ***** I'm a redhead reader, writer, and artist. I'm not the kind of person who will spend much time on any social-media related thing, but I am probably the biggest sanderfan of my school in Rexburg, and everyone who knows me knows that. I feel like I'm out of place, here in the Seventeenth Shard, simply because so many people are competitive in trying to prove that they're the biggest fan. I hope that, in the future, I can talk to Brandon about some things, but the thing is, just about anyone here might want the exact same thing, and it wouldn't really be fair. I'm a young writer, not near the level I wish I was, but at the level and age where I have a pretty good start, with pretty good chances of quick-enough improvement to get into Brandon Sanderson's BYU classes. I'm a mormon. I don't have a very story-like life, mind you. However, I have developed my own fantasy-ish thought process, where I can make myself act that way and realistically think that I have these ... aspects. This is before I read Legon, and Brandonalways seems to already have used the creative things I come up with. Anyway, I have seven aspects, or personalities, each with their own personality. I don't imagine them inside or outside of me, they're just ... my thoughts and actions. They share one body - me - and their different personalities often contradict one another (Have you ever seen Inside Out?), but they have made loose amends. There's Deldri, Charole, Terri, Anera, Rann, Leby, and Sift. I use their existence to explain how my thoughts work, and why I think in such different ways depending on the situation. If you do mind me explaining each of them, don't read this. I'm going to write it as if it were their uncoordinatedly combined thoughts critiquing each others' existance. So when I say "us," that's the same thing as saying "I." Yes, that sounds strange as I type it. ***** Deldri - She's every bit a nerd, enjoying programing, reading, writing, drawing, learning, etc. She likes to plan and organize things, and she can easily figure out how things work. She likes teachers. Brandon Sanderson is her absolute role model. Charole - Charole is gloomy, and is unpredictable when it comes to emotion. She'll hold it in and think about it the wrong ways, in twisted ways. Paradoxical thoughts is what she calls them. She knows that she doesn't make sense, but thinks about the whole world as what we perceive to be the wrong way. We have to try and shut her out and sadly, she helps with that. She's superstitious, which helps us in some cases, and she likes color, which we think is cool. Terri - She's devotedly religious and wants progress in life. She's good at setting goals, and it's up to all of us to try hard to reach them. She's frustrated because online classes aren't working out for us, and school in general is easier for her and Deldri when it comes to school. She's the one that's most like a conscience to us. She, along with Deldri and Anera like minimalism. We don't own much in our small, clean room. Anera - She's a tomboy, as athletic as we get. She encourages exercise and acts small, slightly cold, in big, extroverted groups of people. She loves her bike, and works with Terri when it comes to preparedness. We have a backpack in our room that contains everything we would need and want incase of a fire, and we take that with us if there is even a small chance of getting kidnapped while biking through town and things. We also have our D&D and MTG stuff in there, for when we bike to the gamestore to meet up with friends. Also, Anera loves the outdoors. Rann - Rann likes netflix. She's a (sometimes casual) geek of anything awesome, not just sanderstuff. She has that snacking temptation that we have to snuff out, and loves our monstrously oversized comfortable jacket. She likes to listen to audiobooks but hates music. Yes, music is not for us, especially not for her. She's grudgingly fine with the fact that Terri likes piano and orchestra music. Leby - Ugh (sorry Leby). She causes a lot of trouble, socially. She thinks that abnormal behavior is cool, but she wants people to liker. She exaggerates to impress people and self-diagnoses us random things. We still like her, though, she's a small girl who's a happy optimist. Sift - She knows that she's awesome, in a mixed-up way. She doesn't care. Unlike Leby, she doesn't try to impress others, only herself. She's the one who started all of our invisible friends, and preferred playing alone as a child. She absolutely loves cats and has a bow and arrow just 'cause, even though we can't use one very well. She doesn't ever feel the need to talk to people. ***** So, that's me/us. This hopefully explains why I'm weird the way I am, and why I explain myself in different ways to different people. These aspects are me, and those who know me will see that this fits. Now that I have explained my life, you can choose to not like me, while knowing that Charole and Sift will help me not to care. I'm thinking of somehow writing a unique book that contains all of that, how I see things. Discovering my aspects has helped me tremendously in my life, even if they're not actually real. So, yah.
  3. So, has anyone else read this yet? I bought it on my e-reader, and finished it in a couple hours. Even though it was far too short, and felt even shorter than it was, it was great; probably one of the strongest of Sanderson's shorter works. The humorous moments were well executed (infinite Batmans! ) the concept was interesting, and the story was engaging. The only problem I could find? At least a dozen new questions were raised about how Stephen's aspects work, and almost none of the previous ones were answered. What does everybody else think?