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Found 9 results

  1. Something I was just wondering about, re-reading "The Well of Ascension". Rashek, using the Well, was able to do things outside his existing power-set of Feruchemy or his new Allomancy, like moving the planet, turning people into mistwraiths, and re-designing plants to handle ash. This is called an Ascension, but it seems that Rashek didn't truly hold Preservation - Mistborn: Secret History seems to make it clear that (even though mindless/dying) Leras still held the Shard up until the moment he actually finally died. So what is an Ascension, and why did Rashek get the "arbitrary, godlike" full-Shard-type powers, whereas Vin burning the mists or Elend being fed power by Vin (also drawing "directly" on Preservation's power) get extra power and the ability to use Allomancy without actual metal, but are still limited to the specific powers? On Roshar, it seems that the Heralds could pull Investiture straight from Honor, similar to Vin's Mist-burning, but they were known for their specific powers (that the Radiant Orders were based on). Is it just a matter of an Investiture threshold? Below, say, 1% of a Shard you are limited to specific powers but above that number you get arbitrary, godlike powers?
  2. So, AonDor functions, on an essential level, by creating a gateway (Aon) through which the Dor (trapped in the cognitive realm) may pass into the physical realm. The Dor, is a result of the splintered remains of devotion and dominion being crammed into the cognitive realm. So, if one were to ascend and somehow reforge the splintered remains of the two shards, what impact would this have on AonDor and the other magic systems on Sel? Would it still be capable of functioning in at all the same way? If there is no Dor to be channelled, then what's the point in AonDor? Would the ascended vessel be able to provide a fuel source for AonDor? Or would the magics of Sel simply revert to their more primal form before the splintering of the shards? If this is the case, what would happen to Elantris and the Elantrians? Or the Dakhor monks? Etc. Well, thanks in advance for your input.
  3. So thinking about it how and when did the people of Scadrial learn about Kelsier ascending? The other ascenders make sense but Kelsier only held the power during the events of Secret History and only for a few days at most. Was this fact actually revealed in Sazed's books he left at the end of Era 1 meaning anyone whose read them knows it by the time of Era 2?
  4. Might we see Dalinar ascend to form the shard Unity? Thoughts?
  5. SPOILERS TO OATHBRINGER So in Oathbringer near the end of the book when Dalinar creates Honor’s Perpendicularity Dalinar says: ”I am unity.” Didn’t seem too strange, Honor kept telling him “Unite them”. Which I’m guessing we can all agree has multiple meanings. The people, the radiants, the honor blades maybe? Heralds? As well in this instance it is very literally the 3 realms. Later though... I forget who it was, I believe it was Odium... mentioned Dalinar’s ascension. So go with me here. What if Dalinar is becoming the unmentioned shard of Unity? It sounds like it could be a shard. I mean all this is a little hard for me to grasp. What are shards and how people ascend such as small Rayse/Odium isn’t quite clear. But I do believe it is noted that there is an un-named shard. And if you think of how Adonalsium was shattered, which is the oppsoite of being unified, it could make sense that it has been a hiding or missing shard. I sound crazy and probably way off but I thought it could be an interesting idea.
  6. theory

    Rather than continue to derail this thread, I'm posting my hypothesis here. Thesis statement: Mr. Sanderson created Nightblood for the express purpose of having him eventually take up the Shard of Odium. My thoughts on the matter: Per WoB, we know Nightblood was made for Roshar, and Warbreaker was made as a way to introduce him, as an origin story. This implies he's really, really important. I would daresay it's appropriate to assume he'll prove pivotal. Nightblood eats Investiture. He can eat Breath, Stormlight, and apparently the Mists of Scadrial. His hunger is not to be underestimated. Much is made of Nightblood, and his lack of capacity to make moral judgements. His mind was expanded from "I am a sword" to sentience with a thousand Breaths, and he was Commanded to decide what is and is not evil. The problem arose because, expanded mind or not, he simply didn't have the equipment to decide for himself what is evil. This entire concept, while interesting, doesn't actually impact the book very much. Nightblood would be a terrible and powerful weapon even without this issue, so it doesn't do much to impact what happened to Shasharra or what might happen with Yesteel. I believe this will prove pivotal. An issue with Odium, per the Letter, is its Intent. He mentions that Ati was once nice, but the Intent of Ruin perverted him into something horribly dangerous, and suggests that the Intent of Odium is, if anything, worse. It seems that simply letting someone else take up the Shard is a short-term solution, at best. Combining it with another Intent might work better, but that's already been done. Per the notion of Chekhov's gun, don't put in something you don't intend to use. So, to what use could Nightblood's inability to understand "evil" come in? I propose that one day, he will take up Odium. I think his endless hunger for Investiture will eventually lead him to somehow be connected to something vital to Odium (I have a few ideas how this might happen) and that he will consume it all, until he is Odium and Rayse isn't. And then, I think he will have exactly as much capacity to understand Hatred as he currently does Evil. I also have one last point to make, though I'm basing less on this. We know that some of the people involved in Nightblood's creation knew of Shardblades and were deliberately trying to mimic one. This is very unclear, but it's just about possible that even in-universe, it's actually someone's intention to craft a weapon capable of taking a Shard by force from its holder. It does harken to Preservation's long-game. Let me re-state that this point is even more speculative than the rest of my thoughts, and I'm including it out of a sense of completeness. If this is proven wrong, specifically, I still stil my hypothesis can be thought of as possible. EDIT: We now have much-more-recent WoB that Vasher worldhopped as a young man. While it's still possible this minor aspect of my hypothesis has some basis, it seems presumptive that it does not. As stated initially, this should not impact the larger hypothesis. (Having trouble getting to the actual source on the AMA, but this link references the relevant quote) Before I get into the arguments people have made against my theory, I'm going to clarify something that seems to keep getting confused. I'm not saying that Nightblood will want to destroy Odium because he will see Odium as Evil. I bring up Nightblood's Command not for the content of the Command itself, but to point out that Nightblood is inherently incapable of understanding abstract concepts of morality. The specific Command itself, or for that matter Odium's specific Intent, are irrelevant. Please do not reply saying something along the lines of, "Nightblood won't kill Odium because Odium isn't evil." Nightblood killed a wall once. I'm pretty sure the wall wasn't evil, either. On the other thread there have been a few disagreements with my hypothesis, which I fully admit is so speculative it might as well be head!canon (to be clear, I'm not convinced myself that this will happen. It's just something I wonder about). The main one seems to be an assumption that the expansion of consciousness one gets from being a Shard will be enough for Nightblood to understand hatred. I disagree. First, Nightblood's mind was already expanded. He started, presumably, with the cognitive aspect of "I am a sword" and a thousand Breaths and a Command expanded his consciousness to that of a reasonably intelligent adult. The Command was even specifically crafted, by two people who presumably do understand evil, towards evil-centric things. And, being a sword, he simply doesn't have the capacity to understand the concept. We have seen two people fully Ascend, and from their perspective seen the past of another man who at least partially Ascended, and we have a glimpse into what this expanded consciousness means. It is not omniscience. It's a knowledge of the history of the power, it's an ability to think about many things at once, to experience incalculable grief and guilt while having enough processing power left over to dissect subtle implications. It did not help Rashek know where to place a planet to make it habitable... even though he himself moved the planet from its proper orbit in the first place. It would not have been enough to let Sazed adjust the biology of mankind... even though he saw exactly how Rashek had changed them in the first place. Vin and Elend trick Ruin, and later Elend checkmates him, specifically because he's lost too much of his humanity and no longer understands love, or the strength Vin and Elend can find in their bond, even after death. Being a Shard, if anything, made it harder for Ati to comprehend human emotions. For all of these reasons, I question the assumption that a second expansion of Nightblood's consciousness will do what the first one couldn't. Of course, if anyone can provide a suggestion from text or WoB to the contrary, I will accept the flaw in my hypothesis. There was briefly a suggestion that Nightblood is incapable of taking up a Shard because he lacks hands, but I believe this is not a widely-held belief. It has been said it won't happen because Nightblood is too interesting, and making him a Shard will make him less interesting, to which I have two rebuttals. Many main charcters die or fade into the background; it's rare for someone to be SUCH a good character they can survive the spotlight forever. I do not agree that anything about Nightblood as a character means he cannot ever fade into the background. Also, I do not think Sazed became any less interesting of a character for having Ascended. Compare, for example, Ham, who impacts Alloy of Law far less, and is far less interesting in Era 2. I'm going to close with an additional thought: We, as a group, know practically nothing about Shards, or Adonalsium, or Divine Intents, or really anything related to the Spiritual Realm. Therefore, my certainty stems not so much from anything mechanical or realmatic, but more from an idea of narrative causality. The author has set up certain elements in the books, and I see them pointing to a certain conclusion. To be frank, I will be suspicious of anyone who claims that we know enough about Shards to say my hypothesis doesn't hold water; we know so little about Shards that right now, almost anything is possible. I would be much more likely to revise my certainty if someone points out a narrative reason why this is extremely unlikely. Or, of course, if further books or W's-o-B reveal things about Shards that are not now apparent.
  7. Say Odium breaks free, and through some crazy shardic tomfoolery, a similar situation occurred on Roshar to the one at the end of HoA, where there was a shard just laying around, waiting to be picked up. Could a spren pick it up, or do you have to be from the physical realm to become a shard?
  8. My friend has a theory that if someone were to bond all ten Honorblades at once, they would become the Shard of Honor. Any thoughts on this?
  9. I just started a re-read of The Final Empire, and FORESHADOWING. I mean, everywhere. So, I thought it would be fun to make a thread about the various hints I'm finally picking up on. I haven't seen anything similar in searches; hopefully I'm not missing anything. Basically this will demonstrate how blind I was to foreshadowing on the first read-through. I will only include long-arc foreshadowing, I think, perhaps with a few exceptions. Though, I'll note that names of significance were dropped much earlier than I thought -- Kelsier references Lord Renoux in the prologue, for instance. Henceforth there shall be spoilers for The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages. I'll be re-reading the whole trilogy, and intend to update the original post as I go. References to page numbers are for the paperback editions, and as there will be a section for each book, unspecified page numbers are for the book of the section they're in. Mistborn: The Final Empire Page 1, Epigraph to the Prologue: They say I will hold the future of the entire world on my arms. Page 29, Chapter 2: If all went well, there would come a time when Kelsier would want to be seen and recognized. Page 32, Chapter 2: Sometimes, Kelsier felt that a skaa Misting's life wasn't so much about surviving as it was about picking the right time to die. Page 48, Chapter 3: In her mind, she thought she heard a voice whispering to her. Reen's voice. Page 65, Chapter 4: "The mistwraiths are out there. They'll grab a man and take his face, sure as the Lord Ruler." Page 77, Chapter 4: "And the koloss?" Ham asked quietly. Kelsier paused. "If he marches those creatures on his own capital city, the destruction it would cause could be even more dangerous than financial instability. In the chaos, the provincial noblemen will rebel and set themselves up as kings [...]" Page 85, Chapter 5: Yet, overthrowing the Final Empire? They'd sooner stop the mists from flowing or the sun from rising. Page 92, Chapter 5: As he stood, the mists curled slightly around his body. They twisted and spun, running in a slight, barely noticeable current beside him. The mists knew him; they claimed him. They could sense Allomancy Page 92, Chapter 5: And you can't change how much you weigh -- you're an Allomancer, not some northern mystic. Page 104, Epigraph to Chapter 6: I can feel our goal now, can sense it, though the others cannot. It . . . pulses, in my mind, far off in the mountains.