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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a high-quality image of The sword and the spear by Howard Lyon. It's inside Rhythm of War. I've been to Howard's website and I don't see it listed at all. I'm hoping it just has to deal with copywriting situations right now, but I need to buy the image so I can have it as my wallpaper! If anyone finds how to get it please let me know!
  2. In which I attempted to complete a full month of Inktober, and failed. *Inktober is a fun project for artists where you do an ink drawing every day for the month of October based on a list of prompts. I don't know what the image limit is per post. I'll put some more up another day. Also note, I'm not trying to toot my own horn at all, I just have been dealing with some motivation issues and sometimes making myself accountable for finishing a project - however belated - can help with that.
  3. On a recent visit to Venice, I came across this painting by Titian in the Gallerie dell'Accademia, clearly showing a young child Invested with Stormlight...Probably a Lightweaver I suspect. Later the same day, we found ourselves in a church where a choir opened a choral performance with "O Radiant Dawn..." Just wanted to share !
  4. So ... I've been wondering this for ages now. Who the devil is the shardbearer on the WoK cover? I think it might be Eshonai (silver shardplate, red crabby thing banner) but I really am not sure. Anyone have any other ideas? Is this already a known fact and did I just completely miss it because if so, sling my body into an alien grave! Please tell me. This is killing me
  5. So here comes a group talking about Cosmere in Taiwan, we're called "17th Shardglass". And we talked about "cosmere cuisines" pretty often, even Mistwraiths could be edible, or at least we believe so XD Anywayy Presenting: Roasted Whitespine Cheek Meat with Lift Fine I'm not sure whether Whitespines have cheek or not but, that's it lol
  6. Hi everyone, I just posted another album of lego fan art for Words of Radiance. This one covers part 5, featuring Vedenar, Narak, and Urithiru. There are heavy spoilers for the end of the book, so beware. The album is on Facebook but it is public so you shouldn't need to be logged in to view it. The link is below: Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome.
  7. I've seen this brought up briefly in passing, but I think it deserves more of a look. To my understanding it is pretty much accepted that the masked man face at the beginning of any chapter in the books indicates that Hoid will be in the chapter. I believe there is one chapter where he isn't explicitly there, but is mentioned by Shallan. The faces also seem to appear for specific characters as well. Certain characters seem to always start with at least a same, recurring face (if I remember correctly). The faces could also, however, be representative of heralds. So what does this all mean. Are the faces indicative of characters? Are they indicative of heralds? Or is it both? Could the characters somehow be connected to a certain herald, and what does that mean in the long run? If this has been answered or discussed elsewhere, sorry. I couldn't find it.
  8. The Dromeans are one of the three major races on Diaemus. This one is also annotated by Ea. Check out Kobold King's amazing description of the Dromeans in Creator's Corner, the Diaemus Project. I drew from the description.

    © Kobold King for creating the descriptions, me for the actual art