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Found 105 results

  1. Hey all! I’m trying to create a Mistborn: The Final Empire MTG set, and art for Mistborn is a hair difficult to come across for just general non-character specific art. I own Mistborn: House War, which is just full of great art that I would love to use. The issue is that the cards themselves likely cut the full art a tad, as well as not crediting the artist that made the art. I’ve been looking about, but can’t seem to find a website that can give me all of the Mistborn: House War art with the credited artists that made them. Is there a place that has that? If not, having a place to look at and use (credited of course) art from Mistborn?
  2. Heyo Humans! So, I have been debating about this for several days... and so I finally decided to make a Creative Corner - just in case! I did a sketch randomly and soo... yeah. Here it is! I can't draw hands, or people generally, so the proportions are probably a leetle bit off. Also, my phone has terrible picture quality, so sorry if it's a bit blurry! Vin sketch Hopefully, I'll also start posting some writing I've been doing - in this corner, I'll post sketches and art. I might make a writing corner soon (after exams) where I'll post concepts and short stories. Maybe. Have a wonderful day, Humans!
  3. The original prompt has been spoilered, seeing as this has been made the official Alleyverse Art Thread.
  4. Hello! I figured I'd post my art here daily, since I can. Feel free to offer critique, praise, whatever you like. Here's the first thing I'll post, a rough painting of my Alleyverse character, Tena.
  5. Hello! I'm Axe, back at it again with another month of daily art. I'm a bit behind already, since I had no time on the first day, but by tomorrow I should be nice and caught up. For this challenge, I'm drawing a different scene for each prompt, following someone's adventure. I chose to draw a white wolf for this. Here's the prompt list if you want to follow along at all: The website won't let me upload my day one for some reason, so I'll try again tomorrow. Let's hope.
  6. Hiya! Is me. Fadran. So... my art has significantly improved in the past while, and I've been looking for more cool stuff to draw in my spare time rather than... say, binge dumb scud on youtube. Thus, I figured that I could come to y'all Sharders and see who wants some cool RP character art so that I can practice my skillz. Just provide what you got and I'll get back to you. Eventually. (No guarantees on the timing). (Also here's some examples of my evolution):
  7. why is she so angry
  8. First, apologies if there's a better forum this could've gone into! With the Stormlight miniatures Kickstarter closing today, I'm wondering how many people here will be picking up this great hobby for the first time! Is there a desire/need for how-to information for beginners and things to watch out for? There's already a ton of information out there, but I'm more than happy to share what I know if it will be helpful to people. I've been painting minis off and on since the late 90's and pretty seriously since last summer. I've tried most of the techniques and products available and if it will be helpful to people, I can try to compile it all!
  9. Hello! This September, I am participating in a challenge where you draw a sword by a certain theme every day. I'll post my artworks here, and if anyone else wants to participate, you can post yours here too! Below is the list of prompts. Feel free to mess around with them if you want to. Here's my day one:
  10. Hi! I saw some other people doing this and also recently got into art again, so i decided to share! I'm very much still learning, and don't really have any particular talent lol, so it's not on par with a lot of art here, but please enjoy anyway And if any artists have any advice or critique, i'd love to hear it. Here's some art to start: <3 <3 <3
  11. Hello everyone! I'm gonna try something new today! So, how it works is people take turns drawing a coloring page, and post it on the shard. Then if you want you can color it and post it recolored. We will look at all of them and give each other art tips or suggestions. Who wants to go first on making a coloring page?
  12. On behalf of deleted user King Bean, I will share all the art they wish for you all to see in this place, much of which is related to the fuzzball that Dannex (cant ping on my current device for whatever reason) uses as his PFP. Some of this collection you may have seen before in Bean's Animation Studios thread. Old Animations: New Animations: Old Art: New Art: I'll add more to this as they create more! (Also, currently trying to get the art from their album too)
  13. Art Trades.
  14. I have a bunch of scenes in SA that I think would be so fun to see fanart of(either that I haven't seen or didn't really fit my image): Kaladin's Third Ideal--not after he says it but before. Because after, when he's healed, he's powerful and terrifying, but it's beforehand, when he's fatally injured and stands up anyway, is what's awesome about that scene, in my opinion. Starting to see a pattern? Yeah. I like Kaladin. He has a lot of epic/emotional scenes. Anyway, what are y'all's arts you want to see? I've sorta tried drawing basically all of them, but I'm not good at drawing scenes, sadly. (and maybe we could get someone to make it...(wink wink nudge nudge)}
  15. Seen several other people with similar things, though my art ain’t as good as Syn’s or Fel’s. I like doing animals/abstract more than humans, but hope you enjoy! I’ll try to put art on here semi-regularly. Birb: Another birb: Cat: Mandala: Hope to send more soon! Let me know what you think. Currently working on some penguins.
  16. A few years back, my sister and her husband asked me to paint their trunk. They decided they wanted something from Sanderson's books, as we all read them. The trunk has 3 panels: on the left I was inspired by an illustration in the 1st or 2nd book, in the middle is the inside cover illustration for Words of Radiance (if I remember correctly), and on the right I did what I could with my own imagination! The medium used was oil paints.
  17. I have been creating drawing Axehound breeds in the gallery and for fun I have been writing little head canons for each breed. I'm feelling a little iffy about my latest entree, so some advice and critques would be appreciated. So here is the picture: and here is the entree: The Conch Canin is an ancient breed, almost dating back to the Shadow days, and is most well known for its two most prominent qualities, it’s astounding intelligence and it’s strong, perhaps infamous fear of highstorms. Due these factors it has been the perfect archetypal candidate for folk tales and songs. These stories usually take the structure of the axehound seeing something of value, a piece of bread or the like, and will challenge another animal (usually a chull or a cremling) to a battle of wits. At first it will appears as though the Conch Canin has the upperhand, using some trick to its advantage, but then, just when it seems like the axehound has won, the other animal will start acting like there is a high storm coming, the Canin, losing it’s nerve, will then flee in search of shelter, leaving the other animal to reclaim its prize, as well as something from the axehound. There are numerous variations of the tale, some feature more exotic animals, others end with the axehound winning, and, interestingly, one where there actually was a highstorm, causing the featured chull to pupate and keeping both animals unable to enjoy the fruits of their wit. Note: Recently there have been reports of suspicious persons keeping Conch Canin in cages outside during highstorms. If you witness any such things report it to your local citylord, or captain of the watch immediately. I like the first part of the entree I liked, it gave feel to qualities of the breed and the lore surrounding it. The note at the end jutst feels a bit sloppy to me; I was trying to imply that an Off-worlder was experimenting with the breed in order to make intelligent animals like Ryshadium or Santhids. Do you think that I should, switch the entrees perspective to the aforementioned Off-worlder, rewrite in the same perspective to make it flow better or discard the idea and only keep the first paragraph?
  18. GAME OVERVIEW Card game of wondrous illustrations for 4 to 6 players. The active player will give a clue describing one of their cards while the other players choose a card from their own hand to best illustrate the clue. The cards are shuffled together and then the players try to find the active player's card among everyone's cards. GAME PLAY Active Player One player is the active player for the current turn. They choose 1 of their 6 cards (telling the host) and make up a clue for it. Then without showing their card, they say their clue to the other players. The clue can take a variety of forms. It can be made up of one or more words. It can even be a sound (written form for forum play) or group of sounds that represent the clue. The clue can be invented on the spot, or it can take the form of already existing works (a part of a poem or song, a movie title, a proverb, a book quote, etc.). Other Players The other players choose from among their own 6 cards the one which seems to best illustrate the clue given by the active player (telling the host). They do not let the other players know what they've chosen. Revealing the Cards After all players have chosen a card, they are shuffled together with the active player's card and then revealed to all the players with a number assigned to each. Finding the Active Player's Card The goal of the players is to find the active player's card from among those revealed. Each player except the storyteller secretly votes for the card (telling the host) they think belongs to the active player. Under no circumstances can a player vote for their own card. Revealing the Votes Once everyone has voted, the votes for each card are revealed. The active player then reveals which card was theirs. Scoring 1. If all players find the active player's card: Active player: 0 points Other players: 2 points 2. If no players find the active player's card: Active player: 0 points Other players: 2 points 3. If at least one player, but not all players, have found the active player's card: Active player: 3 points Players who have found the card: 3 points Each player, other than the active player, wins 1 bonus point for each vote placed on their card. End of Turn The cards that have been used are discarded. Each player draws a new card from the draw pile (received from host) to refill their hand up to 6 cards. The new active player is the one next in sequence after the last active player. A new turn then starts. END OF THE GAME The game ends when one of the players has reached 30 points or when the last card of the draw pile is drawn. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  19. A drawing of Szeth.
  20. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    There's that one scene in WoR where Shallan finds a place brimming with life, and she stops to draw. I just couldn't get that scene out of my head! LIFESPREN! Yes, I know I haven't drawn what could even closely be considered Rosharan flora...
  21. From the album stormlight archive art

  22. Okay, so this is my 1000th post and I thought I will do something nice, so I started a new project which is a Kippy comic from KaD! Hope you will enjoy it! (Also now I have only prologue, I will try to post around 3 pages per week) This is what I did so far :
  23. I don’t do much art. I am trying to create some originals, but it is not going well. I did a pencil sketch of Jezrien, based off the image of him shown on the inside cover of Oathbringer. This took SO LONG. I hope you like it. Please, give me critique on how to improve. Also, my scanner isn’t amazing right now, so sorry about that.
  24. So, I have been thinking about the endpapers of Rhythm of War and I think that the Kalak and Pailiah ones are Alethi (or otherwise Vorin), the Chanarach one is Shin, and the Nale one is either Azish or Shin. My reasoning is that Kalak and Pailiah both fit into what I imagine the Vorin range of appearances to be, Pailiah has a covered safehand but an uncovered freehand, and they have the same artist. My reasoning on Chanarach is that she is very pale for a Rosharan, has round eyes, and has an uncovered safehand, plus, there are fairly Earthlike trees behind her. Nale has the same artist as Chanarach, has birds in the background, and while his eyes are closed they appear fairly round, which support shin, but his uniform also seems to fit what has been described as an azish uniform, and his background prominently features metallic spheres and domes, which we know are a major part of the architecture in Azimir, and presumably other Makabaki cities. So, does anyone else have any thoughts? Theories about the OB papers are welcome, too. Also, while this is in the RoW spoiler section, please avoid RoW spoilers, at least for now.