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Found 98 results

  1. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    There's that one scene in WoR where Shallan finds a place brimming with life, and she stops to draw. I just couldn't get that scene out of my head! LIFESPREN! Yes, I know I haven't drawn what could even closely be considered Rosharan flora...
  2. The original prompt has been spoilered, seeing as this has been made the official Alleyverse Art Thread.
  3. From the album stormlight archive art

  4. From the album Art Dump

    My brother and I have been watching the She-Ra on Netflix and have been liking it, and when I saw the episode where Catra was wearing a suit, I knew that it was my destiny to draw that. Sadly, it's not on my actual sketch paper but I keep it very close and protected, lol.
  5. From the album Art Dump

    Gonna be honest here, but I really don't like what I did to the top of his head. The character usually wears a hat, and now I can see why. Either than that, I really like how he turned out. If any of y'all know who he is or what show he's from, props to y'all.
  6. From the album Art Dump

    A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine came over to my place to watch the movie Howl's Moving Castle, and my brothers, him, and I watched it. After watching that masterpiece, I wanted to draw Howl. As you can see, I didn't do my best on him and really don't get Howl vibes from him, lol. I tried though, and that's what I'm counting.
  7. From the album Art Dump

    In the bygone ages meaning a couple years ago, I liked to watch the internet show RWBY. I don't watch it anymore, because I don't know where the plot was going and was growing less interested in it, but I still love the aesthetic and idea of the show, just not how they're executing it. I decided to draw Roman one last time, and here we are.
  8. From the album Art Dump

    I drew this at 2am, because I was scrolling through Pinterest and was i n s p i r e d. Pinterest is an artist's best friend, so I made the best use of it when I drew this, meaning that I used that drawing prompt and maybe two references: one for the ears, the other for how the mouth would work, lol.
  9. From the album Art Dump

    I drew this when I was on vacation, and I have never felt so relaxed when I was drawing this piece. I wasn't in service range, so I couldn't be bothered by my phone. I never gave him a name and I don't want to put the effort into giving him one, lol.
  10. From the album Art Dump

    This is honestly one of the pieces of art that I'm most proud of as of right now; it might change in the future, but it's whatever, lol. It's actually a redraw of a very old piece of art that I had lying around, and it's one of my most proudest. I'll probably make edits, though, when I do remember what I named this dude.
  11. From the album Art Dump

    I drew this one around Christmas time, but never shared it here, lol. I was inspired by a piece of art in a YouTube video, and I honestly love drawing sweaters and can draw them all the time, lol.
  12. From the album Art Dump

    This is the second redraw of the original piece, so of course I like this one better than the others. Not that they posed that much competition, because even when I drew them, I thought that they didn't look good. I like this one, and it's one of my most recent pieces. The bottom left was tricky, but I managed and am satisfied on how it turned out.
  13. From the album Art Dump

    Recently, my Discord friends and I have been practically obsessing over frogs because yes. Anyways, we were on a vc together and someone asked what would happen if you were to combine a frog and a giraffe. A few people tried and many cursed images came out, and I decided to try my hand at it. It's honestly one of the most adorable things I've ever drawn.
  14. From the album Art Dump

    My brother and I are in a campaign with a few friends, and we were trying to come up with concepts and ideas of what we could play as. At like, 10pm I suggested we do some ATLA characters and here we are. Obviously, my character is inspired from the Avatar itself, and I haven't gotten to drawing my brother's character.
  15. Okay, so this is my 1000th post and I thought I will do something nice, so I started a new project which is a Kippy comic from KaD! Hope you will enjoy it! (Also now I have only prologue, I will try to post around 3 pages per week) This is what I did so far :
  16. I don’t do much art. I am trying to create some originals, but it is not going well. I did a pencil sketch of Jezrien, based off the image of him shown on the inside cover of Oathbringer. This took SO LONG. I hope you like it. Please, give me critique on how to improve. Also, my scanner isn’t amazing right now, so sorry about that.
  17. So, I have been thinking about the endpapers of Rhythm of War and I think that the Kalak and Pailiah ones are Alethi (or otherwise Vorin), the Chanarach one is Shin, and the Nale one is either Azish or Shin. My reasoning is that Kalak and Pailiah both fit into what I imagine the Vorin range of appearances to be, Pailiah has a covered safehand but an uncovered freehand, and they have the same artist. My reasoning on Chanarach is that she is very pale for a Rosharan, has round eyes, and has an uncovered safehand, plus, there are fairly Earthlike trees behind her. Nale has the same artist as Chanarach, has birds in the background, and while his eyes are closed they appear fairly round, which support shin, but his uniform also seems to fit what has been described as an azish uniform, and his background prominently features metallic spheres and domes, which we know are a major part of the architecture in Azimir, and presumably other Makabaki cities. So, does anyone else have any thoughts? Theories about the OB papers are welcome, too. Also, while this is in the RoW spoiler section, please avoid RoW spoilers, at least for now.
  18. OH MY SHARDS IT'S ALREADY THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Y'all, in the past year I have come so storming far in my artwork. I've learned a ton about anatomy and proportions and I've gotten better at shading and faces and it's honestly really crazy to me. I am SO GLAD my friend convinced me to do the Inktober challenge last year, because it will be a great benchmark to compare this year to. I spent an insane amount of time prepping for this and I am on the edge of my seat for each and every drawing that I'll be presenting to y'all. One thing I'm doing slightly different this year: I had the idea to put some color in one of the drawings and then I realized it would be a ton of fun if I tried to colored one thing in each drawing. (Don't worry, it's still ink :P) So I really hope that works out (there will undoubtedly be a handful and a half that are completely black and white though and I am totally fine with that). Six or seven months ago I really started using markers in my art and I have since amassed over 60 different shades. They're ridiculously fun to art with. I also decided to base a lot more of my drawings on specific quotes. Some of those quotes are from non-canon Keyed stuff, some are from CBST, some are from TLT, some are from stuff that will be in the Keyed books, and some are from me just messing around. I am SO excited to kick things off tomorrow!!!! See ya then! - Star
  19. I finished the first Mistborn book just a few days ago and was inspired immediately. Especially by the end I got quite emotional so I was trying to capture that in a picture of Vin. "When you remember me , please remember that. Remember how to smile." Hope you like it.
  20. Heyo! So my partner and I have decided to embark on a little collaboration project to help us hone our craft! It's called Kaladin Stormblessed - Bridge four' and the goal is to create the character of Kaladin (Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series) from concepting phase all the way to animation! If you'd like to follow the process, you can find it here: Get a look at the complete phase one, and keep a look out for more as we make our way through the phases and document it as we go! No Idea where else to post this project on here, so for now I'll leave it here! Perhaps post some up dates in this thread as well.
  21. From the album Other Stuff The Fish Has Made

    I made the Aon, Sea. It's Stoopid
  22. From the album Other Stuff The Fish Has Made

    I made the Aon, Aon. It's stoopid.
  23. From the album Other Stuff The Fish Has Made

    I made the Aon, Edo. It's Stoopid.
  24. From the album The Work Of A Fish

    I was bored. I made some art. Hope you like it.
  25. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Kaladin fanart by me!