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Found 4 results

  1. Does anybody know what happens to soulcaster physicals bodies after Prolonged use of a Soulcaster Fabrial. Twice I have seen descriptions of weird side effects. The first was during Gavilar funeral. The soulcaster Ardent skin seemed to be turning to stone. His eyes were described as becoming gem-like. Later on a ship that was headed to Aimia. The soulcaster on there skin was turning into gas I think . The user said she didn’t expect to live much longer. Jasnah using surges to soulcast doesn’t seem to have these side effects. What causes this? And why is it fatal?
  2. On page 944 of WoK there is a drawing of a man raising a sword, and "shining". He is barely dressed, and in surrounded by people all dressed alike and all but one of them saluting with the LEFT hand. Questions: 1. Is this a radiant ascending or a Truthless getting an Honorblade? 2. Are these ardents bowing, or Stone Shamans granting the sword. 3. What is the lefthanded salute about and why is one only holding two hands together? Any good ideas?
  3. So a few things keep poking ut at me after listening to the WOR the 1st is the female ardent. 1. I forget her name but she is mentioned serveral times by Adolin and at least once by Kaladin. I feel like she is more important than we give her credit. A. says she join the ardents to get away from men...(a order full of men). Terris woman world hopper? Doesnt mind a bald head and was mentioned to be a very smart woman, B. The ardent in general seem to have connections to worldhoppers See You know who. C. The Ghostblood already have a direct connection with ardents see Kapsil from WOK. The ghostblood woman with the mask strikes me as very curios too. a. i can understand not wanting to remove the mask in front of shallan but why would she not want the ardents to see her face either? None of the other ghostbloods covered their faces exactly..just her and she claims to be the "teacher" of the ghostblood leader. She also has strong signs of world hopping. Is she possibly the female ardent? Second guess is the mistress of the highprince Shallan lived with which would give the ghostblood leader (im bad with names cant you tell?) a good opening to come to the battle with the parshindi and meet with shallan later. This leaves open the question of WHO is the leader of the ghostbloods? Have we seen him before his meeting with shallan? /rant over
  4. (If this has been discussed please post a link for me). What exactly is going on here? It seems like if one is not bound to a spren, soulcasting exacts a toll on the user. Is the fabrial (or spren inside) feeding on their life force? Feeding on personal storm light investiture (in as much as people on roshar have innate investiture)? Something else? Could this physical change eventually kill the ardent or will it transform them into something else completely? Because the spren in a soul caster is, according to the are arcanum, an unwilling slave- could the spren be enacting this change intentionally? Or is it just necessary to fuel the soul casting desired by the ardent using the fabrial?