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Found 30 results

  1. I was reading through Elantris' Ars Arcanum and reading through the list of Aons and noticed some of their meanings that had very direct correlations with specific shards. So, I decided to see if I could find corresponding aons with each shard. I failed. But, I did find some interesting connections that I figured I'd share so I don't feel I wasted half an hour. To be clear, I don't think this actually means anything, it's just something I found interesting. Devotion: There aren't any Aons that specifically mean "devotion", but there is Aon Seo which means Loyalty / Service, which is close. Dominion: There aren't any Aons that mean "dominion" or any synonyms. But, some Aons that are correlated with dominion are: Dao (stability, security), Eda (superior, lofty), and Ope (nation). Preservation: The closest Aon to preservation would probably be Aon Edo, which means Protection / Safety. Ruin: The closest Aon to ruin that I could find is Aon Sheo, which means Death and is a rather tentative connection. I also want to mention the obligatory Aon Ati namesake connection. Odium: There aren't any Aons along the lines of Odium / Hatred. There are Aons such as Teo (royal, majestic), Rii (wealth, affluence), and Eda (superior, lofty), that sort of correlate to personality traits of Odium, but they more represent aspects of Rayse's personality than the shard Odium. Cultivation: Much like Odium, there aren't any Aons meaning cultivation. But, there are many Aons representing something to do with life, such as: Dii (wood), Eto (body, flesh, muscle), Kaa (plants), Opa (flower), and Tii (green). Also, yes, I am aware that Cultivation doesn't equal life, but these were the closest connections I could find. Honour: This was actually the one that inspired this whole post as there is a perfect correlation with Aon Mai, which means Honour. Endowment: Just like Honour, Endowment has a perfect correlation. This time with Aon Eshe, which means Gift / Endowment. Autonomy: There aren't any Aons along the lines of autonomy / independence / mastery. But there are the Aons: Soi (order, organised) and Are (unity, cohesion), that are similar to traits we see Autonomy resemble. Ambition: Ambition was very difficult to find any connection for. The closest was Aon Ati (hope), but that is tentative at best. Invention: Invention was difficult because we don't really know what its Intent is, and there aren't any Aons meaning invention. The closest ones were: Sao (intelligence, learning), Shao (transform, change), and Ene (wit, cleverness) (in modern usage, Ene is used much the same as Sao). Mercy: Mercy is another one with a perfect correlation. That being Aon Ido (mercy, forgiveness). Valour: Aon Aeo means Bravery, which is close enough to valour. Whimsy: I couldn't find anything for whimsy, feel free to leave anything you find in the replies. The Survival / Wisdom / Prudence, etc... Shard: We know virtually nothing of this shard but Aon Ien (wisdom) could be a good fit. Secret Project 3 spoiler below:
  2. Recently characters have been using aons and stamps off world which is really confusing because it’s supposed to be that the farther you get from your continent the weaker, your magic gets so how are they working off world? Can someone explain it to me please
  3. alt text: Hi, I kinda made this randomly for a friend and posted it on twitter. People really liked it so I'm posting it here in case anyone likes stuff like this.
  4. The officer at the border wore an expression of attentive boredom, with more emphasis on boredom than attentiveness. There were few men manning the post, no more than five. Little competition for the Monks. "Kind sir, can you please state your name and purpose in coming here?" The monk, ignoring the officer, calmly grabbed an axe, not a hatchet or some other axe that could be used to cut wood, it was an axe of war. It also was clearly not meant to be thrown, the Monk either didn't know, or simply didn't care as he threw the axe with blinding speed at the man in front of him. More Monks stayed behind him, unmoving, it was considered the prerogative of the highest ranking Monk to take the kills. Moving faster still than any human, he dashed forward to grab his axe, snapping the kneck ot yet another officer while moving. That left three. With his axe again in hand, the Monk split another man in half before blocking the attack of yet another officer in the same motion. The man who had just attacked swept his blade back to slash at the Monk's side. When the Monk moved his axe to block the blade, the swing turned out to be a feint that reversed to cut at the Monk's head. However, attack failed to draw blood due to a faster than human duck. The Monk then cut diagonally, beginning at the man's shoulder and traveling to his hip. The man fell to the ground, the Monk was surprised by a stab forward from a a silver skinned man. The blade moved in a complex motion, slashing diagonally, then making a circle, then slashing in the opposite direction diagonally, then cutting at the face, the in to conflicting curves before slicing at the feet. After that last swing, a bright light flashed forward, killing the Monk. The man stared at his sword in disbelief. While he was absorbed in his awe, another Monk stepped forward and beheaded the man. "Ignorant men have no idea what they fight, to Elantris we must go." The Monks stepped over the body and across the the border into Arelon. During the skirmish, a sign had fallen. It read, "Welcome to Arelon, home of Elantris." _____ Hafbjorn has died, they were a Dakhor Monk and a fictional character. Five Guardsmen have died, they were innocent bystanders. Welcome to Quick-Fix 57: The Infiltrators of Elantris . I am your GM, and @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. Signups will end at 2 PM, Thursday the 9th of December. Cycle One will follow shortly. The Rules: Basics: Alignments: Roles: Order of Actions: Players: Pinch-hitters: Spectators: Quick-Links:
  5. Is it a coincidence that on Sel there is an Aon called Ati, like the vessel of Ruin Ati? Has Brandon answered this?
  6. Ive been rereading elantris and aon dor has quickly become my favourite magic system. but one of its stipulations it that you need modifiers (a knowledge of them) as well as the aons themselves in order for it to be at all useful. like a computer program with no functions i believe we have one modifiers which is something along the lines of 'drawing 2 lines on top of the aon tia to make it only affect ones self' question is- and i know its been asked before (but in 2017/18) do we have any idea about modifiers that exist? any lists of them made? also welcoming peoples own modifiers because wide enough spread terms have become things before, for example the term 'shardpools' was coined by us and not brandon, who later began using it back off the tangent: any modifiers we know, any lists we have (if any), and anyones own headcannon
  7. The symbols, they were Aons! The ones on the temple that they needed to press to 'find' the bands! I always wondered what the hell that was, and the only explanation is Aons! Kelsier has encountered Elantrains and through some means learned a bit of it. The way they're described is very reminiscent of Aons! The only thing that makes me hesitant is how Kelsier learned any Aons, but he was very keen about learning things about the Cosmere. Maybe he asked some worldhoppers? What do you all think?!
  8. If Aon Ashe was carved into a sheet of aluminum would it do anything? What about if you tried to do AonDor in a room enclosed in aluminum? And could you use an aluminum bar to make Aons?
  9. what are your thoughts for an Elantrian using aondor to enhance or create weapons/ armor? the main ones I've come up with are using aons create a weapon similar to a gun, my idea for this is to have an aon create a burst of compressed air to launch the bullet, which would have aons inscribed on it activated upon contact with a surface. these would cause effects such as expanding or catching fire. other Aons could be inscribed onto the barrel of the gun for stabilization against recoil, or used kinda like a silencer.
  10. Since we already have Aon Daa for use as an offensive weapon, what would Aon Sheo (death) do? We never see it used, would it function sort of like the killing curse in Harry Potter?
  11. Warning: This thread ignores distance limits currently plaguing magic on Sel. This thread makes assumptions about the magical effects of several Aons. This thread utilizes a method of Aon usage that is largely untested. Practical Viability may vary. Modern Society in AonDor Elantris(city) had metal plates inscribed with Aon Ashe for light. This thread is an expansion of that concept to other Aons, in an attempt to replicate the modern society on Earth, while on Sel. Aon applications are built around what I am calling an Aonic Circuit Board: a metal plate inscribed with Aons and modifiers. I have taken the liberty of assuming that by the time Sel reaches a tech level like Earth, they will either have the ability to do this with precision, or have found a way to make machines that can do this for them. I have also made the assumption that a method has been devised to let non-Elantrians affect Aons via a middle-man(example: a light switch) Entries are formatted by having the Aon and its corresponding definition in one line, while potential uses are listed below in bullet points, with varying level of detail. Aons are in alphabetical order until such time as grouping them up becomes more efficient. Aons whose power/effect are an assumption are marked with an *. Special Cases are marked with a double: **. Not all Aons are in this list, as some definitions aren't conducive to guessing powers. For a mostly complete list of Aons, Aon definitions and powers, go here. Aon Aha*: "breath, air" Oxygen Tanks (Scuba/Astronaut): Aon written on inner surface of tank, set to keep the specified area filled with oxygen. Depending on level of control, may also be set to keep air at a specific PSI as well. Air Conditioning/Ventilation System: If you can affect the temperature of the air, you can replicate home AC/Heating systems. Not much detail on ventilation. Wind Power: If you can make air, you should be able to make wind. Then you utilize that wind with Windmills to produce power. More space efficient and reliable system than normal windmills. Aon Ashe: "light, illumination" Light: It's fairly self explanatory, but it has enormous potential depending on what you can mess with. Hook the intensity modifier to a lever and you have a dimmer switch. Change what stimuli the Aon needs to activate and you could have those "clapper" lights(maybe). And much more. Flash Grenade: The "casing" is covered in sever Aon Ashe's. Have to Aon activate by detecting the lack of a pin, with a short time delay. The Ashe's are set to have a high intensity and a short duration. Aon Ate**: "silence" **Power is from deleted material, so not an assumption, but not canon either. Silencer Grenade: Little different from the Ashe Flash Grenade, except that it basically quiets an area. I see some value as a piece of Riot gear. Suppression Field: More or less a backpack version of the grenade, making the area around you silent as long as it is active. Value in stealth incursions and preventing nearby cries of alarm. Silencer: I am contractually obligated to put this on the list, even though I have no idea how it could work in practice. Aon Daa: "power, energy" Short Range RPG: Daa projectiles are essentially dumb-fire, so long range isn't as viable. "Missile" Emplacements(fixed/mobile): Heavy assumption that you can apply speed modifiers to the launched Daa projectile. They would essentially be a point and click cannon. "Ammo": This could potentially replace ammunition in any destructive weaponry. It does magic damage, it's unlimited, it doesn't jam, etc.. Aon Edo: "protection, safety" Forcefields: Make an inescapable jail cell out of pure energy, bolster city walls with a layer of Edo, set up intruder traps in a home defense system, etc.. Personal Defense: Set a certain size/shape, have the circuitry built into an arm attachment, and you've got handheld energy shields in place of wood/metal ones. Aon Ehe: "fire, warmth" Light: Lanterns, streetlights, candles, torches, you name it. It's also fairly self-explanatory, but that's light. Fireplace: On the off chance that you can't regulate the temperature when making air with Aha, or if you want that nostalgic feeling. Flamethrower: Let's face it, you all expected this. Fair warning, designing a viable one is almost as hard as the gun silencer idea. Aon Ene: "wit, cleverness" Learning Aid: School, Job Training, etc.. Improving memorization and reasoning skills is a must. Logic Aid: Programming, Planning, Designing, etc... Reasoning skills and warding off those sleep-deprivation lapses is wonderful. Aon Eno*: "water" Supply: Literally anything that involves the water company can be accomplished via Aon Eno. Hydropower: Why mess with Nature's rivers when you can just make your own? Waterwheel, Aon Eno, maybe Aon Tia to make it self contained(a falling water type system) Aon Ien: "wisdom" Healing: Teach med students how to use the things in school, actually use them in hospitals and clinics all over. Specific variants for broken bones, poisons, disease, everything. Aon Kii: "justice" Courtroom: The guilty feel pain in its presence, so inscribe it above doorways in the courthouse. Maybe add modifiers to specify what they are guilty of(murder, theft, etc..) for specific court cases. Aon Nae: "sight, clarity" Sight Tools: Glasses, Magnifying Glass, etc.. Scopes: Rifle Scope, Telescope, Binoculars, etc.. Aon Omi**: "love" **I'm making a massive assumption here about when that affection needs to be there Serenity Grenade: Remove negative emotions, instill a feeling of peace/calm. End riots in seconds. Text in question: "It is peculiar in that it requires the Elantrian drawing it to feel sincere affection for those around them," If the affection is also needed when activated, hire a pacifist or friendly religious fellow. Otherwise, we're good. Aon Rao*: "spirit, essence" Power: Yes, this is a convert Investiture into electricity idea. I have nothing else to really go on. Aon Shao: "transform, change" Production: You can create almost anything if you have the right modifiers. You can mass produce it if those modifiers are inscribed into something. Recycling: You can turn anything into anything else, so eventually this would progress into a Zero-Waste Society. Aon Shao*: "death" Executions: I make the assumption that you can modify how painful and how quick the death is, so a quick and painless death will help build a humane society. Torture/Assassination: sometimes you want information, other times you simply want them to share your pain. A slow, painful death accomplishes both. Note: We do not approve of using this product in such a manner, but truth-in-advertising laws require us to make you aware of this functionality. Aon Tae: "open" Door Opener: For disabled persons, you can open doors with the push of a button. The settings can even be adjusted to open when it detects people within certain radius for a hands-free entry when you come home with groceries. Aon Tia: "travel, transportation" Supply Shipments: Manufacturers can move anything in bulk to predefined loading areas for stores. Eliminate supply line issues entirely, get food to the market without it going bad, a store can even return defective products to the manufacturer in an instant. Rapid Response: Robbery in progress? Church on fire? Emergency personnel can now get there in seconds. My idea is built around some sort of city-map, where you can rapidly queue up the transportation destination by tapping the location on the map, or a nearby intersection via a grid layout. Questions about some of the ideas? Ideas of your own? Feel like the whole concept is ridiculous? Comment down below. All feedback is appreciated here at AonDor Enterprises. Final Note: This thread was inspired by me attempting to rationalize a way to make AonDor viable in combat, which was originally inspired the Combat Feruchemy thread. And yes, I spent way too long on this. I've got another one lined up for Fabrial-Tech if I can come up with enough practical applications.
  12. So as we have seen in Elantris (and as was discussed by Raoden) it doesn't matter what an Aon is inscribed in, as long as it is inscribed correctly (Aons in stone walls, mud, etc). So, would it be possible to create armour consisting of plates inscribed with Aons which provide protection to make said armour stronger? I can't remember the Aon, but in Raoden's fight with Dilaf we see him use one that pushes back against any force equally. If this were applied to a piece of armour, no matter how hard your enemy struck the armour, it would resist with equal force, effectively making it unbreakable (unless you are a Dahkor monk or such that can remove Aons). Is this plausible? I welcome your thoughts.
  13. So, AonDor functions, on an essential level, by creating a gateway (Aon) through which the Dor (trapped in the cognitive realm) may pass into the physical realm. The Dor, is a result of the splintered remains of devotion and dominion being crammed into the cognitive realm. So, if one were to ascend and somehow reforge the splintered remains of the two shards, what impact would this have on AonDor and the other magic systems on Sel? Would it still be capable of functioning in at all the same way? If there is no Dor to be channelled, then what's the point in AonDor? Would the ascended vessel be able to provide a fuel source for AonDor? Or would the magics of Sel simply revert to their more primal form before the splintering of the shards? If this is the case, what would happen to Elantris and the Elantrians? Or the Dakhor monks? Etc. Well, thanks in advance for your input.
  14. I don't know if people have already talked about this, but I'm gonna talk anyway. I was re-reading Secret History, when I read something strange. I was at the part when Kelsier is spying on the Ire, and he describes one of the leaders as the following: "Wizened, dried up, the woman had puckered lips, a bald scalp, and strange silvery-dark skin. She glowed faintly..." I don't know about you, but that sounds like an Elantrian. I don't know if Secret History is before or after the restoration of Elantris, but still. Later, Kelsier has a vision, "As she said the word, this time Kelsier got a sense of it's meaning in the language of the green plants. It meant "Age," and he had a sudden impression of a strange symbol made from four dots and some lines that curved, like ripples in a river." That sounds like an Aon to me, but what do you guys think?
  15. So what can AonDor really do? It seems to be incredibly versatile, but we only really saw a few aons properly used in the books. I'm pretty sure I recall reading off handed remarks of seeing elantrians flying around in Elantris, is this just the people of Kae thinking up things or is there an aon which grants flight? I feel that sadly, the case is simply that we haven't seen enough of AonDor or Elantris. I welcome any input.
  16. Hi everyone, I was reading through the list of Aons at the back of Elantris, and I realized something: the Aon for “hope” is “Ati.” Ati, as in the man who was the host for Ruin? Who Atium was named for? Unfortnunately, as I was reading through, I could not find anything for Leras in the Aons... Is this just a coincidence? Or is there a connection through this (rather ironic) name? Maybe Ruin and whoever hosted Dominion or Dominion, the two Shards on Sel, had some sort of connection before the Shattering.
  17. I was re-reading The Emperors soul the main character was talking about different markings she used to change what the mark did. Is this and indication that soul stamps are just another way of drawing aons in a way that you dont have to be an Elantrian to do? Or am I being stupid?
  18. We know about the plates that could be pressed to activate Aons stratched into them by Elantrians. However, is it known whether they have to be pressed by Elantrians? Sorry if this is necro-ing an old, answered idea. Also, I’m pretty sure that you have to be Elantrian to activate an Aonic plate.
  19. What makes a name an aonic name? I know that it has to have an aon in it somewhere, but are there other requirements? For example, we know Aon Reo exists, so would Oreo be a valid aonic name?
  20. From the album Cosmere Concept Art

    I make fantasy concept art. Decided to repurpose some old images I had done some work with into Cosmere concepts. Follow me on Instagram for more design like this in the future.
  21. The aons were based on hangul, the korean writing system. If you don't know about it go check the wikipedia page I think Aons are an alphabet like hangul, with each symbol representing a collection of letters. Each Aon is di-syllabic and has two short vowels(A,E,I,O but no U) so it shouldn't be to hard to figure out. I'm going to do this with out the chasm line, though that brings up a question for another day: Why is the chasm line part of AonAon and not just some "earth" or "physical" Aon Aon is two lines and a dot this represents A, O and N probably in the order drawn, which is A-top line first, O-Curved side line drawn second N-center dot drawn last Thus far I haven't made much progress in finding a pattern, but I believe lines of symmetry are also important. Hopfully you guys can figure this out better than I have so far.
  22. Here's something I was thinking about the other day. On Scadrial, the metals act as a key, unlocking the power for allomancy/feruchemy. I believe the term for what they are, realmaticly, is a focus. So are the aons on Sel. If Ruin and Preservation manifested the God metals, seeing as metals are a focus, shouldn't Devotion and Dominion do the same thing with their focus? Are there god Aons? Is there an aona-aon or a skai-aon? Let me know if I'm missing something or if this is way off the mark. But for the sake of argument, lets so they do exist. What would they do?
  23. We know that Aon Aon consists of a straight line for the Arelish coastline, a curve downward for the Atad mountains, a dot in the center for Lake Alonoe, and another line coming off the curve for the Chasm. Furthermore, Some Aons, e.g. Aon Mea, have additions which correspond to physical features of the map (in this case, the x denoting an especially fertile valley and the extra shape around the central Aon denoting the region in which the Shaod can take place). In that vein, then, what do the 4 circles around Aon Rao really denote? The two circles encompassing Aon Tia? The Circle in the middle of Aon Nae? Heck, what are the rotated and mirrored versions of Aon Aon supposed to signify, map-wise?
  24. I just finished rereading Elantris and found myself craving some "new" Aons (that is, Aons with the chasm line included.) As far as I can tell, no one's ever drawn them. (Aside from these--which look awesome, but don't fit with the "correct" placement of the chasm line, as seen in Brandon's drawing here.) So I'm going to fix that. It'll take a while (so far I have half of them sketched but only seven cleaned up and ready to post. I'm going to go ahead and assume that the chasm line goes with only the "prime" Aon--upright, not flipped, and (if there are more than one in the right orientation) most central. This seems to fit with the text, e.g. when Raoden first releases the Dor with Aon Ehe. Aon Ehe has 10 iterations of the three basic lines, but evidently only one chasm line. (Which is kind of a shame, because it looks cool with a bunch of extra lines...) I'll be posting side-by-side comparisons and Aons with multiple chasm lines on my Tumblr, but I'll keep it to just the new standard Aons here for now. Aan: Aha: Ala: Aon: Are: Ashe: Ata: More coming soon.
  25. I was perusing the list of Aons for enjoyment today, and I noticed something that I haven't seen pointed out elsewhere. The Aons hold a fair number of references to other Cosmere doings. Some fun things I've found: [edit] Ashe is "Light, Illumination." Illumination is a surge on Roshar. I find it odd that Raoden's illusion trick was through using Aon Shao, when Shallan's lightweaving seems more based on illumination than transformation (see Shao below). As a lightweaver, though, she has both of those surges, so I suppose the lightweaving itself uses both (I just got the feeling from the book it was mostly illusion and not transformation). [/edit] Are is "Unity, Cohesion." Cohesion just so happens to be one of the surges on Roshar. I presume Surgebinders with access to cohesion will have similar abilities to what Aon Are does (not that it is shown in the novel). Ata is "Grace, Smoothness." This reminded me of the abrasion surge and how slicking works. Perhaps it is similar? Ati is the aon of Hope. Hope isn't exactly how I would describe Ruin, but I thought it was interesting his name was also the name of an aon. Deo is "Gold, Metal." Though I think this one simply exists due to the language needing a word for metal, I thought it was interesting that it is an Aon specifically mentioned, and Brandon had a metal based magic system in a later book. Ene is "Wit, Cleverness." Makes me surprised Hoid went by Hoid in Elantris, and not Ene. As we all know Wit is a common name he takes. Eshe is "Gift, Endowment." That's interesting that the exact name of a Shard shows up... Also, given the almost exact wordings of some of the Surgebinding parallels, I wonder if this could be used to Awaken after some jury-rigging. Mai is "Honor." Yet another exact name of a Shard... Shao is "Transform, Change." Yet another parallel to Surgebinding. Tia is "Travel, Transportation." Another parallel to Surgebinding. I'm willing to bet this is one way Elantrians get to the Cognitive Realm. So I thought those "coincidences" were interesting. The parallels to other magic systems (namely Surgebinding and my possible Awakening tidbit) means that hints to the rest of the systems could be hidden away in the current list/complete list that I'm sure Brandon has. In addition, the inclusion of two Shard names got me to thinking that the names of the other Shards could be in here too. Though I am usually opposed to us wildly guessing, some interesting candidates are "Wit, Cleverness," "Loyalty," "Chastity" (this would be a little odd), "Intelligence," "Affluence," "Punishment, Retribution," "Love," "Justice," "Solemnity," "Wisdom," "Mercy, Forgiveness," "Willpower, Endurance," "Protection, Safety," "Stability, Security," and "Bravery." Also of interesting note is Ati's name being an Aon. There are various theories floating around that could explain this. I've read that some think Aona and Skai were directly in contact with the Selish people's prior to being splintered by Odium (explaining the occurence of both Aona's and Skai's name being in world). This would also explain why so many other interesting Cosmere "coincidences" occur. Another theory was the origins of the shardholders, and whether they were all from Yolen or not. Could Ati be from Sel? This would depend on whether Sel and it's peoples were made by Aona and Skai (I can't find any information regarding this, though it seems likely given the importance of Aon Aon). Anyways, I simply thought all this was interesting, figured I'd share. Have fun reading into this way more than we probably should (like I am).