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Found 35 results

  1. So, in the hope of elantris if I’m not mistaken they say the Aon for hope is Ati, which is the name of ruin, something that the Lord Ruler never got to kill , am I the first to point this coincidence out ? Please let me know if there is a discussion since I wanted to know Brandon’s take on it
  2. I've been looking into aons and of course all of the ones on the coppermind page are without the chasm line and the original version. It has come to my attention that the position of the chasm line that Brandon drew on a signing is wrong as well. If anyone could send a picture of the chasm line in the Aon Aon properly I'd greatly appreciate it. Again the WOB that has the drawing on the book is apparently wrong im aware this has been posted before I saw it but I didn't get a straight answer so if it's possible for a picture to be put on here with it if greatly appreciate it
  3. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Dor!
  4. From the album Aons

    Here's another one! I'll probably only do a couple more then finish the rockbud.
  5. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Aha!
  6. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Dao!
  7. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Ala!
  8. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Ato!
  9. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Daa! I think this has been my favorite one so far. I'm happy with how it turned out.
  10. From the album Aons

    Here's Aon Edo!
  11. From the album Other Stuff The Fish Has Made

    I made the Aon, Sea. It's Stoopid
  12. From the album Other Stuff The Fish Has Made

    I made the Aon, Aon. It's stoopid.
  13. From the album Other Stuff The Fish Has Made

    I made the Aon, Edo. It's Stoopid.
  14. So as we have seen in Elantris (and as was discussed by Raoden) it doesn't matter what an Aon is inscribed in, as long as it is inscribed correctly (Aons in stone walls, mud, etc). So, would it be possible to create armour consisting of plates inscribed with Aons which provide protection to make said armour stronger? I can't remember the Aon, but in Raoden's fight with Dilaf we see him use one that pushes back against any force equally. If this were applied to a piece of armour, no matter how hard your enemy struck the armour, it would resist with equal force, effectively making it unbreakable (unless you are a Dahkor monk or such that can remove Aons). Is this plausible? I welcome your thoughts.
  15. So, AonDor functions, on an essential level, by creating a gateway (Aon) through which the Dor (trapped in the cognitive realm) may pass into the physical realm. The Dor, is a result of the splintered remains of devotion and dominion being crammed into the cognitive realm. So, if one were to ascend and somehow reforge the splintered remains of the two shards, what impact would this have on AonDor and the other magic systems on Sel? Would it still be capable of functioning in at all the same way? If there is no Dor to be channelled, then what's the point in AonDor? Would the ascended vessel be able to provide a fuel source for AonDor? Or would the magics of Sel simply revert to their more primal form before the splintering of the shards? If this is the case, what would happen to Elantris and the Elantrians? Or the Dakhor monks? Etc. Well, thanks in advance for your input.
  16. For a long time now, I've been very confused about the correct placement of the Chasm line in the Aons. The main reason for this is due to my attempt to ratify this WoB with the text (and the map) from the 10th Anniversary edition of Elantris. After spending some time going over the relevant scene, and actually tracing Aon Rao over the map, I've come to the conclusion that the WoB has to be wrong. The text states: This clearly shows that the line is being drawn in a north-westerly direction, ending at the road leading southwards, just south of the southern gate. This is completely different from the WoB which appears to show it running north-easterly to the corner of Elantris' city wall. It does, however, match that which is depicted on the map. Since I've been unable to find a correct depiction of the chasm line anywhere on the internet, I've taken the liberty of creating my own for both the base Aon Aon, and Aon Rao: Note: in creating these I used @WeiryWriter's depiction of Aon Aon from the Coppermind since I found the dimensions were pretty much perfect. I didn't use his Aon Rao though since I found that the dimensions were a little off.
  17. So what can AonDor really do? It seems to be incredibly versatile, but we only really saw a few aons properly used in the books. I'm pretty sure I recall reading off handed remarks of seeing elantrians flying around in Elantris, is this just the people of Kae thinking up things or is there an aon which grants flight? I feel that sadly, the case is simply that we haven't seen enough of AonDor or Elantris. I welcome any input.
  18. If a misting or a mistborn traveled to Sel, and then to the city of Elantris, and then had an Elantrin carve an Aon on a piece of metal that the Allomancy then burned, how would that effect the powers of the Allomancer? Any thought? Would an Aon Rao increase the power of a steel push or a bendalloy bubble?
  19. I read Elantris, and I love it. However, I am confused about one thing: Is there only 44 Seons, one for each Aon, or are there seons that share aons? I know it is probably a stupid question, but it is bugging me a lot
  20. While rereading Elantris, I took a look at the Aon dictionary and stumbled over the Aon IRE, meaning "Time, Age". Any thoughts about it being connected to the Ire in SH? (Somehow an obvious similarity, so I searched the forum for it and didn't find anything - if there is something I didn't find, just pull this over there.)
  21. This is my theory for the reason about the only people of specific location (ex. Arelon and Duladel) are take from the Shaod. Before of this I had to remember some of the Realmatic aspect of the Cosmere. - The Cognitive aspect of someone (or something) is build about how is views and how he views himself. - The Spiritual aspect is a set of connection (less or more strong) with other Spiritual Aspect (place,time, idea, people, religion,ecc...) - On Sel there is just one "magic system" and the many forms that take are just different use of the same magic system. Now at the true Theory (that is specific of AonDor but can probably works with all the Selish way to use the Dor): I suppose the reason of only the right cultures have a chance to be take by the Shaod, is because their people have an Aon in their name. This simply fact put a minimal connection through the Spiritual Realm to the AonDor (something like bein a Scadiran give a little connection to Preservation). Growing with that name a people "imprint" that Aon as part of self in his Cognitive Aspect that improve his conncection to the AonDor. This theory works pretty well with all the Selish magic system (just remove "Aon" and put "Alphabeth of X") but has some problem with the AonDor without any other fact.... The AonDor is strange, is bein manipulate to offer much power of any other Selish Magic, using Elantris as a "super boost". I suppose that before Elantris was made any people with Aon-name and the right connection with the AonDor may use this magic (As seems to happen with the other selish magic). But for some reason they decided to concentrate the AonDor in a more mighty form. And any people with the "enough strong" connection was take by the Shaod and become Elantrian. Any though about this theory ? Pro or Contros ?
  22. I haven't seen any particular place to chuck the Personalised Pages of books, but I have seen individuals requesting photos of the actual writing. The actual question was chosen due to it linking in with my username, so it makes for a good first post after almost a year of lurking here. So, to skip a few steps, here it is. "If an Elantrian drew Aon Kii, what effect would it have?" "In the presence of Aon Kii, the guilty feel pain."
  23. I also really like the flame illuminated Rao. It makes me think I drew it correctly because the Dor is shining so brightly!
  24. In all darkness, the red light really shows up well!
  25. I decided to carve Aon Rao in my pumpkin this year in honor of the 10th anniversary of Elantris. I tried illuminating it with red and white lights as well as a candle. Here's the one with the white light. I like this one the best.