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Found 2 results

  1. LG33: Term 6, Month 2 - Healing Noremac Quwester. A quaint name, that. Very newfangled. He’d have to find a new one now. No, wait. Master Noremac Quwester, of course. The Skindancer smiled slowly. Becoming Master Physicker had been quite the stroke of luck. Not that it had been difficult to impress the past Physicker with his medical knowledge, naturally. He was quite... intimately... aware of the internal mechanics of the human body. But remaining in the University long enough to manage such a feat had been difficult, certainly. It walked towards the door to Dele Fajro’s room, stepping softly down the hallway. The payoff had been well worth it. The meaning of life, almost, it snickered to itself. To heal the world, just like the former Master Physicker had always dreamed. It agreed, wholeheartedly: to heal the world of the cancer of humanity. Jay didn’t want to be a mercenary. Sure it was better than being an assassin, killing people indiscriminately, all for a few coins, but it still wasn’t a nice job. It was long hours, and he wasn’t able to see his family so long as he was working, Jay reached into his vest pocket, directly over his heart, and pulled out a picture that he had been given by his son. It was a nice, if crudely drawn, picture of his family, all holding hands. The picture was what kept Jay going all of this time. He hand been away from his family for quite a few months now, and was the only reminder had really had of them. A loud crash sounded from just out of the room, and Jay ran over to investigate, tucking the picture back into his pocket. Jay readied his sword, and thought about his family. He would not let his wife become a widow, he would not let his kids loose their father, he would not die. The door came down with a crash, and Jay dashed towards the assailant. His sword struck out at where the assailant should have been, but he met only air. Before Jay knew it, a knife suddenly penetrated his lungs. Jay dropped to the ground, blood pouring out of the wound. He knew he was going to die. Jay reached his hand into his pocket, and struggled to pull out this picture of his family, wanting it to be the last thing that he saw on this earth. The picture finally came free, but it was covered with blood. Jay quickly unfolded it, hoping that some part of the picture would not be covered with blood. And that is where Jay died, staring at a piece of paper, the only color visible on it was the strong crimson of blood. Jay’s death hadn’t stopped “Noremac”, but it had slowed him enough that Dele was awake by the time he entered her room. “What do you want?” she asked, frightened. “Hello, little girl,” it said. “Well, you see, you’re just an expelled student. No one cares for you anymore, do they? It doesn’t matter if you go insane. You’ll just stay up here, forgotten, until you die.” “How... pleasant.” Dele said flatly, slowly reaching under her pillow. The Skindancer grew tired of exchanging pleasantries. Ha! Get it? Pleasant, pleasantries, it’s a pun! Apparently the little bit of the real Noremac’s memories that were still left still liked that irritating humour. It rolled its eyes and lunged. Dele brought out a dagger from underneath her pillow, plunging it into the Skindancer’s chest. It burned. Fire, pain, darkness consuming its vision, poison spreading down its veins panic burning freezing ice hot pain like a thousand nettles hatred pain anger pain disbelief pain Dele watched the Skindancer slide to the ground, still stuck on her iron dagger. “Ow,” it whimpered. pain pain p a i n Then she was left with two corpses and a whole lot of mess. Burnt was attacked, but protected! HH was killed! He was a Skindancer Master Physicker! Credit goes to Drought for Jay's writeup. Term 6, Month 2 has begun. You have 42 hours to send in actions. Clarifications: Brightness Radiant was attacked by the eliminators last turn. I should’ve shown that more clearly as a sabotage, and didn’t. Counter to the rules, anyone in Imre can take University actions (bar item creation). [unnecessary clarification that was right the first time] 1. Queensteph - Vintish Noblewoman 2. Randuir (Telar Pike) - Yllish Commoner Student 3. Hemalurgic Headshot (Noremac Quwester) - Aturan Nobleman Skindancer Master Phyiscker 4. Aonar (Aodhan Breacadh) - Edema Ruh Skindancer in Naming 5. Wilson (Sloan Walker) - Cealdish Commoner Student 6. Straw (Medicus Novis) - Yllish Commoner 7. Paranoid King (William Opuscule) - Yllish Commoner 8. Ornstein (John Springer) - Aturan Nobleman Student in Physicking 9. Jondesu (Vell) - Yllish Commoner Insane 10. Drake Marshall (Greyson) - Cealdish Commoner Student in Physicking 11. Assassin in Burgundy (Jurdaan Longfell) - Yllish Commoner Student 12. Burnt Spaghetti (Dele Fajro) - Vintish Noblewoman 13. Orlok (Locke Alveron) - Cealdish Commoner Insane 14. Magestar (Magestar) - Vintish Nobleman Insane 15. Alvron (Stryker Nox) - Cealdish Commoner Insane 16. Arinian (Darian) - Aturan Nobleman 17. Stick (Stick) - Aturan NobleStick 18. Darkness Ascendant (Balthazar Myrrh) - Yllish Commoner Student 19. Cluny the Scourge (Cluny) - Aturan Nobleman 20. Silverblade (Ryth) - Cealdish Commoner 21. Amanuensis (Esuan) - Yllish Commoner 22. BrightnessRadiant (Amelia) - Aturan Noblewoman 23. Eolhondras (Eolah) - Yllish Commoner 24. STINK - Yllish Commoner Skindancer in Linguistics 25. Hael (Glavion) - Edema Ruh Insane 26. Sart (Titud) - Edema Ruh Insane 27. Joe (Chalks) - Yllish Commoner Insane
  2. Iadon’s rule over Arelon is still new and unstable. The chaos of the new government is fanning the rumours of discontent in the newly goddless nation. The King’s paranoia grows with each pasing hour. Trusted friends, loyal servitors and skilled agents are all suspect in his diseased mind. He has taksed his son, Raoden, the crown prince, with the duty of investigating the ones he believes to be capable of overthrowing him. No one truly believes there is opposition to the Merchant-King, but all must bow to his mad whims. LG rules are in effect. All actions happen simultaneously. There is a 5 turn inactivity Filter.The Citizenry win when all the Eliminators are dead. PM's are Day only. Known Roles: Legionnaire - Chooses a player to Interrogate and Roleblock/protect next night. ChayShan Practioner - Can attack one player per Night. Retired Pirate - Can survive one attack or lynch per game. Bodyguard - Can protect one player from an attack per night. Merchant - Can cancel a vote. Duke - Can add a secret vote to the lynch. Dula - Can investigate a player and learn if they are an eliminator. Beggar - Can choose a known role from the dead players to become. Noble - All other citizens are nobles. They have a collective extra vote. More complicated Rules. These are the same rules, just in a lot more detail. Game Starts: