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Found 1 result

  1. In the interest of finding mundane weapons capable of adequately damaging shardplate I thought I might do some calculations. From what we know so far there are two weapons capable of cracking shardplate with one blow and possibly destroying shattering shardplate in subsequent blow. Namely a Warhammer and a massive rock-sling. In Chapter 65 of The Way of Kings we see some Parshendi slinging head-size rocks at Dalinar, which slightly crack Dalinar's shardplate. In order to do these calculations I'm going to have to make quite a few assumptions: okay, now for some calculations: So now we've got a baseline. I'm going to assume that 1580 or so Joules is close to the minimum amount of energy required to crack shardplate. Long story short, here is a table of some other weapons with their approximate Ek calculated: As you can see, the two heaviest warhammers, the (3300lb draw-weight) siege-crossbow and the 5500 lb draw-weight ballista all have an effective Ek exceeding or near to 1587 Joules. The shardbearer's warhammer shown is probably capable of shattering shardplate in a single blow (if it's a direct hit, and not say, a glancing blow). The bows and crosbows have their draw weight indicated (the weight, in pounds, required to draw the bowstring/crossbowstring back). The 3300 lb draw weight siege-crossbow treads the line between a ballista and a crossbow, being that it is barely portable (up to 25 kg). There are probably quite a few other heavy weapons capable of adequately damaging shardplate, which I can't think of at the moment. If you can think of any, please point them out. It's also interesting to consider the possibilities of fabrial enhancements in improving these weapons anti-shardplate capabilities. What sort of enhancements do you think they could be given? EDIT: Added a ballista in the table.