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Found 6 results

  1. So we saw a lot of Nightblood in RoW and I wanted to share a theory. So I believe that Nightblood uses the anti-Investiture we learned about (e.g. anti-Voidlight, anti-Stormlight) in order to destroy. So think about it: Raboniel told Navani about how anti-Voidlight would react with Odium's vessel to kill him like what was done to Tanavast. Coincidently, Rayse, Odium's Vessel, a being that should be too powerful to be killed by a human creation, was then killed later by Nightblood. Furthermore, we see Nightblood damaging Ishar's Honorblade; this was previously thought to be impossible. The only theory I can come up with is it came into contact with anti-Investiture. Now, some might argue that Nightblood wasn't damaged in either process as has been seen in the case of Investiture reacting with its opposite. Remember that Shadblades and Honorblades are pieces of power manifested in the Physical Realm. Nightblood, however, was once an ordinary sword infused with massive amounts of Investiture and given a Command with Intent. It then uses external Investiture to fuel its power. My theory is that, somehow, the Investiture that Nightblood absorbs from its bearer becomes inverted, as we saw Navani do in her experiments. This anti-Investiture is then what causes instant antihalation upon contact with its opposite. We saw anti-Stormlight used to kill Phendorana. I believe that would still happen if she had been manifested as a Blade. Possibly in the form of, say, breaking or chipping it? I also believe that is how Nightblood kills so... uniquely. The descriptions of people being instantly vaporized sound similar to what happened to Phendorana as well as Raboniel's and her daughter's souls. So definitely not cannon and I am sure my theory has some holes, but I honestly believe this has merit. I would love to here your thoughts as I believe this will have massive implications for the future!
  2. With being able to just sing in order to disrupt investiture, anyone think that the 2nd Heightening which grants perfect pitch to suddenly be a lot more powerful and relevant in the Cosmere as a whole?
  3. Nightblood absorbs investiture, but what would happen if he absorbed anti-investiture? Would it hurt him (I suppose 'it' is a better pronoun, but I got it stuck in my head from Vasher to say 'him') if the anti-investiture was the opposite of whatever investiture he held?
  4. Could you kill, or at least seriously harm all of the Fused by having a bond-smith enhancing the Connection that one of the Fused had to all the other Fused, then shoving a ton of anti-voidlight into that one by using a raysium weapon? We’ve seen that a radiant will be injured by having their spren destroyed, so maybe this same principle could be expanded on.
  5. So I recently bought the Elantris leather bound, and it turns out that Brandon released a two-page, bonus chapter for Elantirs' 10th anniversary that I never read... Reading this after Rhythm of War, something stands out to me. In the scene, Hoid is talking to a Skaze. Per a couple WoBs, Skaze are described as "evil Seons" and they are Splinters of Dominion. What caught my attention is the way it's described by Hoid. He says it's "a hovering dark sphere, about the size of a melon. It somehow sucked in the light, and didn't have distinct edges Hoid could make out--it just kind of blended out into the air, warping everything around it like a stone dropped onto a sheet of silk stretched tight. It was ringed with a pattern of misty symbols" In Rhythm of War, Navani describes the sphere of anti-Voidlight as, “Like the ordinary Voidlight sphere, its blackness expanded, making the surrounding air dim. But there was an added effect with this sphere, one she hadn’t noticed right away. It warped the air around it.” Both the Skaze and the anti-Voidlight are explicitly described as "warping" the air around it. Sel is also "the most realmatically knowledgeable of the known Shardworlds" (Coppermind). I think there are people on Sel that are not only aware of anti-Investiture, but have also figured out how to create anti-Investiture Splinters of Dominion, called Skaze.
  6. so... I was thinking (everybody knows that's dangerous) and i thought, what would be the name of anti-investiture? and I looked it up and the opposite of investment is divestment, so... Divestiture? What's everybody's opinion about this? my buddies think it's genius (their words, not mine) but what do you guys think?