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Found 3 results

  1. LG 65: Term 5 Month 1 - Hundreds of Stories “… and that was the tale of the thrice-lucky almond dealer.” Seòras let the words ring out, seated by the fire in front of a small audience now chuckling at the conclusion of his last story. Tales had brought him to the University, and tales were now helping to pay his way through it. Once the laughter had subsided, he spoke again. “What tales should I tell next? The tale of the Princess and the Blue-Winged Wren, or shall I sing the Ballad of the Horse Pirate Vaon?” “How about a tale about the fae that invade our world?” Someone called out. “Got any songs about skindancers?” People’s faces noticeably went sombre at this, though after a moment they started to nod and agree with the suggestion. Seòras couldn’t see who had called about – probably someone standing in the back. “I suppose I do have a yarn or two I could spin about the creatures from the Fae. It’s a little more grim than my last story, but let me tell you of the Mystery of the Demon from Caluptena. The Caluptena was a place of knowledge, vastly greater than our own archive here. The legends don’t agree whether it was just a building, or if it was an empire, but the detail is of little consequence for our tale.” As he spoke, he began to tap an slow, irregular beat, emphasising odd syllables as he worked to invoke and enhance the sense of unease present in the room. “I tell you now a tale of war, flame, and the Tehlin church, for as you know, three things do demons fear: cold iron, clean fire, and the holy Name. You see…” The voice interrupted. “Cold iron you said? You mean like this?” The crowd was forced aside as the cloaked figure pushed forward through the crowd, a cloud of grey shards flying from their hands. Seòras screamed as the shards tore a hundred new holes in his already raggedy clothing, and screamed louder as the cold iron burned his flesh, before screaming again as the force knocked him from the chair into the open fireplace. His screams were joined by those of the students that had been his audience, now fleeing from the display they’d seen. As his world ended, he supposed that at least now as he died, he was becoming a new story that would travel on by word of mouth, just like all the stories he had once collected. * Sloan roamed the streets, smiling. It was warming up. Just a touch, but even a little bit was better than nothing. Hopefully spring would be here before too much longer. For now, she’d content herself with the slightly warm night and hope she found success in one of these alleys. Skipping across the cobblestone streets, she let the beat run through her, driving her steps. Forward, forward, back, back, forward, side, back, twirl. She closed her eyes with the twirl, feeling the breeze blow through her hair. Her night was made in the sixth alley she checked. Someone huddled in a grimy little hovel, built over time by other street-dwellers from the junk thrown out by the nearby Horse and Four. He was fiddling with an object, and she heard him muttering quietly. She crept closer and froze as the words “Master” and “Fishery” stuck out. “You’d think last month would’ve at least temporarily sated my need to watch the bright light of life leave the eyes of all the students at your school as I can,” she began. The student whirled in her direction, and she gave him a little wave. Well. More like the knife in her hand gave him a little wave. Details. The student’s eyes widened, and he dropped the object he held. “I can pay you! Anything you want! Please don’t hurt me!” Sloan chuckled, eying his clothing. “You’re no noble. Even if you were, you couldn’t pay me enough to let you go free. You see, those who know me best know that my…..bloodlust, I suppose, can’t be bribed. Not by your kind.” “I’m no one!” “You certainly are. Or, you shortly will be.” He broke down, and she bent over him, grabbing his hair and yanking him closer. His wet eyes opened again, and she saw into his soul. Or it felt like she did. “You shouldn’t have come to my streets,” she said as her blade cut deep. The light left his eyes, and she wiped her blade clean on his shirt and contemplated his still form. There had been no music in his soul. No beat. She had yet to find a student with music. It was like the University killed that part of a person. All of them needed to die, to save the world. She was merely the weapon guaranteeing the University’s demise. She turned and left the alley, clicking her heels to the music. Maybe she’d find another student to slaughter before the night was over. Seoras (Haelbarde) was killed! He was a Skindancer! Lord Silberfarben was killed! He was a Student! Maern (Xino) was attacked, saved, and went insane! Vol (Devotary) was brought on the Horns but the charges were dropped! Lyoan (Fura) was brought on the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He will be lashed! Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath) ws brought on the Horns and charged with Conduct Unbecoming! He will be lashed! The following students were elevated: Athdara (Elandera), Bryn Aria (Burnt Spaghetti), Vol (Devotary), Lyoan (Fura), Traelynn Weeks (Kynedath), Knighter Nune (Rover). Straw Altiora (Straw) and Shard (Experience) are now Masters! Term 5 has begun! It will end on Sunday, May 17th, at 4 PM PDT.
  2. LG20: Warcamp Enigmas You are all members of the Alethi lighteyed nobility in the warcamps. Many of you have secret items in your possession. There are a few of you who are hiding other secrets. Whether you use those for good or evil is up to you. You have been infiltrated by some nefarious Ghostbloods who are attempting to steal a soulcaster and a shardblade from you. Killing them all before they obtain those is the only way to succeed. There is also a thief in your midst, though he may end up helping you. Format: This is a rerun of LG5, the first game I GMd. Each Day turn will be 48 hours and each Night turn will be 24 hours long. Rollover time will be 9 pm MST. Signups will end on April 22nd. There is a 5 turn inactivity filter; after five turns of inactivity, inactive players will be killed. General Rules: Every player gets up to three actions per night. Only one item from each tier category may be used per cycle. One 1A, one 1D, and one Tier 2 item is the most that can be used. Any action can be replaced with the Ghostblood kill or a role ability/declaring an heir. Items: Other roles: Item Rules: Death Cries: When a player is killed in any way, they get a chance to send one last message to the group as a whole. The messages must be less than 200 characters and sent to the GM to be posted to the rest of the group. The dead player will not be sent to the dead doc before the end of the turn following their death or until their death cry is sent in. It must be sent in before the end of the turn following the player’s death. Except for this, the dead may not speak. Win conditions: Ghostbloods’ Win: Outnumber the other players Bonus goal: Obtain a Shardblade and Soulcaster. Nobles’ Win: Kill all Ghostbloods Bonus goal: Survive until the end and the player with the most/most valuable items will be made king and the other survivors will be made Highprinces/Highprincesses. Thief's Win: Steal at least one of each item(excluding Shards and a Soulcaster) throughout the course of the game to become a master thief and live a life of luxury. Order of Actions: Links to the writeups: Day 1: Succession War Night 1: Violet Wine Day 2: Whitespines* Night 2: Silence of the Stars Day 3: The Land of the Free* Night 3: Self Sacrifice Day 4: Death's Herald Night 4: The Final Duel Day 5: Dual Stabbing* Night 5: Rightful Vengeance* Day 6: Rematch Night 6: Violet Wine II*† Day 7: Felled Thief Night 7: Running In Circles*† Day 8: Sneak Attack Night 8: Mutton Day 9: Dead for Real Night 9: Third Time's Not the Charm*† Day 10: Another One Bites the Dust Night 10: Is He Dead Yet?*† Day 11: Defensive Maneuvers Night 11: Turning Tides Day 12: Fatal Miscalculation Aftermath: No Way Out *Written by Elbereth †The Saga of Kayden(Kynedath) Current Player List:
  3. Long Game 11: Twinborn Village "Gather around to hear the history of Twinborn Village, a settlement born of two cultures that were twin in their oppression by the Final Empire and their desire for freedom. “Legends tell of a time, many generations ago, when your ancestors lived as slaves to an evil god, the Lord Ruler, in a kingdom above the ground where the sun burns so hot that the air turns to ash. The Lord Ruler used metal spikes to give mystical powers to his wicked servants. It is even said that in his quest against truth, he commanded evil spirits to take the forms of the living and confound the eyes of the righteous. “The noble Terrisman joined with the clever Skaa to create the Founders, a mighty alliance against the forces of darkness. They fought valiantly against the vengeful god for many seasons, but eventually chose to leave. You cannot devote yourself to pushing back slime without sullying your own hands, so the Founders departed the Final Empire with haste. They passed the mountains and came to a land where the air was clean. There they built a new home into the caves, a home of liberty and prosperity. “We have thrived here for many years, but now we are faced with a new threat: the Spiked. They think that they can use the evil craft of the Lord Ruler to rob us of our lives and our god-given powers and desert us. The fools! In their own greed, they would bring the Final Empire crashing down upon us again! “All of you are special. All of you were born with two abilities, one of Allomancy and one of Feruchemy. You are living in this time for a reason. This is your purpose: to kill the Spiked and return peace to Twinborn Village. I name you, the Twinborn!” Welcome to Twinborn Village, which was founded when the survivors of a crushed rebellion ran away and hid in some caves. I put the rules in spoiler tags to keep this post from being too ridiculously long. Signups are now officially open! Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Kandra Very Rare Occurrences