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Found 5 results

  1. LG75: Alethi Politics I fear the stakes are getting slowly higher. The Highprinces still talk amongst themselves, but the severity of the conversations increases by day. A true political war is brewing, and the water soon will spill over the rim of the bowl. We can only hope it has not been heated enough to scald everyone involved. - Mishinah Bethab, wife of Highprince Bethab, 1173.7.4.2 He’s nervous. Dalinar Kholin thought, glancing over at his nephew. Well, he ought to be. They sat around a large wooden table, covered with a thin cloth divided into ten sections. Each section represented a princedom, marked with the appropriate colors and glyph. The other nine Highprinces, along with their various accomplices, were seated at their spot designated by the cloth. Dalinar thought it no accident that Sadeas lounged directly across from him, the other man’s pudgy but calculated gaze fixated on him. The room was unusually quiet, but all knew that King Elhokar, Dalinar’s nephew, was ordained to begin the meeting. As usual, Elhokar was delaying his speaking as long as possible. The youth- Storms, he wasn’t really a youth, but he was to Dalinar- fiddled with the small golden buttons on his coat, avoiding eye contact with everyone who tried to create it. Eventually though, the meeting had to start, however much Elhokar wished it to not. Dalinar nudged his nephew softly, signaling that perhaps it was time to begin. Elhokar’s eyes flicked up, first at Dalinar, and then at the others, who all stared pointedly. Elhokar cleared his throat, and with his shaky voice the discussion was initiated. * * * A couple hours later, after many, many arguments, Elhokar slumped down in his chair as the Highprices stood. “I did terrible.” Dalinar put a firm hand on the King’s shoulder. “You did not. You spoke well, and the propositions were stated clearly.” Elhokar shook his head. “You did all the real talking, Uncle. The whole kingdom knows I’m a figurehead.” Dalinar looked his nephew straight in the eyes. “You are the King, Elhokar. The throne is yours and yours only. I never wanted power.” Dalinar immediately cursed internally at his mistake. His phrasing implied that he had the political power in the room, and he knew it. “But you have it anyway.” Elhokar confirmed. “Say what you want. They know it’s true.” He stood glumly and walked off. Dalinar frowned slightly as he disappeared around the corner. The King had been getting worse. He glanced around the room, and noticed Sadeas watching him from behind the Bethabs, who idly chatted near the door, obviously looking for an excuse to examine Dalinar. He hadn’t missed Mishinah’s notetaking during the meeting. When Sadeas caught Dalinar’s eyes, he glanced away, pretending he had been looking out the window the entire time. But Dalinar could see the small smile on his old friend’s lips. Storm that man. If only he and I could still agree. Dalinar sighed, pushing past the Bethabs and avoiding Sadeas’ gaze. He needed a drink, after this afternoon’s events. * * * Welcome to LG75: Alethi Politics! I’m Matrim’s Dice, I’ll be your GM. @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. Below is the full ruleset, though it's also here in doc form if that's easier for you. General Rules: Factions: Roles: Marketplace: Signups are open now, and will end in a little over a week on March 24, 2021, at 7am PST (GMT-7) 5pm PST (GMT-7). The game will begin soon afterwards, with the general rollover time being 8am 5pm, though my schedule is a bit unclear these next months so it may fluctuate slightly. If there are any changes I'll be sure to announce them. Player List: Spectator List/Pinch-Hitter List: Quicklinks:
  2. Night Six: A Jar When is a door not a door? When it is an insane kandra-human fusion that serves a rogue Shard. -The Wise Words of Philico, 1173.7.5.8 “So, I’ve been busy lately. So? Just because my schedule is full doesn’t mean that a significant block of it was illegal,” AraRaash grumbled. It… was illegal. “Still doesn’t mean it’s always that way.” The pair of them were currently locked in a small building. Someone was taking an axe to the door. Faleast wasn’t entirely sure how many people were outside – AraRaash had claimed to see at least a thousand soldiers – but he knew they were all very, very angry. Killing a king had that effect on a population. “I didn’t kill the king!” AraRaash said. “The people were the ones who went and decided ‘Oh, let’s execute Striker for crimes against Alethkar, he definitely won’t be Elhokar in disguise’ and look how that turned out for them. All I did was lock a door. That’s much less illegal.” AraRaash. You locked Elhokar in a soundproof closet as he was bleeding out. “Okay, maybe when you put it that way it is my fault. But I still didn’t… wait. A soundproof closet? Why would Elhokar have one of those?” I don’t know. He’s paranoid. But it doesn’t make sense. “SEE?” AraRaash shouted, turning to a corner where movement had caught his eye. “You made me a Doorman, Philico! A Doorman! How by the Almighty’s Tenth Name am I supposed to have gone about killing the King of Alethkar with a storming DOOR?” Philico didn’t respond. Perhaps he was still upset about the whole Gneorndin business. Or… what had happened before that? Fallion’s Tears wasn’t Faleast’s fault… well, it sort of was. But that was more a group effort. Maybe he was yelling at the wrong Sleepless. “Out of my way,” a voice said from outside. Then a Shardblade rammed through the door, which promptly fell off what used to be its hinges. Well, it had lived a good life. Adolin stepped through the threshold. AraRaash was impressed. He really did look like the son of the Blackthorn. “Hi,” AraRaash said. “You know, I was wonder-“ The Shardblade promptly cut off any further words that he tried to say. Ow. Ashbringer was stabbed! He was a Doorman! Vote Count: Ashbringer (6): Flyingbooks, Quintessential, Araris Valerian, forget me not, TJ Shade, Condensation Quintessential (1): Ashbringer The Night has begun, and will end in 24 hours on Sunday, April 11th at 5pm PST. Get your actions in! PMs are closed, unless through actions. The marketplace is open! Upvote Ash for his writeup! Marketplace: Player List:
  3. Daughter of the prime forest stalked through the camp, letting the plants around her grow, spreading their leaves to the sky. She was so tired. So tired of being here, in this godless world, with this constant buzzing in her head. People with lanterns were coming nearer, and she slipped behind one of the tents, watching them pass. She let out a deep breath. She needed to find the Servant of the Mad god… hopefully he would be able to get her out of here… The voices returned, coming closer, closer… And then they were upon here, with those horrible clocks and horrible torches. The mob grabbed her, dragging her away, but as they did so, Daughter began to hear a distant sound, almost imperceptible. It was the whispers of dreams as one slipped off to sleep. The terror of waking in the middle of the night covered in cold sweat. The evil thing inside of her tried to fight back, nearly grabbing a Gun. However, the mob was too fast, and didn't let her have it. It shrieked in rage, as the crowd quickly eradicated the Forgotten among them. The rest of her consciousness pulled away just as the portal opened up below her and she fell, spinning through the void. She landed with a soft thump on the grassy field in the middle of The Village, before standing up and dusting the chalk dust off her. The grass twisted around her legs, glad to have her back. Thanks for the Death RP Lotus Vote Count: Lotus (5): Gears, Archer, Araris Valerian, Devotary of Spontaneity, Kasimir Burnt Spaghetti (1): Flyingbooks Flyingbooks (1): Mist Lotus was court-martialed, and was killed in the struggle over the gun. They were a Forgotten. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 2. This Night will end at 8 PM CST on February 18th.
  4. LG20: Warcamp Enigmas You are all members of the Alethi lighteyed nobility in the warcamps. Many of you have secret items in your possession. There are a few of you who are hiding other secrets. Whether you use those for good or evil is up to you. You have been infiltrated by some nefarious Ghostbloods who are attempting to steal a soulcaster and a shardblade from you. Killing them all before they obtain those is the only way to succeed. There is also a thief in your midst, though he may end up helping you. Format: This is a rerun of LG5, the first game I GMd. Each Day turn will be 48 hours and each Night turn will be 24 hours long. Rollover time will be 9 pm MST. Signups will end on April 22nd. There is a 5 turn inactivity filter; after five turns of inactivity, inactive players will be killed. General Rules: Every player gets up to three actions per night. Only one item from each tier category may be used per cycle. One 1A, one 1D, and one Tier 2 item is the most that can be used. Any action can be replaced with the Ghostblood kill or a role ability/declaring an heir. Items: Other roles: Item Rules: Death Cries: When a player is killed in any way, they get a chance to send one last message to the group as a whole. The messages must be less than 200 characters and sent to the GM to be posted to the rest of the group. The dead player will not be sent to the dead doc before the end of the turn following their death or until their death cry is sent in. It must be sent in before the end of the turn following the player’s death. Except for this, the dead may not speak. Win conditions: Ghostbloods’ Win: Outnumber the other players Bonus goal: Obtain a Shardblade and Soulcaster. Nobles’ Win: Kill all Ghostbloods Bonus goal: Survive until the end and the player with the most/most valuable items will be made king and the other survivors will be made Highprinces/Highprincesses. Thief's Win: Steal at least one of each item(excluding Shards and a Soulcaster) throughout the course of the game to become a master thief and live a life of luxury. Order of Actions: Links to the writeups: Day 1: Succession War Night 1: Violet Wine Day 2: Whitespines* Night 2: Silence of the Stars Day 3: The Land of the Free* Night 3: Self Sacrifice Day 4: Death's Herald Night 4: The Final Duel Day 5: Dual Stabbing* Night 5: Rightful Vengeance* Day 6: Rematch Night 6: Violet Wine II*† Day 7: Felled Thief Night 7: Running In Circles*† Day 8: Sneak Attack Night 8: Mutton Day 9: Dead for Real Night 9: Third Time's Not the Charm*† Day 10: Another One Bites the Dust Night 10: Is He Dead Yet?*† Day 11: Defensive Maneuvers Night 11: Turning Tides Day 12: Fatal Miscalculation Aftermath: No Way Out *Written by Elbereth †The Saga of Kayden(Kynedath) Current Player List:
  5. Long Game 11: Twinborn Village "Gather around to hear the history of Twinborn Village, a settlement born of two cultures that were twin in their oppression by the Final Empire and their desire for freedom. “Legends tell of a time, many generations ago, when your ancestors lived as slaves to an evil god, the Lord Ruler, in a kingdom above the ground where the sun burns so hot that the air turns to ash. The Lord Ruler used metal spikes to give mystical powers to his wicked servants. It is even said that in his quest against truth, he commanded evil spirits to take the forms of the living and confound the eyes of the righteous. “The noble Terrisman joined with the clever Skaa to create the Founders, a mighty alliance against the forces of darkness. They fought valiantly against the vengeful god for many seasons, but eventually chose to leave. You cannot devote yourself to pushing back slime without sullying your own hands, so the Founders departed the Final Empire with haste. They passed the mountains and came to a land where the air was clean. There they built a new home into the caves, a home of liberty and prosperity. “We have thrived here for many years, but now we are faced with a new threat: the Spiked. They think that they can use the evil craft of the Lord Ruler to rob us of our lives and our god-given powers and desert us. The fools! In their own greed, they would bring the Final Empire crashing down upon us again! “All of you are special. All of you were born with two abilities, one of Allomancy and one of Feruchemy. You are living in this time for a reason. This is your purpose: to kill the Spiked and return peace to Twinborn Village. I name you, the Twinborn!” Welcome to Twinborn Village, which was founded when the survivors of a crushed rebellion ran away and hid in some caves. I put the rules in spoiler tags to keep this post from being too ridiculously long. Signups are now officially open! Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Kandra Very Rare Occurrences