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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings fellow Sharders, just came in from watching a video from a youtuber I follow by the name of Shad. He released a video today of an interview he did with Brandon, covering various topics, such as the intersection of realism and fantasy, a few various questions, such as who Brandon's favorite super hero is, various pop culture items, publishing and self-publishing, and the announcement that Shad is going to be doing some consulting for Brandon in regards to various Medieval things, like swords, combat, armor, etc. I just wanted to make a thread to see what the thoughts are of anyone else who has watched the video and to discuss the contents therein. Video Link
  2. Brandon tweeted that he will be tweeting a big announcement today at 4:00 PM EST . My guess is it will be a release date for Shadows of Self since his update bar is full. Anyone have any other ideas?
  3. You've heard whispers of it for a long time, but it's finally happening! 17th Shard Play-by-Post Mistborn RPG Campaigns are coming! We're still working on some behind the scenes stuff, so I can't open the forum right this second, but here's what you need to know: This is a special partnership with Crafty, in which we host play-by-post campaigns and they link to them. As per their request, the games will be hosted on our RPG sister site, Mistborn: The Inquisition. RPG threads will not take place in the same forums as the MBI narrative. They will have their own dedicated part of the site so people don't get confused. This section of the site is currently hidden while we finalize some stuff. I'll post again when it's open. There will be two types of campaigns: sponsored campaigns, which will be put on by staff members chosen by the admins, and third-party campaigns, which can be run by anybody who wants to run one. That means you can do it too! Accounts don't carry over between sites; you'll have to register again if you want to run or join a campaign. When you register for MBI, make sure to register using your own personal handle and not a character name. I recommend using the same name as the one you use on 17S, but it's up to you. Want to go ahead and start working on your concept and begin gathering players before the RPG section of the site goes live? Go ahead! You can use this forum as a starting point. Here are a few things you might want to work on having ready if you want to start playing as soon as the forum opens: A title, short description/synopsis, and a forum tag (make sure it's relatively short). Also be sure to keep a roster of the players who have already signed up to join your campaign! I hope you guys are excited, because I sure am! Stay tuned for more updates, and happy planning!