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Found 11 results

  1. We reported last week we're getting an interlude on audio on Monday, but turns out it is here early. Check it out. It's fourteen minutes on audio, but it's pretty spicy. You should take a look. We're so close to Tuesday, guys! The hypestorm comes. Next, we have an interesting annotation on Way of Kings Chapter 6. It explains how the Shattered Plains transitioned from Yolen (Dragonsteel) to Roshar (Stormlight Archive).
  2. In crazy news yesterday afternoon, Paste Magazine spoke with Brandon Sanderson about how The Apocalypse Guard has been put on hold. Apocalypse Guard was going to be another book in the Reckoners universe. But now, Brandon said there was something broken about the book. Editorial feedback didn't help, and so it is being shelved for now. I suppose that's why the Apocalypse Guard trilogy progress bar disappeared from the site. I think it's very big of Brandon to say an idea might not quite come together. Even with contracts written and deadlines to meet, Brandon still puts craft first. Good on you. He says in the article: I think we should all know that though Brandon writes very consistently in many things, we all want to read good books. Maybe there comes a time he writes a Mistborn or Stormlight book that isn't so great and he needs to figure out why the book is broken to fix it. The thing Brandon is working on instead of Apocalypse Guard is the Mystery Project. (This is probably why Brandon said he would need to wait till State of Sanderson to talk about it, since Apocalypse Guard didn't turn out the way he would like.) The Mystery Project is another YA novel, and though it is a project he's been planning on for a while (though it is not Dark One), he outlined it over the course of three days. He's keeping a lid on it because it might not also come out. Hopefully it goes well and we'll hear all about it soon. The article ends saying Brandon will update fans on Apocalypse Guard and Mystery Project after Oathbringer's release. Way of Kings Chapter 5 Annotation Next up, we got an annotation for Way of Kings Chapter 5. It's very short, and discusses narrowing down the viewpoints in this 2010 rewrite. It also talks a bit about Taravangian and Jasnah's Soulcaster. Check it out!
  3. Today we have all sorts of news for you. We talked about the Oathbringer endpapers before, and now we have the last two! (Scroll down for those, if you think those are spoilers, I suppose.) But there's lots more to talk about. White Sand vol. 2's release date, which was before right around Oathbringer's release, has been pushed back on Amazon to December 26th, 2017, really hitting that holiday release window... But still, waiting for a good product is always good, rather than wanting a rushed product. There hasn't been an official announcement, so it could still be in flux. Next up, the Dragonsteel Prime chapters are over, but this week we got an old Dalinar chapter from Way of Kings--the 2010 version, not Way of Kings Prime. It's the first Dalinar point of view in the book. As Brandon had talked about before in various places, Dalinar wasn't quite right in that chapter, as Dalinar seemed wishy-washy. Brandon added Adolin, who got that aspect of questioning if Dalinar was sane, to fix the issue. We also have Way of Kings Annotation Chapter 4, which talks about Syl coming from a different book! How crazy is that? Oathbringer endpapers Of course you're here for this amazing artwork in the Oathbringer endpages, right? We reported last week on Ishar and Ash, and Brandon said we'd get Jezrien and Vedel on the back endpages. And we have them now! Howard Lyon is the artist and they are absolutely spectacular. Wow, look how gorgeous this is. Remember, these are in-world representations, but I love that her safehand is covered. There's Vedel's keys (referenced in the books as "Vedeledev's golden keys"), too. And of course, there's Jezrien. Or as the Vorin call him, Jezerezeh'Elin, and the Herald of Kings: I think this is so cool because it really is Jezrien's Honorblade (which Szeth used). His crown is made up of the Windrunner glyph, as well as the symbol on his armor. He has that same ten gemstone thing in the background of Vedel's art Shire Post AMA The Shire Post Mint's Mistborn Coin Kickstarter ends tomorrow, October 28th, and they had an AMA on Reddit yesterday. Joining them was Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney to talk about the art process. Check it out, and be sure to look at the Kickstarter! If you back $20 or more you get a free blackened copper clip. Fishing With Crendor Yesterday afternoon I looked at my YouTube subscriptions page and saw this: Fishing with Crendor with Brandon Sanderson. This is really cool. Crendor is a YouTuber and streamer and he's mentioned Brandon Sanderson on the Co-Optional Podcast before. It's awesome to see Brandon there and chat it up with Eric about all sorts of things, like faking book reports, writing, and more. Crendor actually discovered Brandon from his lectures on writing, which is a cool way to get into an author! For the die-hard cosmere fan, there's no WoBs for you, but Brandon mentions The Silence Divine again. He loves the concept but he has never been able to make it work in a story. He also said that he had a breakthrough on Dark One this summer, which is a project he has discussed in a few States of Sanderson before. He mentioned the mystery project as the thing he's currently working on but no details there. It was a fun listen, though, and a great introduction to Brandon if you're newer. And to me, this was surreal for me to see Brandon in a completely different location than what I expected.
  4. Last week Edgedancer, a Stormlight novella featuring Lift after her interlude in Words of Radiance, is out as a standalone hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. Edgedancer, thus far, has only been available in Arcanum Unbounded since last fall, but now if you have everything else in Arcanum Unbounded, you can now get it. It's a great way to tide yourself over until Oathbringer on November 14th. This release of Edgedancer also contains the Lift interlude from Words of Radiance, too, so you get all the Lift goodness. But wait, there's more, and this stuff is really cool. It's the final Bridge Four chapter from Dragonsteel Prime, and it's a doozy. Check that one out. There's real genuine cosmere stuff on this one. Realmatics! Go check it out, and feel free to discuss it in our Unpublished Works forum. Lastly, on Friday we got another Way of Kings annotation, on chapter 3. It talks about Shallan and Kharbranth. It's pretty neat: Shallan wasn't in Way of Kings Prime, and Kharbranth's origins were a pirate city. Sweet.
  5. Happy Monday to you all! There's lots of news (and some older news we haven't covered), so let's get into it. First up, we have two new chapters from Dragonsteel Prime: Bridge Four #2 and Bridge Four #3, ending with Jerick becoming a bridge leader. Speaking of bridge leaders, we have a new annotation for Way of Kings, talking about chapter 1. It's interesting, as it makes sense that chapter would be controversial (the book has a prelude, prologue, and chapter one before we get a viewpoint from a protagonist), but ultimately seeing Kaladin flash back to those events is much more powerful. Next, we got the back cover blurb for Oathbringer in a tweet last week. This is different from the publisher's synopsis. Each of the back covers of Stormlight books are in-world and are written by things we've seen, in fact. So here's the blurb: Yup. Whoa. I love these things, so it's awesome to see this. Discuss this and more in the Oathbringer spoiler board. Next, and onto older news, on September 17th, according to the progress bars Apocalypse Guard Draft 2 is done. Nice! Lastly, we have some very old news from earlier this summer that I'm aghast we have not talked about on the main page. Admittedly, you guys all probably knew this already, and we've suspected for years this was the case. Mistborn: Birthright, the Mistborn video game, long delayed, was canceled July 24th, 2017. A statement from the CEO is: I'd link you to the original post, but they also deleted their Facebook page some time after that. RIP Birthright. I'll say that, though the lack of communication was extremely infuriating and their optimistic time schedules were maddening, I appreciate the candor here. I too would eventually love to play and stream such a game. All right, I think that's everything that we've missed so far. Stay tuned for tomorrow for another batch of Oathbringer chapters.
  6. The first of Brandon's annotations for The Way of Kings just went up on his website. The introduction says that he only wrote annotations up through chapter 12, but I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting things to learn. For example, the first post discusses the endsheets, including some early versions of the surgebinding chart which have marked differences from the final chart we ended up with. I never realized that the front endsheet was supposed to be a mural made of stones and gems.
  7. Good morning! has posted Oathbringer chapters 13-15. Check out our forum topic on chapters 13-15, and for all Oathbringer preview chapters--and their discussion topic--check out the Oathbringer Preview Chapter Index. As usual, keep Oathbringer discussion in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board and the #oathbringer_spoilers channel in the 17th Shard Discord. Do not post Oathbringer material elsewhere! There's also two more Way of Kings Prime Chapters: Merin 3 and Merin 4. Prime continues to be a profoundly different story than the one we know but It's fascinating to see glimmers of what it will one day be. There have also been two Annotations for The Way of Kings posted, one for the world map, and one for the prelude. In other news the Kaladin album Kickstarter funded yesterday, ultimately raising $112,667! They have also announced that they will be composing the full album. The second half of the songs will be digital, rather than recorded instruments, but they are going to try to record at least the strings for them.
  8. From now until Oathbringer's release this November, Brandon's assistant, Peter, will be posting some deleted scenes from the first two books. You might have missed these last week, but we now have awesome things: a scene from Way of Kings Prime--the version Brandon wrote in 2003--with proto-Szeth, and the first two Way of Kings annotations. Let's talk about the deleted scene, The Way of Kings Prime: Jeksonsonvallano. Clearly this is extremely reminiscent of Szeth, so in this old version, he is named Jek. It's a fascinating look at the differences from the 2003 version and the 2010 version. (Brandon's said Way of Kings Prime has dramatic differences compared to its rewrite.) [UPDATE: This Jek scene is actually NOT new, but, Peter will be posting deleted scenes from Way of Kings. That part is true!] Brandon says about this scene: And indeed, don't read that scene unless you've read the book! If you have, however, it's an interesting look into things that could have been. Next up we have two Way of Kings annotations: the introduction and the indpapers. Annotations were these awesome things Brandon wrote before the Wheel of Time train hit them. He generally wrote these during the copyedit, but now Brandon's team is larger and his time is more precious, so he doesn't do them any longer. That's too bad, because annotations were a fascinating look into the process and definitely revealed lore on a great many things. (The Mistborn annotations are amazing.) Still, I suppose we'd rather Brandon writes new books. Now, Peter says in the introduction that we will only have annotations up through chapter 12, but already these are super cool. Check out the one on endpapers and look at these crazy Surges: Thought? Awakening? Time? Way of Kings Prime clearly must be ridiculously different. It also looks like the Radiants had, uh, some different names, and not our usual Windrunner/Lightweaver/Truthwatcher type things. I hope we learn a lot more about this as the annotations continue! We'll keep you up-to-date as these annotations go live!
  9. I realize the annotations have been a weak point in my cosmere knowledge, and have been reading through them and came to this. It's the from the spoilered section of chapter 47 annotations. So Yesteel know the process to create Nightblood. If the Idrian coalition could do it, then it is most likely a process consisting solely of Awakening. Eliminating the need for any off world investiture. If Yesteel already knows, than it's also perfectly plausible to believe Nightblood is not alone. I really should have read these annotations sooner.
  10. Annotations through chapter 18 are up! There's all sorts of stuff here, including info on different kinds of bubbles, Miles Hundredlives, Ranette, and more!
  11. I did a search of the forums and didn't find a post on this, so I just figured I'd ask and see if anyone knows the answer. (/Looks in Peter's direction...) I have to admit, as much as I love Brandon's books, my absolute favorite part of his writing is actually the annotations. Seeing what was going on in his head as he was writing each chapter (and having him do a little more world-explaining, to boot) is absolutely fascinating to me. But it doesn't look like he's added anything other than a partial bit of AoL annotations in at the past year, at least. Does Brandon have any plans to add annotations for any other books? (Or to release more for AoL?)