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Found 11 results

  1. Discuss anything about the anime, My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Academia). Share theories, opinions, and general love for the show Here's the Season 5 trailer, coming spring 2021! @Spren of Kindness
  2. Who here likes One Piece? It's personally one of my favorite series to ever exist, even beating out the cosmere itself in terms of just how good it is.
  3. Hi, Sharders! So, ever since the Knight Radiants Order Quiz came out and we got to know a little bit more about the specific traits related to each order I've been compulsivelly trying to sort every one of my favorite charachters from books, movies, TV series, anime or mangas, games and so on.... But it turns out I'm in quite a pickle in a couple of chases, cause I'm just can decide wich order fits them best. That's when I said to myself "Hey everybody in the 17th seems to be pretty good at super-annalizing this kind of subject, let's ask them" So I would like this to be a thread where anybody could propose a charachter ( any charachter from any format of entertainment) and everybody who knows about the charachter here on the Shard ( we all seem to have pretty good taste, after all we all love BS) can go ahead and say wich order they think would be a better fit and why? To start, I'll just propose a fantasy classic I think most people know Harry Potter, so I'll ask for him, Hermione and Ron; but if you are a fan feel free to speculate on any of the charachters. And to get more in topic I'll bring up ASoIaF, wich is sort of a personal favorite. Is anybody there even KR material?, maybe the Starks( Jon, Arya, Sansa.. Ned is definitively the embodyment of honor)
  4. Am I the only one who thinks TLR or any Fullborn should be called a FullMetal All-Chemist ?
  5. So I just finished Skyward, and throughout the whole thing I couldn't stop thinking "this sounds like Gurren Lagann" So let's recap. - Humanity is trapped in underground caverns on a desolate world, with most shreds of prior civilization eliminated. - An alien force raids the surface, but only when human populations exceed a certain point. We later find out that this is done to prevent humans from advancing further and to keep them in a less advanced technological state. - The main protagonist is a town runt who's really freaking weird, who finds a broken down piece of technology from the past in a random cave while exploring. This piece of technology becomes crucial to fighting the alien threat, and the protagonist discovers that they have an inner power that is essential for unlocking its full potential. In addition, this inner power was a key part of why humanity ended up in this situation to begin with. - Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens! Don't think I need to say any more here. All it's missing is a Spiral King figure. Also, both are hype af
  6. I'm trying to settle a debate between me and my friends about which way of watching anime is better. Subbed or Dubbed.
  7. I'm kind of stunned at the lack of discussion of the anime-inspired animated series by Rooster Teeth known as RWBY. The story, fights, characters, WEAPONS, and everything are so enthralling that I've nearly annoyed all of my fellow fans in school to ignoring me until a new episode comes out. So, to right this, Come all fans and those intrigued, please watch, it's really good! I'd love to discuss theories, reactions, thoughts on certain characters/weapons/episodes, etc.
  8. Japanese with eng subtitles.
  9. Sometimes I can't get the Cosmere out of my head. Well it makes sense, they are just about the best books ever written. But when you have such great books with no movies or television series (as of this moment) it can make you look at the actors and characters in other media. There are lots of potential actors who could play our favorite Cosmere characters. But there are also existing characters in movies, books, TV shows, and Anime who just seem like they would be perfect to play a character. What are your daydream character actors? What characters from existing media remind you of your favorite Cosmere characters? This week I was re-watching "Attack on Titan" and I realized that there is a character that looks and fights like Vin. Mikasa seriously could be a stand in for Vin, it's almost too perfect. They are both crazy awesome fighters who leap across buildings, wield a pair of blades, and fight by instinct like no one else does. They both are kinda broken but love their best friends and will do everything they can to protect them. "When she fights, she is the blade. When she loves, she is the kiss. In that way, she was more human than any others that I have known" TenSoon -Shadows of Self Here is a video of some of Mikasa's best moments. SPOILER ALERT! GRAPHIC IMAGERY! But Attack on Titan is crazy amazing. I recommend you watch it. Mikasa is the best, and she is the anime version of Vin, my favorite Mistborn!
  10. Ok so I have read every book in the Cosmere and some not in the Cosmere and now that I have finished all I do is read TWoK and WoR over and over. I ride my bike 150 miles a week all while listening to the audio books over and over. I am also a big fan of Manga and Anime. So naturally I picture everything I read in an anime. After reading the Game of Thrones series and then to my disappointment watching the TV show. I can't help but think they could have done better if it was done as an anime. Most stories I read that end up in anime are word for word identical and much better representations of how I picture a story looking. Today I found myself wondering what would it take to get one of the big anime studios in Japan to adopt The Stormlight Archive into a Manga or Anime series. I never want to see this story with real people because I fear the epic failure of it. But I could see the anime being a huge success and it in my mind would bring more fans into the cosmere. Also it would give those who lack imagination a visual representation of what I love to read. I introduced this book to my Korean friends and they loved it as well and continue to ask when it will be available in Korean. Anyways I am not so good at this but I wonder if someone started an online campaign to fund the production of an anime adaption to the Stormlight Archives how many of you would get behind it and do you think it could work.. Thoughts? Be gentle. Oh and has anyone else named there dog after Kaladin? I did and so far I think he is the only one.
  11. Anyone seen Attack on Titan? It's an amazing anime! Since the first episode im hooked and all my friends I've told about the series are hooked as well