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Found 11 results

  1. From the album Bean’s Art

    It’s a axehound.
  2. Hi I'm new here, watch this funny animals. They are cute though. Like you mate. But dropping a link is prohibited. Too bad
  3. Ok I am having a hard time finding the animals that have been domesticated on Roshar outside of the normal Chulls and axehound. Do we know what animals are raised for meat and gem hearts. And do the general population that's not part of the leadership mostly consume a different heard animal because pork and chicken seem reserved for the nobles? And does that mean the bulk of the protein they consume is closer to lobster meat than beef?
  4. From the album Bean’s Art

    It’s a swag skyeel…
  5. From the album Bean’s Art

    I forgot how To draw chull arms…
  6. From the album Bean’s Art

    A drawing of a chull I made.
  7. This is now the Gif master forum. On this forum we will decide who is the Gif master of the 17th shard. Rules Who the Gif master is will be determined by a council of five people, anyone can apply to be on this council Anyone who wants to become the Gif master must challenge the current Gif master to a Gif-off In a Gif-off the Gif master and their challenger will each present a Gif in a round to be judged the council There are five rounds in each Gif-off and each round counts for one point whoever gets more points If the Gif master wins nothing changes but if their challenger wins they now become the new Gif master You can only use Gifs from one animal or other thing of your choosing in each Gif-off The final and most important rule is to have fun Now let’s see some cute Gifs people!!!
  8. gemhearts

    Has anybody thought about the ecology of Roshar? I notice we have a number of new species . From chasm fiends , axehounds, chull, great shells of the Reshin, and even the Rashadium. I notice the lack of avians, bears,great cats, etc of course but that’s not what interest me. In real life we have 5 creatures we can’t live without earthworms , ants , plankton, bats and lastly bees. All play a part In fertilizing the ground , to increasing the yeald of plantlife, to spreading air and spreading seeds. Without these creatures human beings would die off. The ecology of Roshar seems to revolve. Around Gemhearts. How I can’t seem to workout. Just think about it , what do the Parshendi need with gemhearts ? They don’t sell them, they don’t need them stormlight because they haven’t been Radiants . The only use I can see is a type of lantern. But they sure fought the Alethi for them . what creatures would cause life on Roshar to end if they were not present ? Therre is not much plant life described yet other than Rockbuds. The strange grass that can move and hide under the ground. Like what is the constant that life on Roshar ? Using our blueprint earth , water, plants, air , carbon monoxide . Do we have enough to posit what Roshar system is ? I’m interested to hear what @Calderis and @RShara and some of you other sages have to say ? I hope u find this as interesting as I do !
  9. I've been wondering how many Sharders keep pets in their households, and if so, what kind of pets, the pets' names, what kinds of behavior the pets engage in, and a number of other pet-related queries. I like pets. I live on a farm, and on top of that I have somewhere over a dozen cats named Momotaro, Jade Dingle, Julian, Oreo, Rory, Sergeant Zimmykins, Raggedy, Loki, Nekko, Oni, Shadow, Splotches, and my personal favorite of the names, The Blackthorn. Anyone else have too many cats pets that they love to talk about?
  10. Can you theoretically steal echolocation with a tin spike? If you can find the correct spot? I mean think of this. Dolphin man...
  11. just a quick question, has anybody else noticed that on the diagram of a Axehound in way of kings part 2 has the same mandible like protrusions on the side of its mouth as the Chasmfiend diagram in words of radiance. im certain that this was intentional but what evolutional use is it. its likely that Axehounds and Chasmfiends are somehow related but what use do these mandibles have. it could be used to move food into its mouth easily but when your food source tends to crowd around you this is irrelevant.