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Found 33 results

  1. After Amaram’s bonds a unmade amethysts starts growing out of is body covering him and acting like some form of protection. Could this be the void equivalent to shared plate? In rhythm of war it's mentioned That void Spren Do not become fabrils, It's highly likely then that they don't become plate or blades either as this seems to be a similar mechanic. If there will be or has been at some time 10 orders of void binding, as The void binding chart implies, Could this be what they substitute for plate and maybe blade as well?
  2. I was wondering. So Kaladin was branded by Amaram, and his squad was killed. As we all know. At least I hope you do, if you're here. If not... sorry for the spoiler. Anyway! How did no one notice that the famous Kaladin Stormblessed and ALL of his squad disappeared? I mean, even if he was killed in battle, people would probably hear about it. Also what did Amaram do to get Kaladin into slavery? Did he wait till a slaver came? If so, what did he do with Kaladin during that time? That leads to this funny imagined interaction: Random Guy: Hey Highmarshal! How are you? Amaram[loudly]: I'M GREAT! Random Guy: What's that screaming in your closet? Amaram: OH! That? That's just my... pet chicken. Pay no mind.
  3. So, Kaladin is made a slave and the surviving members of his squad are killed so that Meridas Amaram can get a shardblade. We know that Amaram doesn't like to share the credit, but is a big fan of sharing the blame, but... Amaram implies that his buddy Restares was the man who was "right". When he is talking to a storm warden about killing the remaining members of Kaladin’s squad. Why did Restares want that? Just in case there is a person who clicked by accident and hasn't read Rhythm of War... This raises the big question... What were the Sons of Honor really doing? We will get some answers from Gavilar in book 5, hopefully, but with Ameram, Ialai and Restares and his interludes there should be some sorts of clues.
  4. As I sit relaxing at my private spot on my warm ocean reflecting on Words of Radiance, I became troubled about a couple of things I have read. These things are so troubling they will not let me sleep. I have some time now, as I have asked my 7th and 8th sons to keep anybody from bothering me. I am hoping to get some good answers from you airsick lowlanders. First, there is something off about that cremling, Amaram. Something that I am missing. I understand that through Words of Radiance, we mostly dislike him due to the atrocities committed against Kaladin. However, to most other Alethis, he appears very honorable. Everybody thinks he is very honorable except Kaladin, Jasnah, and Sadeas (it takes a cremling to know a cremling). But I don't understand his actions. Throughout WofR, he tries to get Dalinar to reconcile with Sadeas. Unite to become stronger. He is a Son of Honor (HAHAHA, very funny this group name) and seeks to return the Heralds to restore the Vorin religion to dominance. As Dalinar is about to begin his expedition to the center, he is surprised by not only Sebarials arrival, but Aladars as well. In both cases, Amaram tries to tell Dalinar to send them away; he can conquer the Parshendi by himself and those two shouldn't be trusted. Why? Why doesn't Amaram want Dalinar to have more support? Does he really want Dalinar to perish? It doesn't seem so. His internal thoughts seem to regard Dalinar as an important friend and ally. At the end of the book as he dictates his letter to Restares he thinks of the great cost of losing Dalinar as an ally, but glories in the success of the expedition and that the Heralds will soon return. It is then revealed at the end of Oathbringer, that Amaram has been in communication with Odium. I'm a little fuzzy on OB, but I thought it indicated Amaram had been in communication with Odium for a good bit. So was Amaram's goal ever really about bringing the Heralds back? Or did he really want Odium in power? Or did he just pivot and felt Vorinism could be stronger under Odium than it was before the Everstorm? Next question is in regards to important bridgeman, Natam. In particular, the scene of the first failed assassination attempt against Elhokar. The one where Moash used Grave's shardblade to cut the railing on the balcony. At the end of chapter 22, Kaladin is back at Bridge 4 barracks eating stew when Natam stumbles into the camp, flush from running from the palace, to alert Kaladin of the assassination attempt. Beginning of chapter 23, Kaladin is very tired after running from the camp to the palace. He is leaning on the door. He sees all the lighteyes are safe. He looks around at who else is there. Some embarrassed and confused Bridge 4 members. Among them, Natam and Moash. So question is, how did Natam get back to the palace so fast? I'm assuming Kaladin ran super fast using stormlight to enhance. Maybe Natam kept up and when Kaladin saw him he was really on the floor gasping for breath, cramps all over. Wanting to protect a fellow bridge 4 member, Kaladin kept that out of his thoughts so the readers wouldn't think little of him. Or maybe Natam is an Elsecaller! And transported there! Alas, he has Windrunner abilities. Since he can't be an Elsecaller, he must obviously then just be a dragon in disguise. Natam has a long face; dragons more than likely have long faces too. Everybody in the room knows Natam is a dragon, but don't say anything. They want the readers to be in suspense throughout WofR, and revealing they new about the allied dragon in their midst would deaden the sense of suspense throughout the book. Sorry for some of these bad theories. But my questions remain. All this writing and thinking has made me hungry. Where is first son with snack?
  5. I'd say the biggest topic of debate I've seen on the forums lately has been whether or not Amaram is the scum on the earth. I have to say I've undecided and awaiting further information, but for this poll you don't have that luxury. Right now, before the release of WoK what do you think of Amaram. Bad , OK or EXTRA Bad those are your options. Begin
  6. I am rereading WoK(again) and something jumped out at me from Kaladin's flashback where Amaram killed his squad and gave him the slave brand. This may be old news to y'all, but it was new to me... “Why?” Amaram said. “Why did you reject it? I have to know.” “I don’t want it, sir.” “Yes, but why?” Because it would make me one of you. Because I can’t look at that weapon and not see the faces of the men its wielder slaughtered so offhandedly. Because … because … “I can’t really answer that, sir,” Kaladin said, sighing." (underlines mine) It appears to me in this part that what Amaram really wants to know is if Kaladin is a surgebinder. I think that the Sons of Honor know more about the knights radiant than we give them credit for. The several hours spent in Amaram's office before this scene were probably spent arguing about what to do with Kaladin, kill him, recruit him, or what. We don't yet know the extent of King Gavilar's progression toward Bondsmith, but if the Stormfather had revealed to him a fraction of what he has revealed to Dalinar, then Gavilar would have known about the nahel bond and passed that information along to Amaram. They probably were keeping an eye out for the appearance of possible radiants in order to confirm if they were on the right track. Now,here was a darkeyed spearman who, not only survived an encounter with a full shardbearer, but also killed him and then, for some totally unfathomable reason, refused to take the shards. Had Kaladin answered his true thoughts, confirming he wans't Radiant, Amaram probably would have killed him along with the rest of squad. Had Kaladin aswered anything that hinted toward a possible nahel bond forming, Amaram may have recruited him into the Sons of Honor where he could keep tabs on him and then swore him to secrecy. Kaladin's answer of "I can't really say" left Amaram in the position of "I can't leave him around to blab that that I took his Shardplate and blade can't kill him if he is forming a nahel bond and thus further delay the desolation." As a result, Amaram gives him the slave brand to descredit anything he might say and sends him off to his fate, whatever that may be. Amaram probably figured that he'd never see Kaladin again and, knowing he had covered his bases, promptly forgot about him. Sorry if this has already been hashed out somewhere. I thought it was interesting, though. I'll keep blaming being new to the forums if I miss stuff, lol. What do y'all think? Am I just reading too much in to this?
  7. From Mraize's letter, we know: And then back in the prologue of Oathbringer, we have: So, the prologue meeting that Eshonai stumbles into appears to be a Sons of Honor meeting between Gavilar and Amaram and four others (one soldier, two fine ladies, and one old man in robes), where no guards were even at the door, presumably because they wanted a very secretive meeting where even guards were not allowed to listen in. My question is, who are the four others? Restares, perhaps Taravangian The old man in robes appears to be Restares. Amaram writes in a spanreed to Restares (WoR Page 1059), saying, "It has ever been our burden as the Sons of Honor." Amaram had also presumably consulted with Restares via spanreed when deciding slaughter his own men so that he could steal Kal's Shardblade: "Restares is right— this is what must be done. For the good of Alethkar.” (WoK, Page 703) Restares is only mentioned in three places over all three books: as one of three of Gavilar's suspects during his assassination (WoK prologue), when Amaram slaughters Kal's men (WoK), and when Amaram writes to Restares via spanreed (WoR). The Stormlight Archive Wiki states that Restares is an Alethi brightlord, but I'm not sure that we know this even though Amaram implies that Restares said the theft of the Shardblade was for the good of Alethkar. We never hear anything of Restares at all, which knowing Sanderson makes me suspect that Restares is a fake name given how often he gives other names to characters - Heralds like Darkness, Ash, Ahu, and Tezim or the five Scholars - to obfuscate their true identities. I wonder if Restares is not in fact Taravangian or some other old dude we know well. In Oathbringer (Page 242), Dalinar tells us that he had met Mr. T before "his strange illness five years ago." And then the strongest evidence that Taravangian is Restares and a Son of Honor is this quote from WoR: After Gavilar's death and access to the visions ended, Mr. T seeks the Nightwatcher, asking that he be the one to unite them, which led to the Diagram. I will leave all discussion of the Diagram to other wonderful threads, though it does seem that followers of the Diagram and Sons of Honor diverge a bit. However, keeping his position in the Sons of Honor (if he is Restares) would be a brilliant way to keep the information flowing from surviving allies there. Torol and Ialai Sadeas Torol Sadeas is undeniably close to Gavilar, willing to sacrifice his life for Gavilar's own during the assassination attempt and always 100% loyal to Gavilar despite the fact that, following Gavilar's death, he's tried his best to undermine and even kill Dalinar at every possible step. Why the difference? Apparently, Torol was privy to secrets about Gavilar's true, ruthless and Machiavellian nature - secrets of which Dalinar and Elohkar and even Jasnah apparently had no inkling. How is that possible? What secrets did he know? And wouldn't we peg Torol as Gavilar's closest and most trusted companion outside of family? Didn't Torol do all of the politicking with Gavilar when Dalinar refused? So to me, it makes enormous sense that Torol was a Son of Honor, sharing the same ruthlessness and Machiavellian approaches as Gavilar and Taravangian and Amaram. In fact, Meridas was likely recruited by Torol, as was Ialai. Just like House of Cards, Torol and Ialai are playing this game together, 100%. So my thoughts are that Torol actually dressed in his soldier attire for the signing of the treaty with the Parshendi (hence he and Amaram make the two soldiers), and Ialai is one of the two women in long dresses. So the other woman could be... Aesudan We see Gavilar pushing Jasnah into Amaram's arms. Obviously, Gavilar wants to keep the Sons in the family. And Aesudan tells El in OB that his father was ever so much better than he was: Aesudan knows of one (but perhaps not the other) of Gavilar's spheres, and she seems to have continued trapping more bad spren, going even a step further by bonding. But how was she privy to Gavilar's grand plans? How did she know of his father's work and his ancient (evil) spren? I'm thinking that was because she was one of the lady Sons. Yet again, we see the same ruthless, Machiavellian nature in Aesudan as we do in Gavilar, Amaram, Torol, Ialai, and Taravangian. They all fit beautifully together.
  8. Someday I'll get around to organising and dumping all my artfiles. I think the concept behind this came into being after seeing re-runs of the cartoon series Xiaolin Showdown on TV, and the stylised opening titles inspired me. It makes a good desktop background. FULL SIZE: Featuring: 1. Perpetual left swipe 2. Highprince of projection 3. Totally spy 4. Demon crabgirl 5. Vorin fundie 6. Machiavelli grandpa Some notes I wanted to add: I have no idea what Pattern's blade form is like (other than glowing red designs) since he changes shape in every sword appearance. But Shardblades appear out of mist so I assumed Pattern sort of went blurry on the edges and phased into swordform. Taravangian's rock isn't really a cool weapon, but I didn't want to put Szeth in there because Szeth is not actually on the "doing bad things" side anymore. I wanted each "villain" to be the enemy or the opposite of the "heroes" piece, as Amaram is to Kaladin. Szeth didn't really fit there and the most appropriate named person I could think of for Shallan was the guy who pretty much killed a quarter of Jah Keved. I tried to keep the heights and sizes canonically proportional, but Shallan is around 20-25cm (8-10") shorter than Kaladin and so should be at his chin-level if I was being accurate. I upsized her (maybe she's standing on a box like they use when filming kissing scenes?) to make the heights slope evenly But Eshonai really is a 215cm (7') giant who towers over all the human characters when she's in Shardplate. I always imagined Amaram to look like the Alethi model illustration in the fashion folio from WoR. And his uniform is a similar design to the Kholin officer one, but in green with rectangular shoulder patches and yellow and white piping. He also has flash cufflinks and cravat stickpin.
  9. That's from Oathbringer (the book) right after Dalinar returns Oathbringer (the sword) to Ialai and learns that Amaram is to be the new Highprince Sadeas. Daliar's actual reaction was to have his feelings hurt and leave abruptly. Here's what he should have said: "Storms, Amaram, you've figured it out! You may be the first to ever figure that out! Would you like a... I don't know, a ribbon? A pat on the head? Both of my sons are pretty bright, you see, so I don't actually know what the customary reward is for a slightly slow child who has managed to solve a riddle of middling difficulty. Yes, I have done terrible things. I have killed and burned and ended innocent lives the length and breadth of Alethkar. And in so doing, I have amassed power and prestige which I have no intention of giving up now. It's all true. You want to talk about what morality is and isn't, Meridas? Morality isn't a footrace. You don't get extra points for being less vile than the next man. When we die, the being who weighs our souls isn't going to compare the reading to a ledger of those who came before. I am disgusted by the man I was, but I will use him. I will use his reputation and his ill-gotten gains to stop other people from falling to his level, if I can. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite, maybe just a fool. But I am too busy trying to save the world to worry about that just now. "Enjoy your new title, and your shards. Enjoy swinging around the corpse of a being once bonded to a better person than you will ever be." (Mostly I hate it when people treat "you're a hypocrite!" like a super-duper sick burn. Essentially they're saying "I accept your stated position on what is right and wrong, and rather than debate that, I am going to point out that you don't live up to your standards either." I think hypocrisy might actually be morally neutral! Whatever bad thing you're doing is bad, but saying it's bad doesn't make it worse.)
  10. I have been trying to understand the following sentence from the letter by Amaran to Restares. English is not my first language so I am a bit confused. Doest thatmean that Nalan is communicating with Amaram or worse, directing him or is it something else completely.
  11. Necroed Shallan thinks that Amaram killed her brother Helaran, but she's going to find out the truth. At the end of Words of Radiance Amaram confesses to killing the men to take the Shardblade, and Dalinar promises to have a trial for it. When that trial happens, Shallan will find out about Kaladin killing Helaran. Or will she find out before? And how will she react when that happens? Will her friendship with Kaladin be shattered by that? I personally think Shallan will find out from the Ghostbloods, but as to how she'll react, I'm completely unsure.
  12. For some reason, I haven't seen this pop up yet. It seems obvious. With Sadeas' death, I think Amaram rises to fill his place as highprince. He was already the second most powerful lighteyes in his realm, and Sadeas mentions having an understanding with him. I think he is Sadeas' heir. That will certainly put a damper on any attempt to prosecute Amaram for killing Kaladin's men and stealing his Shards.
  13. How do you think this guy will end up? Dead? Fighting for the good side? Being a villain for the rest of the story?
  14. Hello fellow Sharders, One question has recently plagued my mind- Who is worse, Sadeas or Amaram? Amaram is bad because he betrayed someone who we actually know and care about, whereas Sadeas betrayed just a bunch of soldiers, (sorry if that sounded really callous). So, who is worse? Please vote.
  15. Major characters! CLICK HERE to open up full size. CLICK HERE to open up mini version to use in the new profile's cover photo. It fits!! I drew Sadeas to have a punchable face, and Amaram to be less punchable because he's supposed to be a smarmy smug wannabe-Radiant who looks like a normal dude from the outside. I imagined him to be late 30's or almost or about 40, because Jasnah was 34 as of WoK and he was her almost-husband. Taravangian is supposed to be like a wise sage kungfu master grandpa, who looks harmless. Taln wears yellow because topazes are the gemstone of the Stonewards, but later I looked it up and found out that topazes can come in other colours than orangey-yellow, but it was too late for that. Wit has a medieval pageboy haircut because his job is to something like a King's minstrel and his blue eyes are somewhere in between light and dark.
  16. I've been reading through WOR again and a question crossed my mind. We know spren die when their knight betrays their oath, but what happens to the spren when their knight dies? I thought that maybe they just went back to the cognitive realm. However Helaran's/Amaram's blade suggests this is not the case. Taravangian's chapter states that Helaran was a surgebinder. If this is so, clearly he kept his oaths until he died. His blade is still around and bound to someone else so it is a dead spren. Was it dead before Kaladin killed Helaran? No wonder Pattern says Shallan will kill him. It appears joining a surgerbinder is a death sentence. When Kaladin and Shallan die will Sil and Pattern be lifeless blades? Did Kaladin kill Helaran's spren? What do you think?
  17. People Moash is working for are Diagramists, right? (Dude with Moash when fighting Kaladin at end of WoR says this isn't what the diagram said or something along those lines) Shallan is working for the Ghostbloods, right? Don't feel like finding the quote again (I found this like 6 months ago and thought I had posted it but I guess not), but Shallan's employer told her that Amaram's life is reserved for another. Moash and the rest of Bridge 4 is, at this point, the only group of people who know Kaladin is a Radiant, and unless the Ghostbloods tracked him all the way from the battle where he became a slave, Moash is the only one who knows that Kaladin hates Amaram (come to think, this might have been after Adolin's 4v1, but I don't think so, and even still there's no reason the Ghostbloods would keep Amaram for him) Therefore Ghostbloods = Diagramists, or at least they are working together. This whole theory is from like 6 months ago, so I might be wrong.
  18. So, I've put this idea out in passing on some other threads, and thought that such an important event deserved its own thread. Basically, who tried to kill Amaram on the battlefield? Who was Helaran working for? Now, the two most likely options, based off of textual evidence between WoK and WoR, are the Skybreakers and the Ghostbloods. After the assassination, Amaram mentions the Ghostbloods as the prime suspects. However, Mraize tells Shallan that Helaran had looked for the Skybreakers. Personally, my feeling is that Helaran was working for Nalan and the Skybreakers, and I will explain why. First off, the Skybreakers definitely have the resources to get a shardblade and plate, as Nalan is carrying one around with him. Even if that is actually Nalan's honorblade, which it might be, it would provide the Skybreakers with the capabilities to forcefully take another blade and plate, which Szeth could have done 10 times with Jezrien's honorblade. Second, the evidence does not suggest that the Ghostbloods want to kill Amaram. Instead, the evidence suggests that they want to capture him, and Helaran's charge does not suggest that the be the intent. The poison dart at the end of WoR was coated with a paralysis poison, not a fatal one. Now, some people may ask "Why would Nalan want to kill Amaram? He's busy killing surgebinders!". Nalan is not simply killing surgebinders, he is attempting to prevent a desolation from occurring, and surgebinding causes (or Nalan thinks it causes) desolations to occur. Not so incidentally, Amaram and the Sons of Honor are attempting to start a new desolation to cause the Heralds to return, and appeared to be attempting to drive the Parshendi to adopt stormform (perhaps Restares supplied Venli with the stormspren?). This would be more than enough reason for Nalan to arrange for a special kill. To be clear, Nalan could not have killed Amaram himself. Nalan is a constable in Azir, and likely holds similar positions in all the kingdoms and provinces of those kingdoms, meaning that Amaram would be off-limits to him, since he did not commit a crime. However, a random member of the Skybreakers with no prior affiliation to Amaram would have free reign to... say... join an army that Amaram happened to be fighting at the time, bring some shards, ride into battle, then make a beeline for Amaram and kill him. Essentially, Helaran was said Skybreaker. As for why Nalan didn't make another attempt on Amaram's life, that's easy. Amaram's leg was completely shattered. In fact, his bridge run with Sadeas was almost certainly his first combat action since the injury, so Nalan didn't have another opportunity to kill him in battle. In addition, Nalan likely did not know about Kaladin, or else he likely would have executed Amaram immediately. And for the final reason, Amaram and Sadeas were fighting together, and it would be too risky to attack multiple shardbearers and risk even more of the Skybreaker's resources. And there we go. Who agrees with my "Nalan sent Helaran to kill Amaram on the Battlefield" theory? Who disagrees? Who has any new culprits that could have pulled off the attempt? Please discuss! Edit: Oudeis suggested that Helaran's intent may not have actually been to kill Amaram. I do not believe this to be the case. Amaram's leg got pinned by Helaran. A slightly different position easily could have severed an artery and killed Amaram. For a capture mission, that would have way too large of a risk of killing him.
  19. Quoth Hoid to Amaram, "You are what lesser cremlings like Sadeas can only aspire to be." This thread is basically me asking who you disliked the most. Personally I disagree with dear Wit. Amaram is a jerk and a chull, but Sadeas gives me the creeps. Why do I dislike them so unevenly? They both believe that what they have done/are doing/will do is the right thing. They both put on a face of honor. But Amaram seems less evil, I guess, because he's more like Dalinar? I guess he does a better job at hiding behind pretenses? Even if he is going along with the stupidest plan in the history of stupidest plans. Basically, I think one reason he seems less evil to me is that we get it from the beginning that he's a traitorous, double-crossing jerk with Kaladin's POV. Sadeas, on the other hand, seems like a nice guy. We get Adolin calling him an eel, yes, but he seems decent enough. Heaven knows I was cheering for him when he seemed like he was starting to listen to Dalinar. And then the betrayal happened. And now I cringe whenever he appears on-screen, especially when we're in his POV. So, TL;DR, basically Amaram is a jerk but not as much of a jerk as Sadeas.
  20. By good I mean saving-the-world good, not morally good. We all know he's a horrible person. Okay. This is a bit far-fetched, but it's the only explanation I could think of for Amaram to be trying to bring the Voidbringers back, seeing as there's no-one around to bribe him with a "position of power in the new government" type of thing. Dalinar is was a good friend of Amaram's for years, probably since before the assassination, since Amaram presumably hasn't been to the warfront until WoR. Since no-one would want to make friends with the Blackthorn except out of fear, it's safe to assume that Amaram was really close to Gavilar. Gavilar was trying to bring the Heralds back (or something, I couldn't find the exact quote) and the Parshendi had him killed because that would also bring their gods back, presumably making them voidbringers. What if Gavilar had told Amaram his plans? Shallan saw when she went to spy on Amaram that he was trying to bring the Voidbringers back. What if Amaram, being a smart man, realized that there was no reason the desolations had actually stopped and the Heralds and Voidbringers had just disappeared, and that bringing the Heralds (or whoever it was) back would attract the evil that would turn the Parshendi into voidbringers, and that was why Gavilar was killed? Actually, let's make this theory crazier and bring the black sphere into it. So if the black sphere was connected to bringing the Heralds back, and Amaram couldn't find it on Gavilar's corpse, he'd try bringing them back the other way, which is by bringing the voidbringers back to attract the Heralds' attention from wherever they were, or because they appeared right before a desolation. Actually, this theory seemed a lot better yesterday night... I hope it sparks some ideas though!
  21. A relatable post of Kaladin that I found on Tumblr and wanted to share with everyone.


  22. I've been thinking about the Ghostblood's dealings with Amaram, and I'm completely stumped as to what they might want with him, other than using his information to get to Urithiru. In WoK, Amaram assumes that it was the Ghostblood's trying to assassinate him, when Mraize says that Heleran had sought out the Skybreakers (WoR Chapter 88 The Man Who Owned the Winds.) And there's other evidence that shows the Ghostbloods weren't trying to hurt him or have him assassinated: Later in chapter 88, we have the attack on Amaram: Clearly this is Iyatil. But I don't think the intention was for the dart to kill Amaram. I think it's a safe assumption that it was a similar poison on the dart shot at Amaram. Granted Shallan only assumes the poison isn't killing the mink slowly, and just stunning it, but considering the first quote on Amaram, I doubt it was a lethal poison. So why are the Ghostblood's so interested in Amaram? His connection to the Sons of Honor and their motives? More importantly, why were they trying to kidnap him? And what does Mraize know about Amaram's death? Who is it that he's referencing to, and why does Amaram's life belong to them? Edit: I just realized that I made this post when my reputation level was Ghostblood. Unintentional win!
  23. I have the audiobook, so it is hard to search for things. Gavilar was part of the Sons of Honor, along with Amaram. We also know from the Taravangian interlude that Gavilar was having the same visions that Dalanar is having (so knows the desolation is coming, Honor is dead, humanity needs to be united, etc.). Gavilar was a proponent of the Way of Kings, due to his visions. How does this fit with the Sons of Honor? If the desolation is coming (visions), then the Heralds would be there soon. Why try to get the desolation to come sooner (which is what he and Amaram appear to have been planning, by attempting to bring back the Listener's gods). Why did Gavilar involve Taravangian? He operates completely opposite to the first ideal. Or is that a change caused by his visit with the old magic? And lastly, are the Envisagers an offshoot of the Sons of Honor? From Teft, the goals are very similar (they want to bring back the Radiants, the SoH want to bring back the Heralds, though the wiki does not state that clearly, so I may be misremembering), they just have the added craziness of trying to "snap" themselves into becoming radiants themselves.
  24. I got the impression that the shardblade that Amaram shows to Shallan (who appears as a messenger boy) is not the one that Kaladin got for him, but is, a second, newer one. Amaram says, "The blade is still new to me. I find excuses to summon it." This is consistent with Amaram's story that he got the blade only four months ago from an assasin that was sent after him (Helaran). I do audiobooks, so it's hard for me to go back and find and compare the right supporting quotes. But I figure this might be proved or disproved by comparing the description of the shardblade Kaladin sees on the battlefield to the one that Amaram shows to Shallan. Thoughts?