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Found 63 results

  1. This looks like fun, and I'm procrastinating. Anyone want to ask me pointless questions?
  2. The title says it all! ask me any question you want. (I reserve the right to ignore any questions I don't want to answer.)
  3. These are apparently a thing, and I need to explore this website more. So...GO!
  4. Hm, looks like I'm over 100 posts. I suppose it's time to start one of these. Hi y'all, ask me questions.
  5. I got a DM requesting that I make one. Feel free to ask me anything!
  6. ama

    So, I'm MasterGhandalf (MG for short); I'm a long-time but fairly sporadic poster, though I've been decently active posting my original fiction in the Creator's Corner. I'm also on various other sites under the same username; some of you may have run across me there before. In any case, I just stumbled upon this section of the forum recently and realized it was a thing, so... ask away!
  7. ask me anything about everything and i will do my best to answer. i am slightly bored so fill free to ping at any time, not on Saturday. i sleep on Saturday
  8. I don't think I have nearly enough friends for this but... this is my hundredth post, so ask me anything!
  9. Sure, ask me stuff. I don't really care.
  10. Hello! I've read some of these, (Mostly Ene's) and thought it would be fun to do one. So uh, ask away?
  11. It works with the AMA acronym
  12. Ask me anything! I'll even take questions for Mist and Vapor if you have them. Please address your questions, if you don't I'll assume it's for me.
  13. Hey all, come ask me any stupid question that comes to your brilliant minds.
  14. Okay, here's my "3,000"th post thread! Ask me advice! I do life, grammar, spelling, friends, just about anything. My AMA died, so this was the idea that people liked. Ask me advice! Oh, and I promise to try not to be intimidating. I don't think I'm intimidating, although I can get down on grammar.
  15. Because these seem like fun, AMA! I'd prefer something more random, but hey, you pick. Also, I'd be great if you would mention me or quote me so I don't forget about this thread, but if you don't I will try to fix my memories.
  16. I thought that since it's my birthday today (in quarantine), that I'll just start this instead of a party. Ask me anything. Nothing is taboo. I won't promise that the answers will be satisfying, but I will answer.
  17. Here is post number 2000. To commemorate this milestone my AMA returns. All questions withing reason (Whatever that means) are fair game! Bring on the questions!!
  18. Um, hello! Just saw this topic lying around, thought I might post something. Um, I'm not really sure how much attention this is going to get, but if you happen to venture onto this post, then I'll grant you the privilege of asking me anything! Anything. Ok, um, time for you to ask.
  19. Ask my anything! Except for what my secret plans are, or there will be grave consequences . . .
  20. I haven't posted a ton, but I thought this would be a fun thing to do. Ask me anything!
  21. Seriously ask anything! Let’s have some fun.
  22. All right... so this is a thing, apparently. So, I guess, ask me anything! Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse to answer any questions. However, most questions I do not want to answer will indeed be answered sarcastically.
  23. Ask me anything. I don’t really care at this point. But the sad truth is, nobody will.
  24. Ask a question and don't expect a satisfactory answer.