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Found 88 results

  1. yes
  2. Thought this would be fun Ask away!
  3. It's an AMA. It exists. It's a thing now.
  4. A lot of people do this for their hundredth post, so I figured, why not? Although I think this is my 101st. Not sure, though. So…yeah. Ask me stuff!!
  5. I saw a bunch of these pop up and I though that its about time for me to make one too. (Day 4 of becoming the craziest shardsock???) I don't even know anymore. Question my secrets. (Just so you know I don't know a whole lot about Sanderson yet I am being e d u c a t e d by my family currently) Want to know my favorite type of chocolate? Dark. Want to know what my cats name is? Bastion. Want to know my fourth grade, grade in English class? A+. You provide the questions, I answer with my deepest darkest secrets. Ask away.
  6. Alright everyone here knows the drill, and I think I know enough people that I can do this..... ....granted the people I know are chaotic, so who knows what's gonna happen
  7. Welp, don't really know what to expect, but I'm bored and like silly/deep/random conversations, so thought I might as well finally try one of these.
  8. Since I'm unoriginal, I'm doing an AMA for my 100th (Actually 116th because I forgot I was supposed to do something) post. So uh, go ahead I guess.
  9. ama

    Hey Shard, I have heard these AMAs are popular so I decided to do one so as the name says, Ask me Anything!
  10. Ahem, hello dear HumAns. I am Telrao, your Local Feline Elantrian. And in celebration of becoming a *ahem* noble, I have created what they call an "Ask me Anything" page. I will patiently await your questions as I attempt to win the Battle For the Sandwich.
  12. These are apparently a thing, and I need to explore this website more. So...GO!
  13. Heyyyy , I am fairly new and I thought that in honour of my fiftieth post I would make an AMA so…. I did. You may ask me, well, anything, the title explains itself I suppose, I will do my best to answer but before you start asking me questions I have one for you: Do you use the Oxford comma? (boring question I know, but I am inquisitive and would like to know the answer)
  14. Hey everyone! I joined fairly recently and I'm loving my time here! I saw these around, so I thought I'd better put one up for my 100th post as these threads seem like fun. So feel free to ask me literally anything! Random, silly, serious/existential—pretty much anything goes, and I'll answer to the best of my ability!
  15. So, I have noticed that lots of people make an "Ask Me Anything" where people ask them anything. And I did not have one until now. It's my hundredth official post (because the myriad of posts on Forum Games and Random Stuff don't count), and so... Go ahead and ask me anything!
  16. Found out people are doing this so.... *Side note any questions about my personal life will only be answered at my discretion* *Side side note weird questions will be answered with weird answers so beware*
  17. G'day everyone! Hope that you're doing well. These AMA's seem quite fun, so I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring! Ask me anything you feel like! Will answer to the best of my ability. Thanks for stopping by!
  18. I've been looking through these, and I thought I might as well try one!
  19. To celebrate my 100th post (Finally. also it's a little more than that but that's fine), I'm gonna make an AMA! Ask away!
  20. The title says it all! ask me any question you want. (I reserve the right to ignore any questions I don't want to answer.)
  21. This is Nath your resident Poet here. It's been a long time since I made a AMA. My posts tend to vanish fairly quickly. Let's see how long this one lasts. Ask me your questions!
  22. I just reached 42 posts! Well, 43 now. Unless you count the way-too-many messages in forum games. So I thought this was the best time to start an AMA! You can ask me anything, and I will try to answer in less than 7.5 million years.
  23. Alright let’s do this. Never done this before. And I will not answer anything that makes me uncomfortable, naturally