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Found 73 results

  1. So far all we've seen of how to contain the Unmade is through trapping them in Perfect Gemstones, but these Gemstones are quite rare so I'd like to discuss any potential alternatives toward containing these Malignant Super-Spren. One idea I have is locking them into an Aluminum box, baiting them into one would be difficult but not undoable. Another idea would be Binding them to either a particular location or perhaps to a person, this would likely require an experienced Bondsmith. Any other suggestions?
  2. So does Aluminum have no limit to how much Invesititure it can block or is it possible to overwhelm it's Investiture-blocking properties with enough Invesituture? Like if you were wearing a full set of Aluminum Armor, would a Shard be unable to Smite you with an Invested Lightning Bolt?
  3. What do people think would happen if you tried to draw Nightblood while wearing Aluminum gauntlets (or full plate mail, which seems the safest way to draw Nightblood, if there is indeed a safe way to do so)? Would Nightblood still go active and try to destroy, not be able to draw Investiture out of the wielder, would those weird tendrils try to climb over the Aluminum to suck Investiture out of you anyway, would Nightblood's power be lessened, or something else?
  4. Would the aluminum block them from drawing in investiture from Preservation? Also, would storing Feruchemical attributes work just fine, since you’re technically just diverting your own stream on innate investiture, or would you only be able to store a limited amount depending on how large the box was?
  5. We use so much Aluminum everyday while the poor era 2 folks would literally kill for an ounce of it. Proof that we use a lot of Aluminum:We throw it away, we make cans out of it and then throw it away. Why dont we try to show the era 2 folks how to easily make it.
  6. Miles was extremely cocky and didn't even worry about his henchmen stabbing him in the back. Which, makes sense at first glance since he could regenerate from practically anything. Except, of course, from any aluminum that happened to be logged in his body. Like the bullets his henchmen had. ALUMINUM BULLETS THAT COULD HAVE KILLED HIM. It seems like a pretty glaring oversight to me that someone as clever and experienced as his would have overlooked this. Did I miss something?
  7. So we know that 1. gemstones leak stormlight over time 2. Stormlight is gaseous investiture 3. aluminum is almost completely unknown pre final desolation 4. stormlight functions via gaseous principles of pressure so if you covered a large gemstone in airtight aluminum, perhaps with soul casting, then the buildup of high pressure SL leaking would eventually equal the pressure within the gemstone, forming an equilibrium. So if you cracked it open years later, it would still have SL, more or less depending on how large the gemstone is, and how much space there is in the aluminum packaging.
  8. I had an idea. If you were to line an air tight enclosure with aluminum, maybe you could create a pocket that was essentially cut off from the rest of the Cosmere. You wouldn’t need to worry about Shardic influence so much, or about hostile investitures seeping in. Perhaps you could even trap certain types of investiture in with you, maybe even enough to fuel a self-sufficient ecosystem, provided there is enough investiture to be recycled and that the pocket is large enough. Certain forms of invested powers, like Allomancy, might not work so well though, as they would need to draw on investiture that likely wouldn't be accessible inside the pocket.
  9. I woke with a massive head ache, and there was a body lying next to me. There was strange looking creature standing over us. Around me it looked like a deep crevasse in the roughs. As my head cleared I asked the creature "Where am I?, and Who or what are your?" It said I am a Cryptic and you can call me Fractal. You are in the Chasms on the shattered plains. Then it asked me "whzy dos I feel az if you aren relatedz to Taldar mynz bond matez?" I looked at it and replied "I am not sure what the shattered plains are but where I am from I am considered an Identity mirror. It is kind of like being a living hemalugic spike except I copy personalities to my metalmind of people I come into contact with then I weave parts of that Identity into myself." I continued "You can call me quicksilver. I must have come in contact with this Taldar while he was alive and before his journey lead to this final destination" Out of nowhere I heard or felt something say your oath is accepted. Suddenly I felt an infusion of power and my headache vanished as well as many other minor pains. I also felt a flood of knowledge about what Taldar had known of these new abilities. I seemed to suddenly have as well, an understanding of who and what Fractal was. I filled the Pewter and Gold minds I had gained access to when I mirrored some other ferings Identities with the surge of power I felt. Once I gathered anything useful I looked at Fractal and said I guess we should get moving since I don't think we are safe down here. Then with pewter aided strength and filling Iron climbed to the plateau. Looking around I said to Fractal "where to from here?"
  10. We've seen aluminum block investiture, and souls are made up of investiture, so if you were to trap someone inside an aluminum box as they were dying, could you prevent their spirit from escaping to the Beyond?
  11. If you were to coat an object (or person, theoretically) in aluminum, would someone still be able to see their future? Could you conceal a weapon, such as Nightblood, from a shard by using this method?
  12. Could you create a new Bands of Mourning metalmind by hemalurgically granting yourself all the necessary powers while in an air-tight aluminum box, so as to avoid being mind controlled by the local shard, then remove the spikes before you leave (using feruchemcal gold to heal the damage of removing the spikes, of course), and simply use the special unsealed metalmind to retain the powers?
  13. Are all alloys of aluminum inert to Invested effects like Allomantic pushes and pulls? Can we say that any aluminum alloy that doesn't have a blue line has the same magical properties? For example, if we used the alloy the Set used for aluminum guns and lined the room with it, would it have the same effect as pure aluminum the wall guard used in Kholinar? Now that I think of it, do we know if duralumin is Allomanticaly visible to a Coinshot or a Lurcher?
  14. If an aluminum gnat were to swallow both aluminum and a select few different metals, would all the metals be burned away, or just the aluminum? Do you have to be mistborn for the other metals to burn away too?
  15. Spoilers up to Alloy of Law! So I was researching Hemalurgic aluminum for my Mistborn game, and found a discrepancy in the definitions of its use. According to the Coppermind, and The Hemalurgic Table found in the leather bound edition of the Hero of Ages, an Aluminum spike does not steal any power, but rather removes all powers. But in my pocket edition of the Hero of Ages, the Metal Quick Reference Chart describes Aluminum's effect as "Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers". The leather bound edition is obviously newer, so is this a retcon from Brandon to fit with Era 2 and the Cosmere in general?
  16. Can you Duralumin burst aluminium? I mean it would be difficult as the aluminium would probably be looking to metabolize the duralumin anyway but can you even duralumin burst aluminium in the first place? What about Nicroburst touching an Allomancer, Mistborn or Misting, burning aluminum? Can you use chromium to leech someone's aluminium?
  17. A long time ago I finished Mistborn . Seeing as how Atium was the body of Ati . Lerasium was the body of Lerus . I started thinking Aluminum may be the body of Adonalsium . It kind of made sense since throughout the Cosmere it blocks Investiture . It Falls from the sky on Roshar , so it kind of follows my theory somewhat . Then the fuse call it Rayelaak ( audio book) so forgive my spelling . And that sounds a lot like Rayse . So could I be wrong and aluminum is the body of Rayse . That doesn’t make sense . I just don’t get why the fused would call it that . What do you guys think ?
  18. So in chatting on another thread I’ve realized we have two unanswered questions that are vital for Roshar as it moves into the larger Cosmere: 1. Does aluminum/ralkalest occur naturally on Roshar? 2. Can soulcasters turn other things into Aluminum? I can’t find any clear answers either way, only assumptions made by in world, non-expert, characters. But the answers are crucial for Rosharans as they move toward their technological/industrial revolution. Personally, I think it does not occur naturally, and cannot be made by soulcasters. And that it may only occur naturally on Scadrial. I feel that makes for really interesting dynamics between Scadrial and Roshar moving forward. However these questions are answered though, it’s going to change our understanding of the economy of Shadesmar, and our understanding of the conflicts between Shards/Shardworlds in the future. Edit:
  19. I tried to search WOBS but couldn't find this: does Aluminum Glow in the Scadrial Cognitive Realm Like Other Metals? If you etched a message in aluminum foil, could Harmony, or a being in the cognitive realm read it?
  20. If you got a boon and a bane from the nightwatcher, (let’s say your boon was good luck for a year, and your bane was seeing upside-down for the rest of your life) and then you burned Aluminum, would that get rid of the boon/bane? Aluminum sorta ‘cleanses’ all investiture from the person’s soul/spiritweb right? Would it depend on the type of boon/bane? What about compounding gold, gold healing tries to restore you to your spiritual ideal right? Would that remove them? Could either one of these remove a bane but keep a boon? If you perceived the good luck as apart of you, but still saw the upside-down vision as some outside handicap affecting you, and then compounded gold, what would happen? I’ve checked the arcanum and couldn’t find anything that mentioned aluminum and the Nightwatcher together.
  21. After reading a series of Wob's on Enhancement Metals, I was curious about their role at Feruchemy. Here: zas678 If you burn nicrosil, will it deplete Feruchemial storages? Or just Allomantic? Brandon Sanderson Just Allomantic. /r/Fantasy_Bookclub Alloy of Law Q&A (Jan. 17, 2012) - Kaymyth I asked the question about chromium vs a Compounder with both Invested and un-Invested metals in both their stomach and piercings. Brandon Sanderson What it boils down to is this: 1) Yes, the piercings will get burned off. 2) The non-Invested metals go before the Invested ones. He said that because Invested metals are harder to affect, it takes a little extra time and effort to get them to burn off. So a Leecher trying to clean out a Compounder would have to get a good grip and hang on for a few seconds. 3) Chromium burns about as quickly as duralumin, so if you're trying to burn off a lot of metals, it is possible to run out of chromium before your target is clean. This would probably only be an issue when dealing with larger pieces (like jewelry) rather than your standard metal-flakes-in-the-stomach deal. ConQuest 46 (May 22, 2015) - Questioner Could a Leecher take away stores in a metalmind? Brandon Sanderson You’ll have to find out. That’s a RAFO. Calamity Seattle signing (Feb. 17, 2016) - Questioner What happens if you burn duralumin while Compounding? Brandon Sanderson Duralumin while Compounding. So, what duralumin does is it burns out of all of your metal in one burst. So it doesn't necessarily gain you power, it makes it all happen at the same time. The same thing would happen. Questioner Could you turn into a baby? Brandon Sanderson Oh, you could totally turn into a baby. That is within the power of using that, doing <health wrong>, yeah you could totally... You'd be really dangerous. Questioner But it wouldn't really do much? Brandon Sanderson Oh it would have explosive... it does things really fast. That's what it does. Yes you could achieve very powerful sudden effects through that. It'd be scary. Controlling it can be dangerous, regardless of which metal you use. Arcanum Unbounded Seattle signing (Dec. 1, 2016) - In the first question he answers that Nicrosil does not affect metalminds, which may indicate that the same is true for other metals. But in the second he replies that with Compouding the uninvested metals go before the Invested ones in the case of Chromium, in the third he presents a RAFO, and in the fourth he talks about the effect of Duralumin in the Compouding process. I first wondered if he changed his mind, but then I started a theory. I believe that normal metalminds are not affected by these metals, not even Aluminum, because Feruchemists do not burn metals after all. But, if you are a Double Twinborn (or somehow have the power to burn the same type of metal as the invested metals that is in your body), it becomes possible to affect even metalminds. Basically forcing your body (or someone else's body to do the Compouding process). Then Aluminum would have all of its metalminds burned, Duralumin would use them in a single burst, and its external equivalents would allow it to mess with someone else's Compouding process. What do you think, guys?
  22. If Aon Ashe was carved into a sheet of aluminum would it do anything? What about if you tried to do AonDor in a room enclosed in aluminum? And could you use an aluminum bar to make Aons?
  23. From the album How to get rich in Scadrial

    I'm rusting rich, boys and girls:
  24. We all know that Nightblood is a heavily Invested object. I had the thought that it would be interesting if he was used as a Hemelurgic spike, but then I dismissed the thought due to the aforementioned Investment. However, he is sheathed in an aluminum sheath. I was just wondering if it was possible to use his sheath as an aluminum spike to rob someone of their powers. Aluminum "removes all powers" and I remember reading a WoB that says Hemelurgy doesn't always kill the subject. Iirc Hemelurgy also works anywhere in the cosmere so long as you have the knowledge of spike placement and the Intent. I admit I don't understand aluminum or its hemelurgical abilities very well. Thoughts? I hope this inspires some discussion! If there are any WoB you know to refute or support please share!
  25. What kind of abilities would a person get from being able to Compound aluminum, the sort-of anti-magic metal of Scadrial?