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Found 45 results

  1. This is kind of just a weird thought that went through my head, but what would such an alloy have as its properties? We know Aluminum is the "anti-Investiture" metal, and Silver seems to have some special power against Shades (and is apparently significant to the cosmere in general), so... What would happen? Silver isn't allomantically functional, so i'm not asking about that (RIP Silvereyes) but i mean in terms of, say, having a knife made of this alloy and using it on Shades, or sprinkling it on Withered injuries. Would the Aluminum content prevent the silver from corroding in that case? For that matter, would Aluminum be better at shade-related stuff than Silver itself?
  2. Identity that is stored in an aluminummind is either always keyed, or always unkeyed, and I can't decide which it is. My thinking is as follows. When you store Identity, you don't have Identity, but you did have Identity when you started storing it. It's one of those "which came first" paradoxes. Help me.
  3. Hi there! First time poster, but long time fan of all of you on the forum. In one of the Shallan flashback chapters, the one where she buys Jushu back, the man collecting her debt said something interesting. Shallan's necklace was made of aluminum, which can only be soulcast. There's been some WOB where he's said that aluminum has some weird effects on magic systems all over the cosmere. My theory is that the aluminum necklace supressed or killed Shallan's bond with Pattern. Shallan's father, influenced by Odium, didn't want another radiant around to ruin his plans, so he gave her the necklace to try to sever the bond. That's just my take on it. Thoughts?
  4. A theory I put on reddit a year or so ago, but not that I've joined the arcanum, I would like to put it here as well. I was re-reading Mistborn recently and it got me thinking about aluminum. We know that very invested metals are difficult to push/ pull- thats why Mistborn don't just push the linchpin spike of Inquisitors to kill them. Aluminum also cannot be pushed or pulled, despite being metal, so this lead me to believe that it is heavily invested. I think it is a fair assumption that there is aluminum other than sel, seeing as nightbloods sheath is made out of aluminum. (redacted, bot thought it was spam???) (#48). Since no shards we know of would go around the cosmere spreading highly invested metal, I'm fairly certain aluminum is Adonalsiums god metal. There is the problem however, that Mistborn don't get ridiculous amounts of power when burning aluminum (like when burning Atium), but I think this is because they just use Aluminum as connection to Preservation, just like any other metal. Evidence: when burning tin, for example, Mistborn don't convert the atoms to energy- instead it gives connection to Presevation and preservation fuels the allomcany instead. I think the energy stored inside MAY be unlocked while burning Duralumin. Stronger allomancers can burn metals at a faster rate, and they are more invested. Duralumin makes you burn ALL of your metal in an instant, so that makes it seem to me that Duralumin temporarily makes you and extremely powerful Mistborn- that would take a lot of investiture, so the aluminum must be fueling it. On a side note I have a hunch that Yolen magic is fueled by Aluminum- and possibly, aluminum is dragon steel. I have no evidence for this portion, except for that Yolen was adonalsiums world.
  5. There has been discussion before about using bullets as Hemalurgic spikes. With the new Hemalurgic table, things might be a bit scarier... An aluminum Hemalurgic spike removes all powers. I don't know how precisely the bullet would have to placed, but does this information open the possibility that someone could fire an aluminum bullet at another person with the intention to make a Hemalurgic spike, and successfully remove all of their powers?
  6. *mistborn/Wax and Wayne spoilers* So far we've seen that Aluminum can block emotional allomancy, and that it can't be pushed or pulled by steel/iron. Can it intercept any kind of allomancy? If you put an aluminum sheet between a coinshot and a metal object, would he be able to sense or push it? How about bronze? would aluminum shielding block an allomancer from being sensed by a Seeker? Etc. I'd love to hear if there are any Words of Brandon to this effect, but theories are also welcome. It seems like we're just starting to learn what aluminum can do.
  7. (spoliers for BoM) Recently, I looked over the Feruchemical powers again and recalled the scene in BoM where the group finds the Nicrosil and Gold bracelet (I think) stored with an immense amount of Health that anyone could use because of the Investiture in the Nicrosil. It happens again in the epilogue with the coin and memory of Kelsier in the Final Empire. Now, after seeing Aluminum's Feruchemical power was Identity, I'm curious as to how it works. Do we know anything? My guess is that it may be a sort of protection against brainwashing, or in combination with Nicrosil, could literally make someone drawing both Investiture and Identity act like the Identity donor. What do you all think? Or what do we actually know?
  8. So with the news that a full hemalurgy chart is delayed until who knows when, I decided to try my hand at figuring it out for myself. I'm stumped. At first it looked pretty easy: the pure elements steal innate traits, the alloys steal Metallic Arts powers. But then why would Aluminum steal Enhancement Allomancy? I can only come up with three possibilities: It's an in-universe mistake. Khriss is simply wrong about what Aluminum does, which is totally possible, since Brandon has said that the little Ars Arcana are in-universe reference documents that can be wrong. It's an out-of-universe mistake. Brandon just hasn't gotten around to correcting it, and is going to play it off like he did with brass and electrum being reversed. The final two quadrants are genuinely "backwards" in Hemalurgy, and the table is a different shape than we think. Or at least the groups are arranged differently than we think they are, like how the periodic table has a zig-zaggy section for the "metalloid" elements. So with all that in mind, this is my best guess so far: Even aside from leaving Nicrosil, Bendalloy, and Electrum blank, I'm really not happy with how the green and purple sections seemingly reverse the pattern. The only thing I can think of is maybe the shape is wrong. Maybe the Metallic Arts stealing metals should be up against each other, forming a "stripe" (or a "spike?") shape section through the middle of the chart? That sounds weird and contrived, though. Does anyone else have any ideas? Am I missing something here?
  9. Ok, so here is my idea. A Bondsmith, and an Awakener of the 10th heightening, team up to make the Bondsmith immortal. Here is how the do it: • First, they forge a solid metal man made of steel. (interlocking plates, joints on the arms and legs, opening mouth/eyes. Movable fingers and toes, ect...) • Secondly, the Bondsmith uses spiritual adhesion to bind his soul to the metal man. • Third, the Awakener Awakens the metal man using all of his breath, creating a nightblood esque sentient object, only this one can functionally move, and has the mind and soul of the Bondsmith. • Finally, they sew together a cloak of thin aluminum strands and the metal man puts it on to inhibit his world destroying powers. (though he can take it off to level his enemies) So, what do you guys think? Is there a way to use hemalurgy to give the now Metal Bondsmith the powers of a Fullborn? What awakening commands should be used on this Metal man? Would the metal Bondsmith keep his radiant powers? *EDIT* Ok, so I guess my the only thing that works here is awakening a metal man, and therefore have a walking nightblood.
  10. We have seen Alimum be used as an Ant-Investure weapon in the form of Hazekiller rounds. Once someone finds out how to mass produce it, could we see more Alimum weapons? Alimum swords and armor to counter shard blades? Perhaps some kind of vehicle with Alimum armored, how about Alimum spaceship in Mistborn space ages?
  11. Cost aside, what would an Aluminum Misting having burnt enough aluminum to become a savant do? Does aluminum even stick around instead of vanishing like all the other metals if you burn it? Would you somehow become more resistant to all forms of Investiture? That would be pretty funny. Stormlight spoilers:
  12. So earlier I saw a thread about why Aluminum might be immune to investiture. This thread theory used the basis that Aluminum was Adonalsium's god metal, and it makes other investiture more balanced. This made me start thinking if it is possible that the reason Aluminum is immune to investiture is along the opposite side of the spectrum. What if Aluminum can't be affected by Investiture because it only exist in the Physical Realm. In the Cosmere everything exists in 3 realms, physical, spiritual, and cognitive (I am not going to go into detail of realmatic theory, you can probably find it on the wiki if you don't already no what it is) If aluminum only exists in the Physical realm it would mean that it can't be edited by any investiture, yet it would probably still be able to be burned as an allomantic metal. Not existing in the Cognitive or Spiritual realm immediately make it impossible to forge because Forgery changes the object in both of those realms, and without them, it would be no different than just stamping an object. Oathbringer Spoilers: Those 2 things are the easiest to explain why they would work with this theory. I had a little bit more trouble with Aons because their context with realmatics is a little unclear. Aons probably couldnt directly alter Aluminum because they would probably be altering items similar to the way soulcasting works. I couldn't find enough information as to how BioChromatic Breath works when awakening an object to draw any conclusions, but I think it is safe to assume that it has something to do with at least one of the other realms. As to why things like Nightblood and Shardblades can't cut aluminum, I can't find a good conclusion since so little is known about them, the best thing I can guess at actually involves another portion to this theory that I haven't even brought up yet. What if aluminum is the one thing in the Cosmere that isn't made of investiture? This would make it so that Nightblood cannot cut it (Nightblood consumes investiture), and probably shardblades as well. Also, shardblades supposedly cut out people's souls, which involves realmatics, which would make them incapable of cutting aluminum. As to why it can't be pushed/pulled on by allomancers, I can only assume that steelpushing/ironpulling involves at least one of the other two realms. Before I finish and let you tear holes in my theory, don't say that if aluminum isn't investiture than how did Adonalsium create it, I would like to point out that we don't know that Adonalsium created the Cosmere from nothing. Parts of this theory assume that Aluminum was in fact the only thing in the cosmere before adonalsium came along, and it also assumes that Adonalsium created the other 2 realms, but couldn't find a way to put aluminum in them. Alright, I am done now. Start tearing it up.
  13. I was recently reading Shadows for Silence when I had a conundrum. They say that it is silver that is what is used to attack shades and protect the waystops. While scrounging through Arcanum, i found this quote We know that investiture can be messed up with aluminum, seeing as how aluminum is basically the null of the Cosmere, preventing invested objects or investiture in general from being used/ detected. So here is the theory: Silver on Threnody is actually just aluminum. This is due to the fact that aluminum can screw with investiture and aluminum can protect against certain forms of investiture a la Lashings and Emotional/Steel/Iron Allomancy. We also know that this wouldnt be the first time aluminum has been given a different name, seeing as how Ralkalest is actually just aluminum in The Emperors Soul. What do you guys think? I'd love some feedback.
  14. Ok, I had a quick look and haven't notice anyone point this out yet.. We know that Topaz is one of Hoids names. And so I Wiki'd Topaz and the great god of Wiki states: "Topaz is a silicate mineral of Aluminum" And what do we know so far about Aluminum: ** Can't remember the exact phrase, but WoB stated Aluminum is like... Anti-Investiture..? ** Scadrial Allomancy: Burning aluminum causes the body to instantly metabolize its metal reserves without any other effect ** Now that sounds awfully Annoying, not unlike Hoid.. ** Feruchemy: An aluminum Ferring is known as a Trueself. Aluminum is used to store "spiritual sense of identity." ** Hoid doesn't have a thing about Identity now does he? ** Hemalurgy: When used as a Hemalurgic spike, aluminum steals enhancement Allomantic powers. ** Sounds like Duraluminum Allomancy.. Hmmm, I'm trying to link this to Hoid but I can only come up with something about Hoid and how he pushes our Heroes ** It kinda negates Allomancy; Can't be pushed / pulled, wearing an Aluminum Hat stops the voices, can't heal around aluminum. I'm sure there's more here, but.. Moving on.. ** From here I'm going to stop calling the "Aluminum Effect" annoying and we can take it for granted, ay? ** Sel Known as Ralkalest in the Rose Empire, aluminum cannot be altered at all via Forgery Dang, nothing noted on the Coppermind about Jindo and the Dor priest magic vs Aluminum ** Anyone know anything here, as this is annoying (see what I did there?) ** Nalthis Aluminum cannot be Awakened. It is possible for Aluminum to prevent someone from Returning, but it cannot be achieved with simple methods such as stabbing them ** Sooo, can we store breaths in an Aluminum object? ** Roshar Items can be Soulcast into Aluminum. It is unknown if the Aluminum can then be Soulcast into other Essences. ** Hmm, just like Mistborn - Can Stormlight heal around Aluminum? ** Other Worlds Not really sure, but I'm betting on Aluminum has some quite interesting effects throughout the other cosmere worlds.. Does anyone have any thing else to add regarding the "Aluminum Effect"? So looking at this and knowing Mr S is very deliberate in his wordings. This makes me think that Hoids being called Topaz is very profound. Questions: Was Hoid given the name Topaz or did he take it? Is the name Topaz in relation to something he can do or his personality? If Hoid eats a some Topaz what happens? Can Topaz be infused? (e.g. with Stormlight, though not exclusive) I'm sure there's more question we could ask here, but I'll leave it to you guys to help me find them. Soooo.. Thoughts people..? *~ HIF ~*
  15. So I've mentioned this a couple of times in different threads, about how I view the relationship between the realms, as well as investiture, matter, and energy. I've explained it a couple times as 3 sheets of paper close together, and investiture is a weight that draws them together. But this isn't really entirely right. Paper isn't the right analogue. The three sheets are more like how space time is pictured in 2D: stretchy, not stiff like paper. Then three of these "sheets" are how I view realmatics. I also associate Matter with the physical realm, and Investiture in the Spiritual, which suggests that energy is related to the cognitive realm, which I'm still working on an explanation for that. Also, in a 2D view of spacetime, matter creates a dip, (as does energy, but to a lesser extent, given that matter is more... concentrated according to E=Mc^2. ) Investiture also does the same thing to the Realms, and that is key to how I picture realmatics. I will now use this model to explain how some various events work. First off, Highstorms. Highstorms are HUGE sources of investiture. The constant "weight" of that investiture has drawn the realms really close together on Roshar, so Spren appear. Furthermore, I have theorized that according to the fact that Shinovar never sees the brunt of the highstorms due to the mountains, that the realms are farther apart there. This (I think) is why spren don't appear there. It is ALSO (i think) why the plants have no life to them. They basically have no cognitive self compared to normal Rosharan grass and such. This also lends weight to the idea that perhaps the plants of Roshar are able to detect highstorms due to the investiture. When the realms start coming closer together, the trees and grass snap into their holes. Now of course it might be also a response to vibrations or something like that. Second, Kaladins dramatic oaths. Someone asked at some point why (in world, for writing purposes it's for a Climax) Kaladin always bursts alight when he does his oaths, unlike the other radiants. The fact is, most of the other Radiants have constantly progressed towards their oaths. Kaladin, on the other hand, recedes during WoR and WoK. Then, suddenly, he makes the decision to follow his oaths, and snap! He bursts alight dramatically. Now in my picture of realmatics, I describe it like this. The oaths that bring the realms together are fading, therefore Syl isn't able to manifest or think as well, and his abilities recede. Then, he changes and suddenly his oaths are much stronger, snapping the realms much closer together. Ergo, investiture suddenly flows to him, and he becomes significantly more invested. Now I'm going to make some speculation. Normal people aren't invested enough (aren't making enough of a dent in the realms) to use investiture. But people who are invested make enough of a dent to suck in investiture. By this method, Vasher should be able to suck in stormlight, because he's invested with breaths. I also think that a misting actively burning their metal might be able to make enough of a dent to ingest Stormlight. Finally, perpendicularities. Brandon described a shardpool as "spiking" the realms together. This perfectly fits with how I picture it. Investiture, the "weight", formed into a spike and driven through the realms to bring them entirely together. Else calling would be more like a needle. Also, a little more theorization. I think that aluminum pushes the Realms apart, countering the "weight" of investiture. Because of that, that would mean that maybe a large block of aluminum could prevent spren from appearing. However it may be that the property of aluminum is totally within the aluminum itself, which would mean that it would be a moot point, because why would a spren materialize within a block of aluminum or any metal anyway. However, based on the fact that you only need a hat made of aluminum, and not an aluminum head to prevent emotional allomancy from affecting you, I think that the aluminum has a somewhat local effect, forcing the realms apart around the aluminum. Therefore, according to this model, a radiant wearing enough aluminum shouldn't be able to suck in stormlight.
  16. There is a WoB from November 13, at the Oathbringer signing party, in which Brandon confirms that Nightblood's sheath is made of Aluminum. Brandon has also previously noted that Vasher (and I assume at least also shashara if not all the scholars) where on Roshar to study investiture, leading them to attempt to duplicate shardblades on Nalthis (resulting in Nightblood). He also noted separately (sorry for not having this WoB's linked) that Nightblood's sheath was present upon Nightblood's creation to serve its obviously necessary purpose (though he does make it sound like they aren't sure what will happen). However we can pretty obviously infer there, that the five scholars are aware of at least some properties of Aluminum for them to have used it as the metal to be sure they could put Nightblood inside if they needed to. Compounding this knowledge with the presence of Iyatil (who is, I believe, a confirmed southern Scadrian) on Roshar to prove that worldhopping between the planets is fairly conceivable, it seems to me to be fairly certain that the scholars would have also visited Scadrial on their trip and brought the aluminum back with them. Do we have any other confirmation that they went to other planets? Or do we only know for sure that Vasher at least has been to Roshar and Nalthis?
  17. So we know from Shallan's flashback that aluminum cannot be obtained on Roshar by mining - it can only be soulcast. So the question is - how do Rosharans know about aluminum's existence in the first place? It's not like you can set your soulcaster to "random", so the first soulcaster to figure out aluminum must've known of its existence already. Yet aluminum can only be soulcast, so we've got a chicken-or-egg kind of problem. Unless, of course: A. aluminum was imported from offworld, but if so, how did it happen and who and why introduced aluminum to Roshar in the first place? B. aluminum used to occur naturally on Roshar but by the time of Shallan's fashback it has either been mined completely or covered with enough crem to make mining impossible. C. There a WoB I'm missing that explains it. I'm not quite sure what to think. Any thoughts or ideas on that?
  18. As I read Oathbringer, I got really excited about something that may seem insignificant and I think people are glossing over it (although, there may be a thread that I was unable to find - If so let me know!). In chapter 81 of Oathbringer, we find out about how the Wall Guard was able to Soulcast food without the Screamers noticing. Hoid had brought a metal, which almost certainly is aluminum, to Kholinar and told Azure to only do Soulcasting inside a room lined with it. And Spanreeds were unable to connect to the outside. This in itself made me super excited. Aluminum on Roshar! Hoid is brilliant. Okay, but it made me wonder. Aluminum is extremely valuable for its abilities to block emotional allomancy, and if it can block all kinds of long distance investiture and such, that's amazing. And aluminum is hard to produce, at least basically everywhere in the Cosmere at this point in time, but it won't always be that way. Aluminum was once one of the most difficult metals to purify in our world, but now it is ubiquitous, this makes me wonder about the massive economic and investiture/magic advantage a world will have once it can refine aluminum easily. I think that the power of aluminum will be fascinating, particularly as it has only done relatively small things so far. And at some point, it will be common. There could even be things like aluminum tanks! What do you all think about this?
  19. Aluminum is internal pulling, and removes the user's metal reserves. Duralumin is the internal pushing, and burns the user's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Chromium is the external pushing, and removes the touched target's metal reserves, and Nicrosil is the external pulling and burn's the touched target's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Why are the internal/external pairs so similar? None of the other quadrants are that similar. The internal physical metals enhance strength and senses, but the external physical metals don't enhance other's strength/senses. Copper and bronze are wildly different from zinc and brass. Gold shows you your past or alternate self (personally I think shows a change in Identity, but that's a theory for later); it's not like cadmium shows you another person's past... that's what malatium does... huh. Is there a reason for this? I know Harmony and Preservation changed around Allomancy, is this an artifact for that, or just a weird coincidence?
  20. Aluminum, and Duralumin, Gnats don't really have much power. They can burn an enhancement metal without any metal stores to decrease. However- since aluminum is so valuable, someone with a lot of it would be a target. So, if theives are coming in, the Gnisting would swallow the evidence and burn it-wasting much money, but--well, yeah, no good can come of drastically reducing funds of houses. However, you could perform Allomantic arson by breaking in somewhere and burning some aluminum jewelry or something. I dunno, I think a person trying to bring down someone rich with a lot of aluminum assets could get some serious stuff done, compared to a Coinshot or Tineye who could be better thieves in literally every other scenario.
  21. Does burned aluminum work in a flash, burning out itself superfast? That's the assumption I have been working with so far and I'm not sure it's right. We know it destroys other metals and duraluminum does burn out with other metals, so WRONG! Duraluminum does not burn out with other metals!: There's this WoB but it's paraphrased: Is it mentioned in the books?
  22. A little thought experiment 1. If a person were to store their complete Identity in a metalmind and lose it, what would be the Spiritual and Cognitive ramifications? 2. Could a person build a totally new Identity? 3. If a person were to build a new Identity and then tap their metalmind, what would ensue in both the Cognitive and Spiritual realms?
  23. Hi! I was watching a video on metal foundries, and the author stated aluminum is non-magmetic. I was wondering if Brandon made aluminum Allomantic Resistant based off of this. What do you guys think?
  24. I'm still rather unclear as to how Aluminum Feruchemy works individually. I understand how it worked in BoM, but am not sure how an aluminum Ferring would work. Any clarification would be lovely. Thank you.
  25. I've noticed that Brandon is generally far more receptive to thought-experiment-based questions regarding his magic systems than he is to direct questions. So I'm proposing this thread for Cosmere mechanics questions (i.e., not character/plot/worldbuilding questions) as well as potential in-universe experiments to investigate these questions in-universe. Please post the question you want answered (Q), as well as the experiments you would perform (E) and potential hypotheses and how they would relate to particular experimental outcomes. Some of these will be easier than others, so I'd recommend secondary questions based on certain outcomes and/or possible consequences (C) of each answer (A). The archetype for this thread is Krhriss' wonderful interrogation of Wax in Bands of Mourning. Examples: 1) Q: Does aluminum block Steel/Iron Sight. E: Take two equal-mass/shape metal pellets and coat one with aluminum. Can a Coinshot can see lines any difference in the lines pointing to the aluminum-coated one? C: Can you use aluminum to shield valuables from detection or to smuggle weapons under the nose of coinshots? Can aluminum be used to protect metalminds that are not embedded in the body? A: No lines. E_2: Does partial blocking protect the object from steelsight? How much coverage do you need? Is there a strictly line-of-sight effect (note: Line-of-Sight not required for protection against soothing) Lines equally strong. Aluminum probably unuseful as a shield. E_2: Repeat with much thicker Al block. Visible lines, but less strong. Is there a threshold to total blockage? E_2: Try with different thicknesses of aluminum, different coverages, etc. 2) Q: what happens to metals when they are burned? E: Put an allomancer into a hermetically sealed chamber that is very carefully weighed during the process. Have them burn different metals at different intensities and record the weight for the chamber. C: Could you figure out a way to collect the metals that are burned and reuse them? Is there any chance for long-term metal depletion on Scadrial? Can you recycle metals? A: Weight unchanged. Metals not 'destroyed'. E_2: Carefully filter air and test for trace metals. E_3: Test to see if there is a weight-change _while burning metals_ to see if active use of investiture conveys any sort of weight change. Weight changes. See if you can use this to quantify allomantic burn rate among individuals. E_2: See how this change correlates with allomantic strength in specific contexts (I suspect that burn rate is uncorrelated with innate allomantic strength, even if one individual can push harder with a faster burn. So TLR and Vin would use up their metals at a relatively similar rate despite a vast disparity in power levels). Subquestion 2.5: Can you quantify Mass-Investiture equivalence with a sensitive enough scale? E: (a) Carefully prepare two identically-massed metalminds and then Charge them to different levels. Can you see a weight change? C: Feruchemy is considered here in case allomantic metals are completely destroyed. Note that this experiment would only be able to provide upper bounds for Mass-Investiture equivalence and couldn't be used to completely rule out 'no conversion'.