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Found 12 results

  1. Spoilers up to Alloy of Law! So I was researching Hemalurgic aluminum for my Mistborn game, and found a discrepancy in the definitions of its use. According to the Coppermind, and The Hemalurgic Table found in the leather bound edition of the Hero of Ages, an Aluminum spike does not steal any power, but rather removes all powers. But in my pocket edition of the Hero of Ages, the Metal Quick Reference Chart describes Aluminum's effect as "Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers". The leather bound edition is obviously newer, so is this a retcon from Brandon to fit with Era 2 and the Cosmere in general?
  2. Can you Duralumin burst aluminium? I mean it would be difficult as the aluminium would probably be looking to metabolize the duralumin anyway but can you even duralumin burst aluminium in the first place? What about Nicroburst touching an Allomancer, Mistborn or Misting, burning aluminum? Can you use chromium to leech someone's aluminium?
  3. Now that aluminium is being used as a defence against Shardblades, I'm wondering how sharp living Blades can get. Given that Shardblades don't really have to worry about structural integrity in the same way as normal blades, they should be able to get pretty sharp. In the modern world, we already have atomically sharp blades that would cut through almost anything like butter if not for their edges dulling too quickly. If a Shardblade could get to that sharpness, it would be basically unaffected by aluminium, at least in regards to cutting power. But would that be possible? Are there WOB's on the limits of sprenblade shapeshifting?
  4. So Brandon has said that burning Aluminium can purge the soul of unwanted investiture. Example of this is Brandon confirming that burning Aluminium can stop the withering of a Shade. This got me thinking, if you were cut by Nightblood and you burnt Aluminium just in time could you stop the absorption and corruption effects of the sword.
  5. Say you have a Pulser or Slider and place them in an aluminum box with the following parameters: Thick enough to block a Seeker from detecting their allomancy Small enough to fit inside a speed bubble Would the speed bubble be able to go through the aluminum to be the maximum possible size? Would the speed bubble get absorbed somehow? Could it even be excluded, like the Meissner effect in superconductivity and magnetism? Sorry if this has been asked before, or if there is no way to know the answer. I wondering of how it could interact. P.S. for those concerned, the box is constructed so the Pulser/Slider would be just fine.
  6. Is it possible to awaken aluminium? We know it's really difficult to awaken metal, so would aluminium be even harder to awake as it is essentially 'dead' and devoid of investiture. Is it perhaps even impossible to awaken aluminium for that same fact? Or is aluminium instead more willing to awaken as if it craves investiture? Thanks in advance for your input.
  7. So i was thinking about some creative ways to use the metallic arts and i came up with a really cool, if what morbid use for aluminium. Because an allomancer can burn any metal in their bloodstream, its reasonable to say that if an aluminium gnat or a mistborn were stabbed by anything metal they could burn aluminium to destroy the object, as it would count as a metal reserve. To be even more ridiculous, if an aluminium gnat held an open wound to a piece of metal and there's still blood flow through the wound, they would probably be able to destroy the 'metal reserve' that the object represents. Pair this use with say feruchemical gold to make the required injuries less life-threatening and you've got yourself a very interesting, if macabre twinborn. This is all assuming that the functionality of allomantic aluminium to burn away the reserves of all metals present is conserved in an aluminium gnat.
  8. I was reading an interlude from the Way of Kings, and the Purelaker's religion reminds me very much of Trelagism from Scadrial. Particularly that there are two competingbrother gods, with one more jealous than the other. For the Purelakers, the only place where it's safe to openly worship their god is in their holy grottos. If there really is something to this religion, and its similarities to Trelagism imply there is, I wonder if the grottos are somehow (naturally or otherwise) made from aluminum rich metals, which would in fact block the "gaze" of a Shard, like we saw in Oathbringer under Kholinar. The second one is a bit looser: In that interlude, the Seventeenth Shard is asking their fisherman spy Ishikk if he's had any luck finding Hoid, and he tells them he hasn't. As they leave, Ishikk overhears one of them (good old Galladon) say that this is a fool's quest, which amuses Ishikk. Admittedly this is a stretch, but a royal Fool is pretty similar to a King's Wit (or an Imperial Fool on Sel). Any chance Ishikk knew they were looking for Hoid, and that they were in fact literally questing for a fool? In that case Ishikk would have to be a friend of Hoid, or at least someone he paid off to mislead them. I thought by the names he might be Ishar too, but insane god-king-Heralds probably don't do much fishing in their spare time. So what do you think, either of these have anything going for them?
  9. So, I may be missing something here, hopefully someone here can answer. So basically, if aluminium resists any form of investiture, how come you can store identity in it? I mean, we know metalminds resist steelpushes etc. because they are invested, right? So that would imply that an identity metal mind would be invested, which seems to contradict what we know about aluminium. So what did I miss, or has this been RAFO'd somewhere? I combed through the Arcanum and I couldn't find anything... Btw this is my first post (not counting AoN request) though I've been lurking for a while, so hi...
  10. I have a few theories on this front, but the floor is open. The problem with any theories made, of course, is that we know so little about Spinning. First, and least interesting, is simply somehow managing to get them in a situation with no variables, allowing them to be killed. This of course assumes that they would not be lucky enough to avoid the situation. Second, somehow manage to use a combination of a Leecher and a Lurcher (sounds like a bad children's book) to remove their metal and metalminds. Once again though, we fall into the trap of them simply being lucky enough to avoid this scenario in the first place. Third, highly speculative, is to do with aluminium. As far as I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong), an Aluminium Gnat, far from having no effect whatsoever as is said in-universe, has the ability to completely negate all Investiture in the Misting's body. If this extends as far as Feruchemy, a Purger, as I would call them if I was right, would be able to walk straight up to the Spinner, completely ignoring their luck, and kill them. Perhaps, like copper, it might create a cloud with lessened effects on other people, but I'm just speculating now. Anywho, what think?
  11. We know aluminium has the effect of being magically inert across lots of magic systems, and I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if duralumin also had effects around boosting magic in other magic systems. Not really basing that on anything, just something that popped into my head, and I though it could have some cool implications. Probably not the case but who knows. What do people think
  12. According to the coppermind, Aluminium acts as an investiture sink, so any investiture which is put into it will just be "soaked up" by the aluminium, but Aluminium can also be used as a hemalurgic spike, which works on the premise of ripping off a chunk of one's spiritweb, and in a sense 'stapling' into onto the recipient, and to my understanding, your spiritweb and investiture are basically the same thing, so wouldn't the aluminium just absorb it? Have I missed something, if so someone point it out please, and also please correct any wrong facts i've stated