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Found 8 results

  1. Q1) When you burn a Lerasium + Metal Alloy it creates a misting. Why not just purify the bead to pure Lerasium and make a full Mistborn? Q2) Does the size of the Lerasium bead denote how strong they will be e.g. 5g Bead creates a Mistborn and 10g Bead creates a Mistborn twice as powerful? Q3) If you are a misting and burn a Lerasium + Metal Alloy do you gain a second power or can you not burn the metal? If anyone has any answers or theories or even just wild speculation it would be much appreciated, this has been bugging me for a while.
  2. I have a doubt, we know the Metal's structure is really important in the Metallic Arts and their Efficiencies is linked to how much a metal is near the "perfect structure". We know what happen when you try to burn a bad metal (less power output and some bad effects on allomancer body). But what happen if you try to use a Metalmind made by a bad alloy ? There is a Wob about ?
  3. Several other posters have discussed this: The ideas and thoughts of the others are excellent and I wish to give them credit for their theories. If I have missed a theory that touches on a few things in here without citation, my apologies. With that said, I would like to present my opinion based on my understanding of the current known magic system. Before we begin I would like to paint a major and well known difference between preservation and ruin. Preservation can listen, see, and understand the thoughts of man (internal cognitive sharing via pulling). While Ruin can speak and enter the thoughts of man (external cognitive force via pushing). The internal vs external balance may be a key to how the alloys of the god metals work. In one of the above posts, the OP discusses their theory of larasium alloys as gifting the burner the ability to become a misting. I 100% believe this theory as well. It is very much like preservation to preserve the essence of the metallic ability. Diluted forms of the pure metal that invested a human with that essence would indeed coincide with the preservation-like ideals. This is a very internal effect caused by the burning of the metal. Metal burning away is in way an act of ruin. The user consumes metal and burns away the metal until there is nothing left. However, larasium metal burning is not something that just goes away. The essence of the metal is stored within the user, preserving the essence and giving the user something more. I agree with another OP from a post above, that atium alloys change the way that the metal burns. However, I disagree in the effect upon burning. I believe that atium alloys are all external in a sense. Many of the replies in that post point at this. I also believe that atium alloys are in some way diluted forms of pure atium just like larasium alloys. How could one dilute atium (the ability to see all of the immediate futures of nearby people)? I think that the information gained from burning atium is too vast for a person to really understand what they are capable of (just like a new mistborn unaware of their powers). It is possible that someone used atium and their first use of it relied heavily on one effect. You can only burn it for a very short period of time so testing theories is not something a typical misting/mistborn would spend their time on pre-harmony era--especially as it was so expensive. I think that seeing the immediate future of everyone around is very valuable in a fight especially in an era of swords and H-to-H combat. It is possible that atium can be channeled or used in other ways than seeing into immediate futures. So the use of atium channeled into the reverse of electrum (seeing into others futures) may be the most valuable form of atium-alloy in that era. Reverse electrum may have been the only form of pure atium ever explored. This could explain the name malatium. So I will cast away this name for now as it may just be the name that was used to describe the 11th metal as it produced the reverse complement of what atium was known to do. Instead I will use the prefix 'ati-' to describe these god metal alloys. There for the atium use we know of will be ati-electrum and malatium will be ati-gold. I believe that all of the 16 original metals are forms of the 'self' power, while ati-metals are 'non-self'. Some of these will be obvious while others may be less so. But I would appreciate feedback and thoughts on the theory written below. Here is a list of the original 16 metals and their abilities (thanks to one of the OP above for list): Steel ( self Physical External Pushing) - Push on nearby sources of metal Iron ( self Physical External Pulling) - Pull on nearby sources of metal Pewter ( self Physical Internal Pushing) - Increases physical strength Tin ( self Physical Internal Pulling) - Increase senses Brass ( self Mental External Pushing) - Soothes (dampens) emotion (of others) Zinc ( self Mental External Pulling) - Riots (enflames) emotion (of others) Bronze ( self Mental Internal Pushing) - Allows one to hear allomantic pulses Copper ( self Mental Internal Pulling) - Hides own allomantic pulses in cloud Nicrosil ( self Enhancement External Pushing) - [Enhances] allomantic burn of target Chromium ( self Enhancement External Pulling) - [Wipes] allomantic burn of target Duralumin ( self Enhancement Internal Pushing) - [Enhances] the next metal burned by user Aluminium ( self Enhancement Internal Pulling) - [Wipes] Internal allomantic reserves of user Bendalloy ( self Temporal External Pushing) - Speeds up time for those in bubble Cadmium ( self Temporal External Pulling) - Slows down time for those in bubble Electrum ( self Temporal Internal Pushing) - Reveals your own future Gold ( self Temporal Internal Pulling) - Reveals your past self Possible atium-alloy abilities: ati-Steel ( non-self Physical External Pushing) - Forces another to push (or repel) all nearby sources of metal ati-Iron ( non-self Physical External Pulling) - Forces another to pull (or attract) all nearby sources of metal ati-Pewter ( non-self Physical Internal Pushing) - Increases physical strength of another ati-Tin ( non-self Physical Internal Pulling) - Increases senses of another (This block and the next block were very hard as self and non-self are sort of part of two of these metals already. I would like you to think of brass and zinc as target mental changes of the USERS desire. Non-self could be the desire of another person to change surrounding emotions. Though this may be a stretch, but hiding ones pulses in a way is keeping to oneself. However if you projected those pulses in the cloud instead you are sharing your pulse with others.) ati-Brass ( non-self Mental External Pushing) - Allows another to soothe (dampens) emotion (of self) ati-Zinc ( non-self Mental External Pulling) - Allows another to riots (enflame) emotion (of self) ati-Bronze ( non-self Mental Internal Pushing) - Force others to hear your allomantic pulse ati-Copper ( non-self Mental Internal Pulling) - Amplifies (intensifies) the pulses of user and those in cloud (As mentioned in previous block self and non-self are sort of part of this regime. I would like you to think of each metal in this regime as a user benefit or a target benefit not self and non-self already. It is possible to be both non-self and user, self and user, non-self and target, and lastly self and target. Here we describe the non-self user and non-self target. We will also replace the previous [enhance] with [surrender] and the previous [wipe] with [provide]. The below works as the abilities used and metals burned are not of self but of non-self). ati-Nicrosil (non-self Enhancement External Pulling) - [surrender] user metals for benefit of target. (This would enable someone you touch to access your metal reserves). ati-Chromium (non-self Enhancement External Pulling) - [Provides] wild card burning of next metal by target. (This allows target to burn next metal for an ability they already posses) ati-Duralumin (non-self Enhancement Internal Pulling) - [surrender] others metals for benefit of user. (This would allow user to access the metals of others nearby as your own reserves). ati-Aluminium (non-self Enhancement Internal Pulling) - [Provides] wild card burning of next metal by user. (This allows user to burn next metal as a wild-card for an ability they already posses). ati-Bendalloy ( non-self Temporal External Pushing) - Speeds up time for others nearby (tire-shape) not the user and not people outside that ring. ati-Cadmium ( non-self Temporal External Pulling) - Slows down time for others nearby (tire-shape) not the user and not the people outside that ring. ati-Electrum [atium] ( non-self Temporal Internal Pushing) - Reveals the futures of people nearby ati-Gold [malatium] ( non-self Temporal Internal Pulling) - Reveals the pasts of others nearby Thanks for reading. I hope that if anything this was thought provoking. As one of two asides, I believe that the main purpose of atium (ruin essence) is to 'use up' scaradel metals (depleting them forever). As I mentioned earlier preservation alloys would preserve the essence but it is my thought that atium alloys are a tool of ruin to catalyze the ruination of metals on scaradel. Below is a link to another post on this matter. The second aside is the use of atium for metalminds. I believe that any metalmind atium alloy will be able to store non-self attributes. Storing another persons weight, strength, health in place of your own. Any thoughts? I will attach a link to a simultaneous post about a theory of the fate of all metals once I post it in a few minutes.
  4. We know that one of the functions of buring Lerasium is to make someone a Mistborn, and everything I've seen assumes Feruchemy can be gained in a similar way (so forgive me if someone else has already thought of this). What if Feruchemy is gained not through burning but through tapping? Perhaps Lerasium*, or an alloy or it, or some other (god) metal carries a Feruchemical charge which can be drawn by anyone on Scadrial, and which when drawn makes you a Feruchemist? Or perhaps, fitting even further with the nature of Feruchemy, just as burning Lerasium fits with the nature of Allomancy, it requires first a Feruchemist to store their Feruchemy in the metal. They are weakened in the short term (or permanently) in order to create a Feruchemist. Thoughts? *I realise that Feruchemy is the power of balance between Ruin and Preservation, and Lerasium is only Preservation... the reason I suggest here it might be only Lerasium is because Lerasium has the "rewrite Spiritual-DNA" ability. This is just a possibility, as is the possibility a "Sazedium" is the key... obviously I'm leaving the metal open here, and am more interested in the idea that a Feruchemist-wannabe has to tap something, rather than burn something to ascend.
  5. I brought up this thread mainly because I have two ideas for spreading good reading (*ahem* Sanderson) among teens, have no real way of making them work myself, and was wondering if there were any similar ideas out there. The first is a Mistborn Minecraft mod (if either Minecraft or Mistborn makes you lose focus, skip the next 2 paragraphs; the next idea's more complete anyhow). Due to Minecraft's limited mechanics, controls would be difficult to program, and Rioting and Soothing features would probably be left out. However, the Mistborn world offers the potential for new bosses, temples, biomes, villages, items, blocks and mobs to appear besides simply making the character a Mistborn or Feruchemist. As far as I've deduced, mod gameplay would work in this way: Lerasium would be found in a rarely and randomly generated Well of Ascension/Kredrik Shaw temple with Inquisitor guards, and Atium would be found in an uber-rare Pits-of-Hathsin fissure/biome in geodes you'd have to dig by hand, and would hurt you when you did so. Other necessary ores would be randomly generated like normal. For realism purposes, a forge would have to be made (if there isn't already one) which you put in multiple ingots to get a desired alloy. All metals would then go into the crafting grid to be made into powder, which could then be put into potion vials for the Mistborn to use. Skaa hovels and plantations could be added, as could Skaa villagers, though I think just having Steel Ministry priest and Keeper/Feruchemist villagers in their own shops/houses would be more fun than seeing depressed Skaa around. Said villager priests could trade for Mistcloaks, obsidian axes, glass daggers, metal vials, and such, while the Keeper villagers would trade for books pertaining to other religions, the WOA legends, Metalminds, and such. Kandra and Mistwraiths might be an option to be made too, though I know not what purpose they might serve besides being passive mobs. Koloss would also be a wonderful addition, as would the occasional ashfall in appropriate areas. My second idea is a Rithmatist tablet/iPod/iPad game. This idea has been brought up before, but I thought it was worth bringing up again, especially since I think it would generate interest in the books it is based on, and I have a lot of details to add/create. As one would want the player to feel as much like a real Rithmatist as possible, gameplay would work like this: This would be a multi-player game at its core, with a single-player campaign option that echoes the original story available. The main menu would be comprised of three options: Duel, Workshop, and Gallery. The Workshop has two areas: Defense and Chalklings. The Defense Workshop would have many digital tools to work with, such as rulers, compasses, and protractors, while the Chalkling Workshop would be limited to freehand, and would record the player from start-to-finish in the creation of the chalkling. After being drawn, the option to designate bones/weapons on your new chalkling (essentially changing its animation) or leave it as a blob would be given. Chalkling images would then be posted to an online server where they would be rated up or down by users, each rating boosting or lowering that Chalkling's power a little. Duels would be conducted as follows: After a countdown, the player is shown a ghost-image of a previously-made defense. The player would be able to cycle through some default ones that are given as examples in the book as well as their own, and would be forced to either trace one of these defenses freehand, or make an impromptu defense on-the-spot (undoubtedly, there would have to be an option for both modes of play where there is no tracing allowed), then click out of the defense-maker (the game would decide on a complicated algorithm which I do not have the mathematical means to describe or comprehend whether or not it is a "good defense"; judging by the similarity to the traced drawing doesn't work for me). This would take them to the full battlefield, where they would be able to see, in real-time, the other players. There would be an clickable (we're talking about touchscreens, so would it be pokable?) option for making a chalkling on one corner of the screen, which the player would poke, then poke where they wanted the chalkling, then drag to connect it to a bind point. When they would let go, it would bring up a menu with all of THEIR chalklings on it. That chalkling would then be drawn like the player originally drew it on the field. Clicking/poking away from the chalkling would immediately start a drawing sequence to either add to their defense or draw a line of vigor (or the other one) and pause their chalkling drawing until they were done. Once the main circle is breached, its player loses. That player can then watch the remainder of the battle, or leave to join a new game. Any suggestions, new (unrelated or otherwise) Sandersonian video game ideas, points of clarification or commendation, etc. should be added to the thread! DISCLAIMER: If you have come up with any of these ideas, I apologize; just say so and the credit shall be yours. I came up with these ideas independently, but that is not to say that you did not come up with it as well or share it before me. DFTBA.
  6. What happens if you take a Feruchemist, have him/her fill a Metalmind, then Melt said Metal mind. Would the Power still be there? What happens if you take 3 filled Copperminds, and combine them with one filled Tin Mind? (For Refrence, Allomantic Bronze is an Alloy of 75% Copper, and 25% Tin.)
  7. So apparently all metals are allomanticlly reactive, but some just have the effect of killing you. If you were to burn Lead, you could die. So when does an alloy become a bad alloy? Kelsier said that the Purer the metal is, the more power you get, but if the alloy is off, you still get Power. So if you're burning 98% tin and 2 % lead, then the lead doesn't do anything. Yet, if you burn 91% tin, and 9% lead, you get pewter. When does a metal become a weak Alloy? is 96% tin 4% lead a weak Tin or a Weak Pewter? Is it Both? I'm assuming that since you can burn all metals, they all have they're own sDNA, but how is the sDNA of a non-allomantic metal deadly? and how do two types of sDNA combine to form a new alloy? When does a pewter alloy have enough lead to become deadly? For that matter, if Aluminum destroys the sDNA of metals, how can it possibly be alloyed with Copper? Recap, When does a percentage become weak? Deadly? How does it become deadly?
  8. Just a quick thought, I am going through a reread of the Mistborn series while I await the upcoming Words of Radiance novel to come out. Just a simple question, what would happen if Larasium and Atium were forged into an alloy? Would it create a Feruchemist?