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Found 46 results

  1. Cosmere Theory My Partner and I have a Nahel-type bond: Much like every Radiant in the Stormlight Archive, we made our Oaths in good faith, but we learn both the true nature and the true power of that Bond only through shared experiences. Unlike the Skybreakers, we cannot be told simply what the ideals are; we must discover them ourselves, and we will either know them and progress, or not. To really double-down on our Sanderson Nerdosity, during complete Pandemic Lock-Down (before Rhythm of War), we adopted two cats: One orange female, and one grey-white-speckled male. After looking through dozens of mythologies and legends for famous or historical red-haired females, we decided upon Shallan as a perfect name for a very young cat who makes questionable choices. On one hand, our grey-and-white male appears to be partially Norwegian Forest Cat, and has a magnificent mane of floof that is perpetually in a (fashionably) messy state. On the other hand, as he has grown, his pattern has constantly changed, while somehow still remaining the same… Pattern. We named our other cat Pattern, because our human child thought ‘Adolin’ was too regal-sounding for our derpy floof who still has difficulty interacting in the Physical Realm. So, I’m walking through our house, and commenting on how our feline Shallan has a Spren (Pattern the Cat), and my Partner corrects me: “Shallan has TWO Spren. Which one is Testament?” Well, this began a roil of thoughts in my head that I began to spit out as soon as I could think: There is constant reminding of Compounding as a mathematical and magical trait in the Cosmere. We are given the phrase ‘Compounding’ specifically as early as Alloy of Law, wherein Miles Hundredlives is using both Allomancy and Feruchemy to get a different effect from what would normally be the result of 1 +1. We are also told --repeatedly—by Khriss that Roshar has evidence of several symbiotic Bonds that produce different effects that what they historically created. We know that the Cosmere has a great deal of crossover, *particularly* revealed in Rhythm of War, where we see Aviar with Talents from the Pantheon, The Iridescent Tones from Hallendren, and the influence of Thaidakar. So, in as many words as possible, I’m getting around to this: Compounding exists. Holding Two Shards Exists (Sazed/ Harmony) It is possible to bond to two Spren simultaneously (Shallan w/ Pattern and Testament) Stormlight, Lifelight, Voidlight, Towerlight, Warlight, Anti-Voidlight, and Anti-Stormlight all exist. The Tones of Roshar and the Iridescent Tones both exist on Roshar. Dalinar is Bonded to Honor (Via the Stormfather), cultivated by Cultivation, and both groomed and in a pact with Odium (the Power, if no longer Rayse). What makes this compounding, alloying, and directing of and by Shards most interesting is that Cultivation gave Taravangian the capacity to take Odium’s Power. That isn’t the same thing as Sazed claiming both Preservation and Ruin, but it is an example of a slightly different dynamic: Cultivation has her tendrils in both Dalinar and Taravangien, and despite the Will of Odium, that has to count for something. Even if it takes 6 books for that Cultivation to bear real fruit. Raboniel was able to create a weapon that could kill a god, while (presumably) being tied only to Odium. Dalinar has strong ties to Honor and Odium, yes, but the power of Cultivation cannot be understated, particularly when both the powers of Honor and Cultivation will inevitably come into play against Odium (and that's before assuming that extra Shards don't weigh in for the next 5-book arc!)
  2. From the album ScadrianScripts

    AlloyofLaw.otf, AlloyofLaw Bold.otf (or, if you prefer TrueType: AlloyofLaw.ttf, AlloyofLaw Bold.ttf) AlloyofLaw_README.txt, AlloyofLaw_Bold_README.txt This image shows the quote "I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages", the first line of the Words of Founding, in two different font styles. The first uses the "print" style allomantic symbols from the Alloy of Law (Era 2 Mistborn), while the second uses the older style symbols from the Final Empire (Era 1 Mistborn). These are both referred to as the Steel Alphabet, or the Allomantic Alphabet. Attached above are the font files I used to make this image - I've implemented it as a single font named "AlloyofLaw", with the Era 2 symbols as the default "Regular" style and the Era 1 symbols as the "Bold" style. Once both files are installed, switching between the styles is as simple as bolding and unbolding the text! The Words of Founding were presumably originally written in the old Era 1 steel alphabet symbols. Reprinted, abridged copies of this text are mentioned in the Era 2 novels. I imagine there exist many different versions which have been published at different points Post-Catacendre; some probably use the old symbols for an "old-fashioned" feel, while others probably use the modern symbols. This is what I envisioned when creating these fonts - two different font styles using the Alloy of Law era alphabet conventions. I hope you enjoy! More details: The page for the Badali jewelry customizable steel alphabet ring gives a complete transliteration of these symbols to the Latin alphabet; Isaac Stewart has stated "From the beginning, I built the symbols to also be an alphabet. ... The rings are the first chance to use it." Peter Ahlstrom has also mentioned "The alphabet used in Alloy of Law is just a different font of the same alphabet as used in the Final Empire." My take on the very slight differences between this transliteration and those in Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork from Mistborn Adventure Game (transliteration by Valkynphyre here) is that the Inquisitor transliteration is from an older religious text from pre-Era 1 Mistborn, while the Badali transliteration is accurate for the alphabet during Era 1 and Era 2. My fonts here use the Badali transliteration; I've made a different font for the Inquisitor transliteration style. One slight difference between my "Bold" font (which uses the Era 1 symbols with the Badali transliteration) and the steel alphabet as used in Era 1 is using a moved dot to differentiate between the vowels I and E, and O and U. Isaac Stewart mentions and Peter Ahlstrom elaborates on how this is a recent innovation as of the Alloy of Law. These fonts contain two lookup tables: liga - four subtables to: (1) - substitute the name of a metal or a direction for its corresponding symbol (must be spelled in allcaps: IRON, STEEL, TIN, PEWTER, ZINC, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, CADMIUM, BENDALLOY, GOLD, ELECTRUM, CHROMIUM, NICROSIL, ALUMINUM, ALUMINIUM, DURALUMIN, DURALUMINIUM, ATIUM, MALATIUM, LERASIUM, ETTMETAL, HARMONIUM, WEST, NORTHWEST, NORTH, NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST) (2) - display any double letters as a single letter (3) - display the numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 256, and 4096 as the corresponding symbol. kern - pairwise class-based kerning values The 24 basic symbols were downloaded from the Coppermind wiki in SVG format - these SVGs were created by user Paleo (from Isaac Stewart's original artwork). I created the punctuation included in these fonts by extrapolating from the period and comma that appear in Ben McSweeney's Inquisitor artwork. If using MS Word, once you create a new document, type some text, and set the font to "AlloyofLaw," you must also highlight the text, expand Word's "Font" section at the top (or press Ctrl+D), and navigate to the "Advanced" tab. Here you must select the checkbox "Kerning for fonts" under the "Character Spacing" section. Under the "OpenType Features" section select "all" from the drop-down menu labeled "Ligatures," and select the checkbox "Use Contextual Alternates." I wish Word didn't make this so convoluted. If you want to mess around with these fonts in FontForge, here are the SFD files: AlloyofLaw.sfd, AlloyofLaw Bold.sfd

    © The Steel Alphabet symbols are copyright of Brandon Sanderson and Dragonsteel Entertainment. In compliance with fanart policy, these fonts cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  3. Thank you guys for helping me sort out my feelings on this era!
  4. compounding

    So, in compounding does one burn the power stored inside of a metalmind or does one burn the metalmind itself. In Alloy of law, Wax claims that Miles needs lots of gold for his constant compounding, this leads me to believe that its the latter; at the end of Alloy of law, it says that they removed all of Miles' metalminds so that he couldn't heal himself. I'm just a bit confused, and I have only read era 1 and Alloy of law.
  5. This might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find it in the Coppermind or Arcanum. In the prologue of AoL, how did Paalm leave Lessie's bones after she "died" without being noticed? Did Harmony have something to do with it?
  6. There's someone in Alloy of Law, during the Yomin-Ostlin wedding, that was talking to the wedding couple and was described as "a scruffy beggar dressed in all black." So I'm pretty sure this is Hoid, but I just reread Warbreaker and it threw me off a little. Please put this to rest for me, one way or the other.
  7. HI PEOPLES OF THE WORLD! IT IS I! CALLANJEREL or whatever I chose for my username on this site. But I have a real large, real big, real grande (with the little accent over the e... am too lazy to do it myself) problem... I want the lost metal. Like real badly. I was waiting after he finished Oathbringer, but then lo and behold it was there! A new book! And it was... Skyward. Not that I don't like the book, but I didn't really want it in comparison to how I wanted the Lost Metal. Like I really want that book. Like who the hecking heck is Trell? A shard of Adonalsium? Like what the heck. And why is Hoid on this fricking planet and golly jeebus just like make a new fricking book already. Either way, enough ranting. What do you guys, here on the 17th Shard, think will happen with the Mistborn/Wax&Wayne series? Will it be forgotten, like series past, or will it become renewed?
  8. THIS POST IS FULL SPOILERS Hey there fellow Sharders, I bring a fairly simple topic today, not crazy theorycrafting, no bizzare "what-if"s... Just a pair of little questions that bug my mind. They both have to do with the "Ruin/Hemalurgic-Species", Koloss and Kandra, but each in a different way. Question the first! How the **** are there Koloss halfbreeds in AoL? I mean, yeah, they were humanoid... 12 foot tall humanoid beings that could only be bored or enraged, none of which is very propense to sexual attraction by the way, AND, they couldn't really procreate. They were MADE, not born, and they were kinda undead... They were nothing else than a dead body with 4 hemalurgic spikes. Setting aside physical impossibilities, what human female could have survived an "intimate" encounter with a Koloss? And what's more important, what human female would have wanted an intimante encounter with a Koloss? It just blows my mind. One could argue that Koloss are like the "orcs" in fantasy, and noone questions the existance of halforcs... But to me Koloss are more like Ogres in size... with chicken-sized brains, the temperament of a dog with rabies, and they are pretty much undead... They have more in common with Warcraft Abominations than nothing else... I just CAN'T comprehend the crossbreeding here. If someone has a good explanation about this and can share it, I will be most thankfull and cover you in virtual hugs. Question the second! Aren't all the Kandra just Mistwraiths by the end of TFA? The question background is this: I finally convinced a good friend to give the books a try, and he devoured the four Mistborn novels in a weekend... Well, he told me that two known Kandra appear and interact with Wax. It's been a while since I read AoL, and sincerely I don't remember it all that well but I trust him when he says so. The thing is... How? Didn't all Kandra commit to the First Contract and give up theyr Blessings? Even if they somehow used the left blessings to make new Kandra... wouldn't they be NEW KANDRA? not old ones? I don't totally comprehend the act of giving "sentience" to a Mistwraith... But I don't think they could become "sentientless" and then return to their own selves... If that was the key they would strip any prisoner Kandra of his blessings and give'em later when they are freed... Well, thank you all for your attention, and future responses *I added the Spoiler Alert at top, I dunno if it's really necessary nowadays, but better safe than sorry, I'd hate to Ruin someone's experience. (See what I did there? )
  9. I'm relistening to Alloy of Law, and something jumped out at me as being odd. It was the scene where Wax is trying to determine the Aluminum alloy used in the guns and bullets. It seems to be a metal that he's not familiar with, and it's brought up a few times later (like when he visits Ranette). Do we ever find out what the other metal in them is (I've read all of Era 2, but can't remember it specifically)? It seems like a brand new thing (making guns and bullets out of aluminum), starting with the Vanishers, so I was wondering if it could be Trell's metal, since that group is involved with them.
  10. Hey there! I wanted to know if I can read Wax And Wayne without having read the original Mistborn books. I started mistborn but it just didn't pull me in like Stormlight Archive. The premise of Alloy of law is very interesting to me and I'd love to be able to read it right away. Thanks
  11. To my understanding, the way healing works in the Cosmere reverts oneself to their perceived cognitive self. This is why Kaladin's brands don't heal, yet Lopen's arm grows back. With gold feruchemy, it would seem like one would still age. Their stored up health can only heal them so far, and their cognitive self would age. However, if one was able to have an absurd amount of healing, like a gold compounder such as Miles Hundredlives, AND they considered themselves immortal, would they age? I feel it is a reasonable inference to say Miles thinks himself immortal, considering his mentality seen in Mistborn, especially after he mentally moves beyond pain itself. If he imagined himself at a consistent age, believing that his healing prevented him from aging, and he always had copious, near infinite, amounts of healing readily available, I think he would achieve immortality. Plus, I feel like adding hemalurgy into the mix would only increase his already insane healing abilities, especially if he had a Trell spike that had some sort of power along the lines of healing. Thoughts?
  12. Why is Wayne holding a gun on the cover of Alloy of Law?
  13. Vin pulls out one of Marsh' s eye spikes at the end of hero of ages, but he has 2 when he appears to Marasi at the end of the alloy of law. Does anyone know how it gets replaced? Harmony confirms it was Marsh in the conversation he has with wax in the carriage in Shadows of self
  14. I know that to that this has been discussed to an extent, but I'm not sure if this angle has been explored. Does anyone have any proofs or rebuttals to this theory?
  15. A friend and I were discussing Wayne and Steris' relationship, and we decided that there's probably a good setting for a series of short stories/vignettes about them as they increasingly become friends (of a sort). Steris almost certainly has a list of possible things Wayne might do to irritate her, as well as ways of dealing with them. Wayne knows there's a list because it's Steris. So the game would be: "Can Wayne do something to Steris that isn't on her list." Wayne wouldn't look at the list because "it would right take the fun out of it," and Steris would use the game as an opportunity to contain Wayne's chaos. I suspect Wayne has spent some time in the Assembly, pretending to be a member, and having fun tying people up in silly votes and time-consuming procedural motions. I was enjoying the image of him attempting this on Steris, who would utterly crush him procedurally. Anybody else have ideas for ways Wayne could mess with Steris? I assume she has well-fleshed out ideas for what to do if Wayne infiltrates any of her social gatherings or hobbies, but there's room for Wayne to work, even there.
  16. I wanted to hear how you all would tear this theory I have up. Posted from a phone. Before the Recreance the Knights Radiant has had knights for a long time- All the orders were strong in the fight against the voidbringers. Or were they? To become a Radiant one must be broken for the spren to bond with. But what would happen if everyone or at least most of a population wanted or wished to become a Radiant? The Radiants wish to help others, so that they themselves don't have to be broken and that the world would be a better place. The people would then try to learn and imitate the Radiants. In the books we have a scene from the Ardents where if you were to measure a flame spren then it would freeze in that capacity. What would happen if through time the Radiants hit a point where they could not progress because everyone was doing what was right. It was the epic kingdoms all lands were united against the evils of the world. People wrote down the kindness and the epic stories of the Radiants, but at what point does that become common place, when the oaths they have sworn came down to take a general view to the point that if a Radiant isn't careful would break an oath in a otherwise acceptable time? Take the example from the alloy of law, Maraci she explains her fascination with lights. If everyone is the same pure white light then there is nothing different, it would be the darker lights that would be different. Kaladin even shared this view against Dalinar in the opposite light, as he rescued him. (Every bright eye was evil and hid behind a few good deeds). It was Dalinar who was a bright light which let him gain the trust of Shallan and Kaladin. Should the land of Roshar hit a point where everyone was this pure white light then there is no room to shine. Only way to let more Radiants to be free of this is to create a stain in everyones memories breaking the "leash" that bound what others thought that the Radiants had to do. I believe that the spren of the orders were getting to a point that they were freezing through the exact way they gain access to the Radiants. Note I believe the Radiants could still surgebind because they were still bonded and still upheld the oaths they had sworn. The Radiants tried everything to release the spren of the self image that others created. Sizgil mentioned that the most dishonorable weapon is the sword. Which is the reason that the shardblades took form in the shape of a sword. I think even Honor tried to leave room for interpretation when the honor blades were made by having them in a shape of a sword. Anything out there that tears theory apart? Sadly can't devote time like I would like to and made this post while riding a bus Short theory shorter: Radiant Spren got caught in a limitation of the minds and stories of men.
  17. So I was checking up with my Deviant Art when I found this recent pic by Jazzy-Kandra (Please check out the link and tell him hi) When I saw it I instantly thought, "What if we were to write a story about the characters from Alloy of Law as if they were High School students attending a Elendel High School as normal students? Heck what if we did that with ANY of the Brandon Sanderson books!?!" Now I know this is probably not the first time someone has thought of this. I am reminded of the `Attack on Titan Junior High' series. Literally just using the characters in a completely different/more normal setting. But if there is anyone who fancies the idea, write a quick scene as how you would see the series. If you know of such a project that already exists, please leave a link so we can all check it out! I look forward to all the submissions, and when I can I'll write up one myself. Have fun!
  18. I recently finished The Alloy of Law, which was amazing, and i was mildly confused on something. The character Miles can instantly heal himself because he is a twin born, and uses gold for both. this apparently gives him insane healing powers. Now maybe this was explained and i just missed it, but why does having the ability to use gold for allomancy as well make him have insane healing powers? Normally he would have to fill is metalminds for a long time but he never seems to have to do that.
  19. I have a question about the Elendel Basin map found here: I was looking at the Longitude and Latitude labels, and comparing them to the Steel Alphabet found on the Coppermind Wiki. The lines of longidue make sense, they run as follows from left to right: [ 1, Lesarium, 1, 2, 3 ] with Lesarium marking the city of Elendel. This makes sense that they would mark their capital as their own prime meridian. Where I get confused is the lines of latitude. They read as follows from top to bottom: [Atium, Malatium, Gold, Electum, Chromium, Nicrosil]. If we swap Chromium and Bendalloy for Atium and Malatium (assuming this map was using the archaic system of numerals) that gives us a list reading down of [9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14]. I would have expected their globe to be mapped out similar to ours, with the equator at 0 and ascending numbers as you approach the poles. But this numbering makes me think that either that is not the case, or Elendel is in fact in the Southern Hemisphere. Did anyone else notice this? any other theories?
  20. Color me opaque, but I have a fondness for a good villain, or eight-hundred. Miles Dagouter is one of my favorites. Granted, from about a year or-so ago.
  21. Photography is art too. Especially when you run it through filters to make it look cool.
  22. Ok, Friends. Help me out here. For I have gone and convinced myself of something crazy! Sorry, I'm new to the forum and I don't know how to do that cool "spoiler" button yet. Please be aware that this theory mainly concerns The Stormlight Archive: Way of Kings and will have spoilers for the stormlight series. But because of said theory, this post will also contain spoilers from the Alloy of Law. So please continue reading at your own risk! If you have read both books, please give your thoughts on this theory. Many thanks! Toward the end of Interlude-6 when Szeth finds Gavashaw dead along with his [former] master Makkek, he's greeted by this dark figure who bears Szeth's Oathstone and gives him Taravangian's kill list. I'd like to discuss who this dark figure might be... Because I don't believe he's just some unimportant messenger. Szeth doesn't recognize this man's accent. This seems to be a gentle suggestion that the figure might originate off world. I figure Szeth would have traveled many places since becoming Truthless and having his Oathstone traded so frequently. Szeth guesses that the dark figure's accent might be Alethi, but he isn't sure. No real description of the dark figure is really given except that his voice is "male and deep" so a physical match can't really be made. The figure even wore a mask. So all we can really go on and take clues from is the shrouded man's words. Monologuing - This shrouded figure is heavily opinionated for someone who is presumably unimportant and needs to only deliver proof of the Oathstone exchanging hands and the new orders from the new master. That being said, what the man starts monologuing about is, i feel, key to discovering his true identity. He says things like: "Are you satisfied with this... are you satisfied with trivial crimes?" "What a waste... You are squandered." "You are a work of art... a god." “But do you not rebel against this frivolous use of your skills? Were you not meant for greatness?” "It's time you stop wasting your talent." Very interesting statements. He had virtually no reason to monologue to Szeth... and combining that with his strange accent, I keep feeling like this shrouded figure is more important that the interlude makes apparent. He shows up nowhere else in the series (as of yet) to pick apart more clues. These statements come dangerously close to many things said to Waxillium Ladrian back on Scadrial. My vote is that the masked and shadowed man giving Szeth his new orders is Miles "Hundredlives" Dagouter who is now on Roshar. As implausible as it seems, he may not actually be truly dead. It was never explained how he was still able to heal after all of his metalminds were apparently removed. Therefore we don't know to what extent his death was an act or irreversible (including his missing pulse). We know nothing of the remains/body of Mile Dagouter. Beyond that, the cosmere has "Returned" and fabrials that can revive people from the unthinkable (like with a certain someone at the end of WoR). Miles Dagouter is my best guess as to who this man might be... he doesn't actually have to have survived his experienced on Scadrial to be alive on Roshar right now. He's Miles Hundredlives Dagouter... he's been through a lot worse. He probably had gold implanted in his bones. He was very confident when he went up for execution. Why would he have been so confident if he knew he'd eventually run out of gold during the execution and die anyway? As for what he'd be doing on Roshar? Probably doing the same thing he was doing on Scadial. Serving someone, believing in a higher cause. Like Taravangian. Thoughts?
  23. In honor of Shdows of Self being released, I made a video inspired by the scene in Alloy of Law where Wax chases the train. Enjoy!
  24. I'm working on an adventure scenario for the Mistborn Adventure Game I'm running. It's a duet game (one Narrator, one player) and the player is a Pinkteron-style detective. Since the player is a fan of gritty noir style stories I've come up with an interesting case for the first session. I won't go into details since its not relevant to my question, but if anyone is interested I'll spill. The scenario appears to be your standard Find The Missing Child case, but has a few twists and tilts as is expected in the noir genre, not to mention There's Always Another Secret. I want the child in this case to be a half-breed koloss-blooded/human where the human parentage is from a well respected House. Rather than keeping the child a secret or disowning him/her, the family proved to be remarkably progressive and treats the child as if it was fully one of its own. However the rest of the world doesn't always react as progressively, and consequently the child suffers quite a bit of racism and bigotry. The mystery begins when the child runs away from his elite prep-school in Elendel due to such racism on part of his/her peers and teachers. The kid disappears and his/her wealthy human sister hires my player's agency to track him/her down. This all assumes Koloss-blooded and humans can in fact interbreed. Is that the case? Is there any evidence of this in AoL or failing that, any good reason why they couldn't interbreed?
  25. So I was reading Alloy of Law, and the part where Marasi is discussing how Vin is the role model for women, but she doesn't fit into that. I then wondered, is it possible that in Scadrial, women are expected to be self-actualized? We don't see that many women in the book, and aside from Marasi, Steris is the only other female character I can think of that's remotely girlish, in the most positive use of the word. I just thought this was interesting and could lead to some very intelligent conversations. Discuss. Is it possible that this role model could be expanded over future trilogies?