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Found 533 results

  1. So. There are 17 types of Allomancers, and 17 types of Feruchemists (technically 18 if you’re counting full feruchemists and Mistborn). That means there is 289 twinborn combinations. That is way too many for anyone to theorize on, but there could be a lot of cool possibilities of twinborn that you wouldn’t expect. So what I will be doing on this thread is randomly picking a twinborn, analyzing the potential of it, theorizing some potential resonances, making up a name for it, and giving it an arbitrary rating from 1-10. I kind of want to mimic the style of daily posts over on Reddit, so I’ll be picking a new twinborn every day, and see how long I can keep this up. Hopefully it’ll be fun! Well, without further ado, here’s day 1! Random Twinborn Day 1: A-Tin and F-Steel Well, this is already interesting! These two admittedly don’t have too much immediate synergy, but they are both useful in their own right. A-tin is great for detecting others in the area, and is generally used as a sentry-type person. However, it could be quite nice in a political setting as well, enabling you to hear and see things that you normally shouldn’t be witness to. Overall a really nice ability to have, but certainly more of a background role than a front lines sort of role. F-steel however is quite the combat role. You can certainly use it to evade being caught, but generally you would go on the offensive. Hitting others before you get hit, and evading other’s attacks, that sort of thing. The only limitation is storing, in which you are pretty useless while doing so. Now, with both, it would actually be quite nice! When storing speed, you can act as a sentry type, and then you can basically be the ultimate spy. It’s definitely not the type of thing where you could be using both abilities at once, as the wind speeds would probably be painful, but they can be used whenever the other isn’t. You can be snooping around, using A-Tin, but then quickly move to another location using F-Steel. Alternatively, you can act as a jack of all trades in combat, as you can listen for potential attacks when stationary, and dodge and attack quickly when moving. It would certainly take a lot of training, but it would be quite the act. Overall, this is a very solid Twinborn combination. I could definitely see this pop up in a book, and it would be very fun to see. Resonance: Well, I would think that with speed and heightened senses comes extra awareness and reaction time. Whether that would count as a resonance, I’m not sure. But the abilities definitely lend themselves to that. Name: How about…a Shade/Shadow? Always listening, but you will never find them. Rating: a solid 8/10! Not completely overpowered, but definitely not something that a non-Twinborn could easily beat. Again, let me know your thoughts! Is there something I missed? Do you have a better name? This is already off to a fun start, and I’m excited to continue this!
  2. Okay, so I want to make the fastest character possible using the magic that we have access to (without the teleportation of Elantris). You are allowed to use all of Feruchemy, Allomancy, Aon Dor (except teleportation), all surges, all aethers, breaths, sand mastery, and anything else you can think of to make someone to move extremely fast. My though process is: Steel and Zinc Compounder (For pure speed of movement and thought) Surge of abrasion (To remove air resisitance) Bondsmith (For the perpendicularity to fuel the feruchemy) Minor TOTES spoilers: That's about all I've thought of so far, what do you think?
  3. I was reading Trusk'our's thread on Allomantic Duralumin Savantism ( and it got me thinking. Is there a scale of savantism or is there one or more plateaus to the changes caused by the power? Technically, once physiological changes begin to occur, they would be considered a Savant, regardless of how minor or extreme the change was. So, hypothetically you have three people who ate equally sized bits of Lerasium and became Mistborn. All three burn a metric ton of Brass (or other large but reasonably sized amount that could be burned away through normal allomantic usage) over the course of a year, one burning at a normal rate, one constantly flaring, one burning their Brass as fast as they could with Duralumin. What level of savantism would each allomancer obtain? I assume the normal burner would get very proficient at Soothing and overall benefits to the practice, but would get relatively little savantism effects because they aren't stressing the body or Spiritweb (considering Mistborn commonly leave their Copper and Tin running in the night but don't suffer as Spook did, even when they aren't using Pewter). The one flaring would certainly become a savant, their soul warped by the constant stretching. What of the Duralumin user? Would they get end up at the same level of savantism as the one flaring, or would they have more extreme effects of savantism? I would guess the second. Could the one flaring metals continue burning and eventually catch up to the Duralumin user, or would there be specific changes that only could be feasibly accomplished with Duralumin (unless you're TLR and have 1,000 years to burn? Maybe not even then? I'm not sure I see him going the Duralumin route either though)? A reduced rate of Duralumin burning allowing for abnormally high flares might explain TLR's insane Soothing, but we don't see him chugging down Brass constantly either. Breeze's estimate at the Skaa executions was that TLR was Soothing a number two orders of magnitude larger than what he could, probably with a greater Push on their emotions as well. That seems like an insane amount of Brass to be burning during a long, leisurely carriage ride from Kredik Shaw to the fountain square without refilling your metal reserves at some point. Maybe he is stealthily eating Brass, maybe he can choke down a huge amount to fill his stomach, but it seems rather inconvenient for TLR to constantly put up with. Thoughts?
  4. I'm pretty sure I've done a thread before on using Forgery to remove Savantism. However, what if someone tried to use Forgery to grant Savantism? Let's have a fun little story to go with this idea; There is a Tineye that works for the Ghostbloods named Jake. Jake, somewhat naturally, doesn't want to permanently suffer the ill effects of Savantism, but knows that with it's power he could accomplish a lot more for his organization. Shai is his friend and creates a Soulstamp for Jake to turn him temporarily into a Savant so that he can get the benefits of it when he needs it and so that he can remove the downsides when he is done with using it. Does this sound like a plausible thing to do?
  5. Okay, so this will be a silly deep dive on all stuff savantism. I will be going through all 16 metals, listing the advantages, disadvantages, and ease of savantism. Feel free to add on to this list, as I am certain that I do not know all there is to know about savantism. I just want to get folks thinking. Obviously each comes with a universal advantage and disadvantage, so I’ll get those out of the way. Of course it will be addictive, so you will feel weird when not burning it in some quantity. Additionally, you will be getting a lot more band for your buck in terms of efficiency using the metal. with that out of the way, let’s get started! Iron Advantages: Much greater control over your pulls, with potential to pull things heavier than you or identify what metal you are pulling. Perhaps being able to manipulate invested metals in some capacity? Certainly an increase in pulling range (how far away you can sense the metal). Disadvantages: Honestly, past a reliance on that extra sense, I wouldn’t really know. Ease of Acquisition: This is fairly easy to get, but you probably won’t be getting it accidentally. There’s a few times where you would want to constantly burn iron, but the cost is rarely worth it for most. Steel In terms of general effect, everything will likely be the same for steel as it will be for iron. Increased adeptness, power, and range, with it being a rare occurrence to naturally manifest. If you folks think there would be a difference, let me know! Tin We saw the advantages and disadvantages pretty clearly with Spook. Quite powerful, with some major disadvantages. Probably wouldn’t recommend. Pewter This was touched on slightly on the books, but I’ll give a brief refresher. You get real strong, but your immunity to pain can lead you to not feel pain, making you die from wounds that you didn’t know existed. It’s not an advised one, but it is unfortunately quite easy to get. Strength is one hell of a drug. Zinc Advantages: Standard rioting of extra people, likely with better extremes (rioting very subtly and outrageously noticeably). Can’t think of much else, but it sure would be interesting to see someone that constantly manipulates emotions Disadvantages: This would likely have to do with emotions, so either you become very picky about other’s emotions, and extraordinary manipulative, or you would be lacking in your own emotional capacity. It would certainly be quite the experience. Ease of Acquisition: I would think this would be relatively easy to get, as rioting is quite a useful trait. Brass I think soothing would have very similar effects to that of rioting when savanthood is achieved, with maybe minute differences. Let me know what you all think! Copper Advantages: This is quite subtle, with likely an expanded field of use, as well as increased difficulty to pierce. I’m sure that if you tried, you could make your coppercloud larger or smaller. I don’t know how you would test for that, though. Disadvantages: Apparently, savantism is very subtle, and the disadvantages are slight. Ease of Acquisition: This is quite common, and I would even say that this is probably the easiest metal to become a savant in. Bronze Advantages: With savanthood for bronze, the advantages are useful, but slight. Increased range, increased strength. That’s pretty much it. You would probably be able to detect other non-allomantic forms of active investiture a bit easier, but even a non-savant can do that. Disadvantages: Again, very minimal disadvantages. Ease of Acquisition: This is another of the really easy metals to achieve savanthood in. Easy to acquire the metal, has a long burn time, and has a lot of passive utility. Aluminum Advantages: Apparently, you can heal your spiritual self this way. Past that, I don’t know. Disadvantages: You are probably now broke. Ease of Acquisition: This one is near impossible. The metal is expensive, useless to burn, and wipes your reserves as soon as you burn it. Duralumin Advantages: Would there…be any advantages? Maybe burning it more efficiently? Disadvantages: You have wasted a lot more time and money than you probably should have. Ease of Acquisition: Not very easy. Theoretically possible, but why? What’s the value in doing so? Gold Advantages: I’m sure there’s some advantages. Unfortunately, we know sparingly little about A-gold. You would probably be keenly aware of your past, as well as the consequences of your decisions. It would be really weird, though. Disadvantages: You would probably be heavily morphed by this. I’m not sure what exactly, but it would be quite the experience. You would be quite detached from the present, and likely warped in the past. Ease of Acquisition: Gold is presumably still rare, if not seen as the currency that we on Earth have decided it would be. You could theoretically become a gold savant, but the circumstances that would allow that would be very, very odd. Electrum Advantages: This could actually be quite useful. You would be very, very hard to kill, and you would have a lot of potential. The electrum shadows would likely extend further than normal, but I don’t really know how far you could stretch it. Disadvantages: This would likely be quite warping as well. Constantly knowing what you are about to do will morph you, and instead of dwelling in the past, you would likely dwell too much in the future. Maybe you would have quite a bit of indecision. I don’t know, but it would certainly be interesting. Ease of Acquisition: Given how uncommon the metal is, this would be quite hard, but very doable. Cadmium Advantages: Manipulate bubble size, speed, and allow it to anchor to oneself. Pretty nice stuff. Disadvantages: This is a tad less clear, but my guess is that due to massive time dilation, they would feel quite disconnected from others. Ease of Acquisition: This one is very hard, but not impossible. It would require quite a lot of continuous punting, which would be both expensive and a bit boring. Bendalloy Pretty much the same as cadmium. I’m sure there’s a difference, but it would be slight. Chromium Advantages: I don’t really know about this one, but perhaps it would allow leeching at range? It’s a smidge unclear. Disadvantages: I also don’t know about this. Any idea what would work? Ease of Acquisition: Savanthood seems quite possible, just not particularly likely to encounter. A middle of the road metal on ease of acquisition. Nicrosil This seems to be the same as Chromium in terms of pretty much everything. And that’s what I have so far! If there’s stuff you think should be added, please let me know! There are a whole bunch of places that I’m not sure of, or even have no clue about.
  6. So, I have been roleplaying a gold savant over in the Alleyverse forums (which if you like roleplaying and haven’t checked out, you totally should look at!), and I had to fudge some things. We have really only had two instances of A-gold in the books, and information on what exactly goes on is very conflicted (see the differences in the Ars Arcanum wording and the Coppermind wording). So, that got me thinking: how does A-gold work? Now, we have very little to go off of. But, let’s start with the basics. Gold is a temporal metal that shows you two alternate versions of yourself when burning it. Past that, it gets weird. These alternate selves don’t seem to be able to interact with you in any meaningful way, and don’t really exist. Now, you can sort of interact with them, as we saw with Vin reaching out to touch her gold shadow. Now, she also seemed to be controlling the shadows, in a way. Here’s a section from the book (chapter 27 for any of you keeping track): So there’s something weird there. The user also thinks through both thoughts, and intrinsically knows them. They can’t seem to communicate, but maybe they can see each other, given the whole touching thing that goes on in book one. It is very unclear. They also seem to no longer have their physical self anymore, as both of the instances seem to refer to splitting into two and being two people, not three. Do I have any idea how that would work if you are burning it for more that 15 seconds? Nope! But that’s what we have to work with Now that we sorta kinda get how the shadows manifest, let’s talk about the shadows themselves. In the two instances we see them, the shadows appear to be alternative present selves, like if you were to essence stamp yourself. Now, here’s where things get inconsistent. The Ars Arcanum seems to suggest that you see your, and I quote, “past selves or alternate present selves” which, given the wording, seems to imply that you can either see an alternate present self or an unaltered past self. But given that that would be really rusting weird, let’s just say you can access alternate selves. Whether or not they can be younger than you are is kind of unclear (I seem to be repeating myself quite a bit). So what of these alternate selves? Could they be anything? Theoretically, but with the stuff we have seen, they seem to be opposites of each other in some way, and seem to be very relevant to the moment. Vin saw a noble and a thief, Miles saw a vanisher and a lawman. Now, both of these people were very inexperienced with gold, so I’m sure you can stretch the capability of your shadows past just differences in currently relevant occupations. So, now that we’re sort of on the same page about what A-gold does, let’s unravel it a bit. Specifically, I will be looking at this from a lens of Intent, Identity, and Fortune, the three weirdest mechanics in the Cosmere. Starting with Intent. Could you be conscously aware of what shadows want to summon, or where they manifest positionally to you? Would you have the ability to move the shadows independently of yourself, or have three or one self (either just you physically present and seeing out of your own eyes or your two gold shadows and you) present? I would say with savanthood, anything is possible, but to what degree could a normal Augur that isn’t ashamed of their very existence pull that off? I don’t know. On to Identity. I think this is probably more relevant than Intent, as who you are affects what your shadows could be. If you are sure of who you are, the shadows would likely be less variable than if you feel that you are the way you are now due to pure happenstance. To take that a step further, let’s put F-Aluminum into the mix. What happens when an augur stores identity? Personally, I think it would increase the variability of the shadows. Maybe one of them wasn’t even born an Augur! Now what would happen if they have access to an unsealed identitymind? Well, then they could increase their identity. What would that do to the shadows? If storing increases variability, tapping would decrease variability. Eventually, maybe gold shadows wouldn’t even appear! The possibilities are interesting for sure. Now on to the last one: Fortune. Why do I bring this up? This is all about the past. Well, in a way, it’s about the future. The gold shadows seem to show people what they need to see, but what if you burn it for more than 15 seconds? What if you shadow up a fighter because you will be getting into a fight? This is certainly an interesting question. Personally, I think it is certainly plausible. Gold is really weird, and who chooses the shadows certainly isn’t the one burning the metal. Well, what are you folks thoughts? Is there more potential with being an Augur than just getting nausea on command? Could you manipulate this realmic power to your own desires?
  7. Quick thought that came to me earlier: When an Allomancer burns Atium, they see the future of all things nearby that isn't themselves. When electrum is burned they see only their own future. Basically, do you guys think that their would be some synergy between the two powers? For instance, would a Mistborn burning both get some slight advantage in combat compared to a Mistborn only burning Atium (just to clarify, not two Mistborn fighting each other- two Mistborn fighting other people but using metals to see the future)?
  8. So we sort of get how Nicro-boosting works on a lot of metals. Pewter, you get super strong, steel you launch everything into the abyss, iron and tin, you just die, and so on. What of the weirder ones? Obviously aluminum and duralumin wouldn’t have too much affect, and chromium and nicrosil would be similar, but what of the forbidden four? The temporal metals? For cadmium, I could see something like instantaneous time travel into the future. Bendalloy—doing a thousand things in the span of half a second? Gold and Electrum is where things get really weird, as they’re weird metals in general. Would they be like Atium, where they just poke a hole in the spirit realm and wild things happen? Atium was predicated on Fortune, and getting a blast of the future, so would Electrum be similar? I suppose given that “Atium” was an electrum alloy, that would make sense. So that just leaves gold. Gold is a weird Allomantic metal, so I have no idea what happens with that one. It doesn’t really tap into fortune, but messes with the Spiritual Realm somehow. I don’t know. Ideas, anyone?
  9. Wax being made into a Mini-Mistborn by inhaling Lerasium during his experiment is something that has almost no impact on the plot of TLM. All it really did was provide an avenue for Harmony to make Wayne a Mistborn to use Duralumin in the climax. Sure you could say that it made things easier for Wax before that point, but the cases where his Mistborn abilities showed up felt more like Brandon engineering minor difficulties where being a Mini-Mistborn helped and almost all of those could have been avoided. So why do it at all? Just to inject some extra Allomantic potential into the gene-pool? Just because it's a likely result of the experiment? I think I have an idea and it relates to the fact that Wax wasn't the only injection of extra Allomancy in TLM. The Community also existed. The Community didn't technically add more Investiture in the way that Wax becoming a Mini-Mistborn did, but it was designed to concentrate the Allomancy from all those people. And we know, for a fact, that kids were born in the Community. If a number is given, I don't remember it. So that's two different ways to increase the Allomantic potential which both arrived during TLM, and don't forget the conversation between Sazed and Kelsier about needing stronger Allomancers in the future. I don't think all that's a coincidence. I think that there will be a character in Era 3 who is a natural Mistborn, rather than one made via Hemalurgy like an Inquisitor. And that if we follow their family tree back, they're descended from Wax and the Community. Would this be a Mistborn with equal strength to Final Empire Mistborn? No, but the character would still be a Mistborn. Now, could this just be to offset the lower Allomantic potential in the Southern Continent and make it so that in Era 3 or 4 we've reached an Allomantic equilibrium across all of Scadrial that is roughly the same as Era 2's equilibrium? Maybe, but Kel's epilogue seems like its setting up for Kel and maybe Saze to do something about that across the planet, rather than the more personal nature of Wax and the Community.
  10. So this is a post that's been made a million times, but storm it we ball. What kind of misting/ferring/twinborn would you like to be, and what do you think actually fits you best. Twinborn can be compounders but dodn't have to be. This would be in modern day, either in a world where the mettalic arts just are a thing but it's otherwise identical to our own.your metal and or bracers/vials are just something you can go out and buy at walmart in this example, so nothing is too hard to obtain. No god metals. I'll go first: Powers I'd want: Coinshot/Firesoul/Bronze compounder. Coinshot is super useful for not having to pay for gas or car parts or any of that rust, plus it's cool as storm. Firesoul is just something I've wished for all the time when it's too cold or too hot out. And bronze compounder just gives you an extra third of your life you can do whatever you want with. Power's I feel actually fit me: Smoker/Sparker/no idea. Smoker because I usually try to fly under the radar, and sparker because I get that ADHD last second procastonor boost where I'm 10x more productive, but only after doing nothing 90% of the time.
  11. In Era 1, the Mists were coded by Preservation to avoid Ruin. Hence, why Hemalurgy repels the Mists and why a certain earring became so useful. But there’s also another way to use Ruin’s power that made me think: Era 1 Atium. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe we’ve ever seen what the Mists actually do when a non spiked Allomancer burns Atium. Maybe there’s a mention in scenes with Kelsier or Shan, but I can’t remember any off the top of my head. That suggests Atium might also repel the Mists. It is powered by Ruin, just as with Hemalurgy But the ramifications that I’m most interested in are what happens if you burn Atium while actively drawing on the Mists. My best example for this thought experiment is Vin at the end of HoA, when she starts drawing in the Mists but before she fully Ascends. What would happen if she tried to burn Atium at this point? I see a few possibilites 1. Burning Atium would act like a spike, immediately dispelling the Mists as a sort of safety measure 2. The Atium is treated like any other metal and simply gives Vin a view of the Spiritual Realm, as if she was doing the Duralumin combo 3. The power of the Mists rejects the Atium and causes feedback, like when Vin tried to use the Well with a spike. It’s unclear exactly how harmful this would be, but probably can’t cause any more injuries than a spike attempt would. 4. Similar to option 3, except the Mists override Ruin’s power and perhaps hijacks it, adding it to Preservation 5. The hack provides some sort of gateway for Ruin’s influence, just like spikes do. That would be horrifically bad. However, I don’t think this one is super likely. If Ruin could do that, I imagine he would’ve plotted for Vin to have Atium as she Ascended (unless Atium also blocks the Mists). Plus, Ruin can’t directly interface with Atium. He needs to burn it before it belongs to him again Assuming that Vin could ascend with an Atium reserve, it also makes me wonder if she could keep it once she fully Ascended. Even then, it probably doesn’t have enough meaning since it’s so small. But it’d also be really cool if it were possible to somehow hijack Preservation’s Intent by burning Atium. Something like that could even be part of why Preservation blocked spiked people from getting the Mists, though the bigger issue is preventing a pawn of Ruin from acting on his behalf I don’t know exactly. I just think it’s an interesting possibility since Atium provides more potential to “disrupt” the Mists while they act. Let me know what you guys think.
  12. So, I was just thinking about how God Metals somewhat reflect the properties of their Shard (Lerasium Connects someone to Preservation, Atium makes people into efficient killing machines) and thought of something. Harmony's God Metal is so reactive because his two halves are polarised against each other and are locked in an uneasy equilibrium, and so is pressurized in a sense, which is why it seeks to escape by reacting with something. If Harmony's Intent switches to Discord, and the two halves are no longer in equilibrium, that pressure of them straining against each other goes away. We know from a WoB that I can't find right now that a God Metal's properties can change over time if the Vessel changes; could the same be true for a shift in Intent and the nature of the Shard? Once Harmony becomes Discord, could Harmonium (Discordium?) become less or even unreactive, and therefore be used to finally test out its Allomantic, Feruchemical, and Hemalurgiv properties? What are your thoughts?
  13. There was a creative challenge that my friend told me and I wanted to share here (feel free to do it if you want to): Basically you are coming up with 2 (you can do more but best to go with an even number 2,4,6,8 etc...) new metals which are fully functioning for the metallic arts. Criteria is bullet pointed below: The metals and their alloys must exist in real life (no god metals) Metals can belong to any of the four quadrants (physical, mental/cognitive, temporal/hybrid or enhancement/spiritual) but both the pure metal and its alloy must belong to the same one. Same goes for external/internal. You cannot make up your own quadrants to categorize them in. The pure metal must be a "pull" metal and its alloy must be a "push" metal. The metals must have an allomantic, feruchemical and hemalurgic power which fit with their quadrants Their hemalurgic power cannot grant allomantic or feruchemical powers. i.e. must be a human attribute <optional> The metal has a kandra blessing with a name. i.e. Blessing of <insert name of blessing here> Come up with a misting and ferring name for each metal. For example, here is my own creation (hidden for those that don't really care and for length):
  14. While I was making today’s random twinborn combination, I realized that I haven’t really explored the difference between rioting and soothing, and kind of equated them as different methods of getting the same effect. But that isn’t really true, is it? I mean…is it? Say you want to sneak past guards that are guarding a very important keepsake of a noble. Soothing away their alertness or their sense of fervor might get them to be less ready to stop you if you were to sneak past them. Rioting their sense of tiredness would also do a similar thing, and get pretty much the same result. But would one be more effective than the other? Is there a scenario where one would work where the other would fail? I’m nearly certain there is, yet I can’t quite find a clear scenario where one is clearly better than the other. I suppose if you’re manipulating someone that has extreme emotions already (if they’re really angry or scared, for example), then soothing would be the way to go. But would rioting still do the trick? Well, at what point is calmness not another emotion you can riot, as it is just the more neutral variant of being in fight or flight mode?
  15. We know Feruchemical Tin can store Allomantic senses like Bronze NewbSombrero Can Feruchemical tin store Allomantically granted senses like bronze sense? Brandon Sanderson Possible. General Signed Books 2018 (Feb. 8, 2018) Theoretically, Hemalurgic tin should store all the same things as F-Tin. So if you had proper Intent, could you spike the bronze sense out of an Allomancer burning bronze? If you did, would the recipient of that spike have permanently renewing bronze sense, much like regular kandra blessings (including Tin), or would it have a limited duration because the bronze wasn’t a natural sense?
  16. We’ve already seen the fun of using Duralumin + brass to utterly crush someone. But we haven’t yet seen any duralumin + zinc on human subjects. There’s real potential to make people do extreme things that you couldn’t replicate with brass. And bendalloy makes it even better, since you can get duralumin level power without sacrificing your metals. You could even sustain brass and zinc together at duralumin levels, though it’d hardly be subtle. So I wanted to ponder what you could do with those emotions, especially with time bubbles to sustain it. What would it be like to Riot every emotion a person is feeling all at once, like the opposite of what Vin did to Straff? What would the target feel and what would they remember? And If you used zinc, duralumin, and bendalloy together in high enough amounts, do you think you could control regular people as if they were Hemalurgic constructs? I’m tempted to say no, but high level zinc should be way better at getting people to do stuff than high level brass. Also, what individual emotions would be interesting to boost? The possibilities I can see include, but aren’t limited to… Anger: Generate homicidal rage, perhaps directed towards everything around the target. Even just getting this off once can make a target do something impulsive and start a really bad situation. Just imagine a court trial about whether a murder suspect killed in a moment of passion or under extreme Allomancy Pleasure: An ecstatic high, possibly to the point of emotional addiction. Pretty useful for making friends. Desire: Extreme desperation. Pair with some bribes or promises and they’ll eat out of your hands Fear: Have someone running in terror and in nightmares. Even courageous warriors will fall before you. Distrust/suspicion: Some tugging and you could get real paranoia going Also, be very wary of Mistborn cult leaders. They could make fanatics in no time. Of course, the cost of this raw force is subtlety. So unless you’re a fast talker, and/or have precise Allomancy up your sleeves, the victim will guess what happened sonnet or later. But I still bet you could get lots of mileage from convincing people their extreme feelings are real or even creating irreparable damage from just one moment of impulsive action or one intense memory. Anyway, if you guys have any cool ideas for how to use duralumin level zinc, let me know. The possibilities are basically endless for even a moderately skilled user
  17. Hey guys, I recently got a MidJourney (AI Image Generator) subscription for a university project and I have a few extra images left. If you guys have any ideas for cool Mistborn art you want generated or scenes you want visualized, give me the prompt I have to give to the AI and I'll post the result here.
  18. Seeing these discussions about random twin orbs, I had an idea of one Twinborn concept that seemed like a good fit for Era 3. We haven’t seen really any of the Spiritual Feruchemy in action or a proper usage of A-Elecrtum. So a combo that could be neat is A-Electrum and F-Chromium. The former gives you short range but probably more precise future sight, while the latter does more long term prediction. I also think they’d probably have interesting synergy, kinda like how Wax can manipulate his Steelpushes with weight shifting. I imagine that this Twinborn could probably direct their shadows far better than any other Oracle. Maybe tapping Fortune makes the electrum shadows less chaotic. You might even be able to guide electrum shadows without recalling thinking about it, which would achieve an Atium like effect for yourself. As for Resonance, my favorite idea is “detaching” an electrum shadow and having one travel around doing stuff, guided by Fortune. I’d call this Twinborn a Diviner. But I’m also curious about what else it could do. Based on what we know of Electrum and Fortune, does this combo seem like it would work well? What sort of ways could you use its future sight?
  19. The title says it all. To elaborate, I'm wondering if it is at all possible to use Emotional Allomancy to control an Inquisitor through the cracks of their Spiritweb, given that we have never seen it done before. Granted, there are some good reasons for this. Practically no one knew about this "Hemalurgic backdoor" and the ones that did couldn't and/or wouldn't try it. By the time this was discovered, Ruin had escaped, and no one could contest a Shard's hold. Inquisitors had access to Allomantic copper, possibly multiple times over, which was an excellent counter. Inquisitors have sapience and willpower, and if the Allomancer fails, Adonalsium have mercy upon them. I'm wondering if I have some of the facts wrong, or if there's a reason all its own for this to never happen. Otherwise, to cover all my bases, let's assume a group of several Soothers (or Rioters, but for the sake of argument, Soothers) with several Nicrobursts got together Post-Catacendre, and tried to overwhelm Marsh's copper and willpower with a combined Push. Excluding divine intervention, is there any reason this would not work?
  20. Does anybody know why Steelsight lines are blue? Is it just for narrative purposes, or is it actually tied to some deeper meaning, such as what spectrum of light Steelsight belongs to (even though it's a Spiritual thing rather than physical)?
  21. So we see that people (with practice) can change bendalloy/cadmium bubble size. Does this mean that coppercloud size could be changed? And would it use less metal/be more powerful because it is more concentrated?
  22. Since the topic of Reverse Compounding has come up in a few recent threads, I wanted to do some speculation. See what we know and what we can assume. Here are my motes First, a quick summary via the relevant WoB Through some method, it is possible to do this in reverse. Use Feruchemy to enhance Allomancy Here are a few possibilites 1. Some metal combinations enable reverse Compounding simply by having similar powers. Tin is compatible with other sensory Allomancy and F-Pewter stores the strength from A-Pewter. In the latter example, a Pewter Compunder could store the strength from A-Pewter instead of muscles, then Compound to gain strength without muscles. In addition, a Feruchemist can tap way more from their metalminds than an Allomancer. For example, a Twinborn with A-Bronze and F-Tin could store bronze sense for a day. They could then compress it to gain Duralumin level bronze, which wouldn’t be possible even via flaring. 2. Depending on how F-Nicrosil works, it may provide a boost to abilities stored in nicrosilminds. In this regard, it would be similar to A-Duralumin. Both are useless on their own but boost other powers. Though it is worth noting that abilites are more like coppermind memories rather than speed from steel. Make of that what you will. 3. The reason Compounding only provides the Feruchemical ability is because a metalmind naturally filters the Investiture to do that instead of Allomancy. If you could get the power in the metalmind to think it’s Allomancy, you should theoretically get that extra Investiture on top of what you get from burning normally. This may be as simple as having proper Intent. After all, Compounders get the Allomantic effects by default if they haven’t practiced. This method simply extends that Intention towards changing the contents of the metalmind. But if it is more difficult, it would likely require some unknown method of Spirtual Realm hacking. Naturally, this method requires one to have the Allomantic and Feruchemical powers of the metal one wishes to reverse Compound. 4. This last one is somewhat unique, so bear with me on the steps. Suppose you were a Compounder with this method. First, you need a regular piece of metal and ingest it. Once you have the reserve, focus on it and act as if you were tapping from a metalmind. The metal will start disintegrating as if it had been burned normally and provide the Allomantic effect. However, your Intent is tapping, so the Allomantic power acts like a Feruchemical attribute. You can then store this altered power into a new metal of the same type, just like regular Compounders do. The result is a metalmind that stores an Allomantic power. For example, you could make a zinc mind that stores Rioting. You can tap it as a normal Feruchemist does, which includes compressing it for more power than flaring or even Duralumin. Alternatively, you could Compound it. Either way, you’d have access to that on top of your normal Compounding. Which means every Compounder would effectively have Duralumin or worse on demand. It would also explain why the Lord Ruler’s Allomancy is so insane: he could’ve easily cracked this trick. It’d also apply to the Bands of Mourning. If method 3 or 4 is true, that also helps solve the mystery of why some Inquistors had F-Atium spikes. Ruin would’ve intended the Inquistors to not only function as immortal Cosmere agents, but agents who could Compound Atium sight. They hadn’t yet learned this technique in HoA, but would’ve had time to practice had Ruin won. But why was Marsh not given that spike? It could be because he had too many other spikes, but this is unlikely. Ruin probably would’ve switched one out if he needed. Instead, I believe that it was about loyalty. One of the perks of empowered Atium is seeing the Spiritual Realm. I suspect that Ruin didn’t want Marsh to achieve such power, leaving it to more loyal and bloodthirsty Inquisitors. I would like to give credit to @alder24 for inspiring my thought proccess. Their words on my F-Atium threads inspired both this post and theory #4 (my favorite of the bunch). If you want to give me a reputation, I would reccomend giving them one too. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Good night. Edit: Forgot to put the WoB about storing strength from A-Pewter in F-Pewter. Here it is
  23. So, we know that the metals used in fabrial construction are the same that are used in Allomancy and exhibit similar behaviors to Allomantic burning. My question is, what would something like an Atium fabrial do?
  24. I'm making a mistcloak and my husband asked if I could get the allomantic symbols embroidered onto it. I'm looking for an already digitized set for an embroidery machine. Does anyone know where could find something like that?
  25. We know that the burning a metal will produce Allomantic pulses which can be sensed by a bronze misting. We also know that the listeners attune Rhythms. So, is there a correlation between the two, and could a seeker sense the Rhythms of Roshar?