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Found 4 results

  1. Alright so first off i’m new here so hi! I’ll get right into it: Brandon is pretty much a genius, he is so talented and one of the things that has always impressed me is the way he incorporates physics into his systems of magic, and not even just physics, but a detailed explanation and a set of logical rules that are paired with any magic system. It’s so refreshing. There are of course a few things that I am confused by every once in a while though. Why, when Wax increases his weight, does he not become super strong? And before you get confused since it is apparent that he does absolutely become strong anough to be essentially immune to the effects of his increased mass, here is what I mean. When Wax taps his weightmind his body becomes more sturday and strong enough to support all this new weight. When he makes himself heavier he can still walk around fine, and if he is strong enough to lift a 50 lb weight when he is at normal weight, he can do it just as easily when he is twice his weight. however If Wax can do let’s say 100 push-ups normally, he is able to push around bad guys using that strength that he gets from doing push-ups. That is pretty straight forward. Because of the properties of storing weight even if Wax was 5x heavier than usual, he could still do 100 push-ups because his strength is increased proportionally to his increase in weight. This is where I get confused. At 5x times his weight his arms(or pecs and triceps or whatever) are compensated by being 5x as strong. So...why when Wax punches somebody when he is tapping weight does he not hit THAT much harder?? PLUS! If he has more mass, due to the conservation of momentum, an arm that weighs 5x as much as a normal arm would obviously do a lot more damage when punching somebody than a regular arm. Let me me know what you guys think. I tried emailing Brandon about this a month or so back using his contact page from his website but never got a response (but I know he’s busy)
  2. From early on in the FinalEmpire, the first time Kelsier brings Vin out in the mist to learn to use her abilities. I have discovered the Mistborn books late this year, and they have been a huge inspirations. This was the first drawings I made of them, and I have clearly got the mistcloaks wrong! It doesn't help that I have actually read the whole trilogy thinking they looked this way because I didn't let myself look at amy art for fear of spoilers. Worth it! I'm currently re-reading the first trilogy with the aim of illustrating much more of the salient scenes (and the get the clothes and descriptions of the characters right this time!).
  3. So a thought comes to me post Mistborn reread. Why are allomancers so rare? Sure in the era of TFE the known abundance of allomancers was limited by knowledge, as well as socioeconomic factors such as nobles generally having fewer children. But by HoA it is identified that around 16 percent of skaa are mistings (more, as it is implied that Preservation didn't reveal mistings that were irrelevant). Furthermore it would seem that an allomancer does not need to be born to parents who are allomancers, although that likely enhancers their likelihood of inheriting allomancy. Fast forward to AoL and more and it seems that all the allomancers don't seem as common as they ought to be. Especially with a reduced class divide.
  4. In all fairness, this is not a real theory - because it's kind of been confirmed by Brandon. But when I was searching through the Theoryland database, I found an old WoB I had either missed in the past, or hadn't considered in its due depth: The part about "wounded" spirits being easier to fill with something else sounded pretty much exactly like the description of Words of Radiance from Brandon's site: The reason I am so excited about this is because of the scope of the older WoB. In the Words of Radiance bit, we've been (correctly) assuming it refers to the Knights Radiant - a Surgebinder must have a "broken soul" for a spren to bond with him or her. But considering the other quote and how... free of context it sounds (e.g. Brandon says "it has to do with a person's spiritual makeup," not "it has to do with an Allomancer's spiritual makeup"), I am beginning to think that this applies throughout the cosmere. The good news is, Nalthis might be pretty easy to explain in a way that fits the model. This whole "broken soul" thing is essentially a requirement people must meet before they can start doing magic; and since everyone on Nalthis could do magic, then they must all have broken souls. Which, in a way, they do. With all the Breath being passed around, I get the feeling that the spiritual make, the sDNA, of pretty much everyone is all over the place. Changes to the spiritual aspect of things take time to sink in, the soul needs time to adapt - and if people are constantly trading BioChroma and using it to Awaken things, then their spiritual aspects are constantly shifting and changing. The bad news, Sel might be a little more difficult to explain. The Elantrians and AonDor are easy - the Shaod comes and rewrites a person's spiritual aspect, breaking their soul if you will, and now that person can do magic. The requirement doesn't apply to the Shaod because it's external to the future Invester; It works the same way lerasium does - you don't need to be spiritually wounded to eat and burn a piece of lerasium and become an Allomancer, that's a process you personally don't need magic for. The other magic systems on Sel, though... well, we don't know enough about them. And I can't figure out how they fit the model from the little we do know about them. Forging might be the easiest to explain, because of reasons similar to the ones I provided for Nalthis. If you live in MaiPon, where Forging is pretty common and accepted, then there is a good chance you've been stamped or Resealed at one point or another - which, almost by definition, would have wounded your spirit. From this point on, it would've been easier for Brandon's "something else" to find its way in. Something like the Dor, maybe. TL;DR: A person's soul / spirit / Spiritual Aspect must be modified in a way that would live it "wounded" in order for that person to gain access to magic, the ability to Invest. This spiritual damage could be caused by emotional and / or physical trauma (Surgebinders and Allomancers), the simple passing of (spiritual) DNA from parents to child (Feruchemists), an external force that targets the spirit (Hemalurgically created Mistings & Allomancers, Elantrians, Dakhor monks), or high levels of exposure to Investiture that touches the spirit (anyone who has been Forged or Resealed (or Bloodsealed?), or practically everyone on Nalthis).