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Found 76 results

  1. The original prompt has been spoilered, seeing as this has been made the official Alleyverse Art Thread.
  2. Nerin looked out the window and down the winding length of street that led past Sethwick’s Soothing Parlor and Lounge. It was late afternoon, but night had already fallen here in the 7th Octant neighborhood of the Hollows, shadowed by tenements. It wasn’t quite a bad part of town, but neither was it good - at least, that’s what old Jeb said. As far as Nerin was concerned, the Hollows were just fine. The people here were rich enough to pay her but miserable enough to come looking. That’s all she needed. She’d once asked Jeb who Sethwick was, to which the old Soother had replied “some fine dandy git.” Nerin took that to mean that Jeb had made him up, and she didn’t blame him really. “Jeb’s Soothing Parlor and Lounge” rolled off the tongue with all the grace of two horse shoes jangling in a sack. It was so much easier to lie about such things. It was expected, really. No one ever really trusted a Soother anyhow, so you might as well spin a pretty fiction. The clock on the wall hit five and Nerin got up from her seat by the window to light the little gaslamp outside the door. She pulled her coat tighter at the autumn chill, cupping her match as she reached inside the blue glass lantern and lit the wick. It caught with a stuttering flare of yellow, then shrunk to its usual steady glow as she closed the little hinged glass door. The lamp cast a calm haze of blue around the poch, a luring kind halo of light. Come forget, it beckoned. For just a moment, all your troubles will melt away. Nerin looked out at the street one more time, then went back inside. Jeb was wiping down glasses at the bar, setting them behind the polished wooden countertop and counting out the money in the till. “It’s a chill evening,” Nerin said, tapping one finger on the bar and nodding toward the wall of liquor bottles. “I imagine it’ll be the hard and dark stuff tonight.” Jeb nodded, not looking up from his counting. He was a good-looking man for his age, somewhere north of forty and south of sixty, with coal-black hair shot through with silver and tied at the nape of his neck. He had keen eyes, flinty and sharp, which matched his proud nose and angled chin. His skin was paler than most, likely from years cooped up inside parlors like this one, though he’d kept up his physique through the years -- Nerin cocked her head. What am I thinking? She cast a withering glance at Jeb, whose mouth had started to quirk up ever-so slightly. “Stop trying to Soothe me into your bed, old man,” she said dryly. “I’ll have a glass of red, and none of that Callingfale dreg you buy cheap. I want the real stuff. It’s going to be a long night, I can feel it.” Jeb reached behind the bar and drew out a bottle, pouring her a generous glass. He slid it across the bartop and winked at her. “I can’t make you feel nothin’ you don’t already have cookin’ up there, love,” he said, smirking. Nerin rolled her eyes. “I’m a Soother, not a grave robber.” Jeb chuckled and she walked towards the back room, wine glass in hand, savoring the last moments of quiet dusky evening before her shift began. It was time to begin the business of forgetting.
  3. From the album RP Doodles

    Lita as she appears in Era 4. "Gonna open the doorwayTo the in-betweenComin' and goin'As I please" Sketching soundtrack: Dead Posey - "Boogeyman"
  4. From the album RP Doodles

    Danger never looked so cute.
  5. From the album RP Sketches

    Voidus, the true Almighty.
  6. A large rectangular room with gently glowing lines of blue casting an eerie light over the reverent scene. Hundreds of alcoves lined the walls a little over 40 contained statues of people, empty alcoves stretching into the vastness. On the opposite side of the hall, a statue stood of a man in a bowler hat, monocle, and mustache an inscription beneath it reads Similar inscriptions are located beneath the statues on the other side of the hall, they detail each characters accomplishments and give a brief history. (If you want to make your own inscription just post it below and I’ll edit it in.) At the end of the hall stands a grand archway thru which lays a spiral staircase which descends into gentle darkness. frescos, bas-reliefs, and tapestries line the curving walls detailing the history of the Alleyverse. Such as this. (same thing as with the inscriptions, just post a picture of something you think should be added and ill throw it in)
  7. From the album RP Doodles

    So very, very tired. -- Number 4 of my "Motto" series, it's everyone's favorite not-god, Voidus! Did I draw this picture just so I could over-use the Photoshop glow effect? Maybe. Character credit to that most holy lord of Science, @Voidus.
  8. From the album RP Doodles

    "You managed to find an insane god, filled to the brim with regret..." Mac, thinking on his past. Character credit goes to the incomparable @MacThorstenson
  9. So I figured it was probably time to try to collate the various guides and explanations into a single place, this is going to be something of a work in progress as time allows and I will be rampantly stealing large sections directly from other threads so a big thanks to everyone who's helped with creating the Alleyverse and trying to make a little bit of sense out of the insanity. Special thanks to @Mraize and @Archer for your guides (The Alleyverse (Defined) and The Alleyverse Explained) which I have shamelessly stolen from. I'll be keeping this thread locked as it should only be used as a reference and so that we can add more content over time. If people want to help contribute to this post or comment on anything that is mentioned feel free to PM me or we may start a separate discussion thread if warranted. Links Disclaimer: The Seventeenth Shard does not guarantee or monitor the quality or nature of content hosted by any third party. Alleyverse Wiki Alleyverse Discord Ground rules All normal rules for the 17th Shard apply in the RP, for an extensive list please see Chaos' post. As well, the Alleyverse adheres to the 17th Shard's RPG rating. If you're ever unsure if something is appropriate or allowed, contact an Admin or Moderator. We're always happy to address any questions or concerns. If you notice something that may be a breach of the site rules please use the report option on the post so that someone in the staff can look into it. Additionally there are some general rules for RPing that help everything flow more smoothly and let everyone enjoy this together. (These will be explained in more detail in the RP guidelines below.) Rule #1 - No Godmodding Godmodding is the practice of controlling another player's character. This could be direct control (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' feet and then Voidus runs away screaming in fear."). This robs another player of their chance to accurately portray what their character does in a situation and creates an inconsistent narrative. Always ask for permission before assuming you know what another character would do. If the player of that character has given you a general guideline of how their character should react you may be able to incorporate it into your post, but try to leave the description of a characters actions up to that character player whenever possible. Sometimes a player simply doesn't allow another player the chance to respond for their character (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' head, causing it to explode in a shower of blood"). This denies Voidus' player the chance to dodge the bullet or attempt to stop my character from shooting. (However exploiting this rule to allow your character to dodge every attack that is ever thrown at them is also considered bad form, for more information see the roleplaying rules below) Finally, and sometimes most commonly, a player might simply presume the emotions of another players character, this may be explicit ("My character pulls out a giant hammer with thirty spikes in it, all of which then burst into flame, causing Voidus to fear for his life.") or implied by godmodding other actions (eg. "My character watches the tears slowly well up in Voidus' eyes when I tell him the news."). Deciding the emotions of another players character is no better (and arguably worse) than godmodding their physical actions. These forms of Godmodding and any others are highly discouraged and may cause other players to be reluctant to continue playing with you and your characters. Always seek the permission of a characters player when assuming any behaviour from them. Rule #2 - Be patient Not always the easiest rule to follow but try to understand that players may have circumstances outside the game that limits their availability, where possible players should try to pre-plan for any extended absences but in the case where schedules or time zones don't line up it can sometimes be a while between posts. Try not to just ignore a players character if they are in a different schedule, make allowances for other people to respond to you, or you may need to be open to editing posts if a player has been unable to react for an extended period of game time. Rule #3 - Have fun The primary goal of this and any other RP is the enjoyment of the players. Don't be afraid to speak up if another players actions are stopping you from enjoying the game, but keep in mind that the other players need to enjoy the game as well, try not to railroad the entire story and make yourself the only hero or derail the story threads of other players. Communication is key here, make sure you talk to other players if you're not sure about a major decision. History The Alleyverse was the product of a collaboration of multiple guilds. It began when they engaged in first-person role-playing with each other, using the established worldbuilding of the Dark Alley and other groups in an unorganized and unofficial RP. They used PMs and Discord servers to interact, as well as public posts in the SGCG (Social Groups, Clans and Guilds) subforum. By unspoken agreement, they all interacted in the same universe, a shared location built by their writing and interactions between themselves. The community then decided to build on their success by creating a third-person role play, using the worldbuilding that they had already established. This became known as the Alleyverse. The first-person RP continued, but the creation of the Alleyverse allowed for more structured and thoughtful interactions. On the 23rd of July 2018 (Mark your calendars) the Alleyverse received it's own subforum! All posts related to the Alleyverse were moved to a single location. Threads Thanks to @Nohadon for contributing to the content of this section with his guide to thread creation! The RP consists of numerous types of threads. When creating a new thread please try to add appropriate tags as listed below so that they can be found more easily. A few main types include: Discussion Threads Out-of-character threads are used to discuss the RP itself. Much discussion also happens in PMs. When creating a thread which contains no direct RP in it that is intended solely for out of character discussion, please include the 'OOC' (out of character) tag in the thread when creating it. Guild Threads These are threads used for the worldbuilding of a guild’s base, for first-person RPing, and for out of character comments and announcements about a guild, for example a request to join it. When creating a new guild thread, please include the 'Guild' tag. Main Plot Threads* These are threads used for the interaction of many characters engaging in a large story arc. When creating a thread for a new major plot, please include the 'major plot' tag and if this is one thread in a series, please include some tag for the overall series in each thread that is a part of it. Supporting Threads* In-character threads that are less active than Main Plot Threads, but serve the purpose of developing characters by providing them with assets or focusing on more personal interactions, for example a character’s shop that sells swords. When creating a supporting thread please include the 'side plot' tag. These threads sometimes center around where they are set, making them 'location' threads. Threads made for the purpose of character development (usually consisting of posts related to what a character does outside of the Main Plot) are tagged 'CD'. Duels* A structured thread for two characters to duel in. Check for additional restrictions imposed by the mediator of the duel, for example, a request for non-combatants not to interfere. When creating a dueling thread, please include the 'duel' tag. *When posting out of character comments in an in-character thread, please put your text in a different colour, or in a quote box. Any one can join a thread, simply by posting in it. Joining a guild thread works by simply talking with people either in or out of character. Joining a roleplay thread involves having your character exit the previous location thread, then arrive on the new thread, to maintain continuity. The exception to this is if threads are set at different times (or no specific time, like some location threads). Then a character can be in multiple threads at once. Eras The Alleyverse has so far been split into three eras: Era 0: The days before the Alleyverse was formalized, including the shadowdays of inactivity and everything that came before. Era 1: The era where the Alleyverse was formalized, includes the formation of many of the current guilds as well as the main story threads that culminated in the Seven Day War in the Alleycity. Era 2: The era where the Alleyverse grew into what it is today, gaining new members, new guilds, new insanity. This era takes place 16 years after the end of the seven days war and culminated in the release of Voidus from the barrier around the world spike. Era 3: The current era, takes place ~ one year after the end of era 2. Dueling Violent interactions between characters can lead to godmodding (see the rules above), so to provide a fair format for characters to fight in, a structured dueling system is in place. Characters can still fight elsewhere, especially to advance the plot of the RP, but duels are considered a good way to ensure a civil fight. For each duel, a separate topic from the main RP is made. A duel consists of at least two participants and a mediator. The participants take turns attacking each other. The mediator (who is an out-of-character participant) ensures everyone is fighting fairly and may intervene to settle disputes that arise. At the start, each character is assigned 100 HP. When a character is attacked, the mediator decides the damage done to each character and deducts it from their total. The first person to reach 0 HP loses. Variations of this format are used depending on the circumstances. Non-combatants who wish to post comments in the thread put their text in a quote box or in a different colour to avoid confusion. The Setting The Alleyverse is an alternate universe in which all Brandon’s magic systems exist together. The official term for a denizen of the Alleyverse is a Homeless. How it came about is a mystery. Philosophers have suggested that its creation could have been by the hand of an Epic, a shard, or some other powerful being. The planet that the characters interact on resembles Earth. It has similar gravity, plate tectonics, and climate. The Alleyvillage/Alleycity is located in the Alleyverse. It is an urbanized area wherein many of the guilds of the Alleyverse are headquartered and their members spend their time in. It is an inexplicable city, as it is filled with a wealth of natural resources, a concentration of magic, and a lack of central governance. The city is reminiscent of Elendel in Mistborn Era 2, although remarkably modern buildings can be seen interspersed among the castles and warehouses. There are plenty of homes, filled with NPCs who live ordinary lives. In the Alleyverse, all settings mentioned in Brandon's books exist, and can be accessed. FFRP and Characters This entire explanation (including the below prescript note) is copied verbatim from @Archer's post on the Alleyverse Explained. Thank you Archer! This explanation uses information and direct quotes from @TwiLyghtSansSparkles’ post on FFRP. I recommend that you read her post as well. Thank you TwiLyghtSansSparkles! FFRP is like a collaborative fanfiction. Participants create characters which they write for that interact with other participant’s characters in a shared world. Each participant is encouraged to create a ‘primary character’. They may create a few other characters as well, but these characters should be used to support and develop their primary character or the plot. So called ‘secondary characters’ may include spren, companions, apprentices, or heirs (to take over from a primary character when needed). They should not be created to abuse their possessions or investiture for personal gain, or to tag team another character. You may also create non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with or use. For example, an NPC might be created to have a dialogue with at a store while your character is shopping, or an army of NPC knights may be created to attack a castle. As a general rule of thumb, you should not be writing for and developing more than a few characters on a regular basis. The FFRP is character-driven. There is no official goal or end result of the FFRP; often there is just a loose plot. Your aim should be to develop your character. Characters determine what will happen next by how they interact with their setting and with other characters. Participants rely on their writing talents and use of description to determine outcomes. To prevent accidental or intentional abuse of the lack of rules, the FFRP is regulated by consensus. Participants should not unrealistically shield their characters from the consequences of their actions or, create overly powerful characters or characters with a large amount of assets in comparison to those of other participants. If you do so, other participants will politely ask you reconsider your post(s) and to edit them to be fairer or more realistic. For their major characters, participants are asked to create a character biography. It should at least include the following: Name: Preferably a name that is easy to type. Investiture: A character may have any investiture or abilities related to one of Brandon’s magic systems. However, they should only grant them about the same amount of power as other characters have. Weakness: A way of lessening a character’s power to be comparable with others', and to make your character more interesting. Special skills and Weapons: It is recommended that weapons are not overly futuristic. Ideally, they should be able to plausibly appear in one of Brandon’s books. Unique weapons from his books should be avoided as well, for example Nightblood. Physical characteristics: May include gender, species, hair colour, eye colour, size, common clothing choice etc. Family: Especially important if needed to explain one’s investiture. Can also be used a motivation for your character. Home: Planet. Country and city if applicable. History/Biography: A paragraph about your character’s backstory. Used to explain how they got their abilities, describe experiences that define them, and to develop their character to become realistic and relatable. Don't focus on creating the most powerful, most brilliant, or most amazing character in the game. Focus instead on creating an interesting character. The idea is to create a character who feels real. To help you make a good character, read the ones that other participants have created and talk to other participants for advice. A list of characters can be found on the Alleyverse Characters thread. To add or update yours, please PM @Archer or @Voidus, or comment in the Alleyverse Characters thread.
  10. From the album RP Doodles

    Number two in my "Motto" series that I've decided to do. Laurelai and a Soulstamp. The stamp was fun, but an exercise in patience. Character cred to @Voidus, thanks for writing such draw-able people!
  11. From the album RP Doodles

    Lita reaches for her goals. Final colored version. A nice way to break my drawing slump. I'm especially pleased with her right hand, and her boot
  12. From the album RP Sketches

    Very rapid sketch. Damon, Dawn & Nuemark prepare for a stand. Of course, neither Nuemark or Damon have really ever heard of or met Dawn, but that's okay.
  13. From the album RP Doodles

    Just a single-panel Alleycant this time, but it's my favorite one so far! Ya done goofed, Bureau of Villainy. "You probably heard we ain't in the prisoner-takin' business, we in the summoning abominations business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'."
  14. From the album RP Doodles

    "Even spies can be honest." --- I do intend on digitizing and coloring this eventually, but I also like the raw feeling of the sketch. Sketching soundtrack: "Light of the Seven" by Ramin Djawadi
  15. From the album RP Doodles

    "In our hearts, we know we don't deserve paradise." Update: Colored version up! I've been drawing so much Nerin lately, I just had to let my best girl have the spotlight for a moment. Line sketch:
  16. From the album RP Doodles

    No going back now. Also: illustrating rain is hard.
  17. From the album RP Doodles

    List of currently completed Alleydeck Cards. It made sense to display them all in one place. More are in the pipeline! These are not totally complete, but I wanted to show them anyway 0. The Acolyte - Lita Attar; I. The Scientist - The Stranger; II. The Aes Sedai - Ciera; XI. Strength - Althea; XVIII. The Moon - Laurelai; King of Spikes - Voidus Character credit to: @Fatebreaker @Sorana @Voidus @Dr. Dapper
  18. From the album RP Doodles

    Nearly-finalized version of card 0 in the Alleydeck (no, I haven't forgotten about the deck)! Lita Attar as The Acolyte. Meaning: The Acolyte [Fool] represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner's luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.
  19. sci-fi

    Yera looked out the window at the large Neptune class carrier hanging in space outside. It would be loading cargo bound for some of the outer stations. She turned around, looking back into the station. Several groups of civilians would be coming up to the station from Corislain today, to be prepared for the mission to Vienia later this month. She frowned to herself. The board had decided to bring some super soldiers from GeneCorp along with them on the mission, as well as some other various people that might be useful on the mission. She groaned to herself as she mag-walked to the briefing room.
  20. The safehouse wasn't in the sewer system. The man who had used the safe house was, not the house itself. Rather, the safe house, in question, was an abandoned sewer treatment plant, with full access to the sewers in the Alleycity. There was another man. Frob. Or, rather, that was what he called himself. Names should be nice and simple, they should. That's what he told himself as he straightened things up in the safehouse. To him, it was nothing more than his home. Vesuvius had said there might be people looking for him. That was why he was leaving. Frob was silly. Silly Frob. But Frob was never a man to ignore his superiors. And Vesuvius was surely his superior. Frob looked down at his stump arm. All he had done was question why the man Vesuvius had brought, Benson, was missing an arm. The wound had been bleeding. Frob had been forced- No. Frob had been given the nice opportunity to help heal Benson. Frob didn't know Benson's whereabouts now, but he had seemed nice. Like Frob. Surely, Frob was nice, for letting Vesuvius use his safe house? For holding in his scream while Vesuvius punished him for his curiosity? Frob could still remember the pain, the sudden loss. He needed to massage his left hand, he did. The fingers were too cramped. The thing was, his left hand no longer existed. Well, it didn't exist outside of the little grave he had dug for it. He could remember the screams. He couldn't remember what Vesuvius had done to Benson, because they had gone off into a side room while Frob patched himself. But Benson hadn't returned. Vesuvius did, but only to leave a minute later, telling Frob, in mock kindness, emphasized by his decking Frob in the face with that metal arm of his, to leave. Well, Frob wasn't going to ignore such a thing as that. so, Frob left. He didn't have much possessions. He had friends. They were loyal. They all chose small names for themselves as Frob had. Frob was lucky to have friends that understood. It was raining. Frob didn't care. He liked rain. He liked the excuse to leave his little house and splish-splash in the puddles. That's what Frob did now. He had time to tally-wagon. The people Vesuvius had promised would get him would never find him. He promised Vesuvius that. He wouldn't break his promise.
  21. From the album RP Doodles

    I wanted to draw Lita's full progression of thought as she discovers The Secret during the inter-guild meeting. Tin for the win! Burn for maximum smugness.
  22. From the album RP Doodles

    That awkward moment when you eavesdrop on a god? your boss and they start talking about you. Oh Lita, you crazy.
  23. From the album RP Doodles

    Quick lunchtime doodle playing with color. :3 Laurelai and Lita serving up some attitude. She's sly, she's wry, she's a spike in your eye.
  24. From the album RP Doodles

    You asked, I answered! First attempt to wrangle the Alleyverse into a webcomic. Watch out PlasmaCore. The Void is private property, yo.
  25. From the album RP Doodles

    Voidus and Laurelai. Bow down to the Alleydynasty! Character credit due to the great and terrible @Voidus