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Found 3 results

  1. It has come to my attention that the other Denizens' and my creation, sale, and use of Hemalurgic cookies has upset many people, including the Anti-Bakery, Light Alley, and Mediocrely Lit Alleys. Also, I believe that we (the Dark Alley) need to broaden our horizons. For those reasons, I am starting the Non-Hemalurgic Research Division (NHRD) of the Dark Alley, which will specialize in, well, non-Hemalurgic Research. We will no longer just bake cookies; we will rise up and bake Metalmind Muffins, Stormlight Soufflé, and other tasty Investiture delights! Since this is a sub-group of the Dark Alley, all NHRD members must be Dark Alley members. (Which means that if you want to join, ask in the main DA thread.) However, non Dark Alley members may also help out with our Research, and need not fear spontaneous use of Cookies. In fact, we will limit ourselves to ethical Research in this thread, so morality advocates are welcome. Member List: Ostrichofevil - Maleril Ostrir Chalev Tekel - Head Non-Metallic/non-Hemalurgic Researcher, and lowly Denizen of the Dark Alley. Morzathoth - Biochroma Specialist Screwloose - Research Assistant IrulelikeSTIK - Research Assistant Kipper - Resident Forger Glossary: Feruchemical Unit (FU) - The NHRD's unit of Feruchemical charge. One FU is the amount of Feruchemy needed to double a quality for one minute. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bakery Here you can find information on our bakery. You may order items from the menu on this thread. We also take custom orders, which will probably be added to the menu. Menu: Metalmind Muffins - (57.34 + 24i) per 2400 Stormlight Souffle -10.95 BioChromatic Breath-mint- 1.8 cents per Breath-mint BioChromatic Brioche - 40.25 Allomantic Aioli - 0x3.243F6 per pound Metalmind Mints - 1.23 per .2 FU mint Compounding Cake - 423.45 Investiture Ice Cream - 2.37 + 2.57i for one scoop. Sygaldry Sorbet - Five talents Sympathy Soup - Twelve talents Forgery Frappe - Four pounds of soulstone True Source Tiramisu - 8.12 Payment Methods: Cash Filled Metalminds Credit/Debit Investiture Shardblades Bitcoin Your Eternal Soul Upvotes Note that upvotes are the preferred method of payment. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note: This sub-group is approved by Voidus, effective leader of the Dark Alley, and is an official division of the Alley.
  2. alleyverse

    Welcome to the Highway! For those who have finally managed to crawl through all those alleys, let me tell that there is only one rule on the highway. DON'T ASK ME HOW STORMING BRIGHT IT IS!! Members of the Highway: Customs Official and Founder - Young Bard
  3. alleyverse

    All the Alleys, Highways, Roundabouts, and other Alleymatic Units of Travel had one simple flaw: no-one profited off of them. Everyone could go as they pleased without paying a single penny. Sure, you could be killed, Spiked, imploded, or the like, but at least you wouldn't have to spend your hard-earned cash. It was a useless system. It all changed when the Turnpike was built. The Turnpike was the first Alley that charged tolls. It was a miracle. Of course, there were skeptics. Some asked, "Why pay for the Turnpike when I can take the Highway?" or "Why wait in line to pay tolls for the Turnpike when I can just take the Roundabout?" or even, "Why travel the Alleys at all?" Luckily, the skepticism was put to rest, for the Turnpike is supreme. On the Turnpike, you can walk without fear of death, or worse. The Turnpike is Lighter than the Light Alley (for a fee), and yet its Research capabilities rival the Dark Alley's (not quite almost, for a fee). The Turnpike is more beautiful than the Parkway, and yet has better Venetian Blinds than the Alley Lit By Venetian Blinds. The Turnpike is faster than the Highway. On the Turnpike, you can take one step, and be in the Dark Alley, on the Roundabout, on I-95, or in Elendel. The Turnpike gives instant, luxurious access to anywhere and everywhere, for anyone who can afford it.