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Found 2 results

  1. We all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story. Neither Ash nor Skaa nor god nor war of Lords stays these gossipers from the exaggeration of their gathered stories. Each one had the same story to tell, and each shared only two facts. Every Gossip agreed, that the Tormanders planned to use Kandra to enslave Luthadel, and every Gossip agreed, Locke Tormander was the people’s only voice. The Good Locke Tormander was the only Tormander opposed to the plan. Some gossips told of his great love for life, and his refusal to kill, while others spread warnings that he was not to be trusted. Some laid Quetzal’s murder at his feet, while others say he fought to protect the man. The Gossips thought up reason after reason for his sadness at Magus’ death. They divided into those who believed he was sad at the meaningless loss of life, and those who thought he was sad that his plans to frame Joseph as a Skaa failed. But when the news came out that not only had Joseph been murdered, but so had his brother, Bugsy, the stories changed. No one claimed that Locke Tormander had not killed his house. No one believed he was an innocent man. No one believed his words without hesitation. No one dared to call him a liar. Still, the gossips talked. New divides among them were made. The largest camp decried him as a monster who seized control of his house, and planned to seize control of Luthadel next. Another group wept for his Nobility, believing he damned himself to protect them from the horrible Joseph Bush Tormander, who would have had them all replaced. The small minority knew him better than most, and knew he had killed his house because he wanted to. Why he wanted to, they could not agree on. But they knew, killing them was not a step in his plans, it was his goal. The next morning, that small minority was found dead, killed by various houses in a series of unrelated, unfortunate attacks. The rest of the gossips all seemed to change their tune, and the only stories about Locke that were told in public were stories of his trustworthiness, and his respect for life. But now there was an undercurrent of fear in their retellings. Alone in his Keep, High Lord Locke Tormander, one of the 10 most powerful men in the world, smiled with satisfaction at a game well played, and began to think about how he might entertain himself next. Droughtbringer was killed by the Herons! Bugsy was killed by the Ffnords! Orlok Tsubodai has won the game on the Tormander Faction. The Game will continue for another 3 winners. Day 3 ends in Player List:
  2. Halloween has come and is mostly gone by now, but I like to brag, so here is me and @Steelborn (aka. mi hermano) in our costumes: What were you guys for Halloween? Man, I suck at writing topics . . .