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Found 7 results

  1. Tena sat at the receptionist's desk of her and Syen's new clinic, bored. For all the good boredom did her. She had figured that owning a hospital would be at least a little fun and exciting. But the facts were now clear; all she and Syen did all day was listen to people complaining about ear aches or brain tumors or something else boring. All Tena and her colleague did was heal things instantaneously or Syen would use her magical-seeming herbs to help people with injuries that Stormlight couldn't heal. The Ghostbloods were always popping in to either offer Tena poisons or get healed out of suspicious injuries. TUBA members just kind of showed up to say things like, "If a certain incident regarding the next Ghostblood who comes here was to happen, you and your compatriot might find a substantial donation given to you unexpectedly...." Tena always told them, no, we can't be a successful business if people start dropping dead at our feet, at which the person giving the offer would stomp off, muttering to themselves. Tena found a sense of chagrin every time she did this, though not much of one. Syen was heading down the stairs as Tena started to pick up a book to pass the time. Then someone slammed the door open....
  2. A lone fisherman sits in his boat, line cast in the water. He slowly turns the knob and pulls out a small fish. He rows back to the dock and puts it in a bucket with others. There are many there and soon he'll retire for the day. Nearby, there are a few small shops, a center park with benches, and the long dock extending to sea. In the distance, there is the faint outline of a ship - design unknown. Some considered it a mirage, others an island. Either way, it hadn't come closer in the recent future, leading most to dismiss its presence. The fisherman gets back in his boat and starts to eat his lunch. ---------------
  3. 12th of Scholus, 19 ATR Bellatrix Deathstrike, The Dark Angel, ex-Bureau member, the former Dark Phoenix, strolled down the street. She wore white robes, cut off at the arms. She shivered, then opened the door to the shop. It was labeled Tanner's. She smirked, putting the crown of fire in her hair. They would remember her anyway, might as well go all out on the drama factor. She stepped up to the counter, and leaned against it, holding a glass of port and sipping it. "I'd like to talk to Beau." Her smirk widened. "I want to buy some jewelry for Little Red." The man standing there nodded at her. "I am he. You got anything for me in return?" She grinned, setting down the port. "I do, in fact." Bellatrix reached down to her pockets, pulling something from each. In one hand was a knife, made of three vinelike strands of metal woven together. "The knife of a prominent gang leader, now dead. Each strand of metal is a soulspike reshaped." In her other hand was a coppermind with some aluminum and nicrosil attached. "This is an unsealed coppermind. The full lifetime of a scholar of the lives of the Alleycity." She grinned. "I hope that is acceptable?" The man's eyes widened almost imperceptibly, then reigned the shock back in. She slid a note across the counter, which had ink written all over it. "Take care of this. I may be back someday." She grinned, waved, and walked out of the shop. @ZincAboutIt
  4. A dusty crypt riddled with cobwebs is found underneath the hall of legends. Inside is various coffins, the bones most likely counterfeit, but the memories are what matters. The groundskeeper sat on a small stool, lantern and dagger in hand. The coffins are as follow: Naermen, Ghostblood Councli Member. Rhazien Monatgue, Ghostblood Council Chairman. Syen, Medic and founder of Einladung Antony Nightshade, The Dark Herald. Leya, Knight of Crystalia. Mace Klasten, TUBA Originator. Mac, DA Hemalurgist. Rashan Caer, Ghostblood assassin. Kymar, The dark oculator. Soul, Ghostblood assassin. Rohan, TUBA’s Typhoon.
  5. all eras

    So, I've noticed a lack of scenes with two people in a house. There is a few, but they end up being awkward with no thread to put them. So this thread is for if you want to have an RP in a public place that others aren't part of. So here it is. House scenes.
  6. After Devaan's death, the training grounds changed. The shooting range had been upgraded, targets the house expanded to have it's own barracks were pupils slept and lived, complete with bunks, a common room and a small private sparring ground to settle private disputes. An armourer had opened up shop, selling it's wares to visitors and pupils alike, Silphio had set up a private currency that could be used to buy things from the old man at the store. The weapon rack had even more assortments of weapons, armour and firearms, there was a heavy artillery area as well, the sparring grounds had improved, mock terrain dotted some of the areas. The security was upgraded too, hidden posts throughout the mountain in case anyone was making the climb, aons to strengthen the pupils lest they get attacked and a large amount of other things that made the people inside the training grounds feel just a little safer. Silphio looked over them, a large assortment of trainees were busy training, occasionally someone approached him, hoping for an advancement duel. Behind the training ground was a large wooden cottage, his home, standing atop the Seran mountain range on scadrial, the Ideal place to train those looking to improve their combat skills. Let era three in Devaan's training grounds... BEGIN!
  7. Garvey's worldpiercer tore into the Infinite Sky and Sea that served as the transition point for all afterlifes. Or maybe it just looked the same. That doesn't matter. This afterlife was specific to the Alleyverse. ...probably. Garvey looked around, his worldpiercer still floating, this wasn't really his job, no one needed to do this but he liked doing this anyway. In the distance he saw a silhouette, not quite there yet. It was flickering and looking around. That was likely someone who'd just died. Their consciousness was probably still bound to their cognitive shadow, and they either disappeared from here, which meant they went back to the living, or they fully materialize here, in the Infinite Sky and Sea. They'd have to wander for eternity before actually reaching where everyone else was, so what he did was take them on the worldpiercer and traverse a few infinities to where the other consciousnesses were. For now, he brought the 'piercer closer to the figure, traversing a planet's worth of distance until he was close, and Highcalling Information for specifically who this figure was: Mara, sister to Max. Patron: @I think I am here. Ah, that was a bit sad, not the fact that she died, that happens, but the fact that she left a brother, and judging from the Information Highcall, he's likely to turn into a feared man without guidance or aid from his sister. Garvey sighed, that wasn't really his place to be concerned about, or to care really, but that's fine. He waited, either he'd welcome this newcomer, or she'd disappear, either was alright by him.