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Found 15 results

  1. Greetings, friend. You may have noticed that many of the illustrations in the Stormlight Archives contain strange markings. I have determined that these markings are writing, and I have undertaken to decipher their messages. Crazy? Perhaps. But these markings are not simply decorative. They contain information about the Cosmere, hidden in plain sight. In The Way of Kings, we are introduced to the Alethi script. This is the writing system used by female scribes and scholars in Alethkar, understand? It shows up in the labels of Navani’s Notebook: Since the novel was first published in English, the labels were also “translated” into English, but Alethi letters were used to preserve the feel of the original diagrams. Each symbol stands for one letter – however Alethi has some letters that are not found in English (Th, Sh, Ch), and English has some letters that are not found in Alethi (C, Q, X, W). In Words of Radiance, we learn more about the languages of Roshar. Alethi script reappears, with greater variety. Navani’s Notebook again provides straightforward diagram labels directly transliterated from English into Alethi: (Translation credit goes to cris34b: Shallan’s sketchbook provides more cryptic text, friend. First spotted and translated by jcoop513, the text here is hidden, and is written phonetically so that each letter is an approximation of how it sounds when spoken aloud. Based on the context, this is most likely a page of Jasnah's notes that Shallan appropriated to use as sketchpaper. Note that the transliteration of Jasnah's writing is very different from that of Navani's. Read aloud, the passage would be thus: Translation efforts are ongoing at KalynaAnne traced over the partially-obscured letters by hand and was able to reconstruct several missing words: Alethi is not the only language spoken on Roshar. That would be crazy. The Map of the Southern Frostlands introduces us to the written language used in Thaylenah: As with Alethi script, the Thaylen in this illustration is simply transliterated English, and can be deciphered using the following key: Thaylen people are renown for smashing their consonants together when they speak, and this is reflected in their writing. Written Thaylen has no vowels and is written vertically, understand? Both the Alethi and Thaylen pages include numerals. Just as many different nations on Earth employ Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) is quite possible that all Vorin peoples (indeed perhaps most inhabitants of Roshar!) use the same numerals, even if their written languages differ. The numbers are written as follows: And now we come to glyphs, friend. Glyphs are written in syllables, with each syllable corresponding to a certain subcomponent of the glyph. Glyphs can be written three ways: a “standard” blocky form with syllables somewhat similar to Thaylen consonants, a “radial” form in which the glyph is warped to form a circular shape, and a “calligraphic” form in which the glyph can be warped into any shape. Often, the shape of a calligraphic glyph is reminiscent of the word it contains. Extra lines that do not represent syllables can be added to enhance the effect. For instance, a bookseller might advertise the name of his shop with a glyph shaped to resemble a book, understand? Many men in Alethkar are illiterate, relying on their wives or sisters to read documents to them aloud, but most can recognize certain important glyphs based on their shape alone. Alethi glyphs are not simply transliterations of English, but represent words in the Alethi language. The esteemed jofwu has compiled images of all known glyphs in another thread. Edit: The next bit is obsolete, as of Oathbringer. See p.519 for a key directly from the Calligrapher's Guild, courtesy of Nazh. My efforts to decipher the Alethi glyphs are ongoing, friend, but I present here what I speculate thus far: Please refer to the further pages in this thread for the latest developments in the 17th Shard's ongoing efforts to decipher these glyphs. Original first post, for posterity:
  2. I was wondering if anyone had Translated Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination into Alethi script? Thought I would put out feelers and see if I could save my self the effort of making the picture myself, If someone else had already done it. I have to say the primers already available in the gallery are going to work well for me if I have to do it my self.
  3. Since the original thread has gone a bit downward and the up-to-date components were a bit spread out, I've decided to re-post Turos's Alethi font and my own Alethi Transliterator. The font can be used to write in the Alethi alphabet on a computer, while my program transforms a plain-text file from written English to what is essentially phonetic English, but conforms to Turos's font conventions. How to use the font: Font download: AlethiTS If your are using a non-Windows operating system and .tff fonts don't work on your computer, let Turos know what file type you need and he'll make one for ya. As a bonus, for people who want the entire sentence to fit on one center line, Turos has included a second font that adds the center line to the space character called AlethiTS_lined.ttf Version 2: AlethiTS The .zip file contains a ReadMe describing the font conventions and how to start using the font. How to use the program: Download: AlethiTransliterator_1_9_5_2.txt You have to change the extension from .txt to .java, since the forum hates .java files for some reason. You can run it using any java compiling program. I found this site, Turos wrote up this set of instructions, or you can just email me at [email protected] with the plaintext and a request to do it for you. Use: Place the text you want to transliterate into a .txt file. Run the program and then type in the file name (i.e. Example.txt) when prompted. A new file called Alethi_<YourFile>.txt will be created in the same directory as the original once the program terminates. I've also included a functionality to keep certain portions of text untouched: a <safe>[...]</safe> tag that protects the text within the tag from being touched by the transliteration aspect of the program. This way, particularly tricky words or proper names can be cordoned off and search-replaced manually. It's currently set to leave the tags in the final text, where they can be easily found and removed after manual transliteration. Ex. -"<safe>Wow, Xanthophyll is not necessarily the most transmorgraphical name to pronounce, is it?</safe>" becomes: -"<safe>Wow, Xanthophyll is not necessarily the most transmorgraphical name to pronounce, is it?</safe>" as opposed to: -".uau zanTofyll is not nesesarilee Te most transmorgrafikal neym too pronouns is it" Due to how this is implemented, '<' (outside of the <safe> and </safe> tags) and '*' are currently reserved characters. Use them and bad things will happen. This is still a work in progress, so I encourage feedback, though the school year may slow down the speed of my responses. Last Updated: September 2, 2012 -Fixed 'x' at the beginning of words. Should really have caught that one. . .
  4. I edited the U to the I, but I am not sure what you mean by some of the other changes. Is this correct?
  5. Artwork by Isaac Stewart: For more information, please see:
  6. Artwork by Isaac Stewart: For more information, please see:
  7. Artwork by Isaac Stewart: Initial translation by cris34b: http://www.17thshard...tion/?hl=navani) For more information, please see:
  8. Corrected height of Ch, Sh, Th, F, U
  9. For practicing writing.
  10. Since I'm hoping Words of Radiance will have more illustrations with Alethi script, I started working on a bookmark-sized translation key. I've attached the draft version -- I'm aiming for sort of a "child's phonics book" feel. Any suggestions? edit: updated first post with most recent versions: