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Found 1 result

  1. You don’t want to play this game. No really, there are plenty of far better games to play than this one. Games that take place in the Cosmere, or Starwars, or I hear that Herowannabe is making an MLP game? Seriously, that game will be a lot funner than this one. This one doesn’t have Lightsabers, or Ponies, or even killing! It just has some namby-pamby sleep sticks and weird looking glasses. But, since I can’t discourage you from playing this game, I might as well tell you something about it. My Country, Nallhalla, has been infiltrated by Hushlander Spies. They’re still following Biblioden’s teachings, about how the world is scary, so we should ignore it, and not learn anything. They’re trying to put you to sleep. That’s not a Euphemism, they’re literally going to put all dissenters into Coma’s. But hey, as long as you’re woke, they can’t win. But, they’re not going to lose unless you can capture them, or put them in coma’s. Coma’s are a *very* civilized way of fighting. Much better than the barbarous guns and swords that can only kill people. So, you know. Get your friends together, hold them down, and zap up with a sleep spear. Or just punch them really hard. Or they’ll do the same to you. Luckily for us Free Worlders, we’ve got help. Those rascally, Devilishly handsome Smedry’s are on our side! They’re all talented, and deserve to rule the world, but they’re nice and don’t. Some of them can Dance really badly (I once saw Folsom punch a guy into a Coma on accident once.) While others can do things like trip, or look ugly. Oh! And we have a bunch of knights on our side! An honourable order of Paladins, tinted blue, who are extremely lawful: The Sapphire Guard The Knights of Crystalia! They’re lead by an incorruptible council of three, who can legally capture and hold people for indefinite periods of time. And there’s absolutely no way any of them are Working for the Librarians. Nope! All safe roles them. Definitely. . . Anyway, our last resource are the defectors, who were won over by our beauty and grace, and decided that they wanted to live here in Nallhalla, without elevators, or complex machinery, or video games, or, convenience stores. . . Man, I kind of want to defect to the Librarians now. But Smedries would never defect, so i can’t. Right? *Off-stage whispering* Oh! I’m being told I can defect. That’s cool. Uh, I just remembered, I have to go, uh, bake a casserole, yes. I’ll definitely be back later, and not at the head of a librarian Army. Bye! With love, Sabaneta Smedry Actual Rules: Player List: Bridge Boy (Squirrelmort) A Squirrel wearing glasses and wizard robes. Magestar (Ratsegam the Bold) A man who was Tagged Seonid (Shem Smedry) The master of the Archives. Cloudjumper (Fodder) A hard to distinguish man Ecthelion III (Aaron) A very contradictory man Yitzi2 (Jack) A Videogame Engineer Ornstein (Pavelock) A Physiologist who trains locks. Herowannabe (Herbert) a Micropachycephalosaurus (type of dinosaur) scholar who delights in regaling people with obscure trivia, usually about his own species. DroughtBringer (Master Namer Smedry) A Smedry with a talent for not being around when needed. BrightnessRadiant (Jemma) A Completely not Evil Bibliophile Randuir (Rand) Not the Chosen One of an Ancient world ending Prophesy. TheMightyLopen (Celica) A Seemingly Naive little girl. OrlokTsubodai (Orlok) An average citizen who does his best to ignore politics. Queensteph (Alex) A Girl who despises, and is despised by, Librarians Sart (Thomas) An Occulator with a n extensive collection. _stick_ (Stick) A Mokia native. Unodus (Agent Deuce) A detective, skilled at sleuthing out criminals. Elbereth (Ella) A cute, innocent little girl) Cluny the Scourge (Cluny) A collector of books and Lard Spectator List: (Btw, Spectators have no influence on the game, and cannot be targeted.) Alcatraz Mr. Sanderson himself Little Wilson Signups end: Quick Links: FAQ/Rule Clarifications: