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Found 10 results

  1. Like the title says, what will we actually learn about the Dawnshards from the Novella? from a WoB in January, brandon says that we’ll learn about the history and current lore of Aimia and some “other interesting things”(aka dawnshards) its pretty early into the series and i don’t expect well actually see a Dawnshard this early. but i do think that we will learn about the Scouring of Aimia and some other details thatll lets us/main characters, see the effects of a Dawnshard(if indeed one was used there) and discuss what had happened. or maybe we will just get some outright details on them(from a sleepless or something) which i think is less likely given their protective nature of the place. Some random Dawnshard thoughts: Brandon has said we have “technically seen evidence of a dawnshard” and that it was a “yes/no” when asked if we've seen one. So im assuming the “evidence” is something like the big soulcast walls around Aimia or what Shattered the Plains, or even some strange rock formations like the windblades and the yes/no, on if weve seen one, im assuming that we probably did see one or get a reference to it but its no longer in the form it used to be in, so we wouldn’t recognize it. we also know that “one is different from all the rest” it could be the one thats no longer in the same form
  2. So, we know about many Unmade powers 1. Moelach can give limited futursight, its speculated that is able to pull informations from dying. 2. Nergaoul - battle rage. 3. Sia-Anat - can change Spren. 4. Ashertmarn - gluttony 5. Re-Sephir - mimcry 6. Ba-Ado-Mishram - comanding forces and creating Connection 7. Yelig-Nar - can bond with human, granting him all 10 Surges But we dont know about powers of 2 Unmade, and one is complet mistery. We only have misterious Death Rattle about Dai-Gonartis taking away pain - what is really wierd, because this is also what Odium himself offers people. So: Dai-Gonarthis is able to manipulate emotions of people (like Allomancy) and seed mistrust. Why I think this? So, what we know about Dai-Gonarthis. We know practicly 2 things: 1. He was somehow involve in Scouring of Aimia 2. He can "take someones pain" Now we can put together this knowledge and Moashes appearence in Ch8. Moash is emotionless, he gave away his pain... and other emotions as well. Is completly hollow. And is able to somehow push away Syl from Kal, what is very similar what happend to Stormfather when Odium speaks with Dalinar. But I dont think that Odium is here, with Moash, this is not how he works - but Unmade can be here. Unmade with power to sooth someone emotions (Moash) and riot emotions in someone else (Kaladin). Kal was overwhelmed with Moashes words, much more that is "normal" even with his depresion. Of course, this can be because Moash is his friend and he sworn to protect him... or maybe Vyre now has additional shadow what follows him - Unmade. Also, many see this conversation as Moash trying to convince Kal to suicide - but i saw this as Moash trying to "DarthVader" Kal - by giving pain to Odium. If Dai-Gonarthis is on place, with Moash, can "take pain" immediately. In other case this need time to form Connection with Odium (like Dalinar or Moash). Another part of theory is binded with Urithiru history in gems. In this place i want to thank @hoiditthroughthegrapevine, who collected all gem-archives in his topic about Ba-Ado-Mishram. Without this, probably i wasnt able to create this theory. We know that Sibling withdraw from Urithiru, we dont know why. But we know that one effect of this was falling Protection against Unmade influence. Drawer 3-11: Garnet (Lightweaver) CH 73 But witch one Unmade? Moelach, Nergaoul, Ashertmarn are easy to recognise and rather easy to avoid - they are mindless, so they are atracted by certain things like other spren. Yelig-Nar also is easy, he need host to have full potential. Radiants know where Ba-Ado-Mishram is, Re-Sephir is tricky, but is possible to imprisoned her (maybe even she is improsoned, we dont know when this happend), and she is rather simple in action. Chemoarish was not seen 2000 years, even is not known what she is able to. This lives us two possibilities: - Sia-Anat - of course dangerous, can change Spren, what can be very bad for Radiants. Maybe even she was there. - Dai-Gonarthis Its few times mention how Radiant are divided. How Orders dont trust each other anymore and argue all the time, especially Windrunners and Skybreakers. And this can be influence of Unmade - little touch rioting emotions. Radiants fear Sia-Anat, but another Unmade influence them subtly, with very big effect. Probably normaly Bondsmiths were able to counter Dai-Gonarthis rather easly, but now is only one Bondsmith, and divisions between Orders is too big even without Unmade Influence. And now we go to Aimia. We know that Dai-Gonarthis somehow influence Scouring. We also know from "Dawnshard" Prologue, that Scouring wasnt one event, it were series of wars. Probably civil wars on Islands. So is easy to understand how destroy land the easiest - influence powerfull people to chalange each other. Dai-Gonartis was influencing nobles, riots internal conflicts, what in place with 3 races probably existed, and this cause the destruction of Archipelago, especially when both sides used Soulcasters on massive scale So we have it. I still dont know how to connect this with Dai-Gonarthis precursor, Semic God of Sea Dagon and with his other name, Black Fisher. But maybe i will, with your help. What do you think?
  3. Ok, so bear with me on this one. Something has been bothering me, like many who read Oathbringer, ever since Odium said "We killed you." Like many Stormlight fans, I have been mentally (and literally) screaming "What do you mean by WE!" And anyway I've done some thinking, and I think that Unity, instead of a new Shard, as many have theorized, is actually and old Shard that used to live on Roshar. A Shard that was (presumably) killed by Odium and ((possibly Honor?)) (((Working together?))) There is a little possible evidence for this. In the death rattles, one of them goes like "Three of Sixteen ruled, now the broken one reigns" or something like that. Feel free to correct that. Anyway, the way that is worded makes it seem like Odium, the broken one, is not in that original three. Also, since we know there are 3 god-spren--the Storm dad, Nightwatcher, and the Sibling, that leads me to believe that there used to be 3 Shards other than Odium, since it doesn't make sense to me that a Knight Raidiant would bond to a spren of Odium, or that Cultivation or Honor would have two god-spren. That other Shard, Unity, was not liked by Honor or Cultivation or any other Shard. Which makes sense, because they might feel threatened by the fact that he might try to Unite the Shards back into Adonalsium or something. I'm thinking that the Cryptics might be spren of Unity, which is why nobody likes them. It also just makes sense, because math and lies don't really make sense as belonging to Honor or Cultivation, but I can see Unity liking the fact that math is a unifying principle of the universe or something like that. Also, it would make sense because the Dawn Cities are all math based, and they are linked the Uthirthiru in some way ( I think theres a line about the strata being similar? And they both are grown out of rock? Feel free to check that.) And we know that the sibling was related to the tower city as well. So, if the Sibling is a spren of Unity, it all works out. Honor or Cultivation (or both) wanted to get rid of him, but couldn't due to limitation based on their Shard Intent. Neither of them could kill Unity, so they invited Odium, knowing his violent reputation, to come on over to Roshar so he could take care of Unity. That also explains why Odium was allowed onto Roshar on the first place, because I feel like two Shards working together could have blocked him from coming there, if they so wished. Anyway, Odium splintered Unity (possibly with help from one or more of the other Shards) and decided to stay. Eventually, he also splintered Honor, and Cultivation went into hiding. A part of Unity survived, and may have been that voice that's been guiding Dalinar since Book One. That voice seems really distinct from the Stormfather, and I think he once even said so in Oathbringer that he wasn't talking when Dalinar heard the "Unite them" voice. The light that Dalinar feels at the end of books Two and Three may also be the effects of Unity. Dalinar was able to briefly hold whatever is left of Unity, which allowed him to summon the Perpendicularity and all that fun stuff at the end of Book 3. I think that as the books progress, we will only keep on seeing how Unity is actually separate, and wants to be revived. Some odd bits: The splintering might have been the Scouring of Aimia. The Aimians that are a bunch of cremlings seem like something that Unity might have created or liked (since it's a bunch of cremlings unified into one creature) and he might have lived in Aimia. The Unmade might be corrupted Splinters of Unity. I don't think that Odium could have nine relatively large spren of himself and still remain as powerful as he is, so I think he corrupted the Splinters of Unity after he killed him, and those became the Unmade. Obviously, it isn't a perfect theory. And if you've made it to the bottom, congrats on somehow getting through all my disorganized thoughts. Anyway, I want to know what you think, so please feel free to share your thoughts on my theory!
  4. Chapter 1 The Awakening Pain. That was the first sign that he was alive, well other than his breathing. His head hurt as if someone had hit him in the head with a particularly large hammer. Though on second thought that would have been impossible as his skull would have been cracked and- time to move on. He opened his eye and immediately regretted the action. Sunlight made his eye hurt and his head ache more that it already did. He groaned and sat up. Who am I? he though. A name bubbled up into his mind. Sahin. That is who I am. No last name surfaced. He sighed. Apparently he didn't own a last name. Bother he would jsut have to come up with one on his own. Then something occurred to him, stopping all thoughts. He reached up and touched his face, specifically where his other eye would have been. Sahin instead touched a pointed metal spike. He reached to yank it out but reconsidered as a small inside voice spoke to him. That is your life line pal. it said. When doing so he noticed and odd symbol tattooed to the back of his palm. Three interlocking diamonds. Another memory stirred bringing up another word. Ghostbloods A voice interrupted his thoughts. "So your back?" The voice said. "Almighty help us all that you have returned. What fate has in store you I wonder." He looked to the speaker and noted his odd looking body which seemed to be make up of some odd insects. These bugs solidified into a man. "Was I really that bad?" Sahin asked. "You don't remember?" "My memory is a bit hazy at the moment." "That must be due to the Hemalurgy degrading process." The man muttered. "What?" Sahin puzzled. "Nothing, nothing. I am interested in what part you will play." The man burst into the insects he saw before. He opened his mouth to say something then closed it as he watched the creatures scuttle away. Disregarding the strange conversation with the bug man, Sahin turned his attention back to himself. He wore a tattered set of clothes and a matching ripped cloak. A broken mask lay in pieces not to far away. Must have been mine he deduced as he could only see one eye hole from the pieces before him. He wore a belt with little holders for glass vials. There were a few that were still full and unbroken. Though he did not unstop one to drink it. "Well," He said to himself. "Time to get off this wretched barren island." With that he started to walk with no particiular destination in mind. He just knew he he had to get off this forsaken island if he wanted to live. Little did he know, Sahin Vandre was really Solace First. A deadly assassin, a scheming mastermind, and evil to the core.
  5. Hello everyone! Welcome to another “Theory that feels right based on limited information” by OJ! For those that don’t listen to the Shardcast, we recently discussed Aimia and managed to spend the majority of the runtime talking about the Dawnshards. I went into that podcast having never connected the two, but based on the discussions we had (And they were some good discussions, I do recommend listening to it!) I have come out fully believing Aimia’s history and fate are tied to the Dawnshards. Warning, this theory has a basis in theories. I am going to outline the initial theories that have evidence for them, then follow them with theories based on those theories. First things first: 1. The Dawnshards were involved in the destruction of Ashyn. - Oathbringer, Chapter 113 In his dying days, Honor spoke of the Dawnshards. Due to the wording of this quote, I can’t tell if this is a claim by dying Honor or something the Stormfather is adding himself. Either way, it is claimed they were the weapons used to destroy the Tranquiline Halls. As we know, the Vorin Tranquilline Halls are Ashyn (Although culturally I believe they were originally Roshar). This matches up with one of the few other quotes we have about the Dawnshards (Did you know they’ve only been mentioned 4 times in the whole of SLA so far?): - Way of Kings, Chapter 75 Honor clearly wishes that the current crop of Radiants had access to the Dawnshards. One interpretation of this quote, which I am using in this theory, is that they are something which grants great power. This interpretation is supported by another quote about the Dawnshards: - Way of Kings, Chapter 36 Epigraph Emphasis mine. Whatever they are, if this legend is correct, the Dawnshards sound like something that is very powerful. So, this is my first statement. I then believe the Dawnshards were brought to Roshar by the Ashynites. 2. The Dawnshards were brought to Roshar by the Ashynites More specifically, the Dawnshards were brought to Roshar by the Ashynites and somehow ended up in Aimia. This one is a little more shaky, but check out this Kaza interlude quote: - Oathbringer, Interlude I-04 Emphasis mine. Oh boy, this Aimian sure does want to protect Aimia real bad. What secret could possibly be so great as to end worlds? Well, how about the items used to end a world? I believe the secret that this Aimian is trying to protect is the existence/location of the Dawnshards. This is the most explicit link, but in my opinion there are two other things that link Aimia and the Dawnshards. First is what I believe to be Brandon trickery. The Oathbringer quote above (The one from the Stormfather about Honor) from Chapter 113, the epigraph for that chapter? It’s this: - Oathbringer, Chapter 113, Epigraph So again, we have 4 mentions of Dawnshards total in 3 books. The epigraph for the chapter that tells us the most we’ve heard about the Dawnshards so far explicitly mentions Aimia. This isn’t the only one. Less likely to be Brandon trickery and might just be a coincidence is Way of Kings Chapter 36. This is the chapter with the “Bind any creature voidish or mortal” epigraph. In this chapter, Aimia is mentioned again. This one is just an offhand remark from Jasnah so seems less likely: - Way of Kings, Chapter 36 This one I’m less keen on Brandon messing with us, but it’s there. My second link between Dawnshards and Aimia is actually my third theory (I did warn you about theories in theories). 3. The Dawnshards were used to create the ancient fabrials This is based on Jofwus idea about ancient fabrials. For a quick rundown, ancient fabrials like Soulcasters and Oathgates seem to use willing, sentient spren whilst modern fabrials use trapped spren against their will. Please check out Jofwus theory on ancient vs modern fabrials for more information. Please note, before I continue, I do not consider Shardplate as part of the classification of “ancient fabrial” as I believe they are part of the Radiant system. So, Soulcasters and Oathgates Spren seem to be quite happy to go about their functions. But the Oathgate spren talk about being bound: - Oathbringer, Chapter 116 Bound to obey. The Dawnshards were said to be able to “Bind any creature voidish or mortal”. I believe this is how the ancient fabrials were created. The mention of Honor does not discount this, we have absolutely no idea what Honors relationship with the Dawnshards was once they reached Roshar. His words on the subject makes me think he wasn’t exactly against using them. In fact at this point he seems to be their greatest advocate. This is where I think the link between Aimia and the Dawnshards comes in. Kazas interlude mentions: - Oathbringer, Interlude I-04 So Soulcasters were made in Aimia. There are links between Aimians and the Dawnshards. It’s implied the Dawnshards can bind things. Ancient fabrials appear to be made with spren that are bound but willing unlike modern fabrials. This is why I believe the Dawnshards were used by the Aimians to create the ancient fabrials. Oh and as a quick note to end on, here’s a wob for your troubles: This leads me to my final point: 4. Aimias scouring was related to the Dawnshards This is based on all the above theories. We know the Dawnshards are capable of extremely powerful destruction. With the above links between Aimia and the Dawnshards, I cannot see how the scouring could NOT be related to the extremely powerful tools that can be found there. They could have done it to themselves, it could have been a result of a fight, Dai-Gonarthis may have done it all himself. Either way, I think the Scouring and the Dawnshards are intrinsically linked. I hope you enjoyed this theory, I had a ton of fun making it and again, I recommend you listen to the Aimia Shardcast to hear where the first few ideas starting to come from. There are definitely issues when it comes to the timing of things (The Dawnshards being unavailable seems to be unrelated to the Scouring as Honor recorded his visions 2000 years ago and the Scouring seems to have happened much more recent than that) but I think the links between Aimia and the Dawnshards is extremely strong. Disclaimer: I have no idea what the Dawnshards are. They could be shardblades that gift powers, tools like fabrials, spren, people, a horde of cremlings, or chulls. There could be one that grants super powerful Division and one that grants super powerful spiritual Adhesion. The details of what the Dawnshards are and how they operate is a mystery at the moment. Searching “Dawnshards” on returns a wall of RAFOs as this is clearly something Brandon does not want to talk about just yet (The only thing we can infer from his answers is that there’s more than one). This is why I have referred to them as tools or things. Let me know what you guys think. Please poke holes wherever you see them!
  6. I was just reading about Aimians, and they sounds strangely familiar to Kandra. Could they somehow be related directly? Or is one just patterned after the other? Like one shard saw the others creation and made there own like it?
  7. I'm sure a lot of you have read the Oathbringer interlude set right outside of Aimia (find it here if you havent) and i have a theory on one of the questions posed in it. What is on the island that can possibly cure Soulcaster savantism? My theory proposes that the Larkin/Lanceryn or their gemhearts (which are rumored to be on Aimian islands), used in fabrials, have the ability to rid the soul of the affects of savantism. This fits with what we already have seen them do (suck stormlight out of Lift). Expanding on this, I could see how these powers could greatly help Odium and his forces conquer Roshar. Not only could the Lanceryn be uused to easily combat Shardbearers and Surgebinders, but I could see how their powers could possibly be used in many other ways. As always, let me know what you guys think. edit: FIRST!11!!one!11
  8. I was reading Axies's interlude because I've always enjoyed it and because I've always been suspicious of the beggar whose food city he accidentally crashes, and I noticed that Axies says two thing that may be of interest. When he first wakes up, his first thought is, "Blight it all," and later on he says, "...when you were very regularly robbed of everything you owned, it was blighted difficult to keep a proper notebook.” Now knowing how Sanderson's characters use language, and in particular in-world obscenities, such as "storming" (which appears very frequently in the Stormlight Archives) and "rusting/Rust and Ruin" in MB era 2, I think there is a reasonable amount of likelihood that to Aimians the terms "blight" and "blighted" have special significance. I can't recall any other characters using the term in the same way, although I don't have Edgedancer handy to check on a certain someone's dialogue. This is could possibly be related to the scourin of Aimia in some way, or perhaps not. Perhaps it's just a personal quirk of Axies. Or perhaps it's related to the Curse of Kind he references. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my thoughts.
  9. So I just finished a reread of tWoK and WoR and it occurred to me how little information is given on Axies the Collector. He has his own interlude in the first book where we learn: 1. He's Aimian 2. He's a scholar documenting spren 3. He goes to jail a lot (presumably while searching for spren) 4. His shadow points the wrong way (like Jasnah's) 5. He can write on his own skin (or rather make his skin write on his skin, if that makes sense) 6. From the two interludes he appears in, he seems to have a good sense of humor, or at least is optimistic I've been trying to speculate his purpose, I mean obviously he is documenting spren, but I'm trying to figure out how he will play into the rest of the SA. He not only appeared in tWoK, but as the Aimian who was captured on the Reshi Island Greatshell from the Rysn interlude in WoR. I feel like Brandon would only have included this if Axies turned out to play some sort of role in the series. That being said, I have no idea what his role could be. Hopefully others might be able to shed some more light on his role. Also, I've been thinking about his ability to change the markings on his skin at will; also, his shadow points the wrong way, which indicates a strong connection to shadesmar (as shown through Jasnah, or at least that's the public consensus). So my theory is, like soulcasting, Axies is able to change what his body thinks of itself through shadesmar and can thus change the markings on his skin. In essence, he would have a very strong ability to control what his mind thinks in the cognitive realm. All this is just speculation, but I would love to hear more information and theories from others about Axies. He's a huge enigma in my mind and I can't help but think he's going to play a major role at some point in the SA.
  10. The obvious reason for posting "bad idea" theories is to promote "good ideas." Maybe this crazy theory will trigger someone smart to make a better guess. We already know the Listeners can change their forms. Aimians are another "non-human" race on Roshar. We know Aimians can change their appearance (Axies' tattoos) at will and have other weird properties (shadow facing wrong way, etc.). Larkins come from Aimia. What was one doing way up in the Reshi Isles? And we know Axies was captive there. Perhaps there are more clues which stem from Vstim knowing when it was the right time to make a trade with the Reshi, and Rysn got something even better. Perhaps the original trade agreement would have involved taking Axies in his humanoid form as a slave, and getting him in Larkin form was an unexpected surprise?