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Found 11 results

  1. It's been a question to me for awhile about whether or not an old Awakener who has been kept young via Breaths would age and die as... (Mistborn spoilers) I don't believe that they would, though. Because... (more Mistborn spoilers)
  2. So I know this a wild crackpot theory but for some reason I really think it should work . I also would like for anybody to think you could theoretically do with a surge that it’s really not intended for but theoretically should work. Ok here it goes . Progression can make plants grow . A sapling can grow into a tree . A tiny rock bud can grow into large one . So I wonder can you use it to make a young person grow into adulthood ? The plants on Roshar are animate . Grass moves and drinks water . Rock buds open up in the rain . So plants are animate life forms . How come you can make a plant . Grow , and not a person? You can heal people , ressurext people , and even grow back appendages that were lost . So I think you should be able to age a person . You might wonder why you would want to age a person . Well they are fighting a War of attrition .. in past Desolotions nine out of 10 people died . You might to age people to just to replace the fighting force . Just like you need to grow plants for food . I’m sure it sounds callous , but theoretically do you think it’s possible.
  3. Hello everyone! So for my first post I need an answer for a little dilemma I'm in of possible. I've been a Sanderson fan since he finished WOT and I will forever read anything he writes. Luckily my 10 year old daughter has taken to him as well. She's read all of Alcatraz, Skyward, and is just now finishing up Mistborn and is in love with it. My question is, is she too young at 10 to be reading The Stormlight Archives? I was worried about Mistborn a little but she's so far ahead in reading for her age and we've had some awesome, in-depth conversations about the story and characters, but I'm just concerned that SA might be a little too much. But she wants to read it badly when she finishes Mistborn. Do you guys think she'd be fine with SA if she made it through Mistborn?
  4. So the common theory about Lift is that she is 13. She visited the Nightwatcher 3 years ago . Was granted a greater boon/curse like Dalinar , and Teravangion . It Seems that she is cursed to never grow up , or at least she believes ! But I have a hard time believing she is just 10. “The Stormfather rumbled in frustration. That woman! This is a creation specifically meant to defy my will! “Woman?” Dalinar asked, shaking his head. That child is tainted by the Nightwatcher.” Excerpt From Oathbringer Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. The Stormfather first refers to her as that woman . When Dalinar remarked the Stormfather changed it to child. Brandon Too good an author to make reference like that for no reason . Also I have a hard time believing a 10 year old girl , would have the ability to search out the Nightwatcher . I suppose it’s possible but I mean really 10 years old , even if she was an urchin ! So I was thinking what if Lift was older When she went to see the nightwatcher? As part of her curse she was reduced to the age of ten and was told she would have that mentality forever? Everyone else that has sought the Nightwatcher was older and facing enormous problems , where they felt the only way was to go to the Nightwatcher as a last resort . What do you guys think ?
  5. What is your age, 17th Sharders? How old are you? Only answer if you are comfortable. I am:
  6. Seriously though, how old is Wayne?
  7. I apologize if another post has already asked this, but search revealed nothing similar. The question I have is, do people age differently when in a speed bubble? It seems that they would, so Wayne, who spends a LOT of time with time sped up, is probably several months older than his birthday would suggest. If he continues to burn a lot of Bendalloy he may end up being seventy years of age when all the other people born when he was are only sixty or so. Conversely, since Cadmium burns so slowly, I could actually see someone doing this to appear younger. If a noblewoman spent half her time in a Cadmium bubble she could live to be over 200. Granted, she wouldn't actually gain time since she'd be losing every other day, but in other people's eyes she'd be amazing, and she could see 200 years of history, news, etc. It would be like putting herself into a time capsule. I don't think either Wayne nor Marasi spend enough time in bubbles to make a huge difference, but since allomancy is only limited by metal access a very rich noble could, technically, have enough bendalloy or cadmium to basically live in a time bubble all the time, replenishing metals as needed. For that matter, if that noble uses Bendalloy so often, could he become a savant? There's a scary thought, a bendalloy savant!
  8. Here on earth, the year is measured by how long it takes our planet to make one trip around the sun. On Roshar, the year is measured by the Highstorm cycle; 1000 days of 10 10-week months. This would imply that the characters in the Stormlight Archive are older than we might assume given the number of years they've lived. Let's take Shallan for example: In WoR, she says she's 17 years old, meaning she's been alive for roughly 17,000 days. If we were to convert that into earth time, that would mean that Shallan is about 46 earth-years old.
  9. This is a question leading out of an idle observation that I had during this interminable waiting period between Books 2 and 3. I don't know if it was already answered by a WoB, so I ask someone who knows to kindly illuminate me. We know that Roshar's calendar year consists of 5-day weeks, 10-week months, and 10-month years, totalling to a 500 day year. This is obviously a significantly longer year than we have on Earth (365 days), yet all of SA's characters identify themselves as "X-years old." However, a SA character's corresponding age on Earth would be significantly higher. (I calculated each character's corresponding Earth age thusly: (Stated age of a character x 500 days) ÷ 365 = character's age in Earth-years Kaladin, by the end of WoR, is 20 on Roshar. In Earth years that's 27. Shallan is 17 on Roshar. 23 on Earth. Adolin is 23 and Renarin is 19 on Roshar. 31 and 26 on Earth. Sadeas and Dalinar are around the same age, which Sadeas reveals is 50. In Earth years, that's 68. From the descriptions of the characters in the books, it seems clear that Brandon wants us to picture the characters as their given ages rather than their Earth-equivalents, meaning that despite a 500 day year characters' ages and development closely correspond to an Earth equivalent. Does this mean that the planet Roshar has an approximately 1.4 times faster rotation on its axis than Earth? Are its days not 24 hours? Could it have something to do with the lighter gravity on the planet? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  10. WoB states that healing has to do with how you view yourself. Hence Sazed can't de-eunch himslef, but Miles can regrow a body. But when I think of myself, I think of myself young, Whenever my Birthday comes around, I'm surprised by the fact that I'm older. Couldn't I use Feruchemical gold or cGold to stay my Age forever, healing myself back to one age?
  11. In TWOK when Dalinar fought with the knight radiant, the lady knight said Harkaylain was not often wrong in anticipating desolations. Which means Harkaylain must have fought several desolations. I'm thinking the time between desolations couldn't be just for a couple of years or even decades or else humanity would have been wiped out if they came so frequently even with the radiants. Leading to the conclusion that surgebinding must affect how radiants age if Harkaylain has a track record on knowing when desolations come. Of course this hinges on the Heralds not breaking so easily and that the desolations are so destructive that there must be time for humanity to recover. Also Dalinar did not really describe Harkaylain in a way to determine his age so its just speculation. Anyway I was thinking about this because Jasnah will be in her late 40s, early 50s in the second half of the series. Brandon would be doing something different if Jasnah is actually that age but I'll go with surgebinding slowing the ageing process.