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Found 9 results

  1. How much did you like aether because I'm loving it so far it's a very good book of course compared to Brandon's normal work its not that good but compared to most novels it's pretty good
  2. This was originally written by me to post in the Discord because someone asked, so it's pretty hastily written, though I have gone and tweaked a few things people pointed out as wrong. Disclaimer aside, here's what I remember of Aether's magic. Full spoilers ahead. --- Magic revolves around "Aethers", things that you can bond, and give power. Amberite is a gem embedded in the palm, and I think Verdant was a vine around the wrist. We don't see what the others look like. I don't think Aethers are sapient, although I believe it was hinted they do have minds of a sort. There are 4 main types: Ferrous, Bestarin, Verdant, and Amberite, and two "god" Aethers, Night and Illuminous. --- Ferrous allows a user to become a machine. Permanently. Really sounds like they get a rough deal, to be honest with you. There may be more to it, we unfortunately get little information on it in the story. Bestarin allows its user to graft animal parts on. I think some have claws, for example. They can also heal by grafting on animal skin. Verdant allows the user to essentially control and grow vines from the Verdant on their wrist. They can use it to climb things, to shoot balls of vine that wrap people, etc. The vines it makes are also edible and make up a large portion of the diet of a lot of people. Amberite allows growing "amberite" crystal from the one embedded in the palm. It's very tough, and can be used to grow armor around you, a sword extending from your palm, trap people, etc. Note that someone can be strong or weak with an Aether. For example, the main character has Amberite, but incredibly weak. He can barely grow a sword, and can't grow armor. Some of this is due to the strength of the "bud" you're bonded with, but some people just plain aren't powerful. --- Now, the God Aethers. Night allows teleporting yourself, your clothing, and anything you're holding (this includes people: if you hug someone you'll take them with you). Illuminous allows teleporting others but NOT yourself. And then it gets weird. You see, the god Aethers are actually part of the Shardpool, and some weird things can be done. For example, someone bonded to Night can essentially project themselves to an avatar made from the liquid in the Shardpool (similar to Midnight Essence). It can also be controlled into pretty much any shape. I expect this to be removed, because it's wayyy too OP. For whatever reason, only Night seems to do that, however. Illuminous was never used to do those, but that might just be a plothole rather than it not being able. Considering they're supposed to be "the pure power of creation" or something, Illuminous being so weak compared to Night is odd. Each Aether is made by one of two gods, who wanted to counteract each other. One made Bestarin, so the other made Ferrous to make things they can't destroy. One made Verdant, so Amberite was made to cut it. Finally, the two gods made the God Aethers, to just be OP as hell. Illuminous is associated with Verdant and Ferrous. Night is associated with Amberite and Bestarin. The God Aethers can supercharge Aethers made by their god. For example, one character could barely make a blade with Amberite, but could make a full set of armor after bonding Night. Once again, this strangely seems to be Night-only. Someone with an Aether by one god CANNOT use the God Aether from the other god (I think it's still unknown whether they can use normal Aethers by the other god or not). There's a lot of worldbuilding behind the history of the Aethers, but that's a quick rundown of all the relevant stuff I remember. --- Something else to note: there may be more now than when he first wrote the novel. Syl started as a character in a planned rewrite, as an Aether of Wind most likely, for example. This is part of why we think Aethers might be sapient now, I believe (as well as the Liar of Partinel sample chapters, where he experimented with moving Aethers before deciding against that). Fun fact, that means that at one point he had them down as pre-Shattering, although that likely changed when he decided against them being in Liar. --- Anyone else who's read Aether, please add to or correct what I said here, I have a horrible memory.
  3. Brandon has previously said that Darro would be appearing in the Nightblood novel. However, the answer wasn't clear whether it would be as a worldhopper or transplanted character, so I PM'd him on Reddit to ask. His answer was that he's not sure yet, as a lot of things about the Nightblood novel are still undecided. However, he's leaning towards Darro being a native Nalthian, because (while "things in Stormlight" have canonized it, presumably meaning Mraize's gem) he's not finished with the worldbuilding for the Aether world yet.
  4. Saw this post, and the Intent "Anguish" makes me think of the Fell Twins, specifically "Despair" (which one is that, by the way? my thought is Agaris = Despair and Makkal = Slaughter, but I don't remember a confirmation). We also know that it is possible for Vessels of Shards to have children, and that Vessels having children "would have an effect" on the child. The latter two WoBs to me imply that the Twins could exist still in a similar form to how they do in Aether of Night, and a Shard with a similar intent to one of their names does make me curious. Now, I'm not definitively claiming that "Anguish" (for lack of a confirmed name) is actually related to the Twins, it's just something that caught my eye as either a possible connection or evolution of one of them.
  5. Here's a thought: if you were to bond a Bestarin Aether and lose, say, an arm, could said arm be replaced with that of a Kandra?
  6. So i know Brandon said AoN wasn’t canon, but the magic, or at least parts of it are. I don’t really have the time right now to read the book, but I’m still interested in the magic system. Could someone explain the basics to me? Or am I breaking some rules by asking?
  7. Okay, so we know there are four regular aethers, and two "god" aethers, but could there be others? I personally thought it would be pretty cool if there was another set that works by charging things with different energies: One thermal radiation (Incendous) and the other electricity (Galvane). What do you think? What would make cool aethers?
  8. So I've heard good things about the Magic in Aether of Night and would really like to know about it as it is apparently still canon but I was never able to find a copy of Aether of Night or any description of the magic online. Could someone please explain the magic to me? I would really appreciate it.
  9. What do you call your Aedin boyfriend/girlfriend? Your significant Aether