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Found 155 results

  1. Alright, I keep derailing threads with my obsessive love for Adolin "living therapy blanket" Kholin, so I think it's high time there was a thread purely dedicated to Adolin and how awesome he is. I'll start this off by saying that as somebody with numerous emotional, developmental, and neurological issues, Adolin's supportiveness towards Renarin is heartwarming in the extreme. Also the scene where Kaladin said "hey dude we really need radiants and you would rock as one, why not give up your deadeye sword?" and Adolin got super grumpy and protective and was like "NO I will not abandon Maya and that's final!", brought tears to my eyes.
  2. So far it seems as if Shallan and Adolins next step is to find BAM and release her, as they both have deadeye spren and Kalak indicated that BAM being captured lead to dead eyes. However there are only ten days left till the battle of champions and they are stuck in the middle of shadesmar, more than ten days away from the closest perpindicularity. So by that logic BAM is most likely in shadesmar and within ten days journey. Kalak was there for the capture of BAM so he could have her in shadesmar. But if he did he likely would have told Adolin and Shallan at the end of RoW when they all talked together about BAM, dead eyes, and Maya. However we know that another Herald was there at the capture of BAM other than Kalak. We know acording to maps and RoW that Lasting Integrity is on the between Tukar and Emul right near where Dalinar and Odiums forces faced each other, and where Dalinar talked to Ishar. AT the end of which Ishar went into the congnitive realm. So he is somewhere close to Lasting Integrity in the cognitive realm. I believe that Ishar was the other Herald there for the capturing of BAM and that the radiants gave him the perfect gem that holds BAM. Because if he has it, Shallan and Adolin could get it from him within the ten days as he is right outside Lasting Integrity. But there is more, near the end of RoW dead eyes started gathering outside Lasting Integrity. The honorspren said it was because they were finally going to get justice, but what if instead they were drawn to BAM. Because again acording to Kalak dead eyes only occured after BAM's capture and said that BAM was conected to all of Roshar including spren. So the dead eyes could still be connected to BAM enough that they are drawn to where she is. In that case it would mean that BAM was near the border of Tukar and Emul, right where Ishar was, waiting for Dalinar. In sumation, another Herald was at BAM's capture, dead eyes who only exist because of BAM's capture are flocking to Tukar and Emul's border where Ishar is, Ishar went through a perpindicularity and is now right outside Lasting Integrity, and there are only ten days left for Adolin and Shallan to find and free BAM. The only logical thing is that Ishar has BAM.
  3. Brief note regarding Adolin and Maya. When spren come to the physical realm, we know they lose intelligence/cognition until they spend long enough with a Connection to a radiant. Is it possible that, in the cognitive realm, Connection to a radiant could lend physical recovery over time? Could that mean a different set or distribution of powers?
  4. So, Shallan has a deadeyes spren, which I kind of thought nothing of until the livestream Thursday where Brandon said something to the effect of "Old knights radiant that broke their oaths did not make a deadeyes". This plus the "WE CHOSE" moment has implications for deadeyes. I think that in order to become a deadeyes, more than just breaking the oaths has to happen, the spren has to choose to die with the oath (Likely for some motive with the Knight Radiant involved). What the heck does that mean for Shallan? I think Testament probably chose to become a deadeyes to help Shallan conceal the Truth from even herself. I was also confused about Heleran, and his shardblade but I've realized I'm just an idiot for believing anything Mraize had to say rather than realizing Heleran was probably working for the Ghostbloods.
  5. I was thinking about Maya and Adolin when I realized that Adolin almost certainly doesn't have the suit that matches her. What I mean is that Maya's wielder on the day Recreance probably had Shardplate and Adolin almost certainly does not have that plate. My question is whether or not that having the plate would give Adolin any sort of advantage in fighting or restoring her. Like, could he restore her more/faster if he found it? Or, pre-restoration, could he swing Maya faster or throw harder or something? Does anyone know if there's a WOB on this or something similar?
  6. Brief disclaimer: It has been some time since I posted theories on here (probably since OB came out more or less), and my Cosmere knowledge is a bit rusty, and probably outdated. If I get anything wrong, please let me know. I also do not currently have a copy of RoW on me, so I won't be quoting directly (feel free to give quotes, and I may edit some in later). I have also not read Dawnshard, so no spoilers for that please. Anyway, on to the theory: Essentially my theory is that Adolin and Maya have formed/are forming a sort of reverse Nahel bond. If my understanding of Nahel Bonds is correct (and honestly most investiture in the cosmere), they are formed when spren attach themselves to a radiant's spiritweb, utilizing cracks in the web to attach more thoroughly. My theory is that when the Recreance occurred Spren and Radiant spirit webs were forcefully separated (it is confirmed that the Spren were damaged in the Spirit realm, but to my knowledge, not how). I believe that a piece of the Spren's spiritweb remained attached to the original Radiant's spiritweb. This sort of fits in with the description of their eyes, as in the eyes are just kinda absent. Essentially, I am saying that I think that piece of the spren remains trapped in the original Radiant's web (Which is why a radiant could revive their own dead spren after killing it). This is why I think Maya and Adolin are forming a sort of reverse Nahel bond. Instead of the spren filling in the cracks in the Radiant's web, Adolin is filling in the cracks in Maya's spirit web. I think this is also why it might be that in RoW, Maya begins swearing the first oath, not Adolin.
  7. Hi, I'm Dasak, I'm a non-native english speaker (I'm from Spain) new user, so I'm not sure if I can theorize this here or there is another place to do it (but I think this is the correct place). Firstly, I've been reading cosmere books from 2011 when I started reading 'The way of Kings', and it seduced me as a single book almost as 'The name of wind' did it before. So I was impressed when I discovered that he created not only a saga of novels, but also a group of sagas and short novels taking place in the same fantasy universe (in this case, the galaxy known as Cosmere). Now, there comes the spoiler of the 4th book, so those ones who haven't read it already, don't read the spoiler: I have a few more theories and meditations, but I will keep them in my mind until admins or other users answer me, telling if I can or cannot write them here. I think I did lots of grammatical mistakes, so I apologise for it. Best regards, Dídac
  8. This is my first post here, in 17th Shard, so...hi everyone!
  9. RHYTHM OF WAR SPOILERS! TL;DR: Adolin and Shallan release Ba-Ado-Mishram and revive all the Deadeyes. Some Tinfoil And Some Facts After completing WoR, I had a big question I never asked 'cause I thought Stormfather was exaggerating what had happened... but I'll come back to this point in a min. What are Deadeyes? Spren whose bonded radiant broke their oaths. But isn't the cost too high? Humans who can't keep their oath lose their Surgebinding at the cost of a dead spren? After reading RoW, we know what happens to a spren whose Radiant broke their oaths after the Recreance. Testament died after Recreance when Shallan broke her oaths... err, truths? Now back to my first point. Stormfather told Kaladin that he killed Syl. Back then I assumed he was lying and Syl will just return to Shadesmar after their bond breaks completely, which never happened. Now that I think about it, Stormfather wasn't lying. Syl would have died if her bond with Kal broke completely. Read This Before Conclusion Syl said this about Honorblades: If a Spren reqiure checks, will it just die if the the requirements are not met. I don't think so. Maya agrees with me: Spren thought they will suffer from pain, not death. And Kalak says: I certainly think this is related to formation of Deadeyes after a Radiant break oaths after the Recreance The Conclusion Before Ba-Ado-Misharm was imprisoned, a spren would not die if their Radiant broke their oaths. They would just be sent back to Shadesmar. And ever since the Recreance, any broken bond results to death of the spren. But why Ba-Ado-Mishram is so important? How can an Unmade scar Roshar in such ways? I think Ba-Ado, and all the unmade for the fact, were once of Honor and Cultivation with important roles in Rosharan Spiritual ecology. Later currupted by Oduium. But that's another theory for another day. Adolin and Shallan's arc is now going towards reviving the Deadeyes. Maya and Adoin have been theorized for long. Now we have Shallan and Testament too. I think Adolin and Shallan's next quest will be to find Ba-Ado and free her. In freeing her, they will revive the Deadeyes. Another Tinfoil Titbit Ba-Ado-Mishram was once tasked to check Surgebinding in ways that it remains safe and whatever happened to Ashyn is not repeated. She kept doing it even after Odium Unmade her 'cause Odium don't want to destroy Roshar either. After her imprisonment, Radiants and their spren realized that Nahel bonds are no longer safe and decided to break them.
  10. So, something that felt a tad bit off to me during my readthrough was Adolin's character in this book. I still can't quite figure out why, but- In RoW, it shows us Adolin, who seems to be finally free of his father's expectations. My question is...where did that come from? In the past books did he feel....insignificant? or unworthy? or....I can't find the right word, but did he feel like he kept needing to prove himself? Prove that he was the Blackthorn's son and was as good as his father? He seemed to always be okay with doing his own thing in the books- even ashamed of Dalinar in the beginning. My other thing is- I know that there's (er...jokes? Speculation? ...Fanfiction? :P) about Adolin being Odiums champion, and Adolin becoming a Knight Radiant, but it kind of made me think. In Oathbringer he admits to killing Sadeas, and he isn't sad about it- he felt it needed to be done, and was glad Sadeas was gone, right? This (first of all) isn't exactly following the "Journey before Destination" to me. This reminds me more of Moash, and how Moash killed Elhokar - Yes, for revenge,- but he also convinced himself that it was for the best. Adolin killed Sadead because he knew that Sadeas would be coming after them again and again, but there definitely was revenge in there too. I guess... I guess I've rambled a bit. Just had some thoughts on Adolin and...thought to share? hm?
  11. Radiant Orders that people have so far put forward Adolin as a candidate for: Edgedancer, Stoneward, Willshaper, Dustbringer. He does fit within the worldview of several Orders, after the official Radiant quiz, Adolin is also fit for becoming an Elsecaller. Hey, Lightweaver's also available as an option. So, which Order do you think fits him the best?
  12. Hello Guys, While reading Oathbringer (amazing experience by the way), the exchange between Kaladin and Jasnah (Chapter 39, Page 467) struck me as a relationship that just might work. I thought of this because I believe it would be so cliche if BS takes Shallan from Adolin (that combo already works IMHO) Kaladin with Jasnah works perfectly especially with when Kaladin falls into his auto depression mode, Jasnah can easily logic him back to focus and Kal can give Jasnah the tilt to human emotions(Lol!). And please don't talk about the age difference. The book already is as liberal as it gets with Drehy being gay..
  13. I’m rereading words of radiance and I’m noticed that after sadeas says adolin is growing to be as big a threat as the blackthorn has been in his prime and adolin wins the duel that he doesn’t have a title. Adolin is hands down top 4 fighters in the series rn and all the other main people of comparable skill have awesome titles. szeth is the assassin in white truth less of shinovar which is a great title dalinar is the blackthorn which is also great Kaladin stormblessed is the greatest last name in all of fantasy and just such an awesome title adolin is just adolin Kholin which while an awesome sounding name isn’t the same , he really needs an awesome title or moniker.
  14. I was talking with my wife about whats in store Adolin. Theres theories that he will revive his blade and become an edgedancer. He fits an edgedancer. Remembering those who have been forgotten...his blade...and his interaction with the prostitute, such down to earth conversations with bridgemen. It fits, if not perfectly. I initially thought that Adolin reflects a stoneward. The best infantry, reliable, dependable, selfless in service to others as the coppermind points out. I've also seen that as an unparalleled duelist,a shardbearer, a tactical and strategic expert, and an heir to a princedom and not far from heir to Alethkar is suddenly outclassed in a world of voidbringers and radiants so he finds his humble way in the shadows of giants. I've also heard of him going darkside in search for meaning (least likely IMO). After talking about all of this a thought occurred to me. He remembers those who are forgotten, he protects those that cannot protect themselves, he locks himself in a dungeon on principle, he is as good as Dalinar without a past of war crimes, he transforms others into better people, he brings people together, he is passionate about his life, he ruins and kills when it is necessary, yet he preserves when it is wise, while progressing others when its needed. He is not a radiant because he is not broken, and never needed to be forged anew because he was forged a great way the first time. My wife constantly said he is the most balanced person of all of our cast of characters from Kaladin to Kelsier. I'm casting my chips on this, he is meant for something more than surgebinding or holding a single shard like Tanavast. Theres no evidence in the writings but I'll take a wild guess and say that if Adonalsium requires a host, he is a candidate. Besides this is I saw Sazed being Hero of Im learning lol. What are our thoughts?
  15. Adolin's Blade. Is she actually dead? She shows some cognizant abilities, but she's unresponsive. She knows her name. She's able to decide how fast she appears in Adolin's hand. she becoming less dead? Or was she never dead in the first place?
  16. I just took my Official Knight Radiant quiz (Windrunner btw) and was reading through all the descriptions and the Stoneward description stuck out to me as a good fit for Adolin. I think that Adolin can fit pretty squarely into the descriptions of the order. "Renowned as their finest soldiers" -- Adolin is renowned as possibly the best duelist and is described as being very effective in battle. "most interested in warfare, prowess with weapons, or athletics of any sort" -- Again, huge duelist and a military leader "Like a challenge" -- The whole duel plot of WoR was a huge challenge for Adolin "Taking on enormous projects (more than they can handle)" -- Again, duel plot. Huge project and definitely more than he could handle alone "Dependability" -- I think this is a good fit for Adolin but arguable. "sometimes gregarious, they are never flighty" -- I mean, look at his relationship history and the interaction with the prostitute in WoK -- He definitely does not run from confrontation "If a Stoneward is your friend, they will be there for you" -- Look at his relationship with bridge four in WoK and OB, and his continual supporting role across the books "Though not known as inventors or creators" -- hahaha, Adolin is definitely not one. " they are good at improvising solutions to problems in the moment." -- Can't think of any examples for this right now, but I imagine one's can be found. What are your thoughts? Regardless of his future, if Adolin took the test, what order would he be?
  17. Art by me.
  18. In chapter 60 in TWoK, Dalinar agrees not to abdicate to Adolin in exchange for an order, notarized by his highest scribe and witnessed by Elhokar, giving Adolin the authority to depose him at any time if his mind sufficiently deteriorates. While it’s not briefly mentioned, this seems a HUGE Chekhov’s Gun as a lynchpin for Dalinar’s decision with huge potential to shift fate. What do my fellow Sharders think? Could this be a huge boon, allowing a new leader of the shattered coalition to emerge in Adolin? Or the key to a brutal blow to Dalinar’s forces when Adolin deposes him in a critical moment?
  19. From the album Chibi time!

    Chibi time!
  20. Does anybody else think or hope little Gavinor will have some influence on Adolin becoming Radiant? Some have said Kaladin will be super protective of him, but I think Adolin will be, too, sort of like his father was for Elhokar, plus the guilt of the whole lost the king situation.
  21. I want a short story of Adolin and Shallan's wedding, where Bridge Four and Kaladin get super drunk and dance with Dalinar.
  22. theory

    Let's start with some basic facts and my assumptions about the third magic system on Roshar: Fabrials are part of the third magic system (WoB) There is more to Cultivation's magic than Old Magic (WoB) and the green mist surrounding Cultivation and Nightwatcher seems to be Cultivationlight (WoB) Given that there are 30 magic systems on Roshar, I assume Cultivation's magic is also part of the third magic system Lift's boon seems to be the ability to use Cultivation's magic (WoB). There are also off-screen users of the same magic – I think the most reasonable candidate are the Sleepless, which are kind of Cultivation's agents (WoB) For Lift, food is the focus allowing her access to external Investiture (like metal on Scadrial, WoB). The exact type of accessed Investiture is a RAFO (WoB), but I assume this is Cultivationlight. If so, it can power Surgebinding (just like Stormlight can power fabrials) Given their short descriptions in Poem of Ista and their connection to Aimia (WoB), the Dawnshards seem vital for Surge fabrial creation I think the relation between Dawnshards and Surge fabrials is somehow similar to Honorblades and Shardblades/Shardplates (Surgebinding fabrial-like items) I assume that the analogy between Surge fabrials and Sharblades goes even further – the spren in these fabrials (unlike in modern fabrials) don't seem to be bound in the gemstones, but form the metal (godmetal) parts of the fabrial (Soulcaster chains, Oathgate keyhole). Or example, breaking the gemstones doesn't destroy the Soulcaster, but breaking the chains does. Gemstones are there to power and control the device (the latter also provides some analogy with bonding a dead Shardblade) What potential effects might Cultivation's magic provide? Here is the list of possible candidates I came up with – as you might suspect, they're generally very spren/fabrial–oriented: Wyndle believes that Lift exists partially in Cognitive Realm and this is supported by the fact that her shadow behaves abnormally with respect to the sun (WoB). It allows her to interact with spren in untypical ways (e.g. touch them). This is possibly the effect of Cultivationlight in her body If the magic system is inspired by the Dawnshards, imprisoning spren might be a part of it (an effect similar to what Timbre does to the Voidspren in Venli's gemheart). Lift even says this to Wyndle: It seems like a friendly teasing, but this might be foreshadowing hidden in plain sight Fixing broken Surge fabrials. Just like Stormlight is used for Shardplate regeneration, Cultivationlight might potentially be used to regrow fabrials (e.g. a broken Soulcaster) Continuing with the regrowth theme, I think Cultivationlight might be the key to reviving deadeyes Changing fabrial settings. Oathgates are currently tied to Urithiru route only, but it seems possible that they once provided transport between each other. Some Soulcasters provide many modes, but most are locked in one (safety measure?). I think Cultivation's magic might be the solution here, allowing its users to change fabrial's behavior I have absolutely no idea how Cultivation's magic can be obtained by humans (except by Nightwatcher's boon), but I believe there are multiple reasons why Adolin would be the perfect candidate for the first guy to achieve it: Killing Sadeas. At first it seems like an unnecessary plot with little to no payoff. But it proves that Adolin has the right mindset – he is ready to make a hard decision that would benefit all in the future (something that Cultivation would probably called “pruning” instead of murder). Such actions directly violate the First Ideal, but I don't think Cultivation's magic would have this type of restrictions. It would allow her agents to operate outside the bounds of Honor's oaths. Just look at Arclo killing two Skybreakers that followed him – it's not technically necessary (he admits it's barely self-defense), but, given their mission to eliminate Radiants, it saves lives in the long run Accepting necessary evil is something Shallan struggles with and Adolin could really help her with this. Kaladin could use some help as well It could potentially help him revive Maya Dalinar is a Surgebinder and Renarin is a quasi-Voidbinder – it would fit if Adolin had access to the third magic system (beyond fabrials, obviously). Also Dalinar can repair items with Tension/Adhesion and Renarin can heal people – it would be really interesting if Adolin could revive spren and fix fabrials Dalinar has access to huge amounts of Stormlight and Navani has the necessary knowledge, but Adolin might provide the catalyst to reboot Urithiru and wake the Sibling up
  23. I have thought alot about Adolin and Maya. I will be incredibly upset if Maya remains dead. The question is how we want it to happen. I want to see another spren trying to bond Adolin ( maybe an honor spren), and as they do Maya to wake up for a moment and be seen blocking the other spren from making contact. After I would like her to return to sleep. I think this needs to happen early in Rhythms of War. I think that when she fully returns it should be at the end of Book 4 or book 5.
  24. Based on the last few chapters of Oathbringer, in which Adolin learns his shardblade's name (Mayalaran) and actually manages to bypass the ten heartbeats in order to summon the blade, I have come to the (potentially incorrect) conclusion that Adolin is very close to "reviving" Mayalaran, similarly to how Kaladin "revived" Syl in Words of Radiance. If and when Adolin "revives" Mayalaran, what type of spren will Mayalaran be? What order will Adolin wind up as? I personally think that Adolin will either be a Willshaper or Stoneward (only because these two orders are currently unrepresented in the stormlgiht archive,) or a Windrunner, due to his (somewhat hidden) emotional connection to Kaladin. While Renarin is a member of bridge four, one could argue, based on certain events in Words of Radiance, that Adolin is actually more attatched to Kaladin then Renarin is. I say this because after Adolin's disadvantage duel, where Kaladin jumps in to help and winds up in jail, Adolin demands for him to be let out, and, when he fails, resorts to locking himself up with Kaladin next door, saying that Kaladin hadn't done anything that he hadn't done. This is also in line with Windrunner oaths, although one could argue that it is more similar to something an Edgedancer would do. Please reply with your own personal theories, or even hopes, for what order Adolin will wind up as.