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Found 176 results

  1. So being that every book has someone dying who’s it gonna be in the 5th? its hard to explain the whole thought process, but its gotta be one of the main characters- cause that’s just what Brandon does lol… kills someone to prove the point of the book mistborn spoiler alert: so kaladin, dalinar, navani, renarin, adolin, shallan…. cant be kaladin cause his whole arc was about learning to live- obvious not. dalinar- he’s becoming more of staple power in the world and it just wont fit his arc for him to die- too obvious and cliche so that’s a no! shallan- also a no cause her arc is about living with the past and not running away from it and dying would be the ultimate hiding from her past. renarin uh uh- he’s way too important now and essential to the plot plus we haven’t really seen his viewpoint on his personal struggles so it wouldn’t make sense to kill him. which leaves navani and adolin… navani is super important to dalinar so her death would be a huge impact plus she’s bonded to the tower which is interesting in her own right so just some food for thought too explore that idea… but adolin is a for sure death!! My theory is that he’s going to sacrifice himself to somehow Restore his Spren maya back from being a deadeyes- he’s the only one in history who has brought some sentience to his spren and he did this by giving her something from himself (go read those chapters you’ll see what i mean) and his arc is about how he doesn’t know his place… by giving up his life for maya he will find himself plus bring her to life… also notice that he’s more attached to maya than anything else- even shallan- pay attention to how he talks to her and the care he has for her… all in all just some food for thought lemme hear what you guys think!!!!
  2. Happy Halloween! Hope you have a nice day! Boo! And here is how my favorite characters from the Stormlight Archive celebrate the holiday in my mind Shallan and Adolin: Shallan is a witch and Adolin is her werewolf fiancé. Shallan suffers from a split personality (evil and good witch, sometimes unknown witch identities appear) and Adolin is always there to help her overcome difficulties Sylphrena and Kaladin: Kaladin is the priest's son. However, he always wanted to be a noble warrior (which is why he trains in secret, even though he followed in his father's footsteps). One day, the ghost of a vampire girl appeared in his church. She is stuck between the Spirit Realm and the Psychic World. Despite this, she still craves blood. Kaladin found in her a close friend, so he helps her stay "alive" thanks to his blood. They form a strong mental connection. But the more Syl drink blood, the stronger she moves into the Physical World. What will happen to her in the end? Please enjoy this little idea and my fanart!
  3. In Row and even in OB, we see that Maya has more awareness and ability to act than other Deadeye Spren. I hypothesize the reason for this is Adolin's Bond with her. There are two reasons I can think of that would make their Bond unique, leading to at least a partial recovery for her mind. 1. Adolin exemplifies the ideals of the Edgedancers. We know that one of the reasons that Kaladin was able to resist the corrupt Sibling's suppression in RoW was because he was closer to Honor's ideal of the Windrunners than normal. From what we've seen of Adolin, he seems to naturally follow the ideals of the Edgedancers, which would create a stronger Connection to his Spren than other Shardbearers would have. I believe that this improved Connection is at least partially responsible for Maya's cognitive improvement. 2. Adolin has a more "personal" Connection with Maya than normal. Most Shardbearers see their weapons as precious, powerful tools. Adolin seemed to have a greater, more personal appreciation of his Shardblade than other did, with him talking to Maya even before he knew she was a cognizant being. This would also help form more Connections between Adolin and Maya, thus helping Maya's recovery. Minor Mistborn spoilers- In any case, these are the reasons I could find that would explain why Mayalaran has been healing to a degree and why no other Deadeyes seem to be doing that.
  4. The Call to Adventure! (see what I did there) 39,000 words, Teen/Mature/Explicit (see below for more details) Shakadolin, romance, friendship, sexual situations, polyamory negotiations, choose your own adventure style, asexual Kaladin, aroace Kaladin, bisexual Kaladin, questioning Kaladin, demisexual Kaladin Shallan and Adolin have been sort of kind of engaged for the last few years, and Kaladin has been an increasingly closer friend. But Shallan and Adolin have been talking about their relationship, and now Shallan has a proposal of her own for Kaladin… This is a choose your own adventure for Kaladin! What kind of relationship does he want to have with them, and how will he make that happen? The story guides through three questions and has eight happy endings ranging from platonic friendship to explicit sex. It takes place in a Canada modern AU setting and it references characters, themes, and quotes from Stormlight, all the way through to RoW. You will be amply warned for the rating of each chapter before you click! Teen chapters have discussions of sex and relationships in broad terms that one might find in a teen drama. Mature has discussions with more blatant sexual themes, complex emotions, and/or internalized acephobia/biphobia. Explicit has detailed descriptions of people having sex. There will be more details given at the top of chapters to help you out. Teen-rated excerpt below:
  5. Hey guys, so I'm not sure if this is the kind of content you want to see, but I thought it would be fun! You see, I'm not smart enough to contribute to the amazing fan theories, so this is my contribution (; Anyways, so if you're not familiar with the Myer Briggs Type Indicator, it's basically a set of 16 personality types that everyone falls under. (take the test, it's fun) I decided I would try to assign these traits to the Stormlight characters as best I could. If you are familiar (or lowkey obsessed) with MBTI, I hope you can relate with this! Here goes: Kaladin - ISFJ, The Defender. First off, I know the cover image for ISFJ is a smiling, kind woman and that is the exact opposite image that we associate with our boy Kal. But, to quote the article, "Though sensitive, Defenders have excellent analytical abilities; though reserved, they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are generally a conservative type, Defenders are often receptive to change and new ideas." That seems pretty accurate. To break down the different letters, the I stands for Introverted vs Extroverted. We can all agree that Kal is Introverted. S stands for Sensory or obServant vs intuitive. I think as a surgeon, Kal is pretty Sensory. F stands for Feeling vs Thinking, meaning he processes most of his information through emotion. I'd say Kal is a pretty hotheaded guy who doesn't really think before he acts. J means Judging over Perceiving. He is logical and judges situations without the bias of perception. Shallan - ISFP, The Adventurer. I think this is a perfect match. At first I was tempted to say INTP, the Logician, but I think Shallan is more SF than NT. As an artist, she is very Sensory, and as Shallan, she is more of a Feeling person than a Thinking person. She uses the Thinking side of her personality a lot, but her emotions have so much control over her and so much say in her decision-making. As the article says, "Adventurers enjoy upsetting traditional expectations with experiments in beauty and behavior – chances are, they’ve expressed more than once the phrase 'Don’t box me in!'" Shallan most definitely hates being boxed in and trapped, due to her childhood experiences. Another spot-on quote says, "When faced with criticism, it can be a challenge for people with this type to step away from the moment long enough to not get caught up in the heat of the moment." Passionate insult battles, anyone? Adolin - ESFJ, The Consul. I find it hilarious that Adolin and Kaladin are almost identical in personality type, with only the E/I switched. Adolin is the Consul, most definitely. The article says that "Discussing scientific theories or debating European politics isn’t likely to capture Consuls’ interest for too long. Consuls are more concerned with fashion and their appearance, their social status and the standings of other people." That rings a bell to me. We can see that Adolin is a Feeling character rather than a Thinking character. However, he is a Judging character, because he has the innate ability to see people without bias. (Amaram, Sadeas, Kaladin, his dad) Renarin - ISTJ, The Logistician. Honestly, I don't really know Renarin's character too well, so this is a ballpark guess. I am positive that Renarin is Introverted, and I am not sure about the Sensory, but it seems right to me. He is very practical, so I can see him being Sensory. He is definitely a Thinking character, but we don't really know if he's Judging or Perceiving. For now, however, I think Judging is a good guess. Dalinar - ENFJ, The Protagonist. Dalinar is a natural born leader and is amazing at handling people. These traits put him as the Protagonist. "Protagonists radiate authenticity, concern and altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak when they feel something needs to be said... Protagonists easily see people’s motivations and seemingly disconnected events, and are able to bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with an eloquence that is nothing short of mesmerizing." Honestly, the accuracy of this is astounding and a bit creepy. I think Dalinar is the Protagonist poster child. Also, this little quote here, "The interest Protagonists have in others is genuine, almost to a fault – when they believe in someone, they can become too involved in the other person’s problems, and place too much trust in them." Does that sound like a certain Sadeas vs Dalinar situation to you? Bonus note - because parents tend to pass on portions of their personality traits to their kids, we can guess that Shshshsh, Dalinar's mystery wife, is IST-. We can guess that she's IST because Renarin got the I and the T from somewhere and both Adolin and Renarin have an S that didn't come from Dalinar. We don't really know the J/P, because it seems Dalinar passed the J to both Adolin and Renarin. She could be either. Jasnah - ENTJ, The Commander. Jasnah is purely the Commander. The only thing that might be up for debate is the E vs the I, but I think she is more Extroverted than Introverted. She is definitely a Thinking and Judging type, because of her scholarly nature. I think she is iNtuitive over Sensory, but I think we might not know her well enough to discern that. For now, however, I'm sticking with ENTJ. The funny thing is, Shallan is the exact opposite of her, being ISFP, yet the way they interact with others is strikingly similar. Navani - INTP, The Logician. The tagline for the Logician is "Innovative inventors with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge." To me, this describes Navani perfectly. She is the amazingly smart scientist, the adorable nerd and the creative inventor. Navani is an introverted type, but she is so strong around people that we only ever see that side of her around Dalinar. She is an NT, like Jasnah, but she processes information through Perception rather than Judging. This sounds surprising since she is a scientist, but she is a creative and an inventor rather than a scholar. Bonus note - with the info that we have about Jasnah and Navani, we can guess that Gavilar was an E--J. Knowing the little that we know about Gavilar, we can assume he is a Protagonist, like Dalinar. Hoid as Wit - ENTP, the Debater. Hoid is honestly so hard to figure out. This is not my most confident guess, so if you have a better guess please let me know! (Keep in mind we're talking about Hoid as Wit) Wit is definitely Extroverted, moving through the crowds with ease and making fun of talking to people with confidence. "Debaters don’t [play devil's advocate] because they are trying to achieve some deeper purpose or strategic goal, but for the simple reason that it’s fun. No one loves the process of mental sparring more than Debaters, as it gives them a chance to exercise their effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove their points." This sounds like Wit to me. His iNtuitiveness allows him to create beautiful stories that apply to other people's specific situations, while his Perception allows him to poke fun at others with scary accuracy. Because he is a Thinking type, he is analytical and has a pretty good reign on his emotions. Bonus! Syl - ENFP, The Campaigner - Syl is ENFP all the way. She's got the childlike wonder and Perception and the iNtuitiveness that guides her decisions as honorspren in what Feels wrong and right. She is almost the opposite of Kaladin, yet their ideals are very similar. I believe this is what attracted her to Kaladin. Pattern - INTP, The Logician. Pattern, our adorable, miniscule scholar! He is the same Personality type as Navani, INTP. We see his Perception in how he views the world, and his iNtuitiveness and Thought through how he learns and applies those worldviews. He is similar to Shallan, but she is an SF and he is an NT. She an artist in her core, but she loves scholarship, and that is what drew Pattern to her. That's it for now! I hope it was understandable to those who have no clue what the MBTI types are :? I tried to do as many characters as I could, but if you want me to expand on this one let me know what characters to do! Also, if you would like to suggest a change in one I did, feel free-- I'd love to hear your opinions on this! Also, if you have any suggestions for Wit's personality that would be awesome (; Let me know your personality type! I'm INFP, and I'd love to chat with y'all about it. Here's the website where I got all my info, and be sure to take the test! (It's free, fun, and it will tell you things about yourself that are creepily accurate) I may do one for Mistborn! If you would like that, let me know. That's all, Catie
  6. From the album Stormlight artworks 2023

    Sharing a bath is fun
  7. Realizing that if Book 5 ends 10 days after the end of RoW (day of the contest), what part do Shallan and Adolin play? They'll still be traveling in the Cognitive Realm for at least 10 days, and they have no idea what's happening except with Wit and his communications box. They may be the part of the story that reveals a few big twists, investigating what truly happened at the Recreance. Thoughts?
  8. I just got to that part of RoW for the second time, and I’m given to idle fancy. Adolin has a bond with Maya, both as a Shardblade and as a person. He is remembering someone who has been forgotten, as the Radiant Spren of old were forsaken by their Radiants and their identities lost to time, treated as unthinking beings, while Adolin treats Maya like a beloved companion, a sister in arms. I can envision a future where Adolin leads the rehabilitation of deadeyes. He’s the Grand Master Duelist or some other some such after RoW. Shardbearers may be wondering where they stand in a world of Radiants. Adolin can teach them how to truly bond with their blades, how to get to know the Spren behind them. Duel unworthy shardbearers and rescue the Spren. and maybe….. just maybe….. if Adolin says the Words it might heal Maya. I think he’d be overjoyed at that, moreso than if it involved him getting powers. Part of me thinks it’s good to have compelling characters who don’t have power, and Adolin fills that role well. But something like this would be beautiful.
  9. What do you think of a possibility of Adolin becoming the third Bondsmith? It makes sense to me that if anyone could restore all, or a large number of Deadeyes, it would be Cultivation's Bondsmith. Adolin seems to be interested in helping more of them do what Maya did, and he remains the only major character who isn't Radiant. That would also continue the trend of Kholin becoming Bondsmiths, and of Cultivation manipulating events that bear fruit much later. Maybe she removed Dalinar's memory of Evi in part to make him a more nurturing father to her future Bondsmith. Maya is a cultivation spren as well, so there's a connection there. I'm aware that this is just speculation, but I thought it was fun. Also sorry if this was already discussed before but I haven't found anything.
  10. I was thinking last night about the significance of broken oaths and damaged bonds on Roshar, and how Adolin has helped with some of those on the back end. His relationship with Maya is the most obvious example, but I also think that his relationship with Gallant is similar. Dalinar's modes of action no longer have much use for a courageous Ryshadium and so Gallant ended up kind of abandoned in a paddock at Urithiru. Adolin recognized this and came to spend time with him, which I imagine was good for Gallant, and ultimately Gallant even allowed Adolin to ride him (something Ryshadium essentially never allow for anyone but their chosen rider). I think that this was underplayed in Rhythm of War. I don't think that Gallant was damaged in the same way as Maya, nor to the same degree. But we now have two examples of Adolin helping rare, strong-bonding beings not through the formal commitments those beings normally make but instead by dedicating himself, his time, energy, and compassion to them. And in turn he's getting things from them that, we've been told, simply don't happen-- a deadeye who can think, act, and speak, as well as a Ryshadium's respect and service (or at least assistance). In Cosmere terms these things really make me think of Devotion, though I know we don't have a lot of information on how she behaved before she was Splintered. Adolin is a devoted person: to his family, his friends, his duties, his swordsmanship, and probably other things as well. I don't think that Adolin is going to take up the Shard of Devotion, if only because that's already getting too common in the books and typically fails to resolve much. I doubt that very many long-running, inter-book plotlines are going to converge on that same outcome. And I don't want to get ahead of myself with specific predictions on matters about which we still lack basically all detail. But given that Devotion's Splintering (along with Dominion's) was reportedly an unusual type, and wound up with Devotion being crammed into the cognitive realm and its Vessel killed, I see some parallels. Radiant spren becoming deadeyes was (theoretically, once) irreparable, and yet Adolin has upended that through a method totally different than anything Honor might have promoted. Maybe something else broadly thought to be impossible, even for Shards, is in the works. The Splintering of Shards is going to be addressed at some point in future books, and what Adolin has been accomplishing has already started to rock Roshar. I think that his actions' significance will continue to be impressive, surprising, and important, and that his characterological alignment with Devotion, conceptually, is ultimately going to matter for that too. Does anyone here have any other thoughts, evidence, critiques, or anything else for discussion around the topic?
  11. From the album General SA Art

    Adolin was such a badass in Ch. 35, though my fav scene is actually when he hopped on Gallant and rode with Maya XD (My new fav trio!)
  12. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  13. Adolin killed Sadeas, a Highprince, and then even confessed to his father about it. Why hasn't Dalinar done anything about it? Isn't that kind of crime punishable by exile at the least, execution at worst, even if the one committing the crime was a highprince's son? I love Adolin's character, but it feels that this hasn't really been resolved yet. It feels...weird, and frankly a little messed up in my opinion that all the characters who know of this just kind of ignore it. Am I missing something?
  14. Random sketch of wax vs kaladin & adolin Turns out that guns don’t work too well against shard bearers, or radiants, so wax is kind of screwed
  15. Shallan tells Kalidan that she killed her father, but she does not tell Adolin about this even after their marriage At very end of RoW she tells about Gostblood (I assume) but not about her past Does she really love Adolin ? or Is she like Navani, choosing the saner option ?
  16. Is Ado a root word? What does it mean? I see it in some major character's names. Adonalsium, Adolin, Ba-Ado Mishram. Or, in the latter two examples, do they simply reference Adonalsium? Or maybe Ado is kind of like Eru in Middle Earth - the God name. What did Eru mean? One? Something like that. In that case, perhaps Ba means Anti or Against or Enemy of. Mishram, enemy of Ado. Speaking of names, Adonalsium sounds like a metal to me. So then, is Ado the name and Adonalsium the metal? Like Leras to Lerasium? Or Ati to Atium? Ooh, I think I'm on to something! Ado is the original holder of god-power. His metal was shattered and taken by the 16. But it is not exactly Ado himself. Hmmm. I like it!
  17. Do you think Shallan will have a child? (Or should?)
  18. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  19. From the album Stormlight Character Memojis

    I couldn't really get his hair right, but I did my best!
  20. Adolin dueled 4 Shardbearers. Relis, Elit, Abrobadar, and Jakamav. Relis - Shardblade, Shardplate Elit - Shardplate(borrowed), Shardhammer Abrobadar - Shardblade, Shardplate Jakamav - Shardblade (borrowed), Shardplate This means that when Adolin won, he gained 2 Shardblades and 3 suits of Shardplate. He just won two sets of Shards and an additional Shardblade. When Kaladin is released from prison, Adolin says This should mean that the only thing left is a Shardblade, but apparently, there is still another suit left, because Adolin tries to give it to Kaladin. What am I missing, or is this a continuity error?
  21. I keep on seeing people mention how Adolin has anger management problems, but apart from that one time he snapped and killed Sadeas (and come on, it was Sadeas), I can't think of anything that really demonstrates that. Is he impulsive? Yeah. Easily provoked? For sure, but every example I can think of the other person was actively trying to get a rise out of him. Does anyone have any scenes they can point to that demonstrate Adolin's anger management problems?
  22. Alright, I keep derailing threads with my obsessive love for Adolin "living therapy blanket" Kholin, so I think it's high time there was a thread purely dedicated to Adolin and how awesome he is. I'll start this off by saying that as somebody with numerous emotional, developmental, and neurological issues, Adolin's supportiveness towards Renarin is heartwarming in the extreme. Also the scene where Kaladin said "hey dude we really need radiants and you would rock as one, why not give up your deadeye sword?" and Adolin got super grumpy and protective and was like "NO I will not abandon Maya and that's final!", brought tears to my eyes.
  23. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I ended up drawing Adolin AND I redid my Renarin for coloring practice.
  24. So far it seems as if Shallan and Adolins next step is to find BAM and release her, as they both have deadeye spren and Kalak indicated that BAM being captured lead to dead eyes. However there are only ten days left till the battle of champions and they are stuck in the middle of shadesmar, more than ten days away from the closest perpindicularity. So by that logic BAM is most likely in shadesmar and within ten days journey. Kalak was there for the capture of BAM so he could have her in shadesmar. But if he did he likely would have told Adolin and Shallan at the end of RoW when they all talked together about BAM, dead eyes, and Maya. However we know that another Herald was there at the capture of BAM other than Kalak. We know acording to maps and RoW that Lasting Integrity is on the between Tukar and Emul right near where Dalinar and Odiums forces faced each other, and where Dalinar talked to Ishar. AT the end of which Ishar went into the congnitive realm. So he is somewhere close to Lasting Integrity in the cognitive realm. I believe that Ishar was the other Herald there for the capturing of BAM and that the radiants gave him the perfect gem that holds BAM. Because if he has it, Shallan and Adolin could get it from him within the ten days as he is right outside Lasting Integrity. But there is more, near the end of RoW dead eyes started gathering outside Lasting Integrity. The honorspren said it was because they were finally going to get justice, but what if instead they were drawn to BAM. Because again acording to Kalak dead eyes only occured after BAM's capture and said that BAM was conected to all of Roshar including spren. So the dead eyes could still be connected to BAM enough that they are drawn to where she is. In that case it would mean that BAM was near the border of Tukar and Emul, right where Ishar was, waiting for Dalinar. In sumation, another Herald was at BAM's capture, dead eyes who only exist because of BAM's capture are flocking to Tukar and Emul's border where Ishar is, Ishar went through a perpindicularity and is now right outside Lasting Integrity, and there are only ten days left for Adolin and Shallan to find and free BAM. The only logical thing is that Ishar has BAM.