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Found 23 results

  1. rhythm of war spoilers

    OK before I start spoilers for a rhythm of war so what’s going on with adolin it’s obvious in the book that Maya is getting better so what does that mean for adolin well he become a radian maybe a edgedancer Since Maya is a cultivation spren Or maybe something else it seems like in the book he doesn’t want to become a radiant I don’t know what do you guys think
  2. From the album Cosmere Inktober 2022

    Adolin and Shallan for #CosmereInktober2022 Day 14 prompt Nobility & Day 20 prompt Glove
  3. From the album Jess's Stormlight art

    A 2 part piece that is meant to show the parallels between Adolin and Elhokar when it came to becoming king. It's really interesting to me when you read the Adolin parts right after Elhokar died and see how similar they truly were. Adolin is his age in Oathbringer here, and Elhokar is his age when Gavilar died.
  4. From the album Jess's Stormlight art

    A 2 part piece that is meant to show the parallels between Adolin and Elhokar when it came to becoming king. It's really interesting to me when you read the Adolin parts right after Elhokar died and see how similar they truly were. Adolin is his age in Oathbringer here, and Elhokar is his age when Gavilar died.
  5. From the album My Art

    It's everyone's favorite pair of Alethi brothers who AREN'T dead! Yet!
  6. Radiant Orders that people have so far put forward Adolin as a candidate for: Edgedancer, Stoneward, Willshaper, Dustbringer. He does fit within the worldview of several Orders, after the official Radiant quiz, Adolin is also fit for becoming an Elsecaller. Hey, Lightweaver's also available as an option. So, which Order do you think fits him the best?
  7. From the album Stormlight Fanart

    Fanart of Adolin Kholin by me!
  8. Oathbringer Spoilers Below! I was just thinking recently about how Adolin was able to murder Sadeas and get away with it without too much suspicion in Oathbringer and I found myself thinking: How would you get away with murder in Roshar? Specifically how would you get away Sadeas's murder in Roshar. Would you frame someone? Take Adolin's route and get involved with the investigation? Just curious to see what people have to say!
  9. If SA was an animated tv show, this would be a filler episode, because C-H-O-U-T-A. Who cares what it's made of, because it's filled with fried crunchy bits and covered in gravy! Knowing that the gravy pot hasn't ever been washed since the cook first bought it gives the food character. Why is Kaladin such a grumpyhead? Full picture - CLICK TO OPEN!!! Process:
  10. From the album Doll Customizing

    Party in the front, business in the back.
  11. From the album Doll Customizing

    I really like how it came out.
  12. From the album Doll Customizing

    Adolin's wig is almost done! I might try taming it a bit so he looks less like an anime character, but that's pretty accurate to how I picture him, personally.
  13. From the album In this house we respect Dalinar Kholin

    Wow Adolin didn't come out great huh
  14. I'm still not happy with this picture but after a certain point I think I'll just call it a day. I started this a very long time ago and never finished it because I was unsatisfied at how it didn't match up to my mental image. I left it unfinished because leaving it for some time would let me have a fresh look at it later. Well I found it while poking around in my hard drive and tried reworking it several half a dozen times. It's better now but I think I will try again in another year and see how a fresh perspective will improve it. Some thoughts I had: Alethi genetics - they are like magnets: how the Braize do they work? There's variation between individual Alethi and between lighteyes and darkeyes due to foreign blood, but to Alethi viewpoint characters the differences between them and Earth humans are never pointed out unless they are very strange, like Shin eyes or glowing Knight eyes. In this drawing, I gave Adolin monolid east Asian eyes even though Polynesians have been described as similar to Alethi, and they have eyelid folds. I got no idea, man. I think Brandon wrote Dalinar while inspired by Mongolian generals. Trying to get the hair right was difficult, but I feel like I managed to capture my mental impression of it. I'm not sure how "black speckled blond" is supposed to look but most people interpret it as individual strands of black rather than streaks/locks of it. That is how I drew it, blond enough so from a distance you would just see yellow hair. However, in my stylised cartoon depictions I draw it with black streaks for convenience. In terms of his haircut shape I wanted to convey "youthful" and "playful" but not go full Bieber mode. And soft looking enough you would want to maybe touch it and pat his head like Shallan thought about on her first date. As a side note, I made his eyebrows blond and black as well. That prison scene in WoR mentioned that his beard hair was blond and black. One cannot help but wonder about the carpet and the drapes, heh. Officers in the warcamps wear "knots on their shoulders" to signify their rank, and Adolin's are gold for second or third dahn. Some other artists interpret this as the epaulet braids that some Earth military use, but I felt that if they were braids they would be described as braids rather than knots. So in my interpretation, they are like Celtic knots stylised into symmetrical glyph designs. I am aware that my Kholin Army officer uniforms are off-model compared to the book description of double breasted longcoat with silver buttons and single breasted waistcoat. In my original sketches I drew it that way, but it seemed clunky looking to me, so I took artistic license and designed something I felt looked sleeker and cooler for sky fighting. I know cravats are not in the official description either, but Sadeas and Amaram both wear them (book calls them "stocks", like the ones Earth equestrians wear) so they are known in-universe. Even though Kaladin probably wouldn't know how to tie one. Maybe Adolin taught him. Or maybe he uses Lashings to make the folds stay put. Apologies for this wall of text but explaining my artistic decisions is part of the process of transforming amorphous mental impressions of written media into visual media. And it demonstrates why everyone comes up with different visual impressions of a character.
  15. First this will most likely contain SPOILERS for BOTH STORMLIGHT BOOKS! So, Adolin is among the most skilled swordfighters we have met in the Cosmere. I thought it would be fun to debate how he would do against other skilled swordfighters, like Lan Mandragoran, Aragorn, Lothar, you name it. For the sake of discussion, Adolin has no Shardplate, and his opponents have swords that can block Shardblades. So, which fantasy swordsmen could beat Adolin in a duel? Didcuss!
  16. Be still my beating heart I love these children more than life itself I didn't think I would but I do If they're not endgame I'm gonna flip a table
  17. Szeth's assassination attempt. Imagine this upside down for extra effect. Shardblades can't be Lashed because they are invested objects. And they dissolve into mist when you let go of them, unless you concentrate to make them stay in the physical world. Adolin was thrown to the ceiling and was probably concussed, and his Blade disappeared. But let's just suspend disbelief in the name of artistic license.
  18. You've got to wonder if touching a girl's safehand is a big thing to those prudish Vorin Alethis. Maybe this is what young Alethis do at Feasts when they play spin the bottle. Yeah, maybe I kinda prefer Shadolin over Shalladin or Shallastick.
  19. He's one of my favorite characters, but I had no idea how to draw him until recently! I'm toying with the idea that sidecuts are popular among the young Roshar nobles, and Adolin would be able to use it as a way to be fashionable without compromising a (moderately) tame military haircut.
  20. Before the homecoming game, the cheerleaders decorate the football team's lockers. In Alethkar, girls write prayers for their gentleman suitors to burn before a battle or a duel. This is how I imagined the preparation room in the dueling arena, and the glyph painted prayers for good luck and victory. In my mind, Soulcast rooms are a homogeneous shade of beigey brown that get decorated or carved later if people want to get fancy about it. And Alethis like curved architecture because it's functional, and it translates to curved archways and supports in building interiors because fashion. Those are real Shardblade stances! Full image - CLICK TO OPEN!!! Process pic: