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Found 14 results

  1. theory

    TL;DR: Pretty sure that "Physical Adhesion" is just an extremely limited form of Spiritual Adhesion, as opposed to a separate manifestation of the concept. (This theory's a lot less complex than many of my others, so it's gonna be way shorter and less formatted.) Rereading the Ars Arcanum, a couple things stood out to me about Adhesion: If it's just a Physical binding, it's odd it's so completely unbreakable, and "binding objects together as if they were one" certainly doesn't sound very Physical when put next to the other powers of Adhesion. In fact, it sounds somewhat similar to what Ishar did: Now, obviously the effects are not exactly the same—the Pursuer doesn't get all his Voidlight drained out, and neither does Lopen. But it might be a version of the same thing with a weaker Connection, or perhaps making them "as one" in a different way than directly making the surface part of the target's body. But yeah, after what we saw with Ishar and the emphasis in RoW of Adhesion as a much more spiritual force ("Honor’s Truest Surge, the Surge of Binding and Oaths"), I think that "Physical Adhesion" isn't a separate manifestation of the Surge from "Spiritual Adhesion" at all, it's just that Windrunners don't have enough raw power to manipulate the Connection in more complex or deeper ways than a quick "you, you're that now". Perhaps it's similar to how normally Allomancers can only Push and Pull on metal, but if you chuck enough Investiture into the spiritweb via something like the Bands of Mourning, you reach the point you can see and nearly interact with the souls of objects and people, like Marasi and Wax mention? A Bondsmith spren probably has enough Investiture that when it starts to enter your spiritweb, it pushes the limits of what's possible pretty far compared to a normal sapient spren. (None of this is particularly groundbreaking as a concept, but "Spiritual Adhesion" and "Physical Adhesion" are still distinctions I've seen thrown around and even used myself until very recently, so I think it's still worth a discussion even if it's probably happened before.)
  2. I posted about this in the comments for the Surgebinding Shardcast episode, but I wanted to elaborate on it more. So, Adhesion, according to the Ars Arcanum, is the surge of pressure and vacuum. While it is more broadly the surge of connection, this is at least its physical embodiment. Now, we have Odium being described by Syl: Odium is described as a Void, a vacuum, drawing in emotion. Through pressure. It seems like this description of Odium is very reminiscent of Adhesion, supposedly Honor’s truest surge. We know all the other nine surges are a combination of two shards. Honor and Cultivation. What if Adhesion is also a combination of two shards. But not Honor and Cultivation. Honor and Odium. Additionally, this effect is reflected in Raysium. According to Navani talking about Raysium in fused weapon stealing Stormlight: Again, a pressure differential being a key factor in Odium magics. Raysium is an investiture pressure vacuum. Anyway, this could be pure coincidence, but it does open up some interesting questions, particularly about Voidbinding. Specifically because some of the abilities of Voidbinders seem linked to Connection, an ability of Adhesion.
  3. Given what we learn in Rhythm of War can we conclude that only Windrunners can do a Reverse Lashing, because it needs a combination of Gravitation and Adhesion?
  4. Why is Dalinar still talking about finding Ishar? I don't get the plan behind it. Ten days in which they need to find him they need to cure him they need to learn what he has to teach they have to train to use that knowledge in combat That is not doable. So what is the point in preparing Kaladin for a new mission right now, after what that man has just been through?
  5. Ok so we know that windrunners are very close to Bondsmiths as an order and this is what causes their power up moments when they swear ideals and seem to not create obviously but become their own source of investiture for a brief time. Additionally dalinar seemingly with adhesion can fully power up knights with investiture. however we have a the stormfather having said that Bondsmiths adhesion is different from windrunner adhesion. however windrunner adhesion is so far very underpowered compared to some surges we have seen. On top of this from the information given windrunners Role within the knights radiant seems to have been as commandos, scouts, strike forces and quick response teams as opposed to stone wards which seem to have been the line infantry of the radiants. with adhesion being underpowered, their role among the radiants Requiring them to be self sufficient and dalinars uses of adhesion I think it’s possibly why may have access to these abilities. 1. storm light creation- this fits very well with bondsmith adhesion and with their role in the radiants, especially since we don’t hear Skybreakers filling the same role. However it’s also super op a. Storm light generation- basically in a similar way to lift just making it through calories, this is doubtful since lift is unique seemingly. b. Spontaneous generation- basically what windrunners already do when swearing oaths just becoming full of stormlight but on command this would probably be a 5th ideal thing and if it’s very very powerful may affect their squires as well. c. Stormlight fusion- this I think is a much more reasonable and balanced version of ability b and I think more in line with the 2 surges basically a windrunner would take in a bunch of stormlight and use it to basically start stormlight fuaion generating it for themselves for a while this could take any amount to start but I imagine it would take a lot. So like for example dalinar infuses a windrunner then they use all of it to start fusion. (stormlight fusion may actually be what happens when they say their oaths since kaladin in wor sucks in all the storm light on the hallway before bursting with what I assume is more light than he took in since it was during the weeping.) 2. perfect stormlight capturing- basically using adhesion to just hold stormlight perfectly without releasing any, but this may also just be what happens to all fifth ideal radiants though it does like up with adhesion. 3. A possible later ability linked to leadership and their resonance may be instant cool squires we know dalinar can use adhesion to gain information adhesion plus gravitation shoudl be able to impart it. It’s also possible later ideal radiants who would have to embody leadership may have way more squires. Essentially imagine if a 5th ideal windrunner walks into a group of 30 or even 100 soldiers and is like ok you guys are coming with me and turns them all to squires on command and grants them the knowledge to use those powers. This seems a little op especially if you can also increase the number of total squires, and I have seen it suggested they may be able to communicate over distances with their squires. overall I think the most likely at least as windrunner specific are 3 and 1c
  6. We've seen Kaladin use adhesion (the surge of "pressure and the vacuum") multiple times in the series so far. Mostly this has been in the use of full lashing, but at other times this has also certainly been used, but besides full lashings, it has not been well explained, and certainly not compared to gravitation. It seems though that by controlling local atmospheric pressure precisely, Kaladin really can assert very fine control over the wind, and doing so, he could basically do most of the stuff airbenders can do in the Avatar universe. Do you think this is ultimately what Brandon has in mind? If so, what are the implications? I think it could make what has seemed to be one of the least useful surges, being used mostly just for full lashings, into one of the most useful, making the windrunner suite of abilities more appealing that that of the skybreakers (though we still really don't know much about division).
  7. Hey! I'm a new to the forums, but a huge fan of the books. So I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about my theory. I haven't seen this on the forum, so sorry if this a repeat and try not to go to hard on me. A bit of background: The Honor Spren view themselves as honors order, and were created by honor himself. And the they also see themselves as superior to the other spren. I don't think that this is just them being dicks and/or having a superiority complex. So presumably he gave his own order the most powerful abilities. But so far all we've seen from Kaladin is the ability to fly and the ability for adhesion. As cool as the superglue ability is, it's noticeably less impressive than the Skybreakers abilities for gravitation and division ( or blowing stuff up), and a bit less useful. Especially since the Windrunners were used as scouts. So why then did Honor give his order a bad or less useful secondary ability to his own order? In Oathbringer we saw that Dalinar and the Stormfather can react with Radiants, leveraging the Stormfather and enhance the surges of other Radiants ( example: Shallan making the 3D map, and the Battle of Thaylen City ect...). Also notice that the Bondsmiths also have adhesion, but Bondsmiths have spiritual adhesion whereas the Windrunners have physical adhesion. I don't think that the Windrunners ( honors own order ) and Bondsmiths ( bonded to lesser gods ) sharing the same surge is a coincidence. Dalinar's Spiritual Adhesion / effect on other knights + Windrunner Physical Adhesion + Stormfather ( Spren of Oaths) = Access to bond more than one order of Spren. ( Either Temporary or Permanent ). We know that the spren have to have a physical presence( i.e bound physically ) and they have to be bound spiritually spiritually to the person, so mixing everything together it would seem to make sense. The Bondsmith's ability to enchance other surges would be a good gate to making sure that the Windrunners don't go crazy with bonding, and the Stormfather being a sort spren of oaths would make a lot more sense. This is also probably gated under the fourth or fifth oath. It would also clarify why the Windrunners have adhesion, not for the superglue (which is just a side benefit) but instead so when the Windrunner is ready they can continue progressing and becoming more honorable. It would seem like something that Honor would want to do. Edit: While looking through the coppermind I came by this quote by the Stormfather to Dalinar. This sounds like foreshadowing to me. It would make sense that Dalinar is the most capable, because he can let windrunners (maybe more) bond more spren and join other orders. And it also fits with the Stormfather because he looks over all the radiant bonding already. I would like to hear your opinions on my theory! Also obligatory Kaladin + Jasnah is totally gonna be a thing.
  8. Ok, so here is my idea. A Bondsmith, and an Awakener of the 10th heightening, team up to make the Bondsmith immortal. Here is how the do it: • First, they forge a solid metal man made of steel. (interlocking plates, joints on the arms and legs, opening mouth/eyes. Movable fingers and toes, ect...) • Secondly, the Bondsmith uses spiritual adhesion to bind his soul to the metal man. • Third, the Awakener Awakens the metal man using all of his breath, creating a nightblood esque sentient object, only this one can functionally move, and has the mind and soul of the Bondsmith. • Finally, they sew together a cloak of thin aluminum strands and the metal man puts it on to inhibit his world destroying powers. (though he can take it off to level his enemies) So, what do you guys think? Is there a way to use hemalurgy to give the now Metal Bondsmith the powers of a Fullborn? What awakening commands should be used on this Metal man? Would the metal Bondsmith keep his radiant powers? *EDIT* Ok, so I guess my the only thing that works here is awakening a metal man, and therefore have a walking nightblood.
  9. A string of thoughts, feel free to smash them to bits. I was rereading OB last night and got through the chapter where Kaladin used a surge to split the Highstorm around him to help a group of people to safety. I believe the consensus is that Kaladin used adhesion to create a bubble of high pressure around him. This caused me to think about what would it look like to have all of the Windrunners do this together, maybe a "Windrunner" storm aimed at the highstorm. "Wait a minute someone already did that, the "Stormform Army" made the Everstorm" I think the singing Stormformers at the end of WoR were using adhesion to create high and low pressure areas in the atmosphere to summon the Everstorm. "So how does a Singer in Stormform "throw" lighting?" This is really where I want some help and maybe a WoB on what the limits might be on adhesion to create an area of high pressure. Is it possible to compress enough air into a small volume to convert the air into plasma(lightning) outside of a star?
  10. Szeth, using his surges at the ending of Words of Radiance threw a table at someone, Adolin I think. Does this mean Kaladin will, or can currently do the same with his surges. He has Gravitation mastered well. Does anyone suspect he can do it, or he just hasn't been showed how to yet by Syl or another Windrunner? I doubt his 4th ideal is in the way, Szeth was told after 3rd ideal he could use Division now. I recall some passage in some book that said Windrunners could destroy items with the barest thought. Any thoughts?
  11. In Oathbringer it mentions Dalinar being able to stick rocks together. That makes sense; he has the surge of adhesion. Later he needs to speak a different language so he uses adhesion again, but on a spiritual level to create enough Connection to speak/understand this language. Weird right? We know that he is able to use that surge on at least two realms. If a surgebinder is able to do it on 2 planes, it makes sense that they should be able to do it on all 3 planes. I was thinking of the possible implications of adhesion on the cognitive realm. What if you were to adhere your self (your identity? but I think that is stored in the spiritual) to the concept of greatness? Would people think of you every time they though of greatness? You would be the equivalent of a Rosharan rockstar over night. Fortunately the two orders with adhesion seem to have oaths that would prevent too much shadiness like adhering yourself to the concept of honesty and then scamming everyone (looking at you Veil) This theory would depend on whether all surgebinders can actually use their surges in all realms. It is possible that Dalinar only has adhesion in the physical and cognitive. Then again, maybe Kaladin has it in the Physical and cognitive. Maybe that is why some people trust Kaladin instinctively. He has subconsciously adhered himself to the concept of honor. I personally believe that they will be able to use it in all 3 depending on their own personal quirks. So a Windrunner might use it in the spiritual, but only if he is the ind of guy who would try and/or think like that.
  12. Ok, so on the double eye of the almighty, the two orders in the middle are Bondsmiths and Truthwatchers. We have already seen that the Bondsmiths are like Honor’s main order, does this mean that the Truthwatchers are Cultivation’s Main order? Sanderson has said that Adhesion and Progression could be considered the “God” surges of Roshar. We have seen the god use of adhesion (summoning shardpool, binding realms) what is the Spirtual use of progression?
  13. Ok so I have a couple theories on some of the things that Division can do in the Stormlight Archive. •Rot: someone using Division could theoretically cause something to rot, mold and die. •Blasts of Stormlight: similar to how Kaladin fire blasts of adhesive Stormlight that causes people and things to stick to it, a Skybreaker/Dustbringer can in theory fire blasts of Stormlight that burn through any thing or person that it touches.
  14. I'm confused by how adhesion was used in the book and how it could be used in further books. On the one hand, Bondsmiths and Windrunners probably have different versions of adhesion since it appears the surges help accentuate the "theme" of the specific order's oaths. For instance, I don't think Kaladin would have access to spiritual adhesion because you don't need to understand someone in order to protect them. However, it seems that the Windrunners are more "combat oriented" than most other orders. In that case, it would make sense that adhesion would have a use in protecting others, sort of how Kaladin used those windspren to protect those people in the highstorm. But that might have been proto-shardwielding. But the Stormfather said Dalinar's surges weren't of most use in combat. In other words, what in the world would a Windrunner using his or her adhesion surge to the fullest extent actually look like?