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Found 3 results

  1. Non-spoiler streams typically don't generate the sheer excitement and conversation that the bi-yearly spoiler streams do, but yesterday's stream defied expectations and gave us some very exciting adaptation news. Early in the stream, user Iritore asked about the types of conversations with Hollywood and what has gone into them. Brandon explained that rather than going through the traditional option process, different teams at many studios have been approaching him and pitching their vision, rather than Brandon having to pitch to them. The conversation centers around how the pitch matches Brandon's vision, what role will he have, how much the budget will be, their commitment, etc. This time, instead of spending time deciding if they're making something with the property, they're so confident they will, that they're buying the rights and the goal is to be in production in 6-8 months, though as always in Hollywood it isn't a sure thing. Brandon followed up by telling us to expect some announcements in the coming months, but that the people he's working with will handle that PR in their own way, and that he would be surprised if they aren’t on set this time next year. Adaptations were mentioned several other times in the stream. u/LettersWords asked about the possibility of changing Rosharan ecology to make filming easier with how alien this planet is, and Brandon gave a rather interesting answer. He said that they would not have to change Rosharan ecology to make live-action adaptation easier with the budgets they've been regularly offered, citing locations that would work for filming, the idea of using Volume stages (the LED panels used in the Disney Star Wars shows) and editing plants out with visual effects as ways they could avoid that problem. There’s a wide range of possibilities for studios, when announcements will come, and how those will be handled. There hasn’t even been a confirmation of exactly what property is being adapted. For now, all we can do is wait, and see. Below is the link to the full stream:
  2. In a recent interview for the Kickstarer on Youtuber Daniel Greene's channel, Brandon talked about how he wishes in every future visual adaptations of his works to be unceremoniously killed on screen as an extra. I am trying to think of specific scenes in each cosmere book that Brandon could be killed in. It seems to me that the best options would be ones where multiple people, particularly bystanders are killed quickly. Final Empire- one of the skaa rebels killed by Luthadel garrison just as Vin and Kelsier arrive, one of the random citizens executed by inquisitors in Luthadel square Well of A- Killed by Vin and Zayne during attack on house Cett (mentioned by Brandon), or torn apart by Koloss during seige Hero of A- executed by Quelllion, torn apart by Koloss at pits Alloy- shot by thieves at the ball Shadows- killed by bleeder with F steel in the beginning, killed by rioting workers Bands- killed in train shootout Warbreaker- killed in chaos of uprising by Pahn Kal, killed by guardsman possessed by nightblood WoK- Killed by Szeth at Hanavanar's feast or for one of his crimelord owners, killed by chasamfeind on disastrous hunt WoR- One of the deserters who dies to the bandits, one of Dalinar's entourage killed by bridge assassin Ob- one of the villagers fighting with Fen in Starfall vision, one of the illusions killed by sadeas soldiers, thaylen banker killed by fused near Rysn RoW- killed by Raboniel's soldiers during fighting in catacombs, human resistor killed by Lezian's soldiers while trying to save radiants anyone else have ideas? TIb
  3. Here's a fun idea for a topic~ Picture your favourite Brandon Sanderson novel (since, after all, this is his official fansite)... as a video game. Here's how this works. Pitch your favourite novel or novels, then state what video game genre would best fit an adaptation of said property and explain why you think it's the best fit in the first place. Oh, and any details about mechanics or how you'd approach turning any of these worlds from a video game angle would be plenty cool. For instance... since neither Warbreaker nor Elantris are as heavily action-oriented as Stormlight Archive or Mistborn, imagine a Telltale-style point and click story game. When you consider Prince Raoden, he's more of an investigative scholar and diplomat than an action hero like Kaladin or Vin, a Walking Dead-esque game would be perfectly suited to exploring a story mechanically in his shoes. What about you guys, how would you like to see the Sander-man's work adapted into video games?